Summary: Ramiro gets owned in pyramid. AGAIN. Awkwardness ensues.
Date: 82 ACH
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You head towards Panther Sports Bar.
Panther Sports Bar Carina - Bar
82 ACH 23817 Souls

Sage is lounging over some lunch in the bar. A glass of iced tea is sitting there in front of her as she talks with some woman nearby in another booth. "Certainly. You can send him over and we'll see how he enjoys learning. It seems alot of kids are having problems these days."

Ramiro steps into the door of the sports bar and takes a moment to look up at the screens. Judging what's playing on the screens for a moment, he watches a few plays are made on the game. He's seen the game before. Looking around the bar, he spots Sage and heads in her direction, stopping just beside the booth. "Hey you…"

Nicholas is over at the bar, not eating. There is a glass of something, but it's clear and has a couple bubbles and honestly might be water. Not really dressed to be in a place like this, he's flipping idly through a large book. Textbook of some kind with a old but formal cover.

Repeats. Which the games have become now. Sage glances up as the woman nods and goes back to her meal. "Sniper Shot. Guess I owe you a shirt, hm?" A smile follows. "Figured you'd come by to retrieve it one day."

Dane scans around the bar, noticing Nick from the night with Corinne singing. Nodding in his direction, he lowers himself into the booth across from Sage. "Really, though?" Dane asks. "I wasn't too much of a deciding factor in the match, at least not score wise." He smiles. "How's the head?"

Nicholas picks up his glass, finishing off whatever's in there. He closes the book and gently scratches the side of his cheek, glancing towards Ramiro and Sage in time to catch Ramiro's nod. Same kind of recognition, and he offers a nod back, then picks up his book and lays a few cubits on the bar counter.

"No, but I'd have taken yours," Sage responds with a light chuckle. She pats her skull a moment, "Doc says I might have some short-term memory loss for awhile. But what sports figure doesn't at times?" Glancing over to where Dane was nodding, she watches the man at the bar a moment. "He looks familiar…oh wait, Spotlights?" If he looks over she gives him a wave. She's just overly friendly like that.

"Yeah, you would have and my high school jersey…" He looks to his shirt. He's slightly attached to it. "Tell you what, I'm not that cruel. You don't have to give me your shirt." He smiles to her, resting back in the booth. "So how's the training coming with the kids. We gonna get a youth league sometime around the corner here?"

Nicholas smiles at Sage, waving back at the unfamiliar woman. Things paid for, he slides the large book under his arm and heads for the door.

Sage ahs a little as she watches him, "Oh well, you had seemed to want it so badly at one time and now you turn it down." Female radar here. "Youth league, yes, I am working on it. If you see the Priestess that kicked out butts the other day, tell her to come by. I'm sure she'd like working with kids too if she has some time."

"I actually already told her about that. I'll remind her the next time I see her." Dane grins at Sage, running a hand through his hair. "Well, Sage, it's either I lost a shirt and you gained it or what, how you wanna do this?"

"Do what?" Sage looks back over as she lifts her iced tea.

"Well the first game was for a jersey right? I was bangin' my CBUCS jersey at the time. I could bring that around for ya…" He pauses. "…by the way, pin up posters? I haven't found a damn one of them."

Sage shrugs, "No worries on it. I was just teasing with you." She sips through the straw and sets the glass back down again, "So," there is some really long pause there, "I don't usually do this, but would you like to…well, I dunno…maybe go out sometime?"

Dane watches Sage closely for a long moment, chewing at the side of his lip. "I was recently promoted to officer…away from enlisted." He blushes, caught in the headlights a little bit. Watching Sage's face, he takes a deep breath. "I was dating someone who was enlisted at the time and because of rules we either have to discontinue the relationship or marry." He flattens his lips. "I'd love to Sage, I really would, but…" He nods his head a little at the point.

Sage flushes suddenly and then blinks. It takes a few to put that back into focus and when she finally does a smile comes up. Not false, but not perfect either. "Dane, that's ..that's wonderful. A promotion and engaged! I'm really happy for you, I hope it goes well."

