Second Gear
Second Gear
Summary: Zaharis vists Reed in recovery.
Date: 36 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
36 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.

Reed is in bed, reading a book, a piece of classic Cancerion literature. he looks pretty engrossed.

Zaharis has been in here plenty of times, his recent signatures covering Reed's chart, but never when the Major was awake. Visiting hours he's always left to others. Bad timing today, though. He steps quietly into the room, his left arm loaded up with stuff, and pauses seeing Reed up. "Well. Good morning."

Reed looks up as Zaharis comes in, "Well, hello there, Doctor." He closes the book. "So, to what do I owe the visit?"

Zaharis comes over closer to the bed, so he can dump his armload down on the chair nearby. There's a thick report in a black folder, several books, and a handheld computer. "Figured I'd do my part in stimulating your brain waves. We've discussed that whole resting on laurels syndrome thing; would be a shame to have to put you down after all that."

Reed smiles, looking at the paperwork, "Has Reighner spoken with you yet?"

"Talked about two days ago about what he wanted to do with himself, yeah." Zaharis pulls the other chair closer and sits, resting his arms down on his knees. "Why, what's up?"

Reed shrugs, "He was in last night and said he thought I might be able to get some limited mobility soon, so I can hobble around in a robe with an IV stand like some old fart. I do have to admit the room is starting to remind me of a large box, and there's no holes poked in the top."

Zaharis nods, reaching up to scratch the back of his head. "Roubanis and I are trying to get you up as fast as we can, Major. I promise you. Everything's looking very good. Should think we can test you up on your feet tonight. If your body -really- behaves, we might even be okay with releasing you to bedrest in berthings in two days."

Reed smiles, nodding, "That's good news. I've asked Rhea to scout me up a lower bunk in the berthings already. One you haven't shortsheeted."

Zaharis smiles in return, folding his hands. The expression looks a little different on him now, his face subtly more angular from weight loss. "Swear to you, no practical jokes until you can fight back. I'm not that dirty." He rubs his nose and reaches over to tap the stack of stuff. "Don't know how much of this you'll like…it's pretty random. Stuff from our biochem lab if you were feeling nosy about progress." He picks up the handheld and turns it towards Reed with a slight smirk. "And I copied my RPGs over for you."

Reed smirks, taking the handheld, "Oh wow, that's great. Thank you." He looks at the paperwork "Reighner mentioned the lab was meant for analysis and the like." He frowns, "What about our drug supply? How's that?"

Zaharis sits back, absently biting off a piece of one of his compulsively-chewed fingernails. "Not good. And Reighner's right, the lab's meant for analysis, not synthesis. There's some hard numbers and predictions in those files, I figured you'd be interested."

Reed nods to the files, "Yeah. I am." He looks to the condition indicator, "What's going on?"

"Carina and the rest of the fleet jumped off to standby coords." Zaharis replies, resting his arms down on the chair arms. "Command hasn't handed anything down on why yet."

Reeds brows pop briefly and he takes his handheld, turning it over in his hands. "Well, if you don't know, then Medical isn't hip to it, so no ones dying. Okay." He looks to Zaharis. "You look like shit, you know. I don't see you that often, so it's noticeable."

"So do you," Zaharis replies, very blithely and with a slight smirk. "Seriously, that's a face only Rhea could love."

Reed nods, "And she does." He sighs, smiling, "It's going very well. We're in love and happy with the new realization. There's an added charm of us taking it slow too because of my status." He smirks, looking at the screen as he lets his thumb move over the controls. "Taking a couple rounds does that, I guess." He turns the back of his handheld to face Zaharis, and a small flash comes from the machine, as he looks at the screen, "What's your excuse?"

Zaharis rolls his eyes slightly at the question and smiles, glancing at the back of the handheld. He's silent a few seconds before he says, warmly, "Yeah, that was a fairytale, alright. Too bad that camera wasn't still going the first time you saw her, or I could've made millions one day making that into a soap opera."

Reed smirks, "Well, I'd had enough of losing time, and figured it was past the moment to actually do something about things." He looks at the handheld screen. "Something's working at the back of my mind, just haven't gotten a grip on it yet."

"Sounds like you, yeah." Zaharis smirks, lifting his hand to chew off the rest of his ragged thumbnail. "Something about you and Rhea?"

Reed looks from his handheld to Zaharis, "No. Something about you. when did you start eating your own fingernails?" He tilts his head, all other diatractions gone, he can focus on what's in front of him completely.

Zaharis' hand stops. Then he shrugs, wiping his thumb against his scrub pants. "Quit smoking a couple days ago. Mind's apparently decided fingernails are an appropriate substitute, and who am I to argue?" He lifts his chin towards the handheld. "Any on there you haven't played before? Doubt it. Might get some nostalgia value out of it, though."

