Search and Crash
Search and Crash
Summary: SAR is sent out, but they become part of a rescue party.
Date: 27 ACH
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Old Bunker Leonis - Surface

27 ACH 6735 Souls

Once the main door is breached, the cold wind and snow remains outside of the old bunker. Following old, laid tracks deeper into the cavern, it opens up into a wide area. Whatever was here, is long gone or just small parts remain. Nothing of use is found here. Small tunnels lead to some other areas that are long since caved in, whether on purpose or the mountain taking back its own.


Desusa is going over one of the maps of the Leonis they have here. Reviewing an area where a mission is currently underway. Happy little major here.

Lakis is coming in out of the cold. Futzing around again, just like the slacker scout/sniper/MP that she has become. A smoke is lit up after she gets inside and she stomps some snow off. "Frak, it's cold."

Skip has made his way back into the main room from further down the tunnels, shaking his head a little bit. Looking amused for some reason, although there's no smile on his face. But then again, there seldom is.

Meris nods emphatically, having stepped back into the bunker not long since, as evidenced by the slowly melting snow on her boots. "It's cold," she agrees. "It's the snow. Who wants tea?"

"Tell me something I don't know, Lance," offers Desusa, as he presses his throat for a TAC call.

Meris considers, then replies ponderously, "Sir, cows can't go down stairs." Her little tidbit of information imparted, she nods again firmly.

"I need to get laid?" Lakis comes back with a grin. Then she heads over toward the offer of tea. "Tea is good. Hot is good. I'd snuggle, but, they'd think we were taking warm showers."

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortune one recon, this is Pandora Actual. Report."

Desusa presses back on his comm, fully concentrated on getting a reply.

"Tea?" Skip replies a bit absently. "Sounds excellent," he adds, and heads over in that direction a bit slowly.

Meris crouches down to set up a burner and a kettle of water, concentration clear on her face as she does. "I need mugs. I only have mine."

Returning from a piss down one of the tunnels, Rycard whissles a cheerful tune as he walks into the main chamber once more. "Did I hear tea?" he says.

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortune one recon, this is Pandora Actual. Report."

Desusa rubs his nose some, as tea begins being mentioned. The major keps to his business. Game-face in full effect here.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual this is Fortune one. Took heavy fire, casualties, down. Request SAR. Zone no longer appears hot. Awaiting orders in Sector G. Over."

Skip pauses for a few moments on his march, and redirects his step to his own gear, getting hold of that mug of his, and bringing it with him onwards.

Desusa frowns deeper as he gets a reply back, "Frak," he says and looks attentively at sector G in the map. "Mutherfrakkerrs…." he looks to his marines and barks, "Get your gear ready people!" He looks at Skip and says, "Get me a pilot, double quick."

Lakis picks up her mug too and takes it over to where Meris is working on heating up some tea. She glances over at the convo, ears open. A frown settling on her face.

Rycard halts in his step as he hears Desusa talking to Skip. "Sir?"

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Copy that, Fortune one. We are preparaing for a SAR."

[Tac3] Lex says, "Good to hear, sir. Request multiple medical. Over."

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Copy that, Fortune one. Interrogative. What's the status of your squad. Over."

Skip looks around as he hears Desusa, and then nods in Rycard's direction. "Got a pilot right there, sir," he replies as he moves to get hold of his gear again.

Meris looks forlornly at her rapidly heating kettle, reluctantly removing it from the heat and turning a mess tin over the burner. "Sir, aye aye, sir," she responds to Desusa, poking a finger in the water to see how hot it is anyway. She wrinkles her nose. Apparently not hot enough.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Three dead, two badly wounded. Over."

Desusa looks to Rycard and points to the door, "Raptor. I wan't in flight ready in five."

So much for the tea. Lakis gives a bit of a smile, "Later, eh?" She heads over to get her gear up and starts pulling on what she managed to drop off coming inside.

"Yes Sir!" the young ensign says and hurries towards the door at full speed.

From somewhere in the Bunker comes the figure of Craven, obviously having heard someone on the Comm's. There's a slight furrow of his brow and he's making his way over towards the triage station before shifting his attention in the direction of those gathered, "What's this about wounded?"

Desusa looks to Craven. "Just in time, Lieutenant. We got a scout mission gone wrong. Multiple KIAs an some injured. Bird leaves in five."