Ramiro smiles to her, trying to keep things far from awkward. "Thanks…thanks…" He pauses as a server sets him down a glass of water. He sips it, looking to the table to give her a little headspace room. "Yeah they decided that I was good to lead and train the marines over there…so they gave me the S3 commission." He smiles. "Hope it all goes well myself."

Sage drains her own iced tea now and sets it aside. "Me too. Lucky girl, I'm sure you two will be very happy. I'd like to meet her, does she go to services? Maybe you two could come over to the temple."

"She doesn't really attend services." Dane looks up. "She wasn't actually present at either of our pyramid games too." He shrugs, giving Sage a little smile. "I'll try to coax her, but I'm not going to push you too hard." He looks to her. "You've been to the temple on the Destiny?"

Sage nods, "Yes, I go there at times. But," she pauses slightly, "It's a little more than I am really comfortable with. I prefer something more ..ah..sedate with Apollo." She smiles wider then, "I know some enjoy the more eros side of their faith. Which is fine."

Dane's eyes widen as he smiles at Sage. "You don't know how happy I am to hear someone say that…" Dane speaks up, leaning a little over the table as he talks to her. "I respect their devotions to Aphrodite but I'm a guy from Gemenon. I …" He motions with his hands. "…the wires don't connect. It's like it's some concept that I can't get into my brain and you're the first person to have said that." He chuckles. "When I went there on pilgrimage I declined in the Aphrodesiac rites. Perhaps that's why my private life's always been difficult." He pauses. "Apollo is my patron Lord. I'll have to pray for a better throwing arm."

"Yes," Sage flushes a little more, "I had a friend who was into that back home. I went one time with her, because she practically begged me to go. Told me I'd really enjoy it.." she glances away a moment, looking to the game now and even more uncomfortable for even thinking of it.

Dane looks down, blushing a bit himself. "Yeah…I…well…" He pauses. "You know us Gemenese. Children are a responsibility. Well Aphrodite frowns on the use of birth control. It's my responsibility to not risk being the father of a temple baby." He takes a sip of his water. "How long have you dedicated yourself to Apollo?"

Sage bites at her lip a little and glances back finally, "I left." She tells him, wanting to make sure he knows she wasn't some wild she-cat at the temple." A clearing of her throat now, "Oh, since I was a baby. My mom and dad were heavily into religion. I must have had some Gemenese in my background." A light laugh then.

"That or Saggitarion." He smiles broadly to her. "I used to live just outside the College of Kobol. My mother worked there and my father was a devout Brother in the cult of Apollo there. When I decided to join the marines when I became an adult I qualified for sniper school. It felt appropriate." He smiles.

They pyramid player nods to his words, "I believe he will find us a place. It is a duty and he never shirks his duties." Sage responds in a quiet voice, "Harmony and order. If we keep ourselves within his teachings, we will survive. Cylons cause a disorder and it has to be balanced." She flushes again, "But I don't need to tell you that."

"No you don't." He smiles to her. "I've believed it since day one. I keep to my prayers and I give regular sacrifice. Best to keep my heart open to his guidance on and off the field." He motions to one of the menus. "Mind if I grab some food while we talk?" He asks.

"No, please," Sage motions too. "I wasn't sure how long you were staying," she has the waitress refill her tea glass. "They never really had a temple here, because one wasn't needed. It was a place for sports events. But now.." she pauses a little, "Perhaps they can make one, it would be nice. The Destiny is…" she lets that just lay there, he probably knows how the Destiny is without her voicing it.

"The only thing I wish the Carina had that the Destiny does is a pool and a beach that I can lay out by." Dane replies, looking over the menu. "Strip club, casino…don't get me wrong, I'm not that chaste but I can see quicksand from a mile away, right?" He turns to the server, ordering a combination basket. He looks back to Sage. "I've heard rumblings of perhaps consecrating a temple over here. I've offered to assist however I can."

"We have a lake with ducks and fake grass, that is enough for me. It's very…soothing at times." Sage smiles at the words, "Most men aren't chaste, Ramiro. Besides, you have needs. As for the clubs and casinos?" She nods, "It is easy to get pulled into something like that and forget everything. I don't want to forget. I want to remember this as something that we need to overcome. If we grow complacent, that is when we fall."

