She's No Lady
She's No Lady
Summary: Some of Pandora's Marines have a few things to say to Manny.
Date: 7 BCH (Nov 6, 2008)
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Taproom Support Station PAS - Deck 1

7 BCH 2235 Souls

This large, open area was once a secondary observation platform. It has been taken over by quasi official forces and made into a drinking establishment known as the Taproom. A bar running along the inner wall is stocked with bottles and a solar cell has been taken apart, giving the back of the wall a high mirror finish, reflecting the bottles and the rest of the room. The outer wall is transparent, and unless a Condition status requires the lowering of the shielding, the glow of the stars and TER-745 is visible through the windows. Several tables and chairs are about the area and hidden speakers play music from some player hidden away. At the bar is a menu set up for anyone to read. <+detail here/menu>

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Wireless 632


Manny is seated at a table with Reed, with nachos and coffee currently tapping her pen against a notebook and smirking at Reed with a roll of her eyes. "Good to know, I have a rep ya know?" Then she notes the new arrivals with a critical eye and her usual thoughtful onceovers but sadly her attention is stolen back by Reed and that badge. "Come again?"

Looking over in the direction indicated by Troy, Warwick nods a bit. "Far from the worst place I've been. Lacks the live music, though." Following over in the direction of the snacks bar.

Reed smirks at Manny, touching the badge on the table, "The reception on the Genesis at the end of the week. This is your badge for it. It'll be a good time. No need to dress up in a costume though, not this time.

Arriving in the company of a couple of other off duty marines (who promptly make their excuses and swan off somewhere at the back of the room), Rooster heads over to the bar, orders himself a neat whisky and a plate of the hottest wings they do and takes his booty to an empty table. No paperwork at least for the big Gunny today, which is something. Warwick gets a nod and then all are ignored in order to focus on the chicken.

Lakis wanders into the taproom behind some group of people after rolling off her nightshift. Noticing Rooster, she gives the man a slight grin and skirts her way around some slow walkers. Coming up to the bar, she pats her hand there a moment, "Beer and a shot. This day already needs one." Her fingers continue to drum the bartop as she looks around the room.

"What's it for?" Manny finally asks, dropping her pen to reach out and tug the badge closer, squinting at it. "I mean, do I gotta wear a dress and everything?" Her accent thickens a bit in her uncertainty. "Is it something really special?"

Reed smiles to Manny and replies soothingly, "You can wear whatever you like, Manny. Military personnel have Dress Greys optional. I'm not going to be wearing my greys, but it's to celebrate the Station going into final construction phase." Reed beeps, and pulls a handheld from his pocket, and looks at it, rising from the chair, he then looks at Manny. "It's going to be worth it to be there."

Troy makes it to the snacks and grabs a bottled water, cracking the cap in his big hands and tossing it into a nearby bin. A bag of pretzels is next, and then he's leaning back against the bar, watching the room in general. "Hound. How goes it?" He asks of the other pilot at the bar.

Adele comes in from Passageway.

Three more marines roll into the taproom and head to the bar, giving the bartender a shout and ordering up. They do alot of boasting and braying about some of their range firing this morning. One of them looks over the room and nudges the other two as he gives a low, whistle to Manny. His eyes moving along her legs and tight shorts, "Whoo, baby, didn't know they had you around." He also does some male pants adjusting as he winks.

Lakis smirks at the other marines and looks over to Manny as she downs her shot and then works slower on the beer. Mostly she just keep silent and watches this play out.

Lakis' grin is met by Rooster nodding (his mouth full of chicken and neat scotch). A pause to swallow and a moment to place her before, "You're that Marine from the Assaultstar, right?" is called over to her, "Come sit, I think you're one of my lads now. Lakis, right?" To cement the invite, the Gunny kicks the chair out opposite him. The three marines cause Rooster to snarl, quite audible even in the noise of the taproom, "Three more for the MOUT drilling tomorrow morning, by the looks," he remarks further, "Disciplines frakkin' shot here." Someone is pissy.

Warwick shrugs a bit as he hears that question. "Well enough," he replies. "How about you?" He then glances over towards those new arrivals for a couple of moments. Shaking his head a bit as he listens, "Oh dear… Here we go," he mutters, before he makes sure to get himself something to drink.

Manny frowns and gives another tiny nod. "Then I'll try to be there…and not dress like a complete ho." She coughs and then eyes Reed thoughtfully. "Thanks Major." She picks up the badge, unbuttoning a couple buttons of her shirt to start working it down in a natural pocket before she pauses and tilts her head to the side, looking over her shoulder in the direction of that 'compliment' so to speak. Good hearing's a bitch sometimes. "That's the same thing your papi said last night, chico, maybe when you grow up I'll tell you what else he said." She raises her voice some.

