Robert Hoffman
Robert Hoffman as Leon 'Sasha' Eichmann

Name: Leon 'Sasha' Eichmann
Callsign: None
AKA: Sasha
Age: 21
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Civilian
Organization: Entertainer
Department: None
Position: Stripper
Rank: None
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Aquaria
Actor: Robert Hoffman
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Leon, otherwise known as Sasha when he's out schmoozing for money, has been a drifter and a miscreant since roughly the age of nine. His pappa liked cars. Fast cars, shiny cars, cars you could take a crow bar to and pry out the ignition wires. In other words, his pappa liked cars so much he had to steal them, because he sure couldn't buy one on the wages he got from the meat packing plant. His mamma liked to drink, especially when his pappa was doing stints in jail, so Leon and his sister did their own stints in orphanages and foster homes. Unfortunately, Leon was a difficult child to love. Never a sweet boy, he showed signs early on of taking after his father. After numerous runaways, he was on the streets of Haven — one of Aquaria's dirtier and smaller metropolises — thirteen, and addicted to heroin.

By the time he was seventeen, he'd spent most of his time in jail, halfway houses and drug rehab clinics — before being forcibly dragged out of the gutter. Mentored by an ex-drifter and owner of a dingy little basement dance studio slash kickboxing outfit slash soup kitchen, Leon found true love like a bad b movie, somewhere between the pirouettes and the bloody noses. He and his sister made the decision to leave Haven, find work in one of the Capital cities. He wanted to dance, she wanted to get out of retail and go to school to learn accounting.

They were relatively protected from the devastation wrought in the capital cities on the most populous colonies, at the start of the war, though news began to filter into Haven quickly of nuclear detonations on Caprica, Virgon and Picon. With their defense matrix disabled and the two battlestars in orbit of the colony destroyed, the civilian population quickly mobilised into pockets of guerilla warfare as cylon occupation forces moved in. Some, including Sasha and his sister, were fortunate enough to escape the colony in transport ships. FTL drives damaged by the attacks, they managed to hobble out of the system and to a set of coordinates where a resistance was beginning to gather. Disorganisation, panic and dwindling supplies sabotaged most attempts at coordinating a course of action. Many, therefore, welcomed the arriving battlestar Pegasus with open arms. By the time they'd raped and pillaged what they wanted from the ships, the Persimmon was left cannibalised of its FTL and navigation equipment, and his sister was shot point blank in the head for her protests.

Leon is suspicious of the crew of the battlestar Genesis; wary at best, insurgent if given half the chance. But his first directive is survival, by any means necessary, and old habits die hard.


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