She was dreaming again…

Shots fired. It was dark and cold. Cold enough she was sure she wouldn't feel her fingers or toes again. People were screaming all around her and all she could think of was to get them moving. Move! Move! Her hand grabbed onto a young girl and she pulled her along, only the next thing she knew there was nothing to grab onto. The girls entire arm came off in her hand. The horror on her face. Blood splattered over her. Over the snow. Pristine white and dark red.

He was trying to wake her up. Her head jerked up suddenly and she turned to see his face. Sometimes it was Hazzard. Sometimes Ramiro. Usually their faces blended together and even the voices echoed in her head as one.

They won't let us come back…


You'll make it.

Doesn't matter.

It does to us.

Buck up, Lance. Buck up.

Get moving, they are coming.

She came awake then. At her side was a little girl, possibly three at the most. Making a shh sound, she pulled the sleepy girl up and they began moving again.


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