One of these things is not like the other… Adele arrives shortly after the three macho marines. She deftly steps around them, preferring to ignore the potential developing row completely, and strides towards a table in the back.

Reed nods to Manny. "Believe me, you'll be there. You won't want to miss this." He looks to the shouts that have the complete style of a construction worker. He then looks back to Manny as she replies, "I'll leave you to your fan club." He raps on the table twice and heads for the exit, looking at his handheld again.

"You betcha, Gunny," Lakis intones as she breaks from the other marines at the bar to head over and sit with Rooster. Folding into a chair, she just slumps and chuckles as Rooster makes his comments to the group.

The boasterous winking Marine doesn't seem put off by Rooster's words and he watches as the badge is put away while he saunters on over to Manny. "Spitfire too, just the way I like 'em. What did my daddy say, baby doll? Bend over?" The other two marines remain behind and do their nudging and snickering at their friend. Even a Major in the room doesn't seem to bother them. "I got ten saying she bends both ways."

"Not bad, not bad," Troy says in his clipped, Aerelon accent. "CAG's had me workin like a dog though. Tell me why I wanted a transfer to a senior squadron position again, Lietenant?" He laughs though and takes a swig from his water bottle.

The Major in the room seems to be on his way out after all, and looks to be working. Reed, gives a little wave to a few people he knows and heads out, tapping his handheld.

Reed leaves for Passageway [O].

"That's what the CAG do," Warwick replies with a chuckle. Getting his beer, he takes a sip from it, before he offers a grin to Troy. "Maybe you were drunk, or something?" he asks, a bit lightly. Eyes moving to follow the Marines and Manny, frowning for a few moments.

"Excuse me just a moment there, Lakis," Rooster says, before standing and loping over to the winking Marine, "If I have to go through another "sexual harrassment, contractors and you" seminar, Marine, I will not be a happy man." Rooster explains, the voice of calm reason. "Now, unhappy sergeants mean unhappy marines, shite sliding downwards as it does. If you simply have to run your frakking mouth off, run it off to a Marine. That way they can beat seven shades out of you and save me paperwork and seein' that bloody video again. Thank You." The big Gunny, empathic as always, keeps eyecontact with the winker until he gets a reply.

Zaharis comes in from Passageway.

"Mmm…" Manny is quiet though, waving to Reed. "Take care Major, and thank you again." She offers softly, politely even. And then she's rising from her seat and looking the marine up and down, from his feet, all the way to his head and then back down and she just reaches out to pick up her cup of coffee, dipping a finger into it to check the temperature. Sucking the liquid off said finger and glancing towards the other marines and then looking back to the one talking to her. "No. That was my line. Your papi's a freak." And while Rooster is talking to solder boy? Manny is dumping her cup of hot coffee on him (soldier boy) then snapping towards the marines at the bar. "I just won a bet about /your/ mothers the other day about the very same thing. What a coincidence." See, now everything is okay cuz Rooster is talking and she has an empty coffee cup. So she's heading back to the bar.

Having ordered some clear drink at her table, Adele reaches for the glass when it's brought to her, watching the scene unfold with a detached interest from afar. She takes a sip, eyes flickering up and down the three marines and Rooster as he attempts to deal with them.

The other Marine, also a Sergeant, with the last name of 'Mercer' over his pocket and from the Pandora, turns to give a look to Rooster, "Seems like you should be showing that vid to the contractors. Especially ones that looks like she does and obviously wants to be frakked three ways from Sunday." He leers back to Manny, "Ain't that right chica, all you girls grow up knowing just how to please a man. Since your mama's never know who the father of their kids are." And then he gets the hot coffee dumped on him and he's suddenly snarling at the woman. His hand reaching out to grab her before she can get too far. "You bitch!"

Zaharis had just stepped into the place, in the middle of lighting a cigarette and right in time to spot Manny dumping coffee on a Marine. His dark eyes peer that way as he exhales smoke, and for a second he seems like he's about to ignore the conflict. Then the marine starts grabbing. Boy oh boy. "Hey. Whoa. What's going on in here?"

<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Unarmed_combat and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Mercer rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Warwick shakes his head a bit as he watches the scene in front of him. "Now that's how you treat people behaving badly, it seems," he comments, a bit absently. Sipping his beer. Beer and entertainment is a good combination, after all.

<Opposed Roll> Manny - Unarmed_Combat versus Mercer - Fair

<Roll1> Manny: Good <Roll2> Mercer: Good

<Result> DRAW!