"My thoughts exactly. Move forward." Dane looks to her, leaning back against his seat to recline a little. "Well whatever needs I do have don't get solved through gambling and having my money lured away from me by a stranger." He chuckles. "But a fully consecrated altar here would be wonderful. We have a chapel on the Genesis that serves all of the Lords, but it's not an actual temple itself."

"But much quieter, I'd imagine." Sage comments and watches him a moment. "An Officer," she has to laugh a little, "I never figured you for an officer. You seem more like the type that wants to be out in front, shooting those metal things to pieces."

"Well even as an officer I'll still be taking drops. I just have to get used to diverting the control of the individual squads to our collection of Sergeants to oversee. I lay down the overall plan, and they execute it." He smiles. "Doesn't mean I'm still not there though, which I'm happy about."

"It means also that you'll be a little safer, which you need to think about now." Sage grins some, "I'm sure your fiance will be much happier about that too." She takes a long sip off her iced tea. "So, when is the bonding ceremony?"

"Well…" Dane trails his words, leaning his head to the side a little. "There are complications. We haven't decided when this is happening. She's a marine, actually, so there's a little roughness in the fact that she's one of the people that's going to be carrying out my battle plans."

Sage looks surprised, "Dane.." then she stops. It isn't her business. A recollection of thoughts, "How are things going otherwise? We keep finding these little planets, but no one can go down to them." Yes, she's a curious civilian on those things.

"Yeah…awkward isn't it?" Dane nods, tilting his head a little bit. "That's a whole other conversation in the workings…" He chuckles with a pause. "I've been down to both of them. The first one, Muskeg? That was a horrible, smelly planet. But both planets, since I was SST squad lead at the time, I was called to do recon on. But from who knows what, microbial diseases, local predators, there's a good reason why the military heads down to those."

Sage chuckles, "It must be awkward," another nod comes up at the last part, "I suppose it is rather good you guys go down there. Smelly and icky, not exactly something people want to slosh around in though." She sets her elbow on the table. "The last one was kind of odd though, wasn't it? Seemed odd to me anyway."

"How so?" Dane replies with a bit of a smile. "I was down there. There were these monkeys that started throwing bird eggs at us. I got hit right in the face." He chuckles. "Should probably avoid them though, they probably hit as hard as you do, Spider Monkey."

Sage starts laughing some, "That would have been funny to see, did you take any pictures?" Her eyes dance a little, then she calms down a little. "Oh ..well. I have strength in my faith. Sometimes it isn't as strong as I'd like." She shakes her head some, "Just odd dreams."

Dane nods. "Yeah, I took pictures but they were recon pictures, all military stuff for documentation. Nothing I could even keep for myself." He pauses, taking a long moment to watch her closely. It's something she said. "What kinds of dreams…"

Sage taps her fingers along her cheek, "Oh, well if you weren't religious, you'd probably think it was very silly." She reaches into a back pocket, "I work on this when I'm not busy. I can't draw well, but.." she unfolds the paper and lays it out infront of him. It's the same star, over and over, but it gets a little better with each drawing. "Seems dumb, huh?"

"Is this the only dream you've had?" Ramiro asks, looking to her quietly. Leaning over the drawing a little bit as his food arrives, he studies it closely. He then looks up to her, something's gotten his attention.

Sage smiles, "I watch the stars alot, so I figure it was something I ate and then went to sleep." She seems just slightly embarrassed about it all. "I never told anyone else, but, I know I can trust you not to laugh at me." She watches him a moment, "You are looking at it funny."

"Can…I make a copy of this? Or borrow it?" Dane asks politely, looking to Sage's face. "I'm doing a little work and it might help me with something…spark a little inspiration in what I'm looking at." He pauses, rubbing his jaw. "And no…I don't think you're strange at all, but I am interested if this is the only thing you've dreamt."

Sage rubs her head a little and takes out some pill bottle tossing a tiny one on the table before closing the bottle and taking the pill. "I think so, but I can't really be sure right now." She shrugs some and lets him have the star drawing. "If I think of anything else, I'll let you know though. Why so important?"

