Rifle Training
Rifle Training
Summary: Riflery, Certifications, Awesome Shooting and… Rooster being a disappointment.
Date: 27/10/08
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Small Arms Range Genesis - Deck 14
17 BCH 2185 Souls

The shooting range can hold up to a dozen personnel that are working on their firearms skills. Each booth has a scorecard. Buttons in the booth sends the target down a runner and brings the target back. A locker holds some weaponry and is code locked for Officers and marine NCO's only. Ear and eye gear hang within the booths for protection.
< Condition 3 —- Duty Area >

Showing up to the firing range bright and early before duty, Rooster goes through the steps of opening up, selecting himself a rifle and a booth and lining himself up for a quick magazine or two. The recent events aboard the assaultstar may have shaken him slightly, if the odd reluctance to put his ear protection on and open up is anything to go by. Then again, he is in his duty gear, it might just be that.

Sora is just putting away a real gun, before moving over to another cabinent and pulling out a standard rifle. She gives it a bit of a spin in her hands as she feels the balance, before moving back over to the range.

Stepping inside the range, Skip pauses a few moments to look over at the various people present already. Weapon selected and all that, he moves over to one of the booths, to be ready to fire.

Scenting an excuse to not open up yet, Rooster steps back from the booth and looks to the two other marines, "Take it you've both heard the news from above? Five rounds, rapid and see how much of a mess you can make of the paper target. Honour of the Corps and that," he says as he goes about tweaking the rifle sight, "Three of us, reckon we can all certify each other, eh?"

Sora hmms, "Well, my memo from Gaelan said to see my squad leader, to get receritfied. So don't really know if were allowed to certify someone above us." She grins.

"Good point," Skip offers to Sora. "It also said to see the squad leader for details, so you'd better give us the details, then," he offers to Rooster, a bit lightly.

"Frak, guess that makes sense," Rooster says, grinning back, "Guess I'll have to go shoot for the Captain then." He pauses, re-engaging the safety on his rifle and trying to remember everything word for word, "Its your usual red tape, you folks need to prove you can shoot at least as well as a Navy flyboy," he explains, putting the rifle down in the booth and holding the magazine in his other hand, "Otherwise, y'know, you might miss a shot and get your squadmates killed, right?" The big marine frowns then, "And I'm not quite on duty to yell at you if you don't, so you'd better get those papers set up and begging for mercy before then."

Sora looks down the range, at the targets already down there…"Well, the papers ready…so I guess that means we are too." She laughs, "And the day I can't outshoot a pilot, it will be a cold day…I tell you what." As she moves over to the booth, bringing her rifle up.

Skip nods a little bit, "We could outshoot them while blindfolded," he remarks lightly, moving over to another booth, expression that of deep concentration.

"Five rounds, I want at least seventy percent of that paper confetti," Rooster says, "fire on my mark." After a brief pause to slip his ear protection on, the Gunny steps into the booth with his rifle, "Mark!"
<Trait Roll> Sora rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Sora rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Sora rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Sora rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Sora rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Sora lets off five quick shots from the small weapon.
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
GRAND TOTAL FOR SKIP: A frankly amazing 26! GO MARINES!

Skip waits a couple of moments, before firing off a quick round of five shots, and then lowering the rifle again.

After a moment or two's pause, Rooster taps the sides of the booths where the two marines are, "Safeties on, mags out. Good show, Trilox, Skip," he says, before remembering he has his ear protection on and slipping them off, "Reckon the Captain will be pleased to see the results." he adds, pressing the buttons to draw the remains of the paper targets towards. "Frak, probably better than me, the pair of you!"

Sora chuckles, "Some are born to be leaders, like you…others are born to hurt people..like us." she grins a bit.

Skip shakes his head a little bit. "Let's see how well you fire those five shots, then?" he suggests to Rooster, before he looks over at his target, shaking his head a little.