Meris begins methodically checking every pouch, every fitting, and every piece of webbing, counting and organising ammunition, grenades, and yes, the ubiquitous and wholly necessary toilet paper. Pistol strapped to a leg for emergencies, she then heads to the corner to take up her baby. The squad support weapon, aka Big-Ass Gun.

Desusa is now picking up the maps of the area and a few extra ammo clips for his sidearms. No. He is not carrying anything bigger. That's Meris's job.

There's a soft sigh and Craven is giving a quick nod of his head, "Copy that, Sir. Let me grab my gear." And with that, he's turning to grab a satachel, which he's tossing over his left shoulder. Followed almost immediately, are two larger bags, one for each shoulder. He's turning then, to make his way towards the door.

Hearing Craven's words as he looks through his gear and gets out what he needs. "Ready, sir." Starting to head over in the direction of the exit.

Desusa nods simply and rushes out. His marines better follow.

Desusa leaves for Fort Bachus [S].

Lakis grabs up her rifle and heads out behind the rest.

Meris finds a spot inside. And no, the Raptor does not immediately lean to one side.

Skip gets into a spot aboard the Raptor, seating himself quietly, and looking over his weapon a bit thoughtfully.

The engines roaring and ready to send the Raptor airborne, Rycard takes a look back over his shoulder from the pilots-seat at the people entering the craft. "Everyone aboard?!"

Desusa moves in, crouching close to the doorway, and ready to give out orders. "Ensign, head for Sector G. Coords 34N 56E." He looks to his people now and orders. "LZ is in the green, but expect it to flip red at anytime. Once we hit the ground, I want a five pace perimter around our injured. Our job is to keep the zone clean so that the ELTee can do EVAC our people. Shoot anything that dons a tin armour."

Lakis straps in and gets ready for the ride.

Last one in, Hazzard straps himself tight and checks his rifle one last time.

Meris grins cheerily at the order to shoot things. "Aye aye, sir. Toaster barbecue to keep us roasty toasty warm."

"Copy, sir!" Rycard says as he works his nav-computer. "Ready to go, give the call, sir." By now, the entire vessel seems to tremble with the need to shoot off into the air.

Desusa says, "Go!"

"Hold on!" Rycard says aloud and sends the Raptor off the ground.

Rycard takes off.

"Will do, sir. All things metal gets shot," Skip remarks, before he looks around at the others again.

The Raptor tilts as it lifts off and heads in the direction indicated, the engines sending vibrations through its hull as it rapidly increases speed.

Hazzard brings out a package of gum from inside his suit and puts a piece of gum into his mouth before he offers the pack to the rest of the people here in the back. "Any word on the Phantom?"

Lakis glances to Hazzard, "Down." That's about all she feels she has to say to let the other sniper know it's bad.

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortune one, be advised the MEDEVAC is inbound. ETA 10 min."

Rycard flies the ship to Mountains.

Sweeping low, the Raptor flies off over the mountain-range, its engines roaring in the vallyes and between the peaks, echoes travelling far.

Rycard flies the ship to Valley.

Hazzard idly chews on his spearmint gum as he nods his head slowly. "I guess they know we are here then." he murmurs in a casual tone. "Any casualties, anyone of the SST down?"

"Do you think they got shot, then?" Meris asks earnestly.

The Raptor dips suddenly as Rycard nosedives into a large valley; to anyone not used to combatdrops, the feeling in the gut would probably make him or her sick. The descent is a quick one, and fast.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune One. Acknowledged. Out."

Having spent the past several moments looking through the bags he'd brought, Craven finally lifts his gaze to look amongst those currently assembled. "Anyone know what type of injuries I'm going to be looking at?"

Desusa studies his map a little more. Memorizing the area it seems. "Three already dead, and the one in the comms is not an high-ranking NCO, El-tee. It's bad." That's all he says.

Rycard flies the ship to South.

Lakis manages to get a piece of that gum or she'd be chain-smoking about now. Her jaw chews hard against it, to get her frustrations out.

Flying in low, southwards down the valley, the Raptor growls and roars in its quick advance. "Frak" Rycard says as he spots the airfield over to the west. "If there's any more toasters around… Im pretty sure we're spotted" he says back over his shoulder, keeping full throttle going.

There's another faint frown and Craven is giving a quick nod of his head towards Desusa, "Alright. Depending on what we're dealing with, Major, I may need someone's help and as much room as I can get in the Raptor. I'll know more once we touch down."

