Right Outta My Hair
Right Outta My Hair
Summary: Adelaide wakes up in strange places and makes strange friends.
Date: 113 ACH
Related Logs: None. In a prior log (which I unfortunately lost), Adelaide traded her pair of socks for some weeks-old moonshine, and ended up falling asleep on a bench on the Carina. Nicholas, who she'd barely just met, found her and took her to his flat to sleep it off.

Apartment C Carina - Main Level
113 ACH 23777 Souls

The days of four bedrooms to oneself are long gone in these apartments. This particular unit has been shaved down to a bedroom, a small kitchenette, and a couple paces of space next to that with two chairs that passes for a living room. There's a pillow under her face when she wakes up. In a small bed, in a tiny room. Thin blue blanket. Several pairs of shoes are by the door, all men's and all the same size. No clothing on the floor. Some voices are muffled on the other side of the wall, coming from the next apartment over that used to be part of this one before it was divided up.

Adelaide wakes up like she mentioned last night the second the alcohol leaves her system, she shoots up her eyes looking around the dark room, she's not familar with it at all. A quick glance besides her confirms that she is indeed alone a state she wasn't planning on. Pauing her lips she mulls over the opions perhaps the person is a early raiser and spared her the embaressement of the morning after, or maybe they are here just not in the room, only one way to find out. "Hello?" She calls softly, just incase whom ever brought her back here is still around she waits sat up knees to her chest.

The door separating the bedroom from the step or two worth of hallway and the kitchenette was left ajar. Nobody answers her, but she can hear somebody moving around out there. Footsteps cross the hall and go quiet again.

Adelaide lays back in the bed assuming whom ever it is isn't going to be moving her on in a hurry so she just closes her eyes. It at least stops the room from spinning. Though the hangover is sure heaven to the small Deck hand, it makes her feel alive. She rolls over and hugs the thin pillow, compared to her bunk this bed is the high of luxury.

The voices on the other side of the wall are becoming a loud argument. Something thumps the other side of the wall right near the bed. Fist? Foot? Who knows. The shouting softens. Then the door to the bedroom creaks softly as it's pushed open, and Nicholas breezes in on silent, socked feet. Clearly not expecting Adelaide to be conscious he doesn't even look towards the bed, kneeling down by a box shoved against the wall.

Adelaide turns over in the bed as the man enters the room. "Great set of neighbour you got there." She comments going to try and make out the shape…Well at least it's male that's a good sigh. "Eh where am I?" She mutters softly enough for the person to hear here. "And whom are you?"

"Oh f-!" Nicholas cuts himself off before he swears, her voice having jolted him. He settles back on one heel, putting a hand on the floor and turning around. "Well. So you're awake now."

Upon hearing his voice Adelaide relaxes a little it was the maths solving Piano player, that's good then. She lays back down and sighs, well that didn't turn out too badly. "I take it you carried me home, I think I passed out a few feet after that corridor….Or." She shakes her head, nah nothing from the night before so she's pretty sure he never occupid the bed.

Nicholas turns back to the box, pulling a thickly-stuffed manila envelope from its depths. "I'm sure you don't want to know the whole tale. You'll note your sweatshirt is gone, but before you have a fit, it's because it was rather stained. And…smelly. Though I suspect it wasn't yours considering the trajectory."

Adelaide nods her head as she peers down at herself. "Oh gods, I should get up then before I soil your bed anywhere." She flips off the covers noticing she's also just in her shorts. "I take it this person, was kinda enough to get them also." She takes a whift of herself…Wonder if she's clean or if a shower will be needed.

Thump. Something hits the wall again. Nicholas ignores it, standing up with his envelope. He rests a hand on his hip, casting his poor bedclothes a critical look. "I suppose it could be worse. They didn't burst into flames."

Adelaide stands up and stretches. "Thank you." She says. "I more then likely would have ended up somewhere far worse if you hadn't come by." She peers around looking out any windows if theres one. "Where are we destiny still?"

"Carina." Nicholas opens his mouth as if to say something else, but THUMP goes the wall. He raises his voice and calls out irritably, "If you would kindly stop banging your dick against everything, we would all be in a far better mood right now."

Adelaide raises an eyebrow. "Do they do that often?" She asks, going to make the bed though if she's not been cleaned up from last night it would be best to ball it up and get it washed. "I'll get you some better bedding, even the milltary has better stuff then this, and an extra pillow lease I owe you."

"I suppose," Nicholas replies, eyeing the wall. "Keep people caged up like animals and eventually they claw each other. At least the only shit-flinging so far has been verbal. That poor woman." He waves a hand, raising a brow as he turns for the door. "Are you hungry? You must be."