"Frak, all I wanted was wings and a drink," Rooster says, leaving it too late to step between the two, instead frowning, "Sergeant, hands off and apologise to the lady." he adds, snapping back into drill sergeant mode, off duty or not. "Now, Sergeant."

It is a bit of everything, the comments about her mother hitting sore points. Cuz it is true! Manny doesn't know who her father is and has heard things like this almost her entire life. Her hand tightens around her coffee cup and some tears spring to her eyes but she isn't crying. She's simmering. She stares at Mercer, gritting her teeth. "You entitled uppity frakfaced sorry excuse for a military ma-" Then she's being grabbed and she's lashing out reflexively not that it does much good but as Rooster comes up finally she's dropping her coffee cup and swinging for his face. "Get OFF me!" See? She's a sweet girl.

Adele lowers her glass, staring at the fray with a disbelieving gaze. She looks suitably uncomfortable, grey eyes flicking from marine to marine, from Manny to Rooster and back. When Zaharis comes in, there's almost a measure of relief in her expression, as though he were somehow the savior of the universe… that is until it looks like he's about to intervene. Now she just looks alarmed.

Zaharis is not even close to intervening physically, too far away. Which is probably good. He eyes the Sergeant whose hand is on Manny, glancing at Rooster, and then back at the two. He hasn't even quite figured out what was even going on, besides a coffee bath. "Sergeant." That's to Mercer, readily backing up Rooster's words with the power of Officer Blue. "Get your hands off her and back the hell up."

Mercer snorts, "Frakkin bitch. If that is what you call a lady, you need glasses, Gunny." He looks over at the Captain coming in and grimaces, "Civilians ain't nothing but trouble on a ship," then down at his fatigues and growls more at the coffee that had been dumped on him. "So, glad they don't have rules to abide by." In reaction to the sudden swinging to his face, he ducks, well..if Rooster is coming up…he's in line of fist.

<Opposed Roll> Mercer - Fair versus Manny - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Mercer: Mediocre <Roll2> Manny: Terrible

<Result> Mercer WINS by 2.

<Opposed Roll> Rooster - Unarmed_Combat versus Manny - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Rooster: Mediocre <Roll2> Manny: Good

<Result> Manny WINS by 2.

Too busy bawling out the other Sergeant, Rooster manages to get clocked in the side of the head by Manny's blow with enough force that his vision blurs. Thats it, frak this, if punches are being thrown at HIM now then all hell may as well break loose. Apparently too dazed to notice the appearance of Officer Doc at his side, the big Gunny makes a grab for Mercer, aiming to restrain him (and get the boot in a few times for good measure. Cue Bar Brawl in 3..

<Opposed Roll> Rooster - Unarmed_Combat versus Mercer - Fair

<Roll1> Rooster: Good <Roll2> Mercer: Terrible

<Result> Rooster WINS by 4.

"COX!" Oh boy, they're making the Captain yell. Zaharis is now walking right towards them, regardless of fists, and not looking one bit pleased. "Both of you /stand down now/!"

Warwick grins a little bit as he watches the happenings now. "You know, this reminds me of a party I was at once. I think it was after the release of Gory Clusters." He says this to nobody in particular, and takes another large sip from his beer.

Mercer gets restrained by the Gunny and snaps out, "What the frak? I didn't touch the bitch nor you. She hit you, dumbass, what is your problem!" Mercer's friends seem to think the same thing, touting how the civvie started it with the coffee dumping since she can't take any razzing.

Okay, so it is just like some type of BAD military comedy. Manny swings at the man insulting her honor and then…Rooster is there. "Oh! Frak! Why'd you put your head there?!" Then she notices Zaharis finally, cringing before turning to hiss at Mercer, to get this in while she can. "You ever talk to me again like that or put a finger on me I will feed you your own huevos with a shrimp fork and shove your *insert crude term for wee wee here* so far up your own arse all you'll be able to say is I don't want to drop the soap anymore." Then she's done and flipping the buddies off, practically growling. "Didn't touch me? Didn't TOUCH me? Are you blind AND stupid you…" And then more foul language. This time about their fathers, goats, motor oil and parsnips…she has a vivid imagination. Manny is Mad.

With only a slight pause to consider slamming Mercer in the stomach before releasing him, Rooster decides against it, snapping to attention on Zaharis' orders, "Sir, Apologies, Sir," apparently still dazed, given by the slight shake to the salute, "Marines requiring discipline, Sir." he says.

The more Mercer and cronies seem to be completely ignoring the officer in the room, the more irritated Zaharis starts to look. "The entire lot of you, /shut up/." He snaps at the little Marine circle going on about coffee and civilians. "Hell of a face you're putting the Marines over here, going after a woman half your size in civvies. You proud of yourselves?" Then, directly to Mercer, "Name and commanding officer, Sergeant." He doesn't return Rooster's salute but does acknowledge it at least.

Manny is still seething and here, glaring and watching, fists clenching and unclenching. Over —-> there away from the main fray now.

Warwick finishes off his beer as he watches the happenings, and orders himself one more as he shakes his head a bit. Grinning a bit as he hears the colorful language used by Manny.

Mercer looks up to the Captain, "Sergeant Bale Mercer of The Magnificent Bastards and I report to one man. Captain Zeus!" He practically shouts it proudly and his marine friends give a 'Hoo-rah!" at the bar. "So, frak you and frak your pansy asses here sucking civilian tit. Looks like your Gunny is buried up to his hips in that 'lady'," he snarls out, emphasizing the slur on Lady.

Fighting the urge to turn on Mercer again, Rooster remains perfectly silent, even if his fists do clench.

Adele purses her lips at the slurs and other language being bandied about, sitting stock-still at her table with her eyes still on the group of marines. No sudden movements. She doesn't need to call attention to her own civilian state, prim though it may be.

"If I wanted your opinion I'd have asked for it, Sergeant." Zaharis replies to Mercer. "And I -know- Captain Desusa will love to hear about how his few and proud were in here making asses of themselves while shouting out his name. Sucking civilian tit, eh? Since you hate looking at civilians so much, take your asses back over the Genesis and cool off." His tone isn't making it an option to say no.

Lakis watches all this play out as she finishes one beer and orders up another one. Those marines she knows, since she has been with them for awhile. Her mouth remains shut though as the CMO deals out his words on the subject.

If Mercer is let go, he and his buddies head off from the taproom and back to the Genesis, each one grumbling in their own way.

Manny keeps glaring, nails cutting some into her palms where her fists are clenched and she finally just swears violently, covering her face with her hands and taking another deep and calming breath.

Zaharis doesn't glare at the retreating Marines, waiting until they've gone and the taproom's at least semi-quieted again. The CMO looks back over at Manny and Rooster, straightening his blue lapel. "Were either of you injured?"

Warwick shakes his head at the now more quiet taproom, leaning back in his seat again. Frowning a bit as he glances around the room rather carefully.

"Sir, no Sir," Rooster says in reply to the Doc, "I'll add the required harrassment seminar to the training program, Sir." the Gunny reluctantly assures Zaharis. "They will be disciplined. Permission to offer my apologies to the civilian, Sir?"

"I think I broke a nail on that one, doc, just to keep myself from laughing," Lakis chimes in and takes another deep drink of the beer in her hand. Propping one boot over the other on another chair, she gives off a lazy grin feeling the affect of the liquor in her system.

Adele exhales in relief as the marines go grumbling off, reaching for her glass to take another sip. She regards the upset Manny for a moment, considering… something. But she does not rise. Whatever she's thinking can wait, apparently. Her eyes flit to Zaharis, to Rooster, and then back to her table as her club sandwich is brought out.

Manny takes a deep breath and just folds her arms under her bosom, gritting her teeth and offering a shaky nod to Zaharis. She turns to Rooster and opens her mouth and closes it and then opens it again and closes it, shifting her weight from foot to foot awkwardly.

…then she remembers exactly what Zaharis said and she quickly shakes her head!

"At ease, Gunny, we're done here. Make sure Desusa knows about this, would you." Zaharis nods Rooster towards Manny, having no further intention of being all up in Marine business. He glances back at Lakis, tempted to smirk. Though he controls himself. "Sorry, Private. Left all the nail files back at base. You're on your own." At Manny's headshake he nods to her, pausing a moment before he just offers, in a strangely empathetic voice, "Don't let assholes get to you." A hand raises, signaling for a drink, and he starts to move away towards the tables.

Adele lifts her hand to Zaharis as he strides towards the tables, inviting him to join hers.

"My apologies, Miss," Rooster says as he turns to Manny, "On behalf of the entire Corps." he says, looking appropriately ashamed. "We're not all bastards." With that, the Gunny's apology seems to come to an end, the big man paying for his half-eaten wings, slamming down his whisky and stalking out to report to his superiors.

Now that the excitement seems to be over, Warwick shakes his head, as he gets another beer, and takes a sip. "Should have brought the guitar," he mutters, before looking over at the different people present, studying each of them for a few moments.

Manny opens her mouth and just stares in shock. People don't usually apologize! She just blinks slowly and clears her throat. "T-thank you and it is okay. Um. Thanks and uh err…yeah." She blinks and watches after the marine thoughtfully before heading to the bar. She needs a drink.

