Scuttlebud in the Brig
Summary: Bastards meet in the brig.
Date: 29ACH
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Main Brig Genesis - Deck 14
29 ACH 6735 Souls

The Main Brig is for the enlisted personnel that are in lock-up. A guard and a desk is here along with three cells. Each cell has steel bars across the front. There is a single bunk, a toilet and a light above. Security camera's are also in place here and the guard rotates out every four hours.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Gars Hazzard Brig Status Security Camera
Exits: [O] Corridor
Special: +detail - Details available

Hazzard makes his way into the Main brid, signing himself in at the MP by the desk, and then proceeds further in. Finaly he comes to rest against the wall by the bars to Gar's cell and crosses his arms over his chest. "How are you faring, you old Bastard?"

Gars is lying down in his bunk, glancing breifly at the man beyond the bars before he rests his head back down against the pillow again. "What can I do for you, corporal?" he asks, interlocking his hands behind his head.

"Nothing really..Just got back from Leonis..We lost Lakis." Hazzard murmurs as he stands there, looking rather neutral all in all. "You were a Bastard once..Figured I'd check if you'd needed anything?"

Gars sits up as he hears about the casualty. "What were we doing on Leonis?" he asks.

"Recon, find out if there are any survivors…I dont know really, need to know…and I dont ask questions if I dont have too." Hazzard murmurs and offers a little grin.. "Zeus was in command, and I trust him."

Gars shrugs his shoulders in an 'I guess' kind of way. "So did you find out anything? Are there any survivors down there? Is there a groundwar?"

"Resistance.." Hazzard murmurs and nods his head slowly. "They have occupied the planet thats for sure."

"So what's the plan?" Gars asks, looking over at Hazzard. "Does it look like we're going back down to kick ass or what? Are we joining the war?"

"Corporal what -we- are doing I can't say..I'm not in command, I am a Marine..You need to talk to Gaelan or Zeus." Hazzard states as he arches an eyebrow as he looks over towards Gars.

"What? There's not a single rumor onboard?" Gars asks. "No CIC officer sharing what's going on upstairs? Doesnt sound good, does it? A black-out is never a good thing."

Hazzard stretches the corner of his mouth. "Scuttlebud, they may be..But I'm not at liberty to say, frak man..I dont even know if your a Bastard or not these days."

Gars chuckles and grins, lying down on the bed again with his head against the pillow. "I wouldnt count on it, corporal. I wouldnt count on it."

"Shit out of luck..Well, can't blame anyone but oneself. Its what we do, Corporal..Some people just deal with it in different ways..You, you always were a hothead, but frak've snapped..Crossed the barbwire, if you dont mind me saying." Hazzard mutters.

"I believe the shrinks calls it post traumatic stress syndrome" Gars says, eyes aimed at the ceiling of his cell. "Then again… It might just be an excuse, or so Im told. Like nothing has changed… Just another war… Right."

Hazzard shrugs his shoulders. "I dont know, once the first bullet goes past your head…Politics and all that shit goes straight out the window.." he shakes his head slowly. "I mean, I dont fight cause I like to, I dont kill for fun..It is all about the man beside you."

"No arguements here" Gars says from the bunk. "Dont see what it has to do with our entire race getting nuked."

Hazzard shrugs his shoulders. "Frak man, -I- don't know if that is true..Truth be told, doesnt matter does it..If it is true, we need to start over..If not, we keep fighting to regain what is ours.."

"Just like that?" the man in the cell says. "Ignore it and soldier on? Well, you go on right ahead, corporal and do that. Me, I'll just settle with killing as many Cylons as possible until we die… Cos die we will."

"And that did not imply before the Cylons attacked, that we all die..Sooner or later..Frak, it'll mess up your head to think about this all the time Gars." Hazzard grunts as he pushes off the wall. "PTSS or not, muster up..You wont get to kill anyone or anything but yourself if you keep doing what you do..There aint no Cylons in the brig..Consider that for a moment."

"I wasnt talking about me, corporal" Gars says, never lifting his head from the pillow. "I was talking about mankind… Mankind should kill as many Cylons as possible before mankind dies out. That little nugget of gold was not implied two months ago. The way I see it, payback is all we've got left, because one day, it will all be over… and we wont be here no more… none of us."

Hazzard shrugs once again. "Dont know about that..Seems like people are still partaking in R&R..It'll take a while, but Humanity has a tendency to live..If the will is there." he stretches the corner of his mouth and turns to leave. "Shape up Corpral, and you may get your chance to scrap some toasters."

"One can only hope" Gars says, closing his eyes for a nap as Hazzard turns to leave.

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