Adelaide looks towards the wall and sighs. "Yeah, I'm starving to be honest but the thought of some algea isn't really helping my belly." She says going to join at the door, she places her hand on his shoulder. "Thank you." She says. "And I'm called Adelaide." sell says finally giving her name.

That finally gets a smile from Nicholas. "You're called Adelaide? Or that's your name?" He asks lightly, before gesturing her to the hallway. "I may have some broth cubes left. Really it's just fake beefwater, but I expect it's easier to down than algae."

Adelaide ducks her head at his smile remember how it caught her attention the right before and finds herself blushs. "Anything would be good right now, but please don't go out of your way for me I can grab something later." She says, just as her belly rumbles, her cheeks flush again. "Really convincing aye?"

"Very." Nicholas smiles again, now much more easily. "Trust me, I would prefer to be serving a guest up a proper breakfast. Biscuits and eggs, sausage, a little fruit. This is breaking my heart." He sighs and slips out the door so she can follow. The kitchenette is only a few steps up from the tiny bedroom, a couple cabinets smushed over a little stove and baby sink. There's no table, just two stools pushed by the half-wall that doubles as eating space.

Adelaide snorts softly, reminded of her own broken heart and the reason for her seeking out the drink last night. Well she never really excpted to forget forever. "Hush." She scolds. "Or I'm going to do insane, I don't think we'll ever get those things again, I can't see us finding a couple of pigs stranded somewhere." She looks around the modest home. "Nice, sure beats my bunk."

"Well, should we ever find another planet I suppose we ought to take down a load of spits and a prayer." Nicholas pulls open his cabinets, mostly empty but for unused pots and pans, one of which he grabs. "Adelaide, you said it was? That's a lovely name. Mine is Nicholas."

Adelaide goes to lean against the counter, her arms folded over her chest. "Thank you." She says. "And it's nice to meet you Nick." She glances towards the bedroom then back at him. "Eh where did you sleep last night, cause I don't see a couch." She idly watches him as he goes to perpare their banquet.

Nicholas laughs brightly, unscrewing the cap off a large bottle of water. "Let's leave that as a delightful mystery, shall we?" The water glugs as he pours a small amount into the pot and turns on the electric coil. "I promise it was an ingenious setup, an engineer would have been proud."

Adelaide can't help but laugh. "Well I can't remember anything anyway so it you performed badly it's safe with me." She eyes the pot and doesn't make too much of a comment she has enough engineering training to step back a little, but only teasingly.

"Forgetting the bad ones in bed, what a blessing that would be." Nicholas says with a wry tone to the humour. He screws the cap back on the bottle and pushes it onto the counter by the wall.

Adelaide nods her head slowly. "You had a few?" She teases. "So eh what you making me?" She says. "And does this count as the first date, cause if so aint we doing this a little backwards?"

"Oh, who hasn't." Nicholas smirks, then shows her the little half-cube of bouillon between his fingers. "Creme de la Ration, enjoy." Then he chuckles at her last comment. "Why, how do you usually conduct your first dates?"

Adelaide laughs softlyu enjoying this mans sense of humor, makes a change for the usual fly boys she has to deal with. "Oh gods Nicky." She says. "I wasn't too hungry before dispite my rumblings but." She eyes the cube. "I can taste that already." She says then grins. "Normally I asked to be wine and dinned before getting into bed with someone, but for you I'll make an exception."

Nicholas chuckles, dropping the cube into the hot water. "You're a lovely girl, Adelaide. Excuse me…woman. Gods, I just made myself feel old." He rolls his eyes at his own statement and shakes his head. "You haven't got someone waiting for you on the Genesis? Surely a pretty girl like you…"

Adelaide watches the cube fall into the water, her eyes watching the drops of water spray up. "I'm only just, a woman." She laughs. "So you waren't too far off, and no I haven't gotten anyone waiting for me. The man I was in love with basically told me he doesn't frak enlisted so I guess he aint worth it." She shrugs. "Trying to forget him but it's hard."

Nicholas raises a dark blond brow, folding his arms and leaning back against the counter. "Oh, my. An officer, I assume?"

Adelaide nods her head. "He wasn't always, he use to be a deck hand with me and we have a brief fling about a year ago. I really didn't realize how much he meant to me until he got bummed up and he basically just told me I aint worth his career." Ironic smile.

Nicholas smiles at her. "Well, that's a shame. Rules and all. If I remember all that nonsense right, an officer an enlisted could marry but not simply see each other. What a recipe for disaster, honestly."

Adelaide nods her head rather sharply. "I don't wanna talk about it Nick, I loved that man more then I could ever express with words, and he just fraked me off like I was nothing." Her body stiffens and the pain in her voice is enough to back up her words. "It's over." She pushs off the workspace and idly starts to pick around the apartment, absently cleaning up trying to make herself busy and to stop the awful longing talking about Jax causes in her.

