Salin's Memoir - I

Memoir #1
19 ACH

Got promoted the other day. Swapped out Captain pins for those of a Major. Can't say I'm disappointed and I know father and mother would be proud. So would Isabeau. Gotta say, it's nice to have her around .. especially considering the circumstances. But .. that's for another day.

Considering writing another book on Civil Law versus Military Law, pick up where my last one left off. I know there's no chance of this one being published like the last.. but, it'll help keep my mind occupied when it begins to wander. Though .. I doubt I'll have much free time in the near future.

Since my positing as the Senior JAG to the Genesis, it's been nothing short of .. interesting. Lots of nonsense issues. Marines brigging Pilots. Pilots brigging Marines. Master at Arms disobeying orders and being tossed in the brig. Frak, sometimes it's hard to get ahead of the paperwork. Finish one case and two more pop up. Hopefully, once the sorrow and shock wear off, things will return to some form of 'normal'

Sentenced someone to death by firing squad today. In the hangar bay. In front of a bunch of officers and enlisted. Don't think I made many friends by being the one to find him guilty and read the sentence out. Can't say I blame them. From the outside looking in, it's heartless. At times, I wonder if I do have a heart. 'specially during times like this. But, in the end, the law is the law. And the evidence supported the charges. The penalty for treason is clear. Frakkin' thing is .. I've got another one to do. Not going to do it right now, though. Let things settle a little before we handle this one.

Anyways, I'm rambling now, so I'm gonna stop. I'll pick up again soon. Hopefully, things get better. Going to head to the Carina. Have a couple of drinks.

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