Scarecrow versus Dorothy
Scarecrow versus Dorothy
Summary: Sloane and Chione get their date.
Date: 76 ACH
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Rounded face lends itself towards an air of innocence. Straight blond hair, light glistening towards white rests top Chione's heart-shaped face, framing her features. Azure eyes are outlined with dark lashes and arching brows rest overtop expressively. Lips tend to quirk one-side upwards in a half-smile. From there, Chione's form continues into the sculpted and well cared for feminine curves of the former model turned military young woman.
Soft turquoise wraps Chione's frame in chiffon. The dress is held with thin straps over the shoulders sliding down to curve a heart shape over the curves of the chest before flowing into an empire waist highlighted by a wide satin bow under the bust. Decorated by a spray of falling sequins in turquoise and champagne of varying sizes that are sparse at first before congregating at the base of the skirt just above the knee. The skirt is flowing and faintly ruffled, gracefully gliding with every movement that the wearer makes. Adding to the ensemble is a necklace of crystal in champagne colored stones dipping down towards the top of the dress but stopping well shy of the fabric, along with matching earrings. Chione's blond hair is wrapped expertly up in a bouquet of curls atop her head with only a few dangling expertly down.


Standing at just under 5 feet and ten inches, and weighing a thin-framed 140 pounds, Antonio Sloane is a man in his eartly to mid twenties. With a tall frame that could -probably- hold himself in a bar fight with most non-military personnel that don't know how to fight, he's not an immediately threatening man. He's got the build of a naval officer that achieves victory over the marines through ping-pong. In fact, he's fairly unassuming. His almond shaped brown eyes fall onto an attractive boyish face, complete with dark eyebrows and a sarcastic mouth. His features are "asian" by proxy, complete with a short mass of thick black hair, that under good circumstances is styled into a slightly bed-headed look that still meets regs. What he lacks in warface, he clearly makes up with immediate charisma.

Today, Sloane is dressed slightly fashionably for a night or two of shore leave. His hair has been styled nicely, and he smells lightly of some sort of cologne that's managed to survive this far. Thin, with broad shoulders, he's wearing a black short sleeved buttoned up shirt. The top three buttons have been left undone to reveal a white tee-shirt beneath and the hint of his dog tags. His arms are left free of tattoos, but he does bear a silver plated watch on his left wrist. The black shirt is left untucked into a pair of dark tan khaki style pants that have a black belt weaved through the loops. A simple pair of black boots are worn on his feet to complete the clean, fashionable look that he wears.

Spotlights Carina - Pyr Hotel
75 ACH 23817 Souls

In the sea of sports, there is a small island of non sports related propaganda. That is Spotlights. Hearkening back to bygone days of flatscreen projected images as entertainment, Spotlights is a dim place, the intimate tables never holding more than four people. The low lighting is broken from time to time by its namesake, occasionally a cone of light sweeping slowly through the area, though the effect on the air, laden with a harmless mist generator is more of the beam of the light visible than shining harshly on anyone. The air is quiet, with the occasional lone piano music heard drifting through the air. The bar is polished glass and chrome, catching and reflecting the light when the two meet, otherwise the subdued offset lights give the place a sensual glow. One wall holds a low curtained stage, which at times draws back, and the spotlights fade, and a classic film plays at scheduled times. The bar serves drinks and food, though the emphasis is on the drinks, and the food is limited. All the glassware is sparkling clean and of crystal. Martini glasses, whiskey tumblers, daiquiri glasses and Brandy Snifters, Spotlights has it all.

Coordinating with Chione and luckily still being able to travel to the Carina, Antonio Sloane does his best to look presentable and heads into Spotlights. Stopping at the door, he shakes the hand of the greeter and trades a few chuckled words with the man as he announces that he's needing a table for two. Looking around, Spotlights is in top form tonight. The light mist over the floor and dark atmosphere sits amidst the soft piano music from the front. Being led around the dance floor, Sloane is given a table that seats him so that he can watch the door. With no idea when she'll show, other than around this time, he looks over the table and himself for a moment, making sure he's presentable. Then…the waiting begins.