"Been having a few dreams myself…" Ramiro says, looking to her while his hands motion for her to keep her voice down. "…of course, it's just dreams, right?" He asks, giving her a little shrug. "Do I have your permission to state where this drawing came from?" He asks as he looks back down to it, comparing it to his own Omphalos dream.

Sage looks a bit surprised and leans in again, "Really?" She whispers now. "That's odd, don't you think?" She nods to the question, "Of course, if you are wanting to show it to the Priestess."

"Yeah…it is." Dane replies, dipping a potato wedge of some sort into another sort of fry sauce. "It's been…really interesting since the war started. Let me just say this: I'm very, very sure that the Lords of Kobol are with us…" He looks to her. "…I'm pretty sure that hit to me was to humble me."

Sage smiles, "Harmony, Dane." She nods, seeming pleased with that. "Order and reason. Some of our people seem to forget that because we have been uprooted, but the Gods have their reasons, it could be we were growing too sure of ourselves. Too easily fooled and brought into a complacency. We need our strength now, more than ever."

"You know, no offense meant, but I never figured you for the spiritual sort…it's an interesting surprise." Dane replies, taking a sip of his water, nodding to her. "I see it all as hubris. Many, many people had forgotten the importance of the Lords and the Cylons were created. Perhaps they felt that we were trying to create a race for ourselves to oversee."

"Why? Because I'm a pyramid player? I don't push my religion around, it is a private thing for me mostly. But, I don't get to talk about it much either. Alot here are thinking we've been forgotten." Sage shrugs a little.

"No we definitely haven't been forgotten. Of that I'm sure. If anything, now's the right time to remember them and remind ourselves to be alive." He pauses, taking another bite of his food. Wiping his hands off, he slides the paper into a pocket and looks to her. "So how are you Sage? Really…you have a great game face, but really, how are things?"

"Great game face? Dane, I'm not hiding anything, if that is what you are thinking. I believe in life. To love it and live it each and every day. I keep busy, I have been blessed with my playing ability, friends and now the ability to teach younger folks how to play. Maybe, that is how it is supposed to be." She laughs again. "OH sure, I mean so I did have a crush on you. What girl wouldn't, in all honesty? You've got a wonderful personality, you are handsome and very personable. I can mourn the point that I'll never know, but be happy for you also."

Dane blushes, squirming a little bit. "Flattery…" He says, shaking his head a little bit. He smiles though, face red. "Thanks, I don't really ever hear that, feels odd." He chuckles, looking away for a moment. "You should have said something back in the day, Sage, but when we met at the Cafe on the Destiny I was being pretty…distant wasn't I?"

Sage smiles, "That was then and yes you were. I wasn't going to think much about it, but it wasn't meant to be. You were meant to be with someone who counters that strength you have. I'm sure she flatters you enough. Being intimate with someone is the greatest flattery you can give to someone you love."

Dane reflects for a moment, sipping his glass of water. "Yeah…I was. The night before back then I'd just visited the temple and decided against the rites. I was feeling rather rigid." He pauses. "I've never turned down a rite on a pilgrimage before."

Sage flushes again. Ok, so she just had something go through her mind that shouldn't go through her mind. She takes another long drink of iced tea. "That..uh." No, she has nothing she can actually say to make that sound any better.

Dane blinks, he doesn't get it. He blinks again. Then…he gets it. "No!" He blurts, rubbing his forehead. "I mean…well…no. no…" He stands on 'no' apparently. "I was feeling like I'd done something wrong."

Sage starts to laugh and then it makes her feel better, "Oh, well. Knowing that..well..that." She can't help but continue to giggle more. "I'm sorry, I'm not laughing that you may have been..what I thought you meant. It's just that, I know how those rites can make you feel and it would have—" she just stops. "Ok, I'll shut up now."

Dane laughs with her, shaking his head. His face goes red as he leans back and covers his face with his hand a little bit. "No no no…" He blinks a few times. "I plead many fifths, allright?" He lets it settle at that. "So…I've been working on my game a little bit. I brought my gear down just in case…"

Sage can't help but continue to laugh now, "Pleading is heard!" She jokes. Her head tilting some at the words, "You did, did you?" A brow spikes sharply, "So, you want to take me on in a One on One then?" The challenge tossed out there.

