Right Where It Hurts
Right Where It Hurts
Summary: Eve finds out she's pregnant.
Date: 51 ACH
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
51 ACH 6285 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

Eve is sitting in one of the waiting chairs, in her off duty regs. Her head is back against the wall, eyes closed with her arms folded over her midsection. The toes of her boots tap on the floor, a hint of impatience in them.

Zaharis doesn't normally do run-of-the-mill exams, but the nurse knocked on his door to tell him that it's one of his own staff who's come in. The CMO heads out of his office and picks up Eve's chart from the front desk, then makes his way over to the chair where she is. "Lieutenant."

Eve cracks an eye open, managing a smile on dry lips, "Heeeey, doc." She says quietly, pushing on her heels to sit up straighter. Her eyes flit to the main doors, "Drew the short straw?" She asks, lightly. "Just have some rotten indigestion. Antacids weren't cutting it yesterday, so Carina sent me up here."

Zaharis smiles at the short straw comment. "I prefer to think of it as taking care of our own." He glances down at her chart, reading over the Carina's notes. "Alright…I'm going to have a nurse go with you to collect a few samples for testing, and then she's going to bring you back to an exam room where I can have a look at you. Alright?"

Eve rewets her lips, her gaze again flitting towards the door. "I…um.." She reaches up a hand, tucking hair that was left loose in her off duty hours back behind her ears. "Well, I was waiting Micah. We were going to meet up here after our shifts…"

It takes a while for Zaharis to place who 'Micah' is. Mental rolodex, flipping, found it. "Ensign St. Germain is welcome to wait out here for you. It shouldn't take long at all."

Eve pinches her eyes shut. "Right. Um..alright, alright." She's pushing to her feet with a sigh, wiping her palms on her pants legs while she stands. "What sort of tests?" She asks, moving along towards the waiting nurse obediently.
Eve begins following you.

"Urine and stool samples," Zaharis says, flipping her chart closed. "Don't worry, it's just to rule out any underlying issues." He smiles at her and waves the nurse over. "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Eve is handed the appropriate specimen containers, as well as a paper gown by the nurse. She casts a fitful glance towards Zaharis, then slips away to do her thing.

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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
50 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.

Zaharis is waiting in one of the exam rooms, reading over the rest of the relevant details on Eve's chart that's lying on the counter.

Eve shuffles back in in her oh so lovely paper gown, with one of those paper sheets wrapped around her and the lovely non-skid socks. "I shouldn't have teased Major Carter so many times about his gown. I think this is just pay back." She murmurs a bit sheepishly, before hopping up on the bed.

Zaharis chuckles quietly. "Karma's a bitch. Lie back please, Lieutenant, and pull the gown up to under your breasts." He has an extra piece of sheet that he drapes over her hips. "Are you in pain right now?"

Eve settles back, shifting a few times until she gets to a comfortable position on the thin pillow wrapped in a disposable cover. Draping the sheet over her lap, she inches the gown up on her midsection as directed. "Not really any pain. Kinda like a …light cramping? But it could just be close to my time of the month. Everythings so thrown off with birthcontrol rationing. Just a stomach ache, but my movements have been regular."

Zaharis nods. "Does it feel like normal cramping? Something you've felt before?" He stands at her right side, watching the uncovered area while she talks for any distention. "I'm going to palpate your abdomen, lightly at first. As I move my hand around, tell me if you feel any further pain." He'll be watching her face and body for signs of it too. He sets his extended hand on the upper right side of her abdomen and starts across in a grid pattern.

Well. Her stomach certainly feels..tighter. "Like I did too many sit-ups. But we both know that's not the case." Eve tries a laugh, but it just comes out as nervous. "Been feeling too tired lately to hit the gym."

"Would you call it unusual tiredness?" Zaharis asks her as his hand moves around. He does note the tightness. He sets his right hand atop the right, going back over the same grid but with more pressure this time, feeling for masses.

Well. Its not really a mass. Not yet anyways. "I cut out the caffeine. That could explain it right? Saving my last few pots of coffee for my patients, so. And I've never been a fan of sodas. Mm. But chocolate, I could go for some chocolate." Eve sighs, shifting her head a bit to try and see what Zaharis is doing. She looks slightly uncomfortable, but not necessarily in pain.

"Relax your neck, El-Tee," Zaharis says, gently. His hands stop over the not-really mass, feeling around it. Size, location, tenderness. These things he'll need to note down. "The caffeine-cutting might explain it, sure." He smiles a little. "Does this pain come and go? Or is it constant?"

Eve lets her head lull back to the pillow, eyes closing against the overhead lights. "Don't really know? I mean, I'd say come and go, but it could just be constant and I've grown used to it, you know? Would I could blame it on the hotdog I scarfed yesterday, but I've been eating like a feind lately."

Zaharis chuckles quietly. He moves his hands again, setting his fingers just above her hipbone on the right side. "Breathe in and out for me, slowly." As she does he runs his hand up her side, checking the liver for enlargement. Then the spleen, and then kidneys.

Eve makes a little face, but for all intents and purposes those organs are just fine. "Watch where you're poking doctor. I know I just left a sample, but you're making me have to go again." Another laugh, a bit of a squirm.