Okay, she wanted a peek at the Carina, and she likes a little flair for the dramatic, so Chione hopped an earlier transport. But Chione had a few serious things to do over on the other ship. The first was to find this famous place of ducks, to see if she could spot any security cameras. No luck there, but then there were people everywhere, and dressed as she currently is, Chione wasn't given the wide berth that Naval Uniform would have given her. But that's fine, they are still likely there. Checking the watch she stuffed into the clutch she carries with her, and making certain that the papers she had brought with her were still there, the Ensign then made certain to find her way to Spotlights in a fashionably late amount of time, ten minutes - no more, no less.
Stepping into the bar, Chione's eyebrow arches upwards immediately at the refuge from Pyramid-Mania outside that this particular locale provides, her lips quirking upwards at the left corner, echoing the eyebrow in approval as she glances around before turning to the greeter. "Yes. I'm here with Antonio Sloane. He should be expecting me."

"Right this way, miss." The greeter says to her with a smile. He turns, leading the way from the front and around the back of some tables that have access to the dance floor. There are already a few couples dancing to a light waltz, the entire area a classy display. Through the fog there are glimpses of old black and white classic movies to add to the environment.

Sloane looks up to see Chione approaching and blinks. Damnit, he's underdressed. No worries. Smiling, he stands up from his table and moves towards her. The server turns the the side and motions for her to head to her date as he snakes around to set down menus and the wine list. Sloane actually manages to give her a respectable once over, keeping his eyes on a non-leering level. "Wow.." He simply says, smiling broadly to her. He still has his stitches but his bruise on his face has healed. "…you look absolutely amazing." He says, turning to pull out her chair for her.

A wide smile is given to Sloane as Chione glides her way towards the man, the greeter is given a final nod before the young woman holds her hand out to Sloane in greeting. "Why thank you so much for that compliment," she offers with a bit of a lilt to her voice. "You don't look so bad yourself. I like that look for you. I do. A tie would be too stuffy, honestly, and very much NOT you," she offers with a warm tone, before turning and gracefully seating herself into her chair as it is held out for her, settling her clutch into her lap. Blue eyes dart towards the wine list, then she looks at Sloane, "Do you trust me?" she asks, taking the list in hand and scanning over it.

"Infinitely." Sloane says, taking a seat in his own chair that's been set close by. While not being across from her, they're close enough to speak. His ears turn a shade red at her compliment, a little bit of that first appearance nervosa having bled away. "I like wine, but I'm not used to choosing it." He adds, looking to her as he scoots his chair in. A server steps over, cloth over her arm, and stops on Chione's side, waiting for her selection.

For a moment, Chione hesitates, then turns the winelist towards Sloane. "The Leonis Lakeside White. It's a good vinyard, a good vintage, and the year looks good. Moderately priced, frankly, the vinyard is undervalued because it's Leonis and not known for it's wine. If you want to impress a woman for the flavor of the wine for the value, get this one, it's better than some of these higher priced vintages, frankly, that are just priced for the name." There is a pause as Chione then points out another one. "Not that one. That one is worth everything you pay for it. But… I'm not going to put you out that much," she notes, before smile at the somolier. "The Lakeside White, please. Thank you," she notes with a nod, before setting the winelist away from her and turning her attention back to Sloane. "So … how are we going to pick the topics of conversation? Flip the proverbial coin?" she asks jokingly.

Conversation, is something Sloane is good at. Smiling for a moment, he sets down his menu and looks to her. Paying her good attention, he turns in his seat a little to face her. "Well…I think that we should completely avoid talking about work, for starters…" He smiles brightly to her. "I actually want to know more about you. Wideload's had alot of good things to say about you, and I understand you're the first person she went to on this little bet and everything, but I've purposely not really pried to learn anything more about you other than what I've seen with my own two eyes." He pauses, tilting his head a little to ask his question. "What's the best thing about you, Chione?"

"You're asking the wrong person that question, Antonio," notes Chione, her eyes doing a once-over of the menu before she sets hers down as well. "I come from a long dynasty of egotistical, politically-hungry lawyers. So, I guess the fact that I had the good sense to run off with Kalypso and join the Navy instead of law school might pass for a possibility," she drawls, letting her lips twist wryly.

