Reflective Conversations
Reflective Conversations
Summary: Gaelan and Kalypso discuss memories of home.
Date: 63 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, The Rabbit Hole (General Lounge), 63 ACH

This large lounge/recreation area is here for the personnel of the Genesis. As any place where Officers and enlisted seem to come together, there are places for each. The Officers areas are more lounge-like and the enlisted have a couple couches, tables and chairs. Various computer games are here as well, including some foosball, driving or flying, shooting, etc. Along one wall a long counter has been setup with snacks, drinks and a sink.

Kalypso's not been back from another round-trip of carting Marines down to the planet for supply-gathering for very long. In fact, the Raptor pilot's blonde hair is still a little damp, pulled back into a poneytail. Comfortably in her off-duty attire, the young woman sits curled on one of the couches in the enlisted area. There are a few others in the Rabbit Hole, playing games or just talking during their down time. Kal is off on her own at the moment with her sketchbook and a pencil in hand. The pencil moves along the page with a quiet whisper of graphite as it leaves its marks. Seems she's sketching the group that's playing a game of triad at one of the tables.

Gaelan wanders into the General Lounge with coffee mug in hand. Sporting the fantastic off-duties his eyes quietly scan the room. Noticing Kalypso quietly sketching he adjusts his path to head towards her. A slow sip of the coffee as he looks down to the sketch she is forming.

Ever aware of her surroundings, Kalypso's lips curve up into a faint smile as she notes the Major's entrance. As he looks down at her sketch she pulls her hand back to cease its movement. It's not bad. Not masterful by any standards, but it's a good documentation of the triad players. "Not nearly as good as anything your brother could do," the woman murmurs. She tilts her head up to look at him and smile, "How are you tonight, sir?"

Gaelan looks down to the sketch, judging it slowly and nods, "I never saw any of his stuff after I enlisted. Just remember him always sketching stuff of fair respect for his age." Looking up to Kaly he smiles gently, "So far so good. How about yourself?"

"Can't complain," Kalypso says, sliding over a little to give more room on the couch. If he should be so inclined to sit next to her, that is. It's an unspoken invitation. She looks down at her sketch and deciding that it's done closes the leather bound book and sets it aside. The pencil is tucked behind her ear before she reaches for a cup of water she had sitting on the table nearby.

Gaelan notes the movements and lets her get settled before sliding into the couch himself. Pulling the mug up to his lips he takes a slow sip and lowers the mug to his lap. Savoring the Marine Brew<tm> for a few moments he finally looks to her, "So fill me in on you and Dion's history, I was never very close with him so we rarely spoke in depth about personal stuff."

"Guess the age difference kind of set the two of you apart a little," Kalypso observes. She takes a sip of the water and sets it back down on the table. "I remember seeing you sometimes when I'd come over," the woman's lips curve up into a smile. One of those ones that women have when there's something that they aren't going to share. The enigma smile. "We were just friends for a long time, you know, didn't date until the year we graduated high school. I think it was one of those inevitable relationships where the other person makes you so crazy mad that you realize you can't live without them." The water cup is picked up again, giving her something to do with her hands.

Gaelan nods slowly as he taps his fingers on the mug, "Yea, I think I remember you slinking around the house from time to time. Of course after awhile you were just kind of always there so I didn't pay much mind to it all. Plus I wasn't exactly home very much while you two were in school. That whole playing Marine thing." Grinning over towards her he tilts his head, "So how the frak did you decide to become a pilot then? Dion was never big on the military life after dealing with Dad all the time."

Kalypso grins a little, sinking back against the couch more comfortably. "The same way that he and I ended up dating, actually. An argument," Kalypso says, "I was doing this art project, met this guy that I thought would be an interesting subject. Turns out he was a pilot. We get to talking, hanging out because one I'm doing this project and two because I was interested in hearing more about the whole Navy pilot thing… Dion gets all jealous. I don't know what in Hades he's on about, because I'm just thinking how pissed my Dad would be if I joined the Navy. Dion and I get into this argument because he thinks I'm running off with this guy, which is absolutely absurd and I tell him so." She laughs. "And I told him the only thing I was 'running off' to do was join the Navy."