Reeds brows lift. "You stopped smoking. You?" He smirks, nodding, "Well that would explain it. I never thought I'd see that, with everything you've told me already, I figured they'd bury you with a pack clutched in your cold, dead hand." He tilts his head, "I thought people gained weight when they quit smoking, not lost it."

Zaharis shrugs again, glancing at the stack of books he'd brought in for Reed. "Some people do. It's no big deal." He stretches his arms up restlessly, lacing his fingers behind his head and out of sight. "No big deal. Do it, get it over with, you know. Staff loves me right now, let me tell you." His eyes come back to Reed. "So how've you been feeling? Imagine it's still kind of disorienting…the good and the bad."

Reed nods, "I'd imagine they do." He looks at the books, nodding, then back to Zaharis, "I'm pretty uncomfortable. Keep imagining I can feel my muscles going, and I'm sore, but that's lessening. I guess for the first three post op days I was a much less complaining patient, hmm?"

Zaharis chuckles quietly. "Maybe. But we'd rather have you this way." He lifts his chin and then nods. "That's common enough. It'll get much better once you're able to move around and get some mild exercise. Might be good if you, Rhea, and I can all talk and I'll show her how to help you with some therapy in the berthings…and no, I didn't mean it like -that-."

Reed tsks, "Well, damnit then where's the fun?" He smirks, "No, I know the dangers. sex too soon and I might come inreveled, literally. That's fine. Am I going to get a torturer to do my PT then? Or does Rhea get to punish me? She'd like that."

"We have a trained practitioner, actually. Got her from the Carina." Zaharis smiles. "She'll be working with you, but it'll be important to keep it up even when you're not actively here. Team effort and all that."

Reed snorts, "You just want me in pain at every turn. I'm onto you." He says with a light tone of joking. "Guess I'll need to get a new set of uniforms and the like from General Distribution. Specificly one of those robes they give in the swimming outfits. I know what these paper gowns look like from behind."

Zaharis laughs quietly. "Yeah, sorry about that. Convenience factor. I promise nobody's been taking pictures." He pauses a moment, unfolding his hands from behind his head and tucking them instead between the chair and the small of his back. "Speaking of which. While you were out there was a camera in here recording everything. Your visitors, your reactions to things. Helped us analyze things. They're in your medical file now. Under our ethics, you have the right to see them if you ever choose to."

Reed smiles, "Oh goodie, home movie time. Eve was kind of skiddish in here with me, made me wonder what kind of drawing you people had done on my face while I was under. It'll help pass the time."

Zaharis smiles, beaming innocence as best he can. Which is to say, not very well. "No, really, we were all very civil. Dr. Sloan was just very worried for you. Lot of people were."

Reed nods, "I'm kind of getting that idea." He smiles. "It's a little unnerving to realize how people react to your near death."

"Unnerving?" Zaharis shifts in his chair, pulling an ankle up over his knee. His hands come out of hiding, folding across his waist. "I would bet it is. In what ways?"

Reed shrugs, "Oh the looks they give, that 'Is it really you?' look. Reighner gave me a rather stilted check over of my thought processes when he came in. Sloan.. I'm not sure, she's got a lot of rocks in her ruck. That's obvious. Rhea's whats keeping me sane, right now. I haven't felt like this since Kelly about someone."

Zaharis smiles a little. "Just be sure you do the same for her, Major. She went through a lot when we weren't sure if you'd pull through. Was almost as worried about her as I was about you."

Reed looks at Zaharis, "Rhea, right?" He leans slightly in Zaharis's direction, pointing to his own eyes, suddenly the determination of the man who jumped his station into a Cylon fleet and then turned it into a black hole. "I love her. I'm dedicated to her. I'll be happy making her happy, and if anything hurts her, I'll cheerfully destroy it, one atom at a time."

Zaharis holds Reed's eyes, never having been one to be afraid to. He seems to search while Reed talks, and for a few seconds even after the man goes silent again. His own dark eyes are impossible to really read. "Alright," he says, finally. "Don't worry, I'm not going to do the whole threatening to break your legs if you hurt her thing, I think it's tacky. And I believe you."

Reed settles back then and considers, "Anyway, I need to figure out what I'm going to do when I get back on my feet and when the Commander decides what to do with me. He stopped by to throw more metal at me, but didn't mention what I was going to be doing once I'm ambulatory."

Zaharis nods slightly. "Congrats. And yeah, I'm sure he's still thinking on that. If you had your way, what would you -want- to do?"

Reed smiles, "If I had my way? I'd go on leave with Rhea to Flansons Retreat and spend the next month with her on a beach, in pools that have swim-up bars, and a hotel with a large, warm bed while Genny went through a full dry dock and everyone got a nice debriefing over a steak dinner."