Zaharis pulls out a chair at Adele's table, unbuttoning the top of his fatigues shirt as he sits down. "When they said 'high-security top-secret research station at the Armistice Line'," he comments under his breath to his tablemate. "They actually meant 'sixth grade'. You might be able to sue for misinformation."

Lakis watches as Rooster storms out, Zaharis finds a spot with Adele, Warwick does his assessment of the room and Manny glares and hisses?. She downs another shot brought over to her.

Reighner comes in from Passageway.

"If that were the case," Adele states, cutting the sandwich in half, "Then someone could've just shouted out 'food fiiiight' in the middle of the whole thing, and it would've worked itself out without you having to play your officer card. Or principal card, as it were." Her tone, though joking, is clearly a little shaken. She picks up half of the sandwich and slides the plate with the other half towards Zaharis.

Rooster has left.

Zaharis looks grateful at the sandwich, tugging the plate towards his arm. "It happens. They'll get theirs though, if I know Marine brass. Relax a little." He gives her a mild grin, then glances back at the bar. Pilot, Marine, and civvie left. "Any of you guys want to come sit?" He motions to the couch nearby. "We could sing kumbaya or something."

Warwick takes another sip from his beer, and gets to his feet. Looking over at Zaharis, he shrugs a bit before nodding, "Only that song, or other songs too, sir?" he remarks, a bit lightly. Starting to make his way in that direction.

"Alls well that ends well, I always say," Lakis raises her beer again and drinks deeply, wiping her mouth off soon after. "No one pays attention to Mercer, he's just looking for a frak. His steady frak got shot on the bridge, so the boy's probably a little worked up right now."

Manny order something to drink, something strong. A couple of shots, which she downs. Quickly. Then she's heading to pick her notebook up off of a table, shaking her head at Zaharis again and tucking her pen behind an ear and turning to head out of the Taproom, quickly! She has to go not cry about typical girl things like…family up bringing, her mother, her child out of wedlock…etc.

Reighner pokes his head into the taproom. He's dressed a bit oddly — civilian clothes, with a stethescope around his neck. He squints and searches.

Manny has left.

Adele bites into her sandwich, the toasted bread emitting a satisfying crunch as she does so. She chews, reaching out to pull the plate so it sits in between she and Zaharis, then sets her half on it. Watching Warwick approach, she comments, "I'm pretty sure Kumbaya would just excaserbate the situation."

Zaharis looks at Lakis for a moment, and some moment of recognition flickers in his brown eyes. He glances at the exit but doesn't say anything, attention going back to his half of the sandwich as he picks the top layer of bread off and starts eating it separately from the rest. It's a carb day, apaprently. He grins at Adele, then Warwick gets a mild look of fear. "So long as it's not Leonis squaredance music, I'm good." He brushes off his fingers and notes Reighner wandering in, lifting a hand to signal to the doctor.

"Leonis squaredance…" Warwick considers that for a few moments, expression a bit thoughtful for a few moments, before he shakes his head, "Nah, not my kind of music." He offers a nod and a smile to Adele. "I don't believe we've met? JB Warwick, but most people around here call me Hound." That said, he offers his hand in greeting.

Lakis rests her hands across her stomach in a linked fashion as she drowsily watches the ceiling of the room and notices some waterstains already. A yawn escapes from the marine and then a small beer belch follows. "Scuse me." She does notice Reighner doing a look around the place. "Think there are enough doc's in this place?"

Adele returns Warwick's smile with one of her own: a subdued, but pleasant enough expression. She extends her hand to him, shaking firmly. "Dr. Adele Pike. Adele." She releases the hand, then goes for the sandwich again, adding "Nice to meet you, JB," before taking another bite. As Zaharis hails Reighner and Lakis comments on the abundance of medical doctors in the hizzouse, her eyes go in that direction.

Reighner notices Zaharis's wave, and he approaches them. He doesn't seem very well-rested, with dark bags under his eyes that become more visible the closer he is, but somehow he manages to look alert. "Guys," he nods to the assembled at the table. "Jesse, could I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure, Matt." Zaharis picks up his water glass and downs two quick swallows, leaving the plate of beheaded sandwich for Adele to finish off. "I've got to get back over to the Genesis, actually…walk with me?" He gives the rest of the table a mild smile, with a more real one for Adele before he turns to head with the Captain.

Lakis rises up and stretches out, arms above her head and then shakes herself a little. Paying her tab, she heads out of the taproom to get some much needed sleep.

You head towards Passageway.

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