Rusty Empathy
Rusty Empathy
Summary: Reighner, Reed and Adele discuss medical matters. Adele awkwardly dusts off her doctor's empathy.
Date: 7 ACH
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Medical Bay Support Station PAS - Deck 2
7 ACH 6735 Souls

Rather than the normal sickbay found on most Colonial ships, the stations medical facility is more reminiscent of a full hospital. The front area is a cool blue color with several on duty staff here organizing patients and logistics of medical supplies. Areas branch off into full wards including, surgical, emergency treatment, quarantine, and others. The facility is quite advanced and while still quite new, can be said to still be having work done to make final adjustments to get everything working.

Contents: Adele Reighner Medical Charts Memorial Board Wireless 394

Reighner leans against the front desk, scribbling on a patient chart, subtly frowning. He doesn't look very good, with some pallor and bags under his eyes.

Adele strides into the facility, approaching the front desk with a folder in hand. She hands it off to a nurse, explaining, "Here are some names of contractors with medical experience interested in helping run the blood drive." She glances aside, catching sight of Reighner. Straightening up, she turns to face him. "Hey, Matt," she greets, quietly.

"Adele," Reighner mumbles. He's become more moody lately. He straightens and glances at her, saying in a close monotone, "I'm putting you on the aspirin project. Gods know we'll need more of that soon."

Adele brushes a lock of hair back from her forehead, nodding. "All right," she replies. She glances up and down Reighner, then settles her gaze on a vague spot just above his shoulder, looking awkward as she tries to mask her sympathy. "Who do I report to?" she asks after a moment, almost as an afterthought.

"Yourself," Reighner replies. He signs the chart with a subdued signature. "I'm giving you a lab. How's your background in synthetic biochemistry?" He closes the chart and stands straighter, meeting her look.

"I've got some experience," Adele answers, drawing herself out of the badly concealed expression of sympathy and into something more professional. "A lot of my work was theoretical, but I know my way around a lab."

Reighner nods simply. "Then you'll get somewhere. I'd like a report every two weeks on your progress." He passes off the chart to the ensign and caps his pen. "I'll slough off two technicians from Montgomery's lab. You may want to apologize to him." It's not clear whether or not he's joking, given his present expression and tone.

Reed comes in from Passageway.
Reed has arrived.

"I will," Adele replies, her brow furrowing slightly. Reading people is not her specialty, so she errs on the side of caution when it comes to whether or not Reighner might be making a joke. The two are standing at the reception desk.

Reighner nods and reaches out for another chart. He sets this on the table, opens it up, and squints at the notes. Awkward hanging moment.

Reed comes in to save the day from awkwardness! Walking in, he heads for the reception desk, then pauses, steering toward the Doctors, "Doctors," He greets, looking between them, "How's the blood drive preperations going?

Adele has just lapsed into silence, giving Reighner another once-over while he's occupied with a chart. When Reed arrives, she gladly turns her attention to him. "Major," she greets. "We have quite a few contractors with medical experience volunteering. I just dropped off a list." She gestures to the ensign that took said list from her, and he hands it back over the counter.

Reighner nods slowly and presumably in agreement. "Mmm-hmm." His face is a little pale and there's bags under his eyes. He uncaps his pen and signs the chart without correction before turning around to face Reed.

Reed nods, "Excellent." He tells Adele. "I'll either be there in the first batch, or come in later if I'm working, which is more likely, but I'll let you people draw off some of my excess blood as soon as I can come around to sit still for long enough to let you." He looks to Reighner, looks at him for a second, then says, "How are things in Medical, Captain?"

Adele flickers a smile at Reed as he reveals that he will be offering up some blood, though like all smiles lately, the expression barely reaches her eyes. "I'll put a Passal of Puppies bandage on standby for you," she tells him, once again shifting her gaze to Reighner.

"Oh, fine, I suppose," Reighner answers noncomittantly, almost disinterestedly. "The flow of outpatients has decreased with the exception of mental care." For obvious reasons. He recaps the pen and slips it into his coat pocket.

Reed nods, "Have you coordinated with Lieutenant Sloan from the Genesis about the influx of pcychiatriac patients?"

Adele, just to have something to do, opens up her folder and glances over the list of contractors. She swipes a pen from the desk and makes a few notes under some entries.

Reighner shakes his head. "Nope. Should I be?"

Reed nods, "Yes. I would like you to to go to Lieutenant Sloan to discuss the patients coming in with mental concerns, and coordinate with her about the people who need help in that regard." He pulls out a handheld, and starts setting up a text message.

Oh, Adele has found something interesting in her folder. She looks at it intently.

Reighner exhales audibly. A put-upon look crosses his face, but it's suppressed quickly. He pulls his white coat together and crosses his arms, rattling his stethescope, and looks at Reed with a vague frown. "I'll see to it when I'm on the Genesis."

Reed finishes his text, and lifts the handheld making it beep with a similar gesture Eve saw once in the Taproom, "This'll help. I've asked LT Sloan to come see you about the patients when she has some free time. I would like to make sure that Psychiatry has all the data available, without inconviencing you too much.

Adele slowly pulls her face out of the folder, closes it, and hands it back to the ensign across the counter. He opens it up to look inside at the notes she made, and gives Adele a strange look. She retracts the point of the pen with a click, then sets it on the counter with a glance between Reed and Reighner.

"Fine," Reighner answers tersely.

Reed nods, "Do you need anything down here to help you out?" He asks Reighner, then looks to Adele, "Do any of the Contractors have backgrounds in Biology or Botany by the way?"

Adele opens her mouth to reply, then promptly closes it. Scratching at the left side of her neck, she takes a moment to consider instead, then answers, "I'll look at the applications for blood-drive volunteers. Some got pretty specific with their experience."

Reighner shakes his head. "No, I'll be fine here." He draws his lips into an expressionless line.

Reed has disconnected.

Adele turns her gaze back to Reighner as Reed becomes otherwise occupied. "I've got a background in botany, too. Do you think Reed would pull me off the aspirin project…?"

"I don't know," Reighner answers. He closes the chart and hands it away. "Do you want to be?"

"No," Adele replies, sounding resolute.

Reighner nods. "Then let me know if he tries. I'll talk to him." He closes his eyes and rubs his fingers over them. "What's the point, really."

Adele glances down at her feet, then back up at Reighner. "Matt…" It takes a moment for her to finish the thought, her awkwardness returning. "If you need…" Another pause. "…I'm around." She looks a little appalled with herself for not being able to actually string words together in a coherent sentence, but there's an underlying sincerity to her expression and tone.

Reighner waves his hand dismissively. "Sorry, sorry. I'm fine." He seems displeased at himself for letting the words slip through. "I'll see you later."

"See you," Adele replies, taking a step back before turning on her heel. As she begins moving off towards the exit, there's a faint but audible, "I'm sorry."

You head towards Passageway.

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