Zaharis half-smiles, a little blandly. "I'll rephrase. If you had your way without having to resort to miracles…what would you want to do?"

Reed sighs at Zaharis, and it's -at- him. "Spoiling my fun. Frakker. Okay, I don't know, Weapons? I'm pretty well qualified to handle Weapons systems and be a Watch Officer. CIC maybe?"

Zaharis nods. "Alright." He thinks for a long moment, then makes a show of sitting back and closing his eyes. "-Now- you can go on about the beach and steak dinners."

Reed smiles, sitting back, "Well, I guess you and Adele can have a suite in the hotel. There's this place, the water is sapphire blue, and it's a huge cove. no sharks enter it at all. the sand is a blazing white, and the resort streches for miles of cultivated areas. Golf courses, pools. You can get seafood fresh five minutes ago brought to you steaming."

"Ahhh…" Zaharis stretches his arms and brings his hands in to fold them again. Both hands have a very subtle tremor as they move, that quiets once his fingers are laced. "I don't think I've ever even seen a place like that. Did they have them on Caprica or something?"

Reed nods, "Yeah, a couple places like that, in the equatorial zones." He smiles, looking at the celing. "Ground and air taxis free to guests, and topless beaches just a ride from the main resort. They also had skimmer, cutter and flyer rentals there so if you wanted to spend the day driving, boating or even flying, provided you were qualified, you could."

Zaharis quirks a brow, eyes still closed. "No shit? Sounds like a slice of paradise." He lets his eyes open, lifting his head again. "Rhea'd like that, yeah…bet she would."

Reed chuckles, "Yeah." He says fondly, and blinks, looking around, "Well nice little mindtrip. So what's been going on while I've been in here?"

Zaharis draws in a breath, making a thoughtful face as his eyes open. "Recovery, mostly. Reorganisation everywhere. I'm not a great source, my radius of movement has been admittedly small."

Reed snorts, "Well, mine has been nil, so, you know, in the land of the blind and all." He smirks, then considers, "Getting mobile, on my feet, it's going to hurt, isn't it?" He asks, thoughtfully.

"Yes," Zaharis has never been one to lie. "Not as much as you probably think, but there'll be some pain. Second day will be the worst, being sore from the first plus trying again. It'll be tiring too; your muscles are out of practice. But we're going to do this carefully, not let you overstress your body."

Reed nods, "Okay. Pain I can handle. Not worried about that. I'll work on getting stronger as much as I'm allowed." He settles back, "Waiting is driving me nuts."

"I know." Zaharis replies, with some definite sympathy. "But we're doing this slowly so you don't end up hurting yourself and stuck in here even longer. I know that doesn't help at all, but it's true. We'll look at things tonight, check your range of motion. Even if you don't get far it might make you feel better."

Reed nods, "I'm sure it will, just being doing something proactive for my recovery. I just need to know what that is." He smirks. "I won't do anything without knowing what it is, how it helps, and how to best do it."

[Intercom] Pass the word. Major Gaelan, report to the Ward Room.
[Intercom] Pass the word. Colonel Fotilas, report to the Ward Room.

"We'll miss having such a model patient around," Zaharis says, smirking. He shifts in his chair, leaning forward again to rest his arms on his knees. His fingers pick at his cuticles. "Well, knowing that I'll probably set you free before the weekend's up, there anything in particular from the outside that you want?"

Reed nods, "Yeah, set of clothes from General Distribution. Standard stuff." He looks at Zaharis, "You'll want to get some too, I think you lost a size. Really, Zaharis, utter shit. If the XO or CO sees you like that, you'll get stomped, and sent for a medical workup."

There's an abrupt shutdown behind Zaharis' dark eyes, even as his tone stays light. "They'll be happier my office doesn't reek anymore. Anyway, I'll have them find you something." He stands up. "Nothing else, just clothes?"

Reed nods, "Rhea will be glad to stop sacrificing snipes cleaning out the nicotine deposits from the vents. No, right now, with the data and the clothes, just make sure about that robe. No free ass flashes for your staff, Doctor."

Zaharis chuckles quietly, drumming his fingers rapidly against the back of the chair. "Not even if they pay? They're going to be devastated, Carter. Ruined. Alright, let me see what I can do. I'll be back later tonight and we'll see if we can't do something about that waiting fever."

Reed nods, "Thank you. It'll be good to move on to the next phase of recovery."

"Second gear, on from there." Zaharis pushes the chair back into its place with his foot, pausing a second before he says sincerely, "And hey. It's good to see you." That said he turns and heads for the door.

Reed smiles, "Good to see you too, Zaharis. Glad to be back."

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