"Oh come on, there's definitely something." Sloane replies, smiling in her direction. He lets the topic slide a little bit, looking to her after a quick glance at the menu. It's not a very hefty menu, the chefs have very little to work with. "Allright, how about this then?" He pauses, choosing a different question. "How's the book coming along? I love the book you let me steal from you so far. We should probably team up and find and start trading when we can. I met a guy here on the Carina a few weeks ago that has a bit of a stash."

"Antonio, you get me talking about myself, and I'm going to slip back into old and very bad behavior. Trust me, you don't want me to do that. My modeling days are behind me, and hopefully my selfish brat days along with them. I don't have anyone here I need rebel against that is going to fly into a controlling rage and exile me to a strip-joint of a cruise ship for a year as Cruise Director," notes Chione, nodding as the wine is brought and poured. Smiling, she swirls it a moment, before taking a sip, savoring the flavor, before giving Sloane another smile. "I was a terror back on Caprica, Kalypso was the only person who understood me in my own family. I had to hide all of my mystery novels at her place, you know, before I finally got my own apartment." There is a pause, before an eyebrow is arched upwards. The glass is gently set down and Chione leans forward, obviously interested. "A stash of books? Really?"

"Yeah…" Sloane replies, lifting an eyebrow to her in an impish grin as he pauses to sip his wine. "…if you're nice to me I might just let you know that I've already started talking trade with the guy and give you some info on the books he's got." He adds, setting his wineglass down. The server comes over to take his order. Pausing he looks to the server. "I'd like the pasta please, white sauce…"

Blue eyes narrow in playful annoyance. Chione hands the waiter her menu as she orders, keeping her gaze on Sloane, "The green salad with fruit vinegrette and candied nuts, please," she intones, before arching an eyebrow at Sloane, just daring him to make light at her choice for dinner. "You would intimate that I would be anything BUT nice to you, Antonio? How could you?"

"Awww…you know I was just thinking you were gonna fire back with that, Chione…" He smiles, looking to her. "Allright let's make a deal…" He says quietly to her. "If you let me have the honor of dancing with you after dinner, I'll keep you fully in the loop." He flirts, a little shamelessly. "But no dance and I can't be held responsible if all he has are books on how cheese is made."

There is a moment of thoughtful consideration of a long slow sip of wine, Chione carefully weighing her options in the matter, letting Sloane stew, before she sets the glass down again and smiles. "I suppose a little dancing after dinner couldn't hurt anything," she notes as her lips part once more into a grin. It seems Sloane's flirting is a bit contagious and infectious. "Though… I suppose if all he has is books on cheese, they could be anonymously delivered to the CAG," a heartbeat of a pause, "Or the messhall."

"Anonymously is right." Sloane grins back at her. "Because I barely got out of being punched in the face by the CAG for what happened. Though after I explained the situation I think I've got the military defending my actions a bit." He pauses as their food is delivered to them. Sipping his wine, he sets the glass down again. "So do you do movies too?" He motions to one of the screens. "I do books, but I used to work at a theatre back home. I'm a bit of a fanboy for the things."

"Actually, it's been a while since I've been to a movie," notes Chione, sliding her clutch in her lap and settling her napkin there with ease, before reaching for her fork, then another sip of wine. "The last one I went to was a very bad artsty film that an old friend wanted to go to. But we had to go in disguise because … well, there were reasons we had to go in disguise… he loved it, it wasn't my thing, if you get my drift, but I went because he was my friend. So if you know of any good movies, I might be interested…"

"Yeah…we should." Sloane says to her, smiling quietly in her direction as he puts his napkin in place. Picking up the correct fork, he looks over his food for a moment and breathes it in. "I think…that I could find the right movie." He says as he considers, and then takes a bite of his food. Eating cleanly, as if his parents taught him good table manners, he takes his time between bites.

Watching Sloane a moment, Chione almost laughs. "I wonder how many other pilots actually have to practice proper manners and etiquette," she asks with a continued grin before slipping a bite of her own between her lips daintily. Oh yes, MUCH better than the mess hall and her expression says so. After a moment savoring the food, Chione sighs after a swallow to reach for her wine and swirl it. "I need to stop hiding on the Genesis and allow myself to come out and enjoy good food and drink once in a while. I miss it already. This is wonderful."