"Then let's hope there aren't any more around?" Skip offers a bit quietly, leaning back in his seat.

Meris considers, absently fiddling with the sling slips on her Big-Ass-Gun(tm). Snp. Clck. Snp. Clck. "Don't let's get shot down, okay? I don't want to get shot down. It'd hurt." Snp. Clck. Snp. Clck.

Desusa looks up to Rycard and says, "Nothing we can do about that now. My only concern is t get our people outta there, pronto." The map draws his attnetion once more and he nods simply to Craven. "Rycard, you be ready to give the El-tee here your full cooperation once we touchdown."

"Will we make it in one Raptor, Zeus.." Hazzard asks as he arches an eyebrow. "If needed, I can manage my way back on foot..How far can it be..couple of hundred miles or soo?"

Crossing the mountains, the strong winds pound the Raptor, shaking it with turbulance, but nothing the fast moving craft cant handle. Clearing the peaks and rough winds, the large basin spreads out before Rycard and the canopy. "We're right on top of them, sir!" Rycard calls back over his shoulder. "Have them activate a beacon or pop some smokes so I know where to put this bird down!"

Desusa answers without looking back to Haz, "We'll work that out once we touch ground. I dont like the idea of leaving more people outside today with the cylon forces aware of our presence now." He nods to himself at Ry's words.

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortune one, we are overhead. Cleared for green smoke."

"Circling!" Rycard says as he brings the Raptor around, looking for the smoke to indicate where he needs to go with the shuttle for the much needed evac.

It's about that time that the ECO sees two bogies on her radar. "I've got incoming. Due north, north west. Closing in fast."

"It's what the Bastards do, Sir." Hazzard murmurs as he chews on his gum, methodically going over his equipment. "Just saying, you need a name..I volounteer." he continues to chew on his gum.

"Frak the DRADIS" Rycard growls. "Find that smoke!" he snaps as keeps circling the basin with the Raptor, eyes glued to the shores sweeping past the canopy.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune One. Wilco."

Desusa looks over to Rycard. "Fraking rookie," he mutters to himself. "Bastards! We got incoming!" He does his best to latch himself to the raptor.

Frak the DRADIS he says. The ECO watches as they are closed in on and all she can do is jam. "We're lighting up like last months pilot party."

<Trait Roll> Lakis rolls Superb and achieves a degree of Good (4).

The Raptor is tilting heavily as Rycard keeps circling, trying to find some sign of the people in need on the ground. Eventually, he does. "Got 'Em!" he calls out as he sees the smoke. "Going in! Stand by with the hatch!"

<Trait Roll> Lakis rolls Great and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Skip frowns a bit as he hears that, and is ready to move as soon as he can.

Rycard flies the ship to South Beach.

The two raiders begin firing on the Raptor moving. Below them they see Spooky having done a nice crash landing and alot of lovely metal bodies laying about. Along with a few dead ones. Missiles slam into the rear engines, one flickering and going out.

Desusa jerks around, as the raptor get hit. "Frak!!!"

Meris squeezes her eyes shut briefly. "I don't want to get shot down," she repeats to herself as a mantra. Because that'll help matters.

As the Raptor takes a missile up it's tailpipe, Craven grunts softly and begins to shake his head slightly. "Let's all hope we get down in one piece. Otherwise, we're gonna be falling short on people to rescue us."

Hazzard jolts as the Raptor it hit, taking a firmer hold of his rifle but otherwise he looks rather calm about it all. He continues to chew on his gum, keeping his eyes close. His lips slowly move and he brings a hand up to his lips to kiss it, in silence the Sniper dedicates his life to the will of the gods. "What I had not given for a para." he murmurs softly as one of the engines dies out.

Skip shakes his head a little, "Everyone's time will come at some point," he remarks, mostly to himself.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune One. Zone is hot. One confirmed bandit. Please advise."

<Trait Roll> Rycard rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Good (4).

The sound of gunfire from the Raiders rakes anything on the ground as they take another pass. Two more missiles fire out as the ECO works on jamming again. There are all kinds of lovely Caprican phrases from her mouth at this point.