"That's what I was thinking, if you have the time for it." Dane replies, giving her a little grin. He looks towards the window that views over the courts. "You wanna wager something on it?"

Sage glances out the window a moment and then smiles to him, "Actually I'm to stay off the heavy playing for two more days. I can take a raincheck on it though. If you have time later this week?"

"We could do a no contact rule…" Dane shrugs. "I don't really ever know when I'm gonna be getting out back here again, especially now that I'm getting mustanged through OCS…"

Sage bites her lower lip and gives a nod, "All right," she rises up and drops some script down for the bill. "Just no elbows to the head." Grabbing her bag, she pulls it with her.

Quickly finishing his meal as well, Dane grabs his duffel bag and follows after her. "You never answered my question though." He grins. "How well you think you got this one in the bag, wanna put something down on it?"

Sage takes him into the stadium for a different area. Glancing over her shoulder she chuckles, "You still want my number?" She sets the bag down and leans to pull a few things out of it. A strip off of her regular shirt, but she has a sports bra underneath.

Dane looks to her, looking back to his bag as he digs into it. Grabbing his ball and his gloves, he considers. "No, not your number. You're the pro here, come on, how's that gonna look." He pauses. "What sort of stuff did you guys wager over back in the league. Affordable things…"

Sage pulls on her jersey and looks up as she stands and puts her hair in a pony tail. "Oh sometimes dinner, sometimes some tickets, just depended on what people had extras of," she eyes him, "Afraid your fiance would frown at my jersey in your locker?" Now comes the baiting.

Taking the ball to the center of the pit, he turns to look at her with a dark smile on her face. "She has no interest in pyramid whatsoever. It sucks…" He chuckles, dropping some of the dirt onto his hands to dry them up a bit. "…allright it's on. If you win, you get my CBUCS jersey. If I win, I get your jersey…" He smiles. "That sound fair?"

Sage puts on her court shoes, but leaves herself in jeans for now. "You are on." Shoving the bag off to the side, she heads over to meet him in the middle, crouching down a little. "No religion and no sports, now I'm beginning to rethink this, Sniper Shot. Must be that the frolicking is good then."

"It's…different. She's a sweet girl. Well…she's actually rather blunt." He grins, planting the ball in the neutral zone. He smiles to her. "Whatcha tryin to say?" He asks and then suddenly rushes to the side to try to get a shot off before she can tag him. Two hand touch style.

"That you need more practice, in both fields…" Sage snags up the ball like it was born in her hand. With a pivot on her heel, she turns and moves for the shot instead.

Dane manages to deflect the shot a little bit, getting his hand up there to try to stop her as the ball is stolen from him. "Oh so cold…" He grunts with a chuckle, turning to try to defend from the readily approaching shot she's about to make. Pushing her hip a little bit, lightly at best, he tries to distract her. "…you thought a kid from Gemenon knew about dating huh?"

Sage puts her back to him as she begins to get herself setup for a better move into the goal, "I'm not sure a kid from Gemenon is aware when someone is liking him." Her pony tail bounces as she looks both ways and holds firmly to the ball. "How hard did she have to hit you over the head before you figured you weren't just sleeping with her for the sex?" Not something she expected from a Gemenese either. Which is in her tone, rather disapproval there.

"CMC did it…" Dane says. "…when two enlisted are dating and one gets mustanged they gotta end the relationship or get hitched…" Dane says as he defends her, waiting for the right time to get around towards the ball. "We never really talked about it until then…" He suddenly makes for a grab.

Sage pulls the grab away and leans back, sending the shot across the area to the goal as hard as she can. A grunt following, "So you wouldn't have bonded with her then otherwise?"

And the invisible crowd goes wild..shaa shaa shaa.

Dane turns to see the shot go in, moving to collect the rebound. Grabbing the ball, he looks to Sage. "We wouldn't have talked about it, no…but I had a little warning going in. Told her she should probably start considering. Then the next day I got mustanged." He watches Sage as he moves back towards the neutral zone. Planting the ball in place, he keeps posession. "Since then we've been talking…" He starts toward the goal again.