"I thought you'd like it." Sloane replies to her, taking his wine glass as well. Swirling it for a moment, he takes a slow sip of it and sets it back down. "Before I got reassigned to Gold, I was stuck here. All my bags and everything were mostly destroyed so they couldn't tell if I was lying or not when I tried to get onto the Gen. I was on leave here. So for a few good weeks I lived here. Helped out around this place a little bit, made friends with the door man." He smiles. "But I heard a rumor the Destiny's pool is back on line. I think next time I get some leave I'm gonna go get some sun and hit the beach if you'd like to come with me." He takes another bite of his food. He sets the fork down as he swallows, turning to look to her.

There is a moment where Chione just stares at Sloane, she's trying NOT to look horrified, honestly. "I think I need a little more time away from Destiny, just a little more time?" she asks, almost sounding sheepish. "They're good people there, and I can give you the whole schpeel about what to see, what to do in my sleep." There is a pause, "Gods, they even made me memorize the strippers stage-names," she says with a shudder, before peering at what is left of her wine glass as if wanting to guzzle it down, instead she very takes a measured sip.

Sloane watches her quietly for a moment. Looking to their plates, he considers his next words. He completely missed the hint on the Destiny and needs to console for it. Sipping his wine, he decides now or never. He sets his glass down and looks to her. "A thought just occurred to me…" He says, standing and moving around to her side of the table. He holds out a hand to her, looking down to her face. He does his best to look the total gentleman, despite the stitches on the left side of his head. He flashes her a boyish grin. "Would you like to dance with me?"

That every moving eyebrow arches its way upwards once more as she watches the man's movements curiously. There is little hesitation, just a curious wariness as to where this is leading before Chione clears her lap of napkin and clutch before taking Sloane's hand and rising as well. "I see no better time than the present.

Sloane takes her hand in his and softly leads her through the fog effect of the dance floor to near the middle. There's two other couples out there, dancing slowly. Somewhere, sometime, apparently Sloane took a few ballroom dancing lessons. Stopping, he turns to her and gives her a soft smile. Stepping forward, he stands straight backed and keeps her right hand in his left. Turning his hand a little to rest their palms together, he places his right hand comfortably on her hip. Not too close, but not too far away, he leads into the slow waltz along with the pianist's playing.

Letting herself be lead away, Chione glances at the other couples on the dance floor, before turning back to Sloane. It's been ages since she's took a turn at a formal dance, this should be fun, to say the least. Unconsciously, Chione's finger's tighten, and her shoulders stiffen as the man draws her into the dance, only to relax again as he keeps himself at a comfortable distance. A woman of contradictory signals, confused and confusing. Chione Dike: It's Complicated.

"You know…" Sloane says quietly, offering a smile in her direction as he dances with her. A little subdued, not to distract, he speaks with her as he moves slowly, as if showing her the steps. "…when I enlisted as a pilot, my mother insisted that we all go and take a few classes." He pauses. "She said sooner or later there would be a ball at graduation, and that I wouldn't want to be the only one that couldn't dance. She was content to make sure that I had a chance to make someone else look bad." He watches her face, sensing her confusion. He makes a conscious decision to not invade her personal space, at least until a better signal comes. "…are you having a good time, Chione?"

"Your mother sounds very wise, and loving," notes Chione, perhaps a touch envious. "I'm glad that she insisted on classes," her smile does not fade, that is one thing that Chione has always been a master at, smiling, though now, she does mean it. "And yes, Antonio, I am having a lovely time. It's just been … well a very long time since I've been on a date. I'm a little rusty, you'll have to forgive me."

"It's been a long time for me too…" Sloane replies, nodding quietly to her. The dance continues as they talk quietly. "Nothing to forgive. You're doing great." He pauses. "You know, I should probably admit something to you, seeing as how I've been doing pretty good so far tonight not accidentally knocking stuff over or stepping on your toes." He takes a moment to let the thought settle in. "The treadmill wasn't broken. I tripped over my feet on it. Twice."

A faint tilt of her head is given as Chione keeps her eyes on Sloane. "Are your shoes too big then?" she asks in an innocent tone, before wrinkling her nose with a smile. "You really should stop that, I would hate to be ordered to keep my distance for your own safety. Passing notes seems childish and shouting a conversation across the Mess just doesn't seem the best way to make conversation."

