Summary: Reed finds someone unexpected in the PAS medical bay.
Date: 3 ACH (16 November 2008)
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Emergency Triage Center Support Station PAS - Deck 2
3 ACH 3735 Souls

Emergency Triage Center is one of the optional deck layouts for the Science deck. Converting one of the larger lab areas into a field hospital for tending to large scale wounded, this area contains bed after bed after bed, each with it's own monitor hookup, privacy curtain, and power conduits. Every ten beds there is a small duty station with two chairs, a computer terminal storage locker and cabinets with medical supplies. Behind the duty stations are crash carts with emergency treatment gear directly on rolling carts designed for this purpose. The entire area holds a total of eighty beds and leads directly into a secondary area that is used for longer term care of less criticaly injured patients.

Reed reenters Medical, looking around, and moving to the reception desk, "I got a call back here." He shrugs.

The nurse looks up at Reed. Her blue eyes are reddened, but she keeps her head high. "Oh, yes sir. Captain Zaharis asked for you. He's back in the triage room."

Reed nods, moving back from the station. "Good work, Carry on." He heads back there, brain still overclocked.

The triage area is still busy, people everywhere being treated for everything from small lacerations to punctured lungs to being crushed to unrecognisable pulps. A crash cart hurries by Reed as he comes in, two doctors heading with running steps towards a bed at the end of the room where monitors are beeping rapidly. Zaharis is by a bed and dressed in his scrubs, his hair still covered with a blue cap from an earlier emergency surgery. He's in a pointed conversation with another doctor, gesturing to a patient's IV feed. He spots Reed and settles the talk with a few last words, then heads towards the PAS' CO. "Carter. Sorry about this, you were the first person I knew who could confirm an ID."

Reed walks to Zaharis, and nods, waving a hand briefly, "It's fine, what do you have?" He scratches his ear, focusing.

"Manuella de los Reyes," Zaharis looks at Reed's face. "One of your contractors?"

Reeds face changes expression to a darker one, "I thought there weren't any PAS crew casualties."

"There aren't." Zaharis doesn't have -that- kind of tone. He pauses, then says, "There's a child here, came over with the Carina wounded. Says her name is Sierra…and that Manuella is her mother."

Reed blinks at the name, obviously recognizing it, "Sierra De Los Reyes is here? She was on the Carina?" He's in disbelief, and gawps like a fish for an instant before, "Show me."

Zaharis motions for Reed to follow him, turning away from the triage chaos and towards the long-term care area. A nurse attempts to flag him as they walk by, calling out. "Captain? The skull fracture, he's tagged in." Zaharis turns back, walking backwards as he answers. "Get him into an MRI, now. Tell Brewer to do the workup, give me twenty minutes." Turning back around neatly on the ball of his foot, he speaks to Reed again. "Clavicle fracture and concussion, we'll need her for a bit but she'll be okay. Last bed here on the right."

Reed walks keeping pace as Zaharis turns, then turns back, moving to the bed, and looking down at the little girl in the bed, bandaged and settled in, tilting his head, then looking at the EEG, and realizing he can't read that thing. He straightens, nodding, "So, she's got a full recovery." He looks down at the child, "She does look like her mother, doesn't she?"

Zaharis glances at the machines on reflex, checking the readouts even though he knows they'll be normal. He stays slightly behind Reed, folding his arms as he looks down at the sleeping girl, and he's silent a second or two before he nods. "When I saw her I was sure it was Manny she was talking about, but I had to be certain."

Reed nods again and looks down to Sierra, "Oh yeah, this is Mannys little girl." He looks to Zaharis, "Concussion you say. Manny finds out she's here she's gonna freak the frak out. Can she be subjected to that now?"

"-Right- now?" Zaharis gives Reed a slightly dry look. "Wouldn't recommend it. It was mild though, no loss of consciousness. She'll be fine with a night of rest. More concerned with her moving around too much and bothering that fracture."

Reed nods, "Then we'll keep a lid on this till morning." He frowns, then turns to Zaharis, "I need a computer terminal. Now."

"Office. I'll let you in." Zaharis unfolds his arms and starts walking that way. He gets about five steps at a time without people coming at him, doctor with an update, nurse with a medication question. As they clear the room and head for the hallway, one of the trauma lieutenants is crouching against the wall outside, a hand tightly over his face. Zaharis pauses, looking at Reed and sliding his keycard off his belt, handing it over. "Go ahead, I'll be in in a second."

Reed nods, taking the keycard and entering the office, moving to the desk, "I got it, thanks."

Zaharis nods, turning back to the lieutenant and kneeling down as the CO moves off. It's a little bit before he pushes the office door open, stepping in quietly. In his hands are two wrapped sandwiches, one of which he sets down on the desk by Reed without a word.

Reed is the one with his hand over his face this time, at least his forehead. He looks up from the chair behind the desk at Zaharis, and turns the screen to display an entry.
'Guierra De los Reyes- Passenger 44356, Carina, DOA. Cause: GSW <Cylon projectile>'
Reed shakes his head, "Lovely."

Zaharis sits down slowly in the chair across the desk. He's looking at Reed by the time the Major looks up, then he turns his attention to the screen. Eyes flicker left to right. "Guierra?"

Reed sits up, "Mannys Mother." He takes a breath, then lets it out. "going to be n eventful day. Keep a bed open if Manny stabs me."

Zaharis finally looks away, down at his hands as he unwraps the sandwich. "Least then you'd get some rest." He looks back at the screen, even though he's already seen it, then at Reed. "Let her know we'll eval Sierra in the morning, see how she's recovering. I'd say she's got a few days in here, be sure she doesn't set herself back on that break."

Reed nods, turning the screen back to face himself and sits back in the chair, nodding, "Okay." He looks at the screen, then shuts the file, backing out to the login screen. He then looks at the sandwich and takes it, unwrapping it. "Well, she's going to be okay. Reece is okay. Adele is okay. How was it on Genny? I don't have the detailed after action, just the overview."

"One death in Sickbay, nothing they could do." Zaharis tears the sandwich in half, biting off part of it. He chews for a while in silence. "Morale's the bigger issue, but…what the frak you gonna do." Another bite, more silence for a while. "How are you?"

Reed looks at Zaharis. "Up. Moving. Solving problems. I had my final crunch time and now that's gone. My preparations are working so far. I'll have to test out the rest of them."

Zaharis looks back at Reed. He speaks slower and little quieter as he repeats. "How are /you/?"

Reed looks to Zaharis, lifting the unwrapped sandwich, "Numb." He takes a bite, "I need that numbness now." He says chewing.

Zaharis nods once, watching but not staring. "Shock's one of those things that come built in for survival," he comments quietly, then he nods to the sandwich. "Keep eating. Fainting's a bitch."

Reed nods, "My shock hasn't impaired my brain." He takes another bite of his sandwich and rises from the desk, dropping the keycard to the desk in front of Zaharis. Swallowing, he says, "I should try to grab the XO again. You coming, do you need anything from him?"

Zaharis shakes his head, getting rid of a good-sized bite of the food. "Need to get into surgery in a couple minutes." He glances at his watch to confirm that. Yep, time's still moving somehow. "Finish that sandwich on the way, medical orders."

Reed nods, taking another bite, almost gone now. He concentrates, chewing, swallows, and finishes it. chewing, he finally swallows, concentrating on that one thing and doing it. That's his mindset. He nods, and turns, then stops, "now I know I'm in shock, I have no clue what that sandwich was."

"Just tell yourself it was good," Zaharis doesn't turn around to look at the CO, still seated. "This is one detail you don't need to be fussing about."

Reed nods, and leaves, without a word.

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