Maj. Rhea Zimmermann
Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh as Rhea Jo Zimmermann
Name: Rhea Jo Zimmermann
Callsign: None of that flyboy nonsense
AKA: Snipe
Age: 36
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Engineering
Position: Chief Engineer
Rank: Major
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Sagittaron
Actor: Michelle Yeoh


Rhea Zimmermann is a snipe. No more, no less, and damn proud of it. She's been on the Genesis since the battlestar was assigned to PAS station (the joke is she was installed with the FTL). A year into her tour the ship’s first chief engineer returned to Fleet Headquarters on Picon to take a teaching position, and she was offered a promotion and a department to run. As a boss she can seem deceptively calm and easy-going to more outwardly blustery officers, but she demands hard work and a high level of competence from her people. Doubly so of herself. She can be a hard-ass when it's called for and loves to jump into challenging projects and get her hands dirty.

She's a widow. Her husband, fellow Fleet officer Captain Ephraim Zimmermann, was posted to the Battlestar Persius' Logistics Department. He was killed in the days following the Cylon attacks. They had one child together, a 12-year-old son named Reece. He was in his mother's care, on the PAS, when the Cylons hit. Now that the PAS has been destroyed he lives on the Carina in the care of Rhea's civilian friend, Dr. Adele Pike


  • Kicking engines until they start running
  • Drinking staggering amounts of coffee
  • Doing her son’s laundry (occasionally requires radiation suit)

Distinguishing Features

  • Traces of a working-class Sagittaron accent
  • Engine grease manicure
  • Tattoo: Rumors and speculation only. Any that exist don't see the light of day.

Biographical Foo

The Beginning: Getting Frak off Sagittaron

Rhea Jo Carey was born in the smoggy industrial port of Aera Cura, into sadly typical circumstances for a daughter of Sagittaron. Her mother was a drug addict who walked out on the family when Rhea was a girl. What memories Rhea has of her aren't pleasant. Her older brother, Ray, got involved in a street gang and ended up in prison before he was sixteen. Her father, Dell, was the one constant in her life, working hard hours as a mechanic in the garage of a local shipping company to keep a roof over their heads. As soon as Rhea was of age she enlisted in the military and got the hell off Sagittaron. She's never been back. After two years in the Enlisted ranks she used her Navy benefits pay for college on Caprica. She got her degree and re-upped, with a brassy officer's commission.


- Sagittaron Public Schools
- Caprica’s University of Delphi (BS, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Navy Service Record

- Battlestar Mercury (Mechanical Technician)
- Battlestar Solaria (Engineering Officer, Mechanical and Repair Division)
- Scorpia Shipyards (Engineering Officer, Repair and Refit Yards)
- Picon Fleet Headquarters (Engineering Officer, Maintenance Materials Management)
- Battlestar Genesis (Chief Engineer)

The Present

It was a poorly-kept secret that Rhea planned to return to Picon when Ephraim's tour on the Persius was up. Settle into domestic life with the husband and kid, get a teaching job with the Naval Engineering Corps, maybe even have another baby. The Cylon Holocaust pretty much ruined that plan. Now, Rhea is just trying to keep it together. Keep the Genesis and anything else in the Fleet running. Keep her snipes in line and her son safe. Privately mourn what she's lost, and try to carry on.


  • Her family, friends and snipes
  • Anything with an FTL engine
  • Trashy romance novels
  • Black coffee and chocolate
  • Mad scientists

IC Stuff



  • 9 ACH Situation Room Briefing In which, among other things, Rhea has Major's clusters thrust upon her.
  • 8 ACH Wrong Turn The Genesis engineers take the newly-FTL-capable Sula out for a test drive and end up in a bad neighborhood.
  • 8 ACH Blood Work The blood drive on the PAS brings the crew out of the woodwork.
  • 4 ACH Still with You Rhea and Zaharis talk about the war.



OOC Stuff

The Jukebox

The Family Album


Rhea at her spring wedding on Tauron, 13 years BCH
Captain Ephraim Zimmermann, loving husband, father of the spawn

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