"I uh…" Sloane smiles back to her, eyes tilting to the side for a moment to choose his words before they tilt back to her. "I remember your cousin tell me that it was a Chione that agreed to go out with me. So when I was jogging, someone said you were that girl. I feel off of the treadmill." He blushes. "I managed to not fall off the second time so badly." The smile grows into a grin. He swallows. "I think it won't happen too much more, but let's keep it a secret so they don't order that, allright?"

Chione listens intently to the tale, her lips pulling at the corners trying not to laugh. "I will take it as a compliment that I had such an affect on you then," she notes during the dance, enjoying the moment, allowing the closeness to continue. "I promise I won't tell anyone. I enjoy our conversations far too much, Antonio, to allow anything to break them up."

"Good, because I like our conversations too." He smiles quietly, color returning a little to normal on his cheeks. The music around the room is slow, calming, night music. His smile fades into a wry smirk for a moment. "Not that I haven't been trying to be a little more entertaining while on CAP for your benefit." He pauses. There's a little bit of recognition flashing over his gaze on her. Lowering his brow maybe a millimeter, he seems to be considering something.

"For my benefit?" Chione asks curiously? "Don't let the rest of CIC know that, I hear word there may be a side-bet that you're trying to buck for promotion and are trying to kiss up to the rest of the Air Wing by entertaining THEM," she offers, tilting her head to the side just a bit as she notices the considering gaze. "What is it? I didn't just step on your toes, did I?" she asks with a light lilt to her voice.

"Did I at least get a few laughs?" He says, then follows up with. "No, no you didn't." Sloane replies as he continues the dance but starts to slow down. Not very fair at judging the situation, he thinks back to previous conversations with his fellow pilots. He manages, while dancing, to get just a little closer. Enough to make their vision blur a little bit at the closeness. Testing the waters, he lowers his head just a little bit, speaking sidelong to her. Tilting his head just a little, it's a little, miniscule approach.

"You would have, had a certain Lieutenant that's very strict on protocol not been on deck at the time," notes Chione. While the dancing is nice, and even the closeness is very appealing, there is a confused expression lingering in Chione's eyes as Sloane maneuvers himself in. She allows it, however, old habits of keeping up appearances never die, after all, as she smiles, still enjoying the dance. "So don't let that stop you from continuing to try to living things up," she offers.

"I'll keep that in mind…" Sloane says quietly, leaning forwards. It's not awkward for him, it's very quiet and subdued, but on the next dance step he stops. His foot just a little outside of hers so that he can close the distances, he leans in and kisses her softly, right there on the dance floor.

There is something to be said for close personal contact - it is warm, soft, enjoyable. Chione certainly doesn't mind this pleasant experience, it's not her first kiss, not likely to be her last. There comes a moment, however, where Chione does seem to subtly stiffen, before easing slowly away, one hand resting gently on Sloane's shoulder pushing faintly as she shifts her wait to her foot furthest away from the pilot. "Enjoyable as the dancing has become, we have a dinner of delightful food, which we may not see again, and you've paid hard earned cubits for, getting cold at our table. We shouldn't let it waste away," she offers with her most charming smile, all the while trying to subtly take a half step back away to clear her head.

Sloane easily lets her slip from his grasp, looking to her for a moment with a neutral, almost curious expression. "Lets…" He says, pulling back from her and looking to their table. She chose a salad, but his food was warm. Looking back to her, he leads her from the dance floor and moves to help her back into her seat.

Easily lead, Chione still smiles at Sloane, keeping her hand in his for a moment, before settling into her seat. She waits until Sloane has settled down before speaking up again, "It's been a while since I've done any dancing like that," she offers, finishing the last of her wine. "Club dancing during college. I skipped the ball at graduation, considering my commission was taken away and everything …"

Sloane heads around to his chair and pulls it out. Turning, he seats himself and puts his napkin back on his lap. His food, luckily, is still warm and the wine is still there in a bottle. Looking to her, grateful that she didn't go running it seems, Sloane's lip tugs to the side in a lighthearted facial expression. "I've never been club dancing, to be honest. I don't know if they ever have club nights here, but I've been to a few clubs in my day." He takes another sip of his wine and then picks up his fork.