<Trait Roll> Lakis rolls Superb and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

<Trait Roll> Lakis rolls Great and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortune on…*THUD* Be adviced…we are under fire! Hold o….*sounds of raider fire*…"

The Raptor jerks violently as it gets hit by incoming missiles, sending anything not bolted down or held tight flying in the shuttle. "Hold on!" Rycard calls out and pulls back the throttle hard, hoping for the incoming Raiders to have enough speed to overshoot him as the Raptor suddenly comes to a, more or less, dead stop in midair. The effect on everyone inside is immediate as they are slammed forwards by momentum. The maneuver doesnt seem to do much good though, as the Raptor is rocked by a violent explosion, sparks flying from instruments and several displays go dark. "Going, down!" Rycard calls out. "Going down! Brace for impact! We're going down!" He tries his best to work the controls, gripping the stick tight in hopes of landing on land rather than water.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune One. Say again all after Hold."

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortune one. We are going down. I repeat, we are going down!!!"

One Raider does indeed go flying past at high speed, his missiles going off mark, or actually into the church. A huge explosion goes up as flames leap into the air an bits of wood and brick fly outward. The oil container out back that heats the place also explodes. It's rather pretty actually.

The second raider, being inbound from spraying the lodge with bullets, banks around and sends another missile toward the flailing Raptor. Due to the manuevering though, it rakes across the underbelly and slams into the dock behind them. Still it manages to clip a few wires on their controls.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune one. What is your position, over."

As the Raptor begins it's descend and he's flung forward by momentum, Craven tries his best to keep a grip on the rather large medical bags. "Ugh. Frak. This isn't looking good." It's a simple statement and not directed to any one person.

Desusa grits his teeth and yells, "I hate this mutherfrakking raptors!!!" Man, this is gonna hurt in the morning.

Grabbing hold of something, Skip grimaces a bit. "I'll be seeing you soon…" he mutters, under his breath. Interesting experience, this one.

Hazzard braces himself, lowering his head and places his hands to shield his head. The Sniper remains silent, no cussing no nothing really. He is on a mission now and has placed his life in the hands of the gods.

Yanking the controls, wrestling the stick to keep the nose up and stay clear of any spin, Rycard grits his teeth. "Lords of Kobol… Get me the frak down on solid ground!" The descent is much too fast… Perhaps… Even out of control.

<Trait Roll> Rycard rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

…there is some sort of a rocket going off now. As the Raptor begins its descent. Two shoot right past her bow and the raider coming back in gets slammed right in its lovely little red eye. It goes spiraling out of control and slams into the frozen water.

<Trait Roll> Craven rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Meris rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Rycard rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Rycard brings the ship in for a landing.

The Raptor goes down fast, shaking and trembling, leaving a long streak of black smoke in its wake as it crashes down towards the small town itself. Scratching the top of a building, debris is sent flying far and wide, the Raptor tilts, dips down between the structures and flies along one of the streets, hitting street-lights out of the way as it goes. Finally, touching down, everyone in the vehicle is thrown about, Rycard bouncing off his controls with his head and whiplashes back into his seat. A car is slammed to the side as the Raptor skids along, digging up deep tracks in the street behind it Sheer momentum keeping it going.

Hazzard always knew he choose the Marines over the Navy for a reason and right now, in the crashing Raptor he knows why. Yet he as a good Marine is taught how to brace for a crash into a combat zone and rides through the jolt rather good. Once its settled, without an order to do soo, he unbuckles his straps and hefts his rifle to be ready to get out fast.

From outside there is another BOOOM! The second raider begins spinning and tries to head kamikaze right into the lodge up ahead, only it doesn't make it and slams into the highway and mountain, exploding on contact.

Meris gives a pained grunt as she's winded by her own strappings, gingerly unbuckling herself and prodding her ribs to see if she's dead. She's not.

<Trait Roll> Lakis rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Lakis does a 'frakkin' flying' mutter and jerks as the Raptor skids along the ground. The impact could have been worse, but it looks like they are all alive, except for some bruising. She unstraps quickly too, ready to get out of this thing.

There's a muffled grunt from Craven at the landing and when he reaches up to undo his harness, a flash of pain crosses his face and he mutters something beneath his breath. His arm is lowered back and his other hand lifts to unbuckle himself.

Skip holds on as best he can. "Now that's an interesting landing." He gets out of his seat, and prepares to get out of the Raptor, frowning a bit to himself. Hearing Craven, he looks over to the man, "You okay, sir? All things considered, that is."

Rycard is totally out of it, stars and birds spinning, along with the cockpit, before him; blood pouring down his face from the cut on his brow. He looks around like a man just getting back up on his feet after getting knocked out in boxing. The only thing keeping him up is the fact he is sitting down, and is strapped in.