Sage tries to do a block on him and they just kind of end up in the same spot with a partial tangle for the ball. "I'm winning, you're talking." She makes a grab for it.

"Well you're asking questions…" Dane replies, the ball getting slapped out of his grasp. Giving her a little push, nothing too hard, he makes a grab for the ball in return, careful of hitting her in the head.

Sage pops that ball right out of his hands, "You aren't focusing, Sniper Shot." She begins a ducking and weaving point like the 'spider monkey' he has named her for. "So, she puts you in place, well good for her." Recanting back to the blunt part. It's back to that ball tangle again, as she holds onto it.

"Oh I see what you're doing…" Ramiro says, arms tangled with hers for the ball. Planting a forehead into her shoulder, he tries to get some leverage in there. "…are you insinuating that I got roped or something, Sage?" He yanks.

"I wouldn't insinuate anything of the kind, Dane," Sage responds, sounding sincere about it all. When he tries to yank the ball, her hands come up and she clocks him under the jaw with it, hands and all. Backing up, she takes the shot now, once she can see the goal.

Dane makes a swat at the ball as it goes flying and scores again. "Son of a…" He mutters, moving to collect the ball back up again. Going quiet, he looks to her and gives her a bratty little shove as he passes, grinning. "You're a cruel cruel creature, Sage Gionis…"

Sage chuckles and half jogs back to her spot, taking in a few deep breaths, she resettles her inner 'chi' or whatever it is called. "Sometimes, I wish I could be, but that would be wrong." She half smiles a little, something hinting on a little sadness there.

Third try should be the charm. Ramiro stops at the neutral zone and plants the ball in the center. Raising his eyes to her, Dane lifts an eyebrow and smirks at her. "You got somethin to say then, Sage? You takin pitty on the guy that's getting schooled or what?" He suddenly heads back and then starts to fake to the side.

Sage moves in, and his question keeps her from focusing and she takes the fake and misses the way he is really going, "Just play the ball, Sniper Shot," she mutters at her own messup there.

That one second of a reprieve, he rushes towards one of the goals. Bringing his arm back, he starts to throw the ball. "Oh and you couldn't see that one coming?"

Sage grabs that ball out of his hand and she is now moving with it, "Just like you." There is a quick move, around him, bumping his side to get him out of her way. Hopefully.

Ramiro recovers as fast as he can, but not that fast. He knows she's going to shoot. The best thing he can do is hope that he can deflect the shot before she rockets it off. Pushing hard into the dirt, he sprints towards her and dives into the path of her shot, trying to block.

Sage hops over the intended block, spry little thing, isn't she? Sending her arm back, she works it, sending it toward the goal for hopefully a win here.


The ball bounces off of the goal and the shot misses. Ramiro's already on his feet and moving to regain posession. Looking in her direction, he smiles. "What was that? Joining my sniper school?" He asks, grabbing for the ball.

Sage laughs and leaps for the ball before he can get it as it rebounds, "I'd shoot myself in the foot," holding the ball now she does a quick teasing to the left, then the right, "You want it?"

Ramiro stops, giving Sage the 'oh please…' sarcastic look, headfaking from right to left as she plays with the ball. "….rrrrruff…" He makes a mocking dog bark before he runs forward and….attempts to pick her up and carry her over his shoulder.

Sage is more than surprised when she AND the ball are picked up and now making a run for it. "This is unfair!" Oh wait..goal… Her head turns and she tries to make a side shot with the bounce.


The shot misses. Grinning, Ramiro carries her over to the edge of the cage that is the furthest from the ball. Leaning down a little, he looks towards the ball and then suddenly sets her down and makes a run for it.

Sage gets set down and she is in flight as soon as her heels touch the ground. Out racing him, she snags up the ball and keeps on moving.

Ramiro doesn't really want to resort to dirty playing anymore than he already has. Sage gets the ball first while he's already trailing at her heels. One arm to the side, he prepares to bat the ball out of her hands.

Sage yanks it to the side, stops quickly and turns. This one should make it, if he overshoots her from her sudden stop!

Sweaty, fast, and focused, Ramiro rushes past her and bats the ball out of her hands to force it flying over her back. Picking up the ball, now it's his time to make a run for a goal. He's definitely stepped up his game a bit, finding his rhythm.

