Shrink's Welcome
Shrink's Welcome
Summary: Eve meets a bunch of people in Sickbay after the PAS's surprise jump.
Date: 4 BCH (9 November 2008)
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Chief Medical Officers Office Genesis - Deck 13
4 BCH 2235 Souls

The office of the Chief Medical Officer is a small room, used mostly for consultations and review of sensitive patient materials than the paperwork of the Medical department, which goes through the Naval Administrative offices. Still somehow it has file cabinets along one wall stuffed full of papers, two chairs in front of a desk behind which a large leather chair is set. On the desk sits a computer terminal.

Zaharis is at his desk, eyes flickering back and forth across his computer screen as he reads something quite long. As the door knock and after he calls his permission, he looks that way and folds his arms on the desk.

Eve sticks her head in first, her lips wearing a warm enough smile. She's lacking the usual brashness that accompanies the pins on her shoulders, but she's bred for a softer touch. "Captain." She greets, stepping into his room fully and straightening up her stance. A hand reaches behind her, to close the door quietly. "Lieutenant Evelyn Sloan, Em-Dee reporting for duty, sir."

[Intercom] Attention! Now hear this. PAS station returning to normal operation. All PAS personnel, free to return to station. That is all.

Zaharis' dark eyes narrow slightly, and then blink twice as he flips through his mental files. Sawyer, Selman… "Ah, yes! Sloan. From the Pandora, correct?"

Eve dips her head slightly in concession, "That would be me, yes sir. I've already settled into my new office, though they are still…" She blanches, just slightly, "Collecting my scattered files from my previous posting."

Zaharis smiles. The expression is mildly sympathetