Scum and Villainy
Scum and Villainy
Summary: Meet the Peerless Crew
Date: 110 ACH
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Gosling is looking quite dashing, even she must say, in her Colonial Blues, and she adjusts the collar as she looks at her streaked and strained reflection on the side of a streaked steel bank of fume hoods in the laboratory she's made herself quite at home inside.

Vassily has been walking for a little while, it seems. And so, for some reason he's found his way into this lab. Pausing a bit as he sees where he is now, he sighs. "Sorry… Must have been lost in thought…" he offers, turning for the exit again.

"Your -product- is not yet ready, Mister—-" Tak turns aside to peer at the fellow who's come into her lab, "Whatever your name is. Go away, I'm busy," she adds. Busy looking slick.

"Vassily N. Korolev," Vassily replies, a bit thoughtfully, before he adds, "Or also, in certain circles of society, Acheron. But that was supposed to be a secret." Taking a few more steps back towards the doors.

"And it bally well isn't a secret anymore, is it?" Tak replies, nearly spitting out each word as it comes to the tip of her tongue, and she slides on the white labcoat over the Colonial uniform, one arm and then the other, looking at her somewhat discolored reflection rather than at this Acheron fellow.

Vassily turns again, offering a half-grin to the uniform-clad woman, "If it still was, do you think I'd be in this stinking pit?" he remarks, a bit lightly.

"Are you armed?" Tak asks of Acheron, evidently bored of the topic of conversation as it stands. She turns and looks at him, finally, as she asks the question, standing tall and looking quite smart in her brand new uniform and Captain's pins.

Vassily pauses a bit more as he hears that, studying Tak rather carefully for now. "I wish I was. A good shotgun would be a nice thing to have, just in case. How so?"

Kastile steps into the labs, with a pretty crewman hugged up against his side. The girl looks absolutely terrified, but manages a tremulous smile to those here. He gives her a nice squeeze at the waist and then crosses to the woman in the Captain's uniform, "Shotgun?" The smile creasing along his lips. "Find us a nice cuppa tea, would you, luv?" His voice going back to the crewman and sending her off. "Tak, that uniform fits rather shabbily."

Gosling seems to stop listening to Acheron the moment she intuits that his longwindedness is to be interpreted as a 'no,' and she finished buttoning the labcoat which goes with the uniform, pulling a set of safety goggles off of a hook and pulling them over her eyes. "Yes, yes," she waves a hand at Acheron as if attempting to shoo him out of her laboratory as she goes to where she's got a batch of something catalyzing. She doesn't look up from her work when Kastile comes in to criticise her. "Is it my fault that this ship's Chief Medical Officer was so -fat-?" she hisses. "Was I the one stuffing her gods-damned face with doughnuts every morning? Was I?" she looks up, that last question sounding rather more sincere than rhetorical. She -might- have done that. She can't puzzle out why she -would- have. But she -might- have.

Vassily studies that crewman Kastile brought in with him for a few moments, shaking his head a bit as the man sends her off. "Good that someone's gotten those folks to work," he offers, before he shakes his head at Tak. "Of course you weren't…" he offers, shaking his head a little bit.

"They'll work if you give them the right incentive," Not that he mentions what that may be. Kast gives Gosling a look up and down, "I wouldn't dare think that you were stuffing donuts in that pretty mouth." Swinging a look back to Vassily, he offers a smile, "You certainly know how to keep the women riveted."

"Of course I wasn't," Tak repeats back to Acheron, as if he were some manner of idiot, despite the fact that she herself had been in a state of real confusion on the point mere moments ago, and he'd been the one to correct her on the matter. She tests a pinprick's worth of the liquid on the very edge of a small piece of paper, peering at the small dot as it creeps from white toward pink. "Your product isn't ready yet, 77601-K," she announces. "You'll -simply- have to return to collect it later. Has the rest of the medical crew agreed to work under me, yet? Or are we going to have to put them down? I won't -have- any insubordination on my staff. I -won't- have it," she repeats emphatically.

Vassily just shakes his head a bit at Tak's words, looking over at Kastile again, "One of the special skills," he remarks with a shrug, listening to the conversation for now.

Kastile takes a few steps to follow after Gosling and he lays a hand on her shoulder, "I'll trust you to do what you need to do in any situation." A hand is slid along his new jacket and then he fiddles with the watch on his wrist. Who knows where he dug up the finery from, "If they give you any problems, my dear, send them out to find you new specimens on the planet," his smile creasing again.

"Yes, I—" Tak's brows draw together, then one rises in a speculative attitude as she turns to regard 77601-K over her shoulder, "I -do- believe there are a few more samples requisite to the long-term survival of the crew," she tells him, her rampant insanity seeming soothed under the hand on her shoulder, though the cool, collected thoughts of the sociopath are no less troubling to listen to.

Vassily listens a bit thoughtfully to what's being said, eyes narrowing in thought for a few moments, before he looks to the exit again, a bit thoughtfully.

A light rub and the well-dressed man nods, "Always a few specimens and that is what makes you the best doctor on this ship." Kast turns to look at Vassily now and the crewman he sent off, arrives with the tea. Taking it from her hands, he turns and offers it to Gosling. Need to keep the inmates happy, especially the crazier ones. Leaning in a little as he offers the tea, "That one," with a nod of his head, "I'm done with, so you can use her as your technician."

"Well, I— Teeeeeaaaaaa," Tak nearly seems moved to tears at the sight of it. "They never let me have— tea," she reaches forward with shaky hands to take the cup and saucer in the proper Tauronese fashion, though, then, she looks into the liquid, suspicion creeping onto her features as she looks up to the crewman who brought it. She then holds it out to the woman, "You. Taste it first," she spits out the command, all but certain that the crewman is trying to kill her.

Vassily turns around again, keeping silent for the moment, but watching the crewman requested to taste the tea.

The woman looks surprised at the request, but she takes the cup and the spoon. Dipping the spoon into the hot tea, she takes a light sip from it. "It is fine, Doctor," she's learned to play along with this game.

Kastile raises his hands and claps them lightly. "Very good. Very, very good." Smiling to Vass and then to Tak, "The tea is fine, she wouldn't dare harm you. I'd have her airlocked." Airlocked onto the ground, if there is such a thing.

Gosling reaches out a hand toward the woman again, two fingers frantically spiralling toward herself as she gives a vague 'give it here' noise. "… most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of," she mutters to herself, "You— go away," she tells the woman, after she has her tea back, "No, no— stay… here, just… don't move," she changes her mind, then looks to Kastile, "K. How many are left?" she asks him. Sip. "And when are we going to stop dillying about and get off of this damnable planet?"

"Now that's the best question…" Vassily mutters to himself, shaking his head a bit.

Kastile adjusts a cuff link, "We're down to 900 criminal factions and 200 of this ship crew. It is a little packed in areas, but, it is much better than that cave system. I fear whatever is out at night, tends to enjoy tasty meat products."

Gosling lofts both brows and leans slightly forward over her tea as she listens to K's rundown, her mouth open as she slowly nods in understanding, "Oh, is it? Well, that's good to hear, I thought that it was eating -us.-" She sips from her tea again.

Vassily is unable to hold back a half-smile as he heads for the door now.

Kastile lets off a small chuckle at her assessment, "We aren't that tasty," he turns once more, finding the girl standing there like a good little pawn. Reaching over, he pats her cheek and then begins to walk off, "I'm working on getting us out of here." Seeing Vassily leave, he imparts a quick wave.

"Well, work faster," Tak replies. "Now that we've been discharged," by which she means abandoned for dead on a strange planet, "We should be able to return to Tauron without further charges against us." By which she means… um… who knows what she means?

Vassily passes through the door. Probably going to find some computer to work on 'improving' or something.

"All in good time, my dear. You keep the patients all healthy and I'll see that you have your own hospital one day," Kastile leans on a research table and admires something growing nearby.

Gosling draws her chin backward a little, shoulders forward as she peers at her fellow-prisoner. "All of them, Kay?" she asks, in somewhat incredulous confirmation.

"Not all of them, just the important ones," Kastile flicks a wrist around the room, which indicates him and her." Straightening, he motions the young woman out, "Go find something to do for the time being."

Gosling straightens her head again, grey eyes veering to the side to regard the woman without turning her head to look at her. She gives a slight nod of her permission to follow Kastile's directions, even though she technically belongs to her, now.

Kastile rubs his hands together, "I'll see you in the morning, Dr. Tak. I've got a few young females to check out and make sure they can work for you. I'll have your staff up and running in no time." The smile is almost oily.

"Ah, I see. Well. Don't wear yourself too thin, Kay," she warns, finishing the tea and setting the cup and saucer on the lab bench. She clears her throat, "And if you'll do me a wonderous favour? See to it that the rest of those allowed back into my services as medical crew are led to believe that I am, in fact, Captain Gosling." She gives him a brief once-over, herself, "As to that other one, I'll find her something to do. Go scour the caves for fungi," she shrugs one shoulder. "Something suitably dangerous."

Kastile makes his exit by crossing back over and giving the looney a peck on her cheek, "Yes, Captain, we'll be sure to let everyone know you have taken over here." Another smile and he is headed out of the research area, with a whistle on his lips.

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