Sage is on him now as he has the ball. She's looking pretty sweaty too, trying to focus, but the blood rushing through her skull makes it pound some, so she misses out on getting the ball back at first.

Ramiro reaches one arm back to try and strong-arm her. Ball in one hand, he tries to hold her back a little as he takes a shot. Looks like he got a break of some sort.

Or he did have one, when he tries to hold her back, she dodges that and grabs for the ball instead. Go Sage!

Having the ball stolen from him, Ramiro smirks and lets out a little laugh. "Damnit you're fast…" He grunts and tries to stomp after Sage, reaching in to take the ball back.

Sage is on the move. She does have the speed on her from the smaller frame, it seems. Atleast today anyway. Once she gets far enough ahead, the foot plants and she pivots to send the ball toward the goal.

Micah strolls into the (almost) empty stadium from between two sets of bleachers that lead back into the concession area. It's shut down of course, like most things on this ship. He's dressed in navy fatigues with a leather jacket thrown over top, and his hands shoved into the pockets of his trousers. Possibly here just to talk a walk about, he stops when he sees some people playing— and squints when he recognises them.

Ramiro stops as the ball sails in for another goal. Skidding to a stop beside Sage, he puts his hands to his hips as the ball rolls across the floor towards his feet. "Damn…" he says under his breath, he looks to Sage. "…next time I come over I'll bring the jersey…"

Sage does that little Sage (snoopy) dance in front of the goal as her arms go up with an air pumping. She is laughing now and then it turns into more than just a laugh, but a wide grin. "I changed my mind," and lo and behold the scamp is going in closer and laying one right on his lips. Go RUMOR control with Micah walking in on it.

Heh heh. Looks like Ramiro's getting a little somethin' somethin' on the side. Or so it would seem, anyway. Micah hangs back for the time being, reluctant perhaps to rain on their parade over there.

Ramiro was leaning a little over to catch his breath and the little bit a laugh that Sage's dance gets is met with "Well I guess you get my C—" He gets out before his words are covered up by a kiss. Blinking, it lingers a moment before he breaks it and leans back a little. "I uh…" he runs a hand through his sweaty hair. He lets out a deep breath and looks to Sage.

Sage doesn't seem embarrassed about it at all. She looks absolutely ecstatic, "Oh stop. It's not like I frakked you on the court, Sniper shot. You've owed me one of those since you first started flirting with me. Just consider it a send off to your fiance." She walks toward her gym bag now. The look on her face when she turns away though is a bit less happy. Micah can probably see the change.

Micah looks from one to the other with one of those beetle-browed expressions of his. Hard to tell whether he's amused, surprised or just downright doesn't give a damn. He does however, choose this moment to prowl on over. "Nice playin' there, Gionis," he addresses the pyramid pro, with a grin shot to Ramiro. "Gettin' in some practice, Dane?"

What kind of practice he's referring to, who knows!

Dane looks up in Micah's direction suddenly with a guilty look on his face. Squaring his jaw, he grabs the ball off of the floor and watches Sage walk off. "Somethin like that…" He says before turning and throwing the ball towards the goal, taking an angry, powerful shot.

Sage yanks her head up. Shit. Micah. How much did he see? The bright grin comes up though, "Hey, yeah I was showing him the court again," she reaches her gym bag and hefts it up. Instead of looking back, she starts walking to the exit. "Good game, see ya." That's about as even as she can make right now.

Okay, what the frak did he walk in on, now? Micah watches Ramiro take that shot, which pings the baseboard but likely doesn't make it into the goal. Pulling his hands out of his pockets, he steps forward to collect the rebound, and tosses it in his hand a couple of times. "You want to tell me what's goin' on?" demands the viper jock, throwing it back.

"Nothing's going on…" Ramiro says, picking up the ball and taking another shot. Grunting as he throws, he lets the ball loose and only after seeing if he scores, he looks back to Micah. "We were talking while we were playing and then she just up and kissed me."

Micah fetches the rebound, again, though tucks the ball under his arm this time instead of passing it back. "Nice shot," he remarks, watching the bleachers more than Ramiro at the moment. As to the kiss, "You interested in 'er?"