With a tilt of her head, Chione watches Sloane for a moment, just watching him, a half-wistful smile on her features. "It was the scene on Caprica. I'd go for the press, sometimes with friends or so-called friends. I'd go out with so-called boyfriends… Jordan was the only," and here Chione raises her hands to make air-quotes, "Boyfriend I went with that I felt comfortable doing so. But he was … safe in OH so many ways. But I'd go when I felt safe, to let off steam, when I was frustrated or whatever." Blue eyes dart towards the wine bottle as Chione considers for a moment, before she simply picks up her fork and dips into her salad instead.

"So what do you do nowadays to let off steam? Read?" Sloane asks after swallowing his next bite of food. He looks to her, seeing her eat, he averts his eyes a little to prepare his next bite of food. "I was stationed at the naval base on Picon prior to graduating, I don't know, maybe I was too much of a shut in and don't tell the guys I said this, but I'm not really down with that whole pilot bad-boy thing. So when we all went to the clubs it was like being around a bunch of guys fishing with G4." He chuckles, shaking his head. "Never really meet the good girls that way, you know?"

"I haven't discovered anything new yet," notes Chione. "I've considered finding the Sheriff and asking for some boxing and hand-to-hand combat lessons, gods knows I could use the practice," she continues, finally tapping a finger on the table, just in time for the waiter to arrive pouring her another glass of wine after a nod. He then moves over to Sloane's side, and holds the bottle out waiting to see if the pilot wants his glass refilled. "I think girls are attracted to bad-boys as a form of rebelling or because it's expected of them to be attracted to those types. And as for clubbing and that, well, it was putting on a good front, as I said, for the publicity, since it was part of the scene. But I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I needed to put and end to it and move on to the next stage of my career. I had just decided that that stage was the military, not Caprica Law as my mother was planning." The wineglass is taken in hand again and another sip is taken before Chione bats away the subject like some annoying bug in the air. "So, a pilot that's not into the bad-boy image. That's a pleasant change."

Sloane nods to the waiter, who refills his glass. With a slight bowing nod, the waiter retreats from the table, leaving the bottle behind. Taking one more bite from his food, Sloane sets the fork back and sits back on his chair a little, taking up his wine glass. He shrugs a little. "It's just not my thing." He says. "I know pilots are all about adrenaline and the rush and the recklesness, but I leave that for the job, you know?" He says, giving her a wink. "Besides, with Flask and Jailhouse and all of them, somebody's gotta be the voice of reason right? Those guys can be total animals…"

"Can be? You mean they have a choice? I thought it was some evolutionary mandate," drawls Chione with a grin for Sloane behind her glass before she settles it back down on the table after another drink. "I tend to try away from recklessness myself. The illusion of recklessness is one thing, but it is planned and carefully controlled and well thought out, and something of the past - something I did to annoy my mother. And since, last I checked, she was no where around here, I have no need to play the rebellious teen anymore. As someone recently told me, I am here to find my own destiny."

Taking another drink of his wine, he sets his glass down and looks to her. "I guess that's kinda how I've always seen it. I didn't want to buy into the mentality, you know? Back in high school I wasn't the jock type, I liked going to movies, going on dates, that kinda stuff. Never bullied anyone. Actually, I was a total nerd, but the fact that I could fire off some good jokes kept me out of that lunch table." He chuckles. "It just felt like I'd be lying if I adopted that typical attitude? My mom made me take ballroom dancing with the family before shipping out. We did family movie night. My mom demanded that she pack my lunches before school. We were a good crew." He pauses. "She'd be disappointed if I weren't the gentleman she hoped I'd be. So…I'm sticking to my guns on that."

An eyebrow arches upwards as Chione just stares at Sloane for a long moment. "My parents would so not approve of you," is said with a laugh. "Don't get me wrong, I think it's wonderful. I wish my own parents had taken that much of an interest in me. I had to do outrageous stunts, drawing the line at getting myself arrested and damaging of property to garner my parents attention, affection was never an option. I think my parents had affections for one another, but their marriage was as much that as a business arrangement meant to further their own careers. What … I just cannot fathom what … a relationship, let alone a family relationship, with that much love … I just…" Chione just shakes her head, her face faintly pale and confused as she reaches for her wine. This truly IS uncharted territory for the woman.

