Military Ships

The Marines handle security aboard the military ships.


The marines are stationed at critical areas throughout the ship, and perform roving patrols. See the Marines page for more information about the distribution of marine sentries throughout the ship.


There are security cameras in the stairwells, critical areas (like engineering, CIC, the gun galleries, hangar deck), in the brigs, and near each arms locker.

Arms Lockers

The small arms lockers are secured with an electronic keypad lock. All officers, enlisted crew members E5 and higher, and marine small arms/ordinance technicians are issued personalized codes to the arms lockers that work at all times.

Marine crew E1-E4 are issued personalized codes that normally only work for the arms locker in the marine office, Deck 14 (where the marine weapons are kept). This allows them to sign out their weapon for drills and practice. During Condition 1 and 2 ONLY, those codes will work for arms lockers throughout the ships.

The marine security station can override (lock out) any or all arms lockers. It also has security logs of all access (which can be traced to a specific individual by their personalized code).

There are weapons in the firing range that can be signed out for use in the range only. A marine guard supervises the signouts and makes sure people don't walk off with the guns or ammo.

Security Zones

Rooms aboard Genesis and the other military ships are categorized into one of three security zones. The security zone is indicated in the room description. If you OOCly wander in by accident, leave immediately. Hatches marking a border between a public area and duty/restricted areas are marked with red paint so they would be hard to miss ICly.

Anyone entering an off-limits area would be detained and possibly arrested.

Public Area

These areas are open to anyone aboard the ship.

Note also: Civilian visitors are still subject to the rules.

Duty Area

These are general duty areas where the day to day work of the ship is conducted. They are off-limits to civilian personnel unless the civilian has a pass (normally given only to contractors) or is escorted by a crew member.

Even with an escort, civilians must have reason for being here. Tours must be authorized by the CO or XO and thus are uncommon.

Since most of the ship is a Duty Area, there are no special security guards or anything at the entrances. However, most of these areas do have roving marine patrols or marine guards stationed around, so it would be hard for a civilian to wander around unnoticed.

Restricted Area

These are sensitive areas of the ship that are off limits to anyone except specially authorized personnel. This includes areas such as the arms lockers, weapons storage, engine controls, and so forth.

Restricted areas are always guarded by marine sentries. Many have keypad lock systems. Nuclear weapon storage has a fingerprint ID lock system.

The CO or XO may authorize individuals to utilize restricted areas in special circumstances (for example: using the situation room for pilot training or the aft damage control for a room clearing exercise when they are not in use).

Civilian Ships

The MPs have completely taken over security/police duties on all ships and the Marines have taken over guard duty against boarding actions (and guarding critical areas).

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