Major Savannah "Wrongway" Rue
Major Savannah Rue
Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate as Savannah Rue
Name: Savannah Rue
Callsign: Wrongway
Age: 31
Branch: Military
Faction: Navy
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: CAG
Rank: Major
Ship: Battlestar Genesis
Homeworld: Leonis
Actor: Christina Applegate

Biographical Foo


Savannah Rue is the CAG of Battlestar Genesis' Air Wing. She has been with Battlestar Genesis since it was designated to guard the PAS, first as a Lieutenant with Captain Ide Kolis (the Air Wing leader at the time) as her mentor. When he died, she was promoted and given command of the Air Wing. She's known for being firm, but fair and a lot less tight ass than a lot of CAGs out there. Heck, she's even been known to frequent the Pilot's Mess and fraternize on a regular basis. In short, she views herself as a mentor, rather than as a drill sergeant for those under her command. Recently, however, she has allowed Captain Addison Nikos to step into that Drill Sergeant role. Someone has to give the pilots in the squadron some hard love.


  • Leading the Battlestar Genesis' eccentric pilots
  • Innate sense of direction (towards the nearest chocolate)
  • Quirky, yet ultimately successful flying (she's not called Wrongway for nothing)

Distinguishing Features

  • Eyes: They're blue, but like to flicker green or brown depending on her mood.
  • Tattoo: None.


  • Callsign: Wrongway. She earned her Callsign when as a Nugget she experienced a maneuvering thruster malfunction while on approach for her first practice combat landing. It ended up flipping her, but she reoriented and landed top side up. And backwards. The ship wasn't damaged and she got a nickname out of it that's stuck with her since.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

She's a Rue. Of the Leonis' Rue(s). Leonisians are known for two things, their love of alchohol and their love of nature (in fact they love it so much they shoot it). Her family left the ancestral grounds near Zembra Forest to live on the Southern Continent near the city of Laconia. Both of her parents were park rangers, so she spent a lot of time away from the city in the nearby national parks. She has nine siblings. She also knows how to handle a rifle.


She finished high school with passing grades (no mean feat considering she was home schooled by survivalists until freshman year). Besides that generalized background, she was trained extensively at the Fleet Academy. Thusly her brain is stuffed full of tactics, flight knowledge and other combat oriented materials. She also is rather good with pop references from the latest Caprican television shows.

Military Service

Previous assignments: Battlestar Atlantia (Mercury Class Battlestar).
It was on Battlestar Atlantia that Rue made a name for herself, not only as an excellent pilot, but one that was able to shoulder the responsibilities of command. She also had a knack for unconventional tactics, for nurturing the more junior officers in the squadron and for leading by example. It was these traits that lead her CAG on the Atlantia to recommend her for placement on Battlestar Genesis' top secret mission.

Current assignment: Battlestar Genesis
She's been onboard Genesis for over three years. When she first arrived, she was taken under the wing of the CAG at the time, Captain Ide Kolis aka "Screamer". Two years later, Screamer was killed in a tragic accident and she was tapped for the air wing command position by (then) Colonel Regas. So far, she's lead the air wing through minimal casualties in the (second) Cylon War.

On the Grid



  • "What did I say?" - Rue to Micah in Confessions, accompanied by a slap to the back of the head
  • "I ever tell you about the time Rooster took me to the Winter Ball? It was all sequins and horrible hair. Rooster had a mullet of epic proportions, but his suit was … cut. The music was way too loud and the food was just gross. But it was the closest thing to being grown up that I had at the time. I didn't know where I was going to go or where I'd end up. But never in a million years would I have guessed this is where I'd be fourteen years later." - Rue to Addie in Thoughts of Rooster
  • "You've all heard this from me before, but I'll say it again… watch each other's backs and you'll come back home safe, every time." - Rue to her pilots before every engagement
  • "Hello down there. Anybody call for a taxi?" - Rue, after jumping Pandora into Leonis' atmo to rescue stranded crew on the ground


  • Rooster - Not many know this. These two have— had a long history. Stupid Marine getting Stupid Blown Up.
  • Chocolate
  • Her pilots
  • Her viper
  • Guns
  • Nature
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