Sloane mentally flips a coin, another junction point on his date is reached. Watching her quietly as he takes his wine glass up again, he tilts his head just a little to keep a relaxed posture with her. "It wasn't without it's hardships." He says, deciding which way to go. "I didn't really get in trouble for anything that I did, so although me and my friends got laughed at instead of scolded for our pranks, it didn't really prepare me much for the real world." He says, not really comparing or contrasting. "Which is why I have stitches now." He smiles to her.

"Who doesn't have hardships. Show me a princess in an ivory tower, and I'll show you someone who says they are trapped and has never seen the outside word as their hardship," offers Chione softly for a moment, reaching for her wine to look at it in introspection momentarily. No slip is taken, but a slow, long drink, before she sets it aside and gives a smile back at Sloane. "Still, I think you turned out rather well, hardships aside. You did your mother proud."

Swirling his wine in the glass a little, Sloane watches her quietly. A somber glance passes over his eyes, but it turns into a small smile. "Thank you." He says quietly, as if she'd just done something very nice for her. He sips the wine, taking a long pull as well. Setting the glass down, he swallows. "Forgive me if this is…out of line, but you know what I see when I look at you?" He pauses. "You've got this big heart. It shines through, even when you think you're being rude, but it's there, you know?" He stops that train of thought long before it becomes psychoanalysis. "I can't really…I can't.." He chooses his words. "…I can't really answer for the past or really comment on yours, you know? That's not my life. But you're a great girl, Chione. I'm lucky you decided to come out with me tonight, I really am." He offers her a smile.

Many thoughts run through Chione's mind, and at first she rejects the knee-jerk reactions of fight and flight. First of all, the wine is too good to fling in his face. Second of all, the evening has been too nice to ruin it by fixating and attempting to ruin it. Fleeing would give the wrong impression. So while the woman's mind words this all out, she allows the air to fill with silence, and finds her mouth filling with the rest of her glass of wine, setting it down just in time for the waiter to arrive and fill it up again. Chione hesitates, but wraps her fingers around the glass anyway.

"First of all, I won't give you a strike, but that was overstepping the bounderies. However, I hadn't really set them up yet, so you didn't know where they were. Thus, it is forgiven, and not because it was a compliment," notes Chione lifting a finger to motion at Sloane. "As I said earlier, talking about myself is uncomfortable, I'm worried it will lead me down a path I'm trying to avoid. Already people expect me to walk it, and it is not necessarily where I want to go. However, it WAS a sweet thing to say, and … well, thank you. Secondly, when you're out on a date with a woman, never EVER call them a girl," she offers with a warmer smile. Blue eyes dark to her class and Chione just looks at the liquid it in for a long moment. "Sloane … there is a lot about me I don't talk about because … well, I've got issues. I've seen so many different psychiatrists because my parents thought I either needed to or it was fashionable at the time. There is the deep seeded anger issues at my mother I have, and the need for control, not to mention a touch of paranoia … are you really sure you want to go down this path I think you're going down? Because … there are OTHER issues such as expectations that need to be discussed…. I'm a control freak, and secretly a prude."

Sloane turns his head, only a little, lowers his eyes. Bad call. Biting the side of his lip for a moment, not out of frustration but the gesture is more out of awkwardness, he starts to nod slowly. Perhaps he misinterpreted a few signals tonight, perhaps he didn't. He did, however, just fail on a personal chance that he took. Downing the last of his wine, he sets his glass down and then looks to her. Straightening a little, he sets his hands on the table, folding them together a bit. "Well…" He says slowly. "I guess then I know where the boundaries are now then don't I?" He smiles, not scared off. He shrugs a little. "It's fair. I won't cross them."

"Well, we know where they are starting…" drawls Chione, looking at her class, taking a partial sip, before she sets it down as well. Blue eyes narrow, weighing Sloane for a moment, before she leans forward. "I have fun with you," she says. "I had fun with Jordan, too. And thank the gods, you're straight. That's a HUGE plus in your favor. Though, that does mean you are going to have a more difficult time getting any sleepovers," she says drawls. "And the kiss … was very nice," she whispers after leaning closer just a little bit more.