"Waste of ammo, can't certify for me if i've just done it for you," Rooster says, looking at the rifle in his booth, "We've got plenty of bullets, though, and I could use the practice.." He trails off, apparently deciding to take the shots and pulling the ear protectors back into place. "GIVE ME A MARK." he says, too loud, and steps up to get ready for the shots.

Sora nods, "Yes, lets see…." as she snaps her fingers once, "MARK and remember!" Then turns to look down the range.

<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
GRAND TOTAL FOR ROOSTER: A Disappointing (though not shabby) 19! NEEDS MOAR PRACTICE!

Skip crosses his arms as he watches the targets, nodding a bit as he sees the shooting.

Far less impressive than the two sergeants, Rooster still makes a fair mess of the target. Gun nuts can probably point out overcompensation for non-existant recoil and perhaps even put it down (correctly) to the fact the marine in question leans far more towards the heavier and messier weapons. Less kind people would point out hes not the only heavy weapons specialist in the room, but those people would risk a swift kicking from the big ape. Rooster's reaction to the result is to look appropriately sheepish, slam down the rifle and go through making it safe, "Well, frak, I need to spend more time here."

Sora hmmms as she looks at the target as it draws near. "Well, well…um, thats something. Yes, something right there…" She nods a couple time, leaning over towards Skip and fake whispering to him, "Don't worry…I'm sure he'll get the hang of it, before we hit real combat.." she gives a sly wink.

Skip nods a little bit, "Looks like you need it," he offers to Rooster, before nodding a bit at Sora's comment. "We'll just make sure he practices a lot," he remarks, expression absolutely straight now.

"Ha, ha," Rooster says, smiling, "I'm told that the squad leader's condition is indicative of the entire squad overall." he says, unloading the rifle and walking over towards the locker for it. "How'd the pair of you like a camping trip, I mean, exercise somewhere where theres actual ground," the Gunny grins then, "Give you some time to school me and the other marines?"

Eli comes sauntering into the area, the token heshewtfever entering the area, narrowing eyes and squinting at he/she lingers near the entrance, folding arms over her/his chest and just sighing softly as the MP is just watching for now.

Sora moves over as well, unloading the rifle. "Real ground?…now where would we find something like that out here? Sora spins the rifle a couple times, before locking it away.

Skip nods a little bit, "Real ground sounds excellent." The remark comes a bit absently, before he starts unloading his weapon, and making sure it's all set to put back in the locker. Looking around and noticing Eli, offering a bit of a nod.

"Not sure, I'm going to have to have words with the Captain, since I /obviously/ need to get the lead out and get some training done," Rooster, not a fan of subtle sarcasm, "Good going with the shooting though, not that we're going to have a use for it, hopefully." He looks over at Eli, nods to him/her and then looks back to Sora and Skip, "You heard anything further about the Assaultstar?"

"Whatcha doin'? Shooting shite?" Eli is Captain Obvious here as the MP runs fingers through his/her hair and he wanders a little closer, cocking his head to the side curiously and just listening quietly, narrowing those husky eyes.

Sora nods, "Training is always good…not sure, I haven't heard anything about anything myself. So can'yt really say."

"I heard something about us maybe having to go back over there," Skip replies a bit thoughtfully, before he offers a quick look over at Rooster, "You're getting soft with the old age?" he offers lightly. He then nods to Eli. "We felt the urge to destroy a few targets," he remarks.

"Soft? No, I was just expecting more babysitting the braintrust and less almost getting blown up," Rooster shoots back at Skip, "Far as I can gather, we're headed back shortly for a mop-up and some further intel gathering. Babysitting, see." he shrugs. Then, looking to Eli, "Rifle certification, think you're up for it too, Sergeant," the Gunny nods and gestures towards the locker, "I've got to go run my lads through their paces, Trilox and Skippy here can cert you."

Eli's eyes widen and he shudders before giving Rooster a salute and turning to Sora and Skip, starting to move to get the supplies /needed/ to handle a rifle cert, grimacing.

Sora hmms at the going back part, not knowing we'd been anywhere to begin with. "Babysitting…hmm, we seem to get that bit alot."

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