"Leave it to right before for everything to start coming out of the frakking woodwork, huh..?" Ramiro says, looking to Micah. He nods towards the bleachers and steps out of the cage to take a seat. Dropping himself down onto one of the bleachers, he sets his elbows up behind him to look over the court. "We were talking religion and pyramid. Stuff I don't normally talk about." He pauses. "Under different circumstances I would have jumped at the chance to take her out."

Micah follows the marine out of the cage, and slumps onto the bench next to him. Leaning forward, instead of back, elbows on his knees and the ball held in front of him. "That don't answer my question," he replies flatly.

"Not a simple answer." Ramiro says. "I love Nico." He states flatly, directly. It's a stance he's taking. "But the answer to my questions to what it would be like to date a girl that liked pyramid, the lords of kobol, and wasn't going to be under my command just walked right out of the room." He runs a hand through his hair. "Grass is always greener somewhere, though, which is why I'm all headfrakked at the moment."

Micah laughs at that, low and hoarse from too much smoking. "Naw. Naw, it in't simple, I know that firsthand. And I know ah'm hardly one to give advice to you, Dane, but.. you can't marry a girl if you've got 'what ifs'." He shakes his head, though keeps his eyes lowered, on the ball. "You jus' can't. Not right."

"Nah, I had what ifs. Nico and I talked about it." Ramiro says in reply, eyes still forward and watching the field. "She's a great girl man, she told me that I'm sacred to her. Sure she don't like going to chapel but I've got to be open minded. Her life too." He pauses. "…and she might be pregnant."

"Not what I meant," Micah mutters, bouncing the ball once in the astroturf. He has to pitch forward a bit in order to catch it up again. "I mean, sure. Everyone's got things they don't see eye to eye on. But it in't the same as a 'what if'. A 'grass is greener', you get me?" The pregnant thing, now that has him twisting his head around to look up at Ramiro. "She what?"

"Seriously, St. Germain…she's late, went into Sickbay to get a blood test done." Dane replies, nodding slowly. "And no…this with Sage isn't a case of what if really. I'm not exactly sure what happened there. Like I said, Nico's my girl."

Micah runs his tongue across his teeth, thoughtfully. "Right." A pause. "So you gonna tell 'er that, then? Gionis, I mean. That you got a girl, that you're not interested?" He's still watching Ramiro carefully, though never quite makes eye contact. "'cause you know, she's right. 'bout the flirting. You can't go doin' that shit, sending mixed messages."

"Yeah…I am." Ramiro nods. "I'm considering whether or not I should tell Lex about this, chances are it's gonna come back to kick my ass." Ramiro says, considering quietly. "I'm gonna let Gionis know when I bring the Cbucs jersey that I just lost to her."

"If you can get things squared off with Gionis? Naw. I wouldn't mention it, if I were you." Micah lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "'s not a problem unless you make it one, Dane."

"Yeah…that's the way I'm leaning myself." Dane replies. "I'm not really guilty of anything, it's not like I asked for it." Dane replies with a nod, running a hand through his hair again. "I'll get things squared away with Gionis just fine. That was just awkward." He pauses. "So how you been, Micah?"

Micah chuckles. "Make sure you do. Or ah'll come kick your arse." He pitches the ball back at Ramiro, a little harder than is strictly necessary. "I swear to the gods. I will." Pushing off the bench then, he shoves his hands back into the pockets of his fatigues. "I gotta head off, actually. Just came out for a walk. Catch you later for a few drinks, maybe? Some triad? Bring Lex if you like."

"Man that would be fantastic…I know she's been dying to get out and social with people that aren't possibly stuffy." Ramiro chuckles, catching the ball and nodding to the pilot. "Maybe no drinks for her, but if she declines the liquor you'll know why." He stands as well. "Hey micah?" He pauses. "Thanks for the talk man.."

Micah takes a step back while Ramiro's speaking, and cracks a grin when his offer's all but accepted. "Don't worry, we'll hit someplace up that has plenty of juice. Eve can't get drunk, either." He waves a hand dismissively at the marine, to signify 'no problem', then turns about and trudges off.

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