"Indeed it is," Nicholas says. He picks up the spoon and gently stirs the broth, the cube having dissolved away. "Well, no need for any more of that talk. Come and have a little broth. Imagine it's full of rainbows and light or something suffocatingly optimistic like that."

Adelaide throws something onto the table and comes over towards the man, she stands in front of him. "Yeah, I'm not really in the mood." She says, then eyes the broth and the smell, playfully she closes her eyes and opens her mouth., "I'm imagining real hard."

Nicholas laughs brightly. "You're a dear. But I have bowls." Still chuckling, he retrieves one of said bowls and picks up the pot handle, carefully pouring out a good helping of beef-flavoured water for her.

Adelaide lets a flicker of disapointment flicker across her face and sighs. "I should give up now." She says going to take one of the bowls. "This does smell wonderful." She says inhaling the steam from the broth.

Nicholas folds his arms on the 'table' surface. He smiles briefly, then clears his throat. "I'm sorry, Adelaide, I'm not being fair with you. I do like you, I think you're delightful. Um…it's just that you're female. You see."

Adelaide has the bowl half way to her lips then suddenly bursts out laughing. "Oh frak Nick." She says her smile wideing. "Here's me thinking there was some motives to the fact you was being so nice." She says her head and places a hand on his cheek, her little fingers barely touching. "I don't really care Nick, you have been so wonderfully friendly to me, I would see you again anyway."

Nicholas seems to relax at her reaction, smiling warmly. "Oh, fantastic. Well I suppose we'll have that second date after all, won't we."

Adelaide takes a sip of the broth and nods her head eagerly. "and i'll still bring you that blanket and pillow Nick." She says smiling. "Did you think I'm so shallow that I would have walked out of here. Friends are more important silly man, even to a whore like me."

Nicholas waves a hand. "One never knows. No insult intended, I promise you." He punctuates the sentiment by laying a hand flat over his heart. "Now finish your broth and I'll lend you a T-shirt to leave the house in. You don't want that sweatshirt out of its plastic bag until you find a washer, -trust- me."

Adelaide laughs and nods her head. "Oh trust me I'll be washing that thing complete with bag." She says, going to drink the last of the broth, sighing as it warms her to the pit of her belly. "Gods that was good."

"The new comfort food," Nicholas says, with a wry smile. "What's your favourite colour?"

Adelaide hmms for a moment totally taken back by the question then says. "Maroon, red, scalet any in that range." She says going to lean against the wall facing him

"Oh, perfect." Nicholas smiles, snapping his fingers. "I have a nice dark red one you can take. Hang onto it for a while, I never wear the thing. I look terrible in red."

Adelaide laughs softly. "Aren't I meant to be wearing my boyfriends shirt." She says with a little grin her eye twinkling. "But I guess yours will have to do, I don't own anything that hasn't got a Genesis patch on it somewhere."

Nicholas smirks. "Well you'll be wearing my ex-boyfriend's shirt…does that count?"

Adelaide nods her head slowly. "Oh even better, give it away. Did he break your heart also?" She asks, going to grab some water from the sink. "Is this drinkable?"

Nicholas grabs the bottle of water from the counter, handing that over. "That's cleaner, believe me." He then rolls his eyes and grimaces. "Oh, he wasn't trying to. I'll give him that. But you know how men are."

Adelaide nods her head. "I sure do, pigs the lot of them." She grabs the water and sighs. "I mean I just can't get over Jax, I really can't I honestly thought he wanted to make something of us." She says going to start into her least favourite topic. "We'd see each other behind closed door, becare then get married in a few months time when we decided we can get on…And then he Fraks it up by getting all moody and whired."

"People are selfish, Adelaide," Nicholas' right hand makes some graceful gesture that in his mind illustrates the point. "It's just the way they are. And for most, when something bothers them they just…" He puffs some air and makes a 'shoo' motion towards the doorway. "Push everyone away the easiest way they can."

Adelaide nods her head slowly and sighs. "I don't understand, I thought he wanted me as much as I did him. Frak Nick he's all I think about and I aint kidding every waking moment of every day, its him on my mind. It's why I'm drinking, looking for a quick frak where ever I can. It's driving me insane and I've had others plent more then him and from people higher then a nugget of a raptor pilot."

"Sounds to me like he's frightened to death of something," Nicholas leans his hip against the counter edge. "Whether that's committment or a court-martial, I don't know. But you poor thing. These things are hellish to get over. It takes a lot of time."

Adelaide sighs softly and nods her head. "I know and he's not different from the others, except he has this auro of him the way he holds himself the way he talks and moves, it just makes my heart skip a beat, my knees weak." She shakes her head. "I hate it Nicky I wanna just forget."