Gaelan nods his head slowly as he watches Kaly a moment and just smiles. The rasped voice emits quietly, "Well it's good to hear about Dion some. I wish I got to know him better, but with the Academy, Dad and the Marines. Well it was just hard." Looking past her slightly it's obvious that is in some form of search for something against that far bulkhead.

Kalypso makes a thoughtful sound and lifts her water to take another sip. Maybe all that talking has left her parched. The only other person on this ship that she's talked this much to would be the priest. "He respected you though, thought a lot of you," Kalypso says, "The military just wasn't for him." There's a flicker of something in the woman's bi-colored eyes. "In a way I was surprised that he encouraged me when I decided it was for me, and then again I wasn't. He wanted to…" and she just trails off, shaking her head and clears her throat. While Gaelan stares at the bulkhead, she looks off into her glass of water.

Gaelan blinks a few times and looks over to her as he calmly responds, "Our father put the Navy on such a pedestal and talked about it with such acclaim you couldn't help but admire what the Colonial Navy did. Always had the grand stories of good vs. bad and how the great Navy was always victorious!" He holds his hand up in mocking of the proclomation as he continues, "His goal was for all of us to be in the military. The only one he truly cared about enlisting was me, so by my following the family mold and plan. I probably spared Dion the pressures of having to enlist to maintain the Gaelan military legacy." The shrug is slow as he watches Kaly a moment and nods slowly as if assessing something.

"Could be why he thought so much of you," Kalypso says softly, "You kept him from having to put on a uniform. Instead he painted, played music…" The woman shakes her head and blinks a few times before she looks up. Nope, she's not going to admit that she's blinking away tears there.

Gaelan is currently sitting next to Kaly on the couch in the enlisted area. They seem to be idly talking, even though there are delayed pauses that are evident of the lovely memory pulling type conversations. Gaelan looks to her and nods slowly, "That's also why he supported you and admired you I am sure. You were willing to put on the uniform at all odds. You said your dad wanted nothing to do with you being in the military, right?"

Melia comes bouncing into the Lounge, full of energy, darting from the door to somewhere she -really- shouldn't be darting to. Does anyone really want to see Mellie on caffeine? She offers the pair on the sofas a dip of her head as she goes, though doesn't stop.

Kalypso downs the rest of her water, wiping her mouth with her arm. There's still a glimmer of moisture in her eyes. "The military wasn't suitable for a Leto," Kalypso says, "First time my Dad ever really gave a damn about what I was doing. No daughter of his was going to do that. Dion thought it was great that I wanted to do it anyway and I…" she looks at the now empty cup, "I should head back to the berthings… got an early flight scheduled tomorrow." Kalypso's not so good at hiding all evidence of impending tears though, but she does well enough. The last few days have been a roller-coaster. There's a shaky smile and she leans over to press a quick kiss to Gaelan's cheek. "Thank you." For? That she leaves unsaid, but she's standing up and gathering her things. Maybe before she does start crying or something equally humiliating in public. Not that her kissing the Major on the cheek isn't going to get around what with the other folks in the lounge that might have witnessed it.

Gaelan blinks a few times repeatedly at the sudden kiss on his cheek as he watches her stand up suddenly. Tilting his head slightly his gaze gets distracted briefly by Melia then looks back to Kaly, "I am here if you need to talk Kaly.. I'm not him, but he is still my brother after all."

Even though Kaly's leaving, Mellie seems to pick up on the need for the two of them to have a little space, so she lingers over at the coffee, taking time to make the perfect cup - and then tidy up around the area.

Kalypso nods, not trusting her voice now. She's doing well at keeping her features schooled. It's enough for her to give him a small smile. Expressions sometimes speak volumes, hers says that she knows loud and clear… and then Kalypso is ducking out of the lounge and on her way.

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