Zaharis smiles. "Sorry, El-Tee. Not too much longer here, I promise. I'm going to percuss the region - lightly tap on it with my fingers. Again, tell me if you feel any pain, okay?" His hands return to that grid-pattern, doing just as he told her he would.

Eve shakes her head as he taps, another shake with each new grid position. No pain. She stops squirming around, at least, while he finishes his poking and prodding.

Zaharis finishes with that and takes his stethescope from around his neck, fitting the ends into his ears. "Looking good, El-Tee. I'm going to make sure your bowel sounds are good." Which, presumably, they are!

Eve mmhmms. "Tell me if sounds like a whale songs. If it does, I apologize, that was the mound of rehydroginated mashpotatoes I had for lunch." And then she's quiet so he can actually listen.

Zaharis laughs quietly. He falls silent as he moves the stethescope around for a while, then pulls the earpieces out. "Okay, you can pull the gown down and sit up." He strips off his gloves, tossing them away and picking up her chart. A glance at a few things and then he looks back at her. "Have you been experiencing nausea or vomiting?"

Eve wiggles her gown back down, making sure modesty is resumed before she sits up. Palms are propped behind her, and she partially leans back as if that's more comfortable. "Just..I mean. When I eat too much, nausea that is. No vomiting."

Zaharis nods, leaning back against the counter. His voice remains gentle. "Have you noticed any tenderness in your breasts? Headaches?"

Eve crosses her arms over her chest, as if ashamed of the aforementioned body part. "I thought I was going to pop out of my dress yesterday, the fabric was a bit..constricting and uncomfortable by the end of the night, but I've packed on a few pounds."

Zaharis doesn't call anymore attention to the area than that. He nods once. "Lieutenant…are you sexually active?"

Eve shrugs, "Of course. But.." Dawn is such a beautiful thing, when it crests over the horizon and sheds its rozy light on the land below. "Nooo. No no. You think I'm…" She smiles, how can she not? But of course there are too sides of that coin, and all the emotions make a show on her face. "But I didn't…the urine sample. That'll show for sure, right?"

Zaharis gives her a half-smile that's meant to be calming. "I can't be conclusive, but yes I'm going to have the sample tested. I'd also like you to have an ultrasound. They can do it right now and have the results back. That will tell us for certain."

Eve raises a hand to her forehead. She's apparently not done processing this. "Yes of course. Better than to have to suffer through the dreaded paper gown twice."

Zaharis chuckles quietly. "I know, right?" He pushes off the counter. "Let me go get that set up for you. I'll be right back, okay?"

Eve gives a vague sort of nod, but he could have just told her he's going to go mutineer the ship and she still would have nodded. When its all said and done, Eve is once more laying back, still wiping ultrasound machine goo off her stomach as she waits for Zaharis with the final results.

The ultrasound is fairly quick, and Zaharis returns after not too long with her clipboard in hand. He closes the door and comes over to where she's lying down. "Well, Lieutenant. You're pregnant." The news is given simply, neither approving nor disapproving. "About five and a half weeks along, from the ultrasound."

Eve leans slightly to the side, ticking off five on her fingers as she mentally counts. There's a wince. "Thank you, doctor." She says quietly, though she looks a little blanched for color.

Good thing Zaharis isn't crass enough to remind her that /he/ isn't the man she should be thanking for this situation. He's quiet a moment, watching her face. Giving her time to absorb first.

Eve pushes back to a seated position fully. "Did the Commander recant the marriage directive?" She asks, cutting to the nuts and bolts of some of her clear concerns. "I'm thirty one years old. I shouldn't be worrying about shit like this.." She grumbles, scooting to the edge of the bed.

Zaharis nods to the question. "You don't need to worry about the directive. Just yourself and your well-being." He pauses. For kind of a long time. Then starts again, neutrally. "Should you decide to terminate the pregnancy, there is a noninvasive procedure that we can do at this early stage." Again, no judgment in his voice. "Whatever you decide to do, we will support you."

Eve shakes her head in the negative. "I..I couldn't. Not considering…No." She gives an exhale, "I know we're going to have oodles and oodles to talk about, sir, but there's a man out there that thinks his girlfriend has food poisoning or the flu…"

"Of course." Zaharis smiles a little at her. "Let me grab you some information that I'd like you to take and read soon as you can. It's got some immediate concerns about diet and health that I need you to be aware of starting right now. The nurse will schedule you for another appointment within the week."

Eve gives a bit of a laugh. "Let me get them in the morning? It won't do any good to walk out there with prenatal vitamins in one hand and 'Gestation and You' pamphlets in the other. One more night won't hurt, as I promise not to booze it up or smoke like a chimney, deal?"

"We need a night to get vitamins together," Zaharis smiles. "And I'll have them put the pamphlet in a blank envelope, nobody will see it. Please, it's important." He pushes off the counter. "I'll let you get dressed."

Eve manages a smile again, despite it all, she can't help but shine a little bit. "Of course. Thank you again." Deep breath. First step clothes. Second step, controlling Micah's reaction.

"You're welcome." Zaharis turns at the door, glances back at her. "And you know where to find me if you need me." Then he's off to ninja some pamphlets.

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