Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Salin Altair

Name: Salin Altair
Callsign: JAG Man
AKA: Sal
Age: 36
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: None
Department: Command Staff
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Colonel
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Christian Bale

Biographical Information


The early years

Salin was born the oldest son of Major Evan Altair and Dr. Margorie Erathia. His childhood and youth were spent in a fairly pampered upper class environment. His intelligence, wit and good looks tended to win him advocates from his siblings, friends, classmates and even teachers. Just as well, as the youngster was as mischievous as he was considerate. It was frequently his consideration that got him 'off the hook' when his mischievousness got the better of him. Early in his development, he realized that his father was susceptible to logical discourse, he developed a knack for it that augmented his penchant for creativity. When his father became a member of the JAG office on Caprica, Salin's interests coalesced into a love of the law. As his family was well off, paying the tuition was not a problem and the young man's destiny was set.

Law School and beyond

Salin was a student born to the Law and his grades reflected this. His natural ability and innate charm kept his social calendar as full as possible and his father's insistence on reviewing his work kept his grades on track. For a while it seemed as though the young man might succumb to the trap that many talented young people fall into and become insufferable. Once more, his basic good nature saved him, though it was not until he met a young woman at a party that his life changed.

While talking after the party, Salin discovered that she was in his program and was struggling. In an effort to get her some of the help that he received, he invited her to a lecture held by his father. She accepted and from then on the two were nearly inseparable. He graduated with honors and while she did not, she was not far behind. Just after graduation, he went to talk to her about opening an office together but she was nowhere to be found. After some time, he located her on her home colony of Libris and tried to make contact. All overtures resulted in silence, so he finally gave up and tried to put the incident behind him.

Since then, Salin joined the military on Caprica and served with distinction in the JAG's office. His rise to the rank of Captain was accomplished in a steady and predictable way, though his innovations in the Law have been anything but. Published, accomplished and acknowledged as a leader in his field, it is no surprise that he should be assigned to a secret installation off… somewhere.

Story since IC

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Distinguishing Facts

  • Accomplished Lawyer
  • Published Law Author
  • Caprican Accent


  • Caprica Law School
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)
  • Advanced Law Training - JAG

Military Service


  • JAG Office: Caprica
  • JAG Office: Genesis


IC Events

  • 17 ACH: Promoted to the rank of Major.
  • 82 ACH: Promoted to the rank of Colonel. Assumed duties as XO, Battlestar Genesis.
  • 96 ACH: Assumed duties of Genesis CO and Fleet Commander after the death of Commander Tarik Regas.


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