Summary: Lt (JG) Returns to Tais' Life
Date: 118 AHC
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Pool Genesis - Deck 9
118 ACH 23777 Souls

The pool here is almost olympic-sized. The water is roped at times for those events when the crew have their own type of racing and water sports. There are also lockers, showers and benches around the area.
-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Steven has arrived.

Tais slips out of her robe, her eyes never moving right or left moments before she dives into the pool. The arc is sure and true, her strokes powerful as they take her from one end of the pool to the other.

Steven steps inside the hatch, stopping as the smell of the pool water hits him. He shakes his head, and looks back over the hatch for the number, and back down at the paper in his hand. He frown and turns to look behind him.

Three, four, five laps. The swimmer must have one hell of some pent up energy to keep this up. One more and then she pulls herself to the edge, her breathing deep, her forehead pressed to her forearms. A sheet of black cascades down her back and as she turns her face to the side, eyes still closed, her lips part in her effort to breathe.

Steven turns in a small circle the paper before him, muttering to himself, "Corridor Oh Nine A… To Door…." He shakes his head in frustration, "Frack me running…"


Steven Deschain likes to have a good time, just like the next guy, but in the cockpit, he's as professional and focused as is required. Sandy brown hair falls onto his brow, no amount of brushing, gel or sheer will will make it any different. His dark eyes have the ability to sear into a person's soul if he's interested in them or ignore them completely if he isn't. His gaze is true, his vision near perfect. He's got a lanky walk, one //who has nothing on his conscience and knows and is confident in his abilities, his smile quick and warm.

Steven is wearing an olive green flight suit. Designed to protect the pilot against the hard vaccuum of space, the flight suit is made out of a rugged, almost plastic-like material. Hard padding, resembling a vest, protects the chest and buckles in front. Reinforced cuffs on the ankles and wrists are designed to lock into the boots and gloves to provide an airtight seal. There are various zippered pockets on the arms and legs, and a clear plastic sleeve on the left thigh can be used to store flight notes. The suit status monitor on the left forearm emits a soft glow. On his left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch, and the right sleeve sports the white and gold patch of Ares Squadron. His flight qualification wings are affixed to the left chest, and the pins on his collars show a rank of Lieutenant JG.

Tais pauses, her head tilting. It must be the echo in here. She's heard the voice before though there's no way in the vast heavens or hell it could be. She lifts her face, her eyes squinting to view the outline of the person before her. Tais doesn't wear her glasses, of course in the pool. "Are you lost?" Another squint as she sees his boots, the cuffs of his flight suit.

Steven looks down at his feet, and blinks a bit in surprise, "Yeah… I was supposed to take a right. then a left." He takes in the dark hair , and the top of the swim suit before, squatting down, and holding out the directions, "I think the printer was fracked up.."

Tais's damp fingers reach for the paper to draw it near to her. Her brows furrow, thinking I hope he doesn't mind wet spots on his transfer orders…

Steven watches for a moment as she takes his sheet, before looking up, "It said Corridor Nine… Wait this is deck 9."

Tais drawls, "And the pool. Not the barracks, flyboy."

Steven lets out a long breath, "Why can't Corridor Nine be on Deck Nine?" He smiles slightly, "Make sure my name is on there in case I forget it later… They'll be able to identify me."

Tais brings the paper nearer, narrowing her eyes in order to read the name. A moment passes. Then two. There is a slight tightening of her fingers and a moan of rebuttal. Quickly, she shoves the paper back into the man's hands. "Figure it out yourself, Deschain." And with that, she pushes back and is halfway across the pool in a flash, splashing him in the process.

Steven blinks a bit in surprise, stopping to pick up the now dripping order. He looks down at it a moment before watching her swim across the pool. He slowly stands up considering what just happened, a little bewildered.

After several laps, she returns to where he stands, pulling her hair from her eyes, "Can't read, flyboy?" She finally trains her eyes fully to his, her hands tightly grasping the cement edge.

Steven pales slightly, and stares. He stammers a bit, "T-Tais?" He starts to kneel back down, but stands up, only to kneel back down, "Tais.. I didn't.. Your hair.. its ..long..I didn't know you were stationed…" He falls silent for a moment, "It good to see you."

Tais swallows, inelegantly wiping her nose with her fingers. Thank the gods she's wet, so he can't see the tears welling in her eyes. "Are you, Steven?"

Steven swallows, and nods several times, "Its me.. I'm assigned to the Genisis Air Wing… Fra… How are you Tais?"

You say, "Better than I was a few years ago, yes." Slowly, she pulls herself from the pool, reaching for her robe to drag it protectively around her, belting it tightly. "And how are you…" her eyes narrow in a scrunch to read his pins, "Lieutenant Deschain?"

Steven leans back as if she slapped him. He nods a bit, and glances down, "I'm gettin by.. You know after the attacks and all. I'm still flyin."

Tais's eyes search his face before they fall, "I'm sure your talents are in great demand, Steven." Her hands stuff themselves into the pockets of robe, balling tightly in order to not slap him. She pulls her lower lip between her teeth, feeling the blood spurt into her mouth. Her words are uttered with an inconsolable ache, "How could you leave me…on that day?"

Steven looks up suddenly, "I didn't.. I didn't mean.. It wasn't like that Tais.." He pales again, and holds out his hand, "I didn't know that you were.. " He winces and shakes his head, "I thought that it'd be easier …less complicated."

Tais tears now fall freely, "My child had just died, her father killed himself…your….your f-friend! And you thought not staying was…less complicated?"

Steven's shoulders slump as he nods, "Yeah…. back in school.. we were close.. I figured the last thing you needed was me. Coming around.. Right after .. "

Tais whispers harshly, "I always needed you. You left me…over and over."