"Well. You can forget forgetting," Nicholas says drily. "We're all loathe to forget the things we want. How wonderful life would be if we could. Granted, the trashy romance novel industry would have been much duller. Speaking of trashy romance novels though, what you need is single girlfriends. Being alone's the absolute worst way to slog through a broken heart."

Adelaide screws up her own nose. "I hate women." She says with a flicker of her hand. "Their all a bunch of gold diggers, looking for the most rank they can sleep with and climbing over each other to get it." She flickers her hands as if dismissing it. "I have Phelan he's a very good friend and lets me rant for hours on end, he just sits there a look of pitty and sympathy on his face, I know he loves me and I could do worse but he does nothing for me." She knows she's sounding very stupid right now.

Nicholas tsks softly. "Oh come now, all women aren't like that. I'm not kidding you though, darling. It's something we all need, friends. But look, you know what? First you need to stop running into this Jax, if you still are. Distance is a beautiful thing. Secondly? You've got to make an identity for yourself that doesn't involve him. Now I'm not saying you're weak, but let me tell you…right now, what I'm seeing is a lovely young woman whose sense of herself is far too laced up with the fact that she's broken hearted. We've got to find you."

Adelaide runs a hand through her hair and laughs bitterly. "No kidding Nick." She says pacing a little, she always dose that when dealing with a difficult subject. "I have lost myself, I'm mood I'm dangerous and I haven't felt like not screaming in weeks. I really, really would like to find myself again, you got that right." she looks up at him. "I'm open to suggestion and yeah, distance would be perfect if I didn't have to see him on the flight deck every other frakking day."

"Ask your deck chief to change your shift," Nicholas taps the counter with his finger. "Everyone sleeps sometime. Adjust, take some control there. Anything you have of his, give it away. And think about what it is you want to be…and then start doing what it takes to be that. Does it make you happy to help other people? We've got hungry and sick all over these ships. Does it make you happy to write? I know a poet who might like a student."

Adelaide nods her head at each of these suggestions. "Sleep if only, that drunken slumber is only the second goodnight I've had since…Well forever." She sighs softly. "Poet, is he make and if some is he any decent eye candy cause forgetting about Jax would be amazing, while I let this poet woe me with pretty words."

"Mmm…" Nicholas pauses to consider this. "Well he is about sixty but…between you and me, I wouldn't kick him out of bed."

Adelaide ohs softly. "Really…Eh Nicky baby your like 10 years older then me…Well if you think it would help then sure I'll be willing to humor him. I'm a little dumb when it comes to then arts. I hate music but then you've already discovered that…This friend got a name."

Nicholas makes an indignant sound. "Did you just call me old? I'm not even thirty, I'll have you know." He sniffs quietly. "You hate music? Oh now that's a shame, I could have given you some lessons. But this isn't about humouring other people, it's about you. What do you like?"

Adelaide gives a toothy grins. "Almost thirty well I'm almost twenty so yeah your old." She says then shake sher head. "No I enjoyed playing the Piano, I forgot how much peace it bring me. I'd be delighted if you wouldn't mind refreshing my memory."

"I didn't say almost thirty. I said not even. Lords above." Nicholas huffs, clearly not serious with the protests. "Well I wouldn't mind giving the lessons, if you really enjoy it. If you don't then don't bother, it'd waste both our times. But anyway, it's things like that, you see. Making yourself again, saying…I am Adelaide." He gestures to his chest with both hands. "I'm wonderful at this and I enjoy reading that and that's why I'm fabulous. You want to be able to look in the mirror and say 'Yes, I am happy with who I was and what I did today'."

Adelaide nods her head slowly. "Well lets do one lesson and then we'll go from there, I might end up liking it." She says then takes a deep breath. "Frak, Nick I'm glad you where there last night I did not fancy having to go see the Military's Shrink they sometimes have the bad habbit of yanking you off duty."

"Ugh, psychiatrists," Nicholas sighs. "They train so hard, bless their hearts, but really. If they didn't find things wrong with you, they'd be out of a job. We're human, we're resilient. Being sad isn't an abnormality."

Adelaide rolls her eyes. "And they are just here to help you, and they want to be your friend." She pulls a face. "All the time, they are thinking how they can get you thrown of duty for a week."

"Well whatever," Nicholas waves a hand. "Anyway, little miss. I have an appointment I most unfortunately have to keep, so I'm going to have to dress you and turn you out. But we have a plan for now, and a date with a piano. I might have a few more little ideas for next time."

Adelaide nods her head, and holds out her hand. "Yes I've taken enough of your time up." She says. "So I really should go take a your shirt it the showers and lazy around the pool for a few hours."

Nicholas smiles. "Pools. How I miss those." He leans forward and shoves off the counter. "Then a shirt it is. I've got to go dig it up. You can't have this one, dear, it's precious." He smirks and heads off to find said thing.

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