Desusa is tossed around with the rest of the crew as the vessel touches the pavemen and skids. Once the raptor halts its slide, he comes to his feet, cursing in the big aquarian accent, "Mutherfrakker." He looks at his marines and medic before slamming his fist to the emergency hatch blowout button. "Move out people, we high-tail it to Fortune one's site!" He waits to see if Rycard and Craven can move, given the fact that they seem to be the ones that got it worst.

Turning his attention over towards Skip, Craven gives a quick nod of his head, but even that draws a wince of pain, "Frak. Pulled something in my left shoulder. That's gonna make it difficult, but I'll live." Eyes begin to play over those present, trying to assess conditions before he's focusing on Desusa, "I'm gonna need a mule, Major. No way I'll be able to lug both bags that I need."

Meris grunts, dragging herself upright and settling the Big-Ass-Gun(tm) in the crook of her arm, the other hand tugging on her goggles.

Lakis follows the Major's orders and she is out the hatch and crouching to make sure nothing else is out here to surprise them.

Skip hurries to the hatch now, rifle ready as he looks around. "This day's just getting better and…" he mutters to himself.

Moving after Lakis is Sniper number two, namely Hazzard who in a flurry of his ghillie suit makes his way out the hatch. He crouches on the street to sweep the area, giving cover for the rest as they depart.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune One. Are you out there? Please advise. Over."

Desusa nods to Craven and moves to get the gear he needs to carry. "I'll spot you on this one, El-tee. Let's get moving." He slings the bag around as best he can and pulls his sidearm out.

[Tac3] Lex says, "Actual, Fortune one. Perimeter with demo charges active. Tread carefully. Over."

Rycard is sitll in his seat, blinking as blood slowly begin to coverh is face. He is looking back and forth, as if trying to figure out what just happened. Mouth halfopen as the world around him spins.


Hazzard is kneeling in the the street, using the car Gambit used for landing marker, by the Raptor with his rifle up at his shoulder as he sweeps the area to the fore of the Raptor.

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Fortun one, Actual. We are down but not out. We are quick-stepping it your way. Coming in from the south."

Meris stomps out of the raptor, about as subtle as a brick. There's a good reason she never tried to train as a sniper. She jostles forward at a slow jog, dropping to one knee not far off from Hazzard, scoping out the other side and rear of the vehicle.

Skip is kneeling out in the street as well, frowning a bit as he looks around. Keeping his attention on the area behind the Raptor.

There's a soft grunt and Craven begins to rise from his spot in the Raptor's seat. It's then that his gaze shifts over towards Rycard and he mutters softly, "Frak." A nod to Desusa and then the Doctor is shuffling forward, towards the front of the Raptor, "You alright there, Ensign?"

Lakis backsteps into the Raptor and helps the doc carry, if he has anything left. She then checks the cockpit, "You alright there, Ensign?" Then she sees the ECO and that one isn't going anywhere too soon. "Get up, we have to move."

Desusa moves to check the ECO's pulse, as Craven focuses on Rycard. "Dead," he shakes his head and steps out from the raptor. "Hazz, I am gonna help the El-tee with the injured. You have lead on this." He removes his TAC piece and slings it towards Hazz. Desusa now plays nurse to Craven's medical desires.

Rycard blinks some more and suddenly the world isnt spinning as badly any more. Getting a sense of his surroundings, the first thing he spots is his ECO; head hanging limp against the chest with severe bruising across the neck. "Frakin' Hades" the Ensign says, trying to catch his breath. Looking back over his shoulder, he's not sure who, if any, is still back there. "You alright?" he asks out into the compartment at random. This is when Desusa pops up in his vision, causing some confusion to Rycard. But slowly, the young ensign is beginning to snap out of it.

Lakis turns around and begins to head out now, as the Major has the rest covered. She makes her way down the ramp and out into the snowy landscape. Too bad it is destructive and blood splattered.

As the Major goes to deal with the Ensign, Craven grabs his last remaining pack and quickly moves to the hatch of the Raptor, climbing out to join the Marines. For the moment, he oblivious to the pain, trying to place it in the back of his mind.

Hazzard glances over towards Des, any facial expression hard to read due to the shadow cast over his face due to the thermo veil and the hood. He reaches a hand over and fetches the TAC piece and puts it in under his hood. "Staff, left hand, Mer right hand..cover the six..ten paces behind the package..Laks, left hand, ten paces forth..Be adviced, Fortune one has placed demos on the ground..Watch your step." He adds, after Des hands him command for the moment. Forming a square around the injured before he intends to lead them forth.