Steven rubs one hand over his forehead. He turns in a small circle almost pacing, "Tais.. Its not like that.. You.. You were always better than that.. Better than m…"

Quickly, Tais' hand snakes out and slaps him across the face. "Never presume you know what I need."

His eyes close as the slap turns his head to the side. He lets out a long breath, but doesn't move. After a long pause, the quiet words of, "I'm so sorry Tais.", come from him.

Tais's voice lowers, her palm tingling from the contact, "I always needed you. And you still don't realize how grand you are."

Steven sets his jaw, and glances back to you, "I'm not.. If you knew.. " He shakes his head once, "I'll.. uhhh.. Stay away from sick bay as much as I can Tais. Maybe I can make this as painless as possible."

A sob erupts from her, "Don't leave me again. I've lost everything…everyone. I don't think I can lose you a third time."

His reaction is immediate. He closes the gap between them, and puts his arms around her, "You don't want me around Tais.. Not if you knew the truth…" He holds her tight despite his words, his cheek against her dark hair.

Tais buries herself against you tightly. She breathes your scent, savors the feel of your body, "I don't care. I don't care."

Steven doesn't say anything, just holding her. He breathes deeply, his hand lifting to touch her hair, forgetting where they are for the moment.

Tais's lips brush against your flightsuit, your chest, "I don't care. Just don't let me go."

Steven nod slowly, and whispers, "Tais.. I .. I don't want to hurt you any more."

Tais lifts her head to look into your eyes, seeing the young man from so long ago, "You're here now. You will not hurt me."

Steven blinks a bit, looking into her eyes. His expression softens as he looks at her, "Frack me.. You look good Tais..I missed you."

Tais buries her face in her hands in embarrassment, "I look like hell, Steven. My face is blotchy, I can't see you unless I'm in your face without my glasses…my nails…I bite my nails, I don't eat…"

Steven smiles slightly, and gently lifts your chin, "Tais.. You look great. I mean it. You're an angel…"

Tais tears flow freely, mixing with the lingering rivulets of pool water. "I…used to drink, Steven, after they died. So much that I wouldn't remember where I was. After the Cylons…I wanted to die."

Steven swallows, and nods slowly, "I know… Its changed everything. Nothing will ever be the same." He reaches up to wipe the tears from her cheek, "It'll be alright.."

Tais fits herself to you once more, "It will be now."

Steven holds you tight, against his flight suit, "Gods Tais… I didn't expect to see you here.. Not now." He presses a kiss to the top of your head, "Its good to see you."

Tais lifts her head, the feeling of your kiss causing her eyes to close slowly, "Are you…are you married?" Gods, he could have another life.

Steven shakes his head, "I never did. I couldn't. …" He clears his throat, "You know with the flying and all.."

Tais nods slowly, her eyes falling once more. Soft fingers trace the various zippers on your front. "You…You'll need to come by sickbay for…for the usual tests…"

Steven nods several times, "Yeah.. I think thats on my chit too. New ship and all."

Tais's eyes raise, their look consuming as she replays your times together in her mind. Slowly, her fingers tighten on the fabric, every fiber of her being leaning to you.

Steven's is saying something else about orders, and directions, when the words die in his throat. He stills, and meets her gaze, slowly pulling her close, drifting forward.

So long. So gods damn long without touch without the laughter he brought, the enjoyment of life. The feeling of pure wonder he would bring each moment they were together. His name is whispered as her fingers tighten even more.

Steven says her name, in what vaugely sounded like protest. The sound is lost as he presses his lips to hers, his arms moving to encircle her.

A hungry moan as her arms slip around your neck, giving herself to your mouth, remembering the feel of you, the clean, fresh scent you still carry. Muscles have filled out, strengthened to a more tensile and rope-like hardness.

Steven murmurs between kisses, pulling her closer , "Tais….Got….report… CAG.. Orders." He doesn't pull away, his lips never far from hers.

Tais breathes harshly between famished kisses. "Yes…no…don't leave me again."

Steven shakes his head slightly, "I won't… I won't. "

Tais' face turns to better capture your mouth, her body straining to yours. "Stop me before I take you here…" Her hands seek the fastenings of your your flight suit.

Steven covers your hands in his. He presses one more kiss to your lips before pulling back, "Tais… I'll find you.. I will.."

Tais's hands turn to clasp yours strongly to her, "Do you promise?" Her voice is ragged, filled with hope, tinged with fear, "Do. You. Promise?" Each word enunciated with a pull of your hands.

Steven touches his forehead to yours, "You have my word. I won't leave the ship till I see you face to face.. No matter what my orders are…"

Tais's eyes search yours, continuing to ask, "Do you promise?" It is as if all of this has culminated to this moment and she can't believe what is transpiring, that there could be a renewal of hope in her life.

Steven looks you in the eye, "I promise. You'll see me Lieutenant. Before I leave this ship.. You'll see me in person."

Tais is afraid to let you out of her sight. "What…what is your bunk assignment?" Maybe down the hall? Could she be so lucky?

Steven shrugs, "I don't have a clue.. I'm stil trying to find the CAG."

Tais nods slowly, stepping back, her hands gently slipping from you. "It is…it is good to see you again, Steven." Her eyes become unfocused the further back she moves, even though she seems to memorize each feature of his face.

Steven looks down and picks up the soggy order sheet, "I'll find you."

Tais wants to ask him to promise once more, but she remembers her age and not the young cheerleader from before. She watches as she lets him go adultlike and strong.

Steven hurries back to the hatch muttering "Corridor .. Not deck.." He pauses to look back at her, making sure he wasn't daydreaming…again.

If she could see him, other than a hazy blur, she would lock her eyes with his ravenously.

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