"You've got boundaries…" Sloane replies, leaning in towards her with a boyish smile on his face. His smile downgrades to smirk before he lids his eyes a little bit, face close to hers. Speaking quietly with her, he catches a portion of her eyes in his peripheral vision. Face approaching hers, he slows, letting her decide. "…I'm just asking for your time and attention."

There is a subtle tremble that runs through Chione as she watches Sloane, her eyes do not lid, they open wider momentarily. "You have my attention, the question is, can you handle the time it will take… you make me feel like I"m loosing control, Antonio … exciting, and frightening at the same time … I need to go slow, you don't understand the …. complexities, or lack there of… " she murmurs, her voice trailing off to the barest hint of a whisper, even has her hand shifts, reaching out trembling fingers in a brush trying to find anything of Sloane's to grab a hold of to steady herself.

Sloane offers her a hand, letting her take it. Squeezing her hand softly, he offers her another small smile. Whispering to her, he maintains an breathy distance from her. He pauses, if she does intend to kiss him, all she has to do is lean forward just a little bit more. "Slow is good. Very good." He says softly.

Fingers curl just a little more, grasping at Sloane's hand as Chione's eyes lid. It's just a little shift she needs to give, to lean in and close that last remaining distance. It is difficult to say what causes the 'disaster', someone passing the table, the shift of Chione's arm reaching for Sloane's, over even Chione shifting and moving the tablecloth, but something happens to cause Sloane's wineglass to fall over, clipping his plate, and shattering on the table, sending the liquid running from the origin of the disaster. The sharp shock of the noise cause Chione's eyes to open, and she blinks, looking around, not entirely realizing that it was Sloane's glass that fell and shattered.

Sloane gets Chione's lips for about one second before the wine glass cracks and shatters. There's a collective silence from some tables, and a collective 'oooh' from others as everyone looks around to try to find out what happened. Falling glasses are never a popular thing. At least the kiss was sweet while it lasted. Shattering glass means a need to fear cuts, and Sloane quickly breaks the kiss. Stepping up and back a little, he quickly dabs his cloth napkin to the wine as a few servers come over to help.

Chione peers at the glass a moment, before sliding her own chair away, applying her napkin as well, peering at the remains of the glass, then the table, before looking at Sloane and giving a nervous chuckle. Yes, 'tis time to laugh it away. "Well, it seems there's always some little adventure around you, isn't there, Antonio," she offers. "Shall we not push our luck and say we're done? Go for a walk before heading back? I hear there are ducks on the Carina."

"You know…I was doing so well not breaking anything…" Sloane grins down to her, still holding her hand. Fishing out his wallet for some cubits, he pays for the meal and leaves a hefty tip. Given some of the selections, it's a hefty bill at that. Looking to the door, seemingly unafraid of a repeat offense, he smiles down to her. "Yeah…let's go for a walk." He says, having managed to keep his eyes above her neckline the whole night, he's putting his best foot forward, it's obvious. Offering his arm to her and apologizing quietly to one of the wait staff, he looks to her again. "Shall we?"

"At least it's not bones, I don't think I could return to Genesis in fear of the CAG if you broke a body-part," laughs Chione, sliding her arm into Sloane's, grabbing her clutch, much more relaxed than before, even enjoying the closeness a bit. "Please, let us. Something nice, quiet, unassuming, simple. A walk."

Sloane and Chione make their way outside of the restaurant and around the grass lined walkways towards the lake. Chuckling a little in quiet conversation, the two of them take a stroll along the lake where the ducks are gathering. Buying some feed from a small container, a few brazen ducks run up and start honking at them. Sharing the feed, they try their best to make sure every duck gets some despite a large brown one that seems to want all of it. When feeding time is over, they complete a circuit of the lake before heading towards the hangar. It's getting late and a transport comes over to take them home. While it's landing, Chione gives Sloane a long, drawn out kiss to the cheek. There's a smile from the pilot as he lets a very good thing stay as it is. Helping her onto the transport, he steps in after her and they're taken back to the Genesis.

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