Skip nods a bit as he hears that, slipping back a bit to the indicated position. Keeping silent for now as he looks around with a bit of a frown.

Lakis nods and begins to move out once everyone is ready. It isn't long before they are passing the bodies of two marines that bit the dust on the earlier excursion. One is Lt. Delko. The female sniper just grimaces slightly and moves on.

Meris moves back into the mirrored position, shifting the B-A-G to her shoulder, just in case, although her eyes are mostly at her feet. Just in case of, y'know. Mines. And stuff.

Desusa aids Rycard out of the downed Raptor, the ensign stumbling as he walks down the wing and lands on the ground. Holding a hand to his head, due to the severe splitting headache, Rycard looks about trying to catch his bearings. Blood is still freely pouring from the cut on his forhead, making him quite a gruesome picture. Jusging by his knees and the slightly wobbling of his head, the ensign has not quite recovered from the crash yet; no wonder perhaps. The hand by his head is moved down to his neck, where he rubs the stiff muscles.

And out of the Raptor comes Craven. There's only the briefest look around and he doesn't bother drawing his sidearm. If it comes to that point, he's already dead. Hefting his bag onto his good shoulder, he begins to look around, "Alright. I need to get to those injured. And fast. Don't know what I'm going to be dealing and time, might very well be, a factor in this."

Hazzard took a moment over by the Raptor before he took his position up at the front once again to along with Lakis lead the group through enemy territory. His rifle still held at the ready.

Lakis makes a clear path for those incoming. "Keep in my tracks, else it is clear up into the lodge." She then fades off, like the scout she is and does her thing along with Hazzard if he is remaining out for watch.

Skip holds his position as they move, looking around a bit thoughtfully. Making sure not to step on anything that might explode.

Lex comes in from Muse Lodge.

Meris stomps in those tracks, lumbering forward with the barrel of her gun wavering in a semi circle about the horizon.

Private Lex pulls open the door to the Muse Lodge and steps outside with a word to those still inside. "Flash!" The call isn't entirely necessary, seeing as they have Line of Sight, but it might help with exceedingly happy trigger fingers. Don't shoot me, bro!

Rycard is still leaning against Desusa. Even though he is gathering wits and senses, his knees are still unstable, and distant objects remains a bit blurry. Wiping the length of his arm across his face, he rids himself of some of the blood… even so, he is still a proper mess to behold.

Letting his left arm hang uselessly at his side for the moment, Craven begins to follow the rest of the group through the already walked along path. An adjustment of the bag on his right brings another soft grunt and he's looking towards the nearest marine. When the lodge door opens and Lex steps out, he's resisting the urge to rush forward.

Hazzard who is in the front, watches Lakis move off and nods his head slowly towards the shadow where she vanished, before he looks back towards Lex. "Right then, Staff escort the Doc and the injured into the fold of Fortone One..I have the Comms, I will see if I can fight higher ground to setup an OP."

Skip looks around for a couple of moments, nodding a bit as he hears that. Moving over to the doctor, and the wounded. "Shall we head over to where they are hiding, then?"

Meris glances around, mutely taking up post to freeze her arse off at the door and keep her eyes open.

Turning his gaze over towards Skip, Craven gives only the briefest of nods, "Lead on, Staff. I need to get to them ASAP so I can figure out what I'm dealing with."

Craven leaves for Muse Lodge [ML].

Hazzard places a hand upon Skip, before the Staff Sergeant moves off. "Staff, til Zeus says otherwise..You carry the ball in Fortune One..OP callsign, Hades..Hoo-ya."

Skip nods at Hazzard's words, before he turns to Desusa and the pilot. "Shall we bring him inside, then?" he asks, preparing to follow where Craven went.

Currently, Rycard is placed in cover behind the others, sitting with one knee against the ground, leaning with one arm against his thigh, trying to catch his breath and wits. His breaths are slowing now, as he is gradually regaining control of his body.

Having dropped the ball, Hazzard moves off into the shadows cast to merge with the urban enviroment. With out without Lakis to establish an OP at another location.

Lex leaves for Muse Lodge [ML].

Skip leaves for Muse Lodge [ML].

Lakis happens to meet up with Hazzard along the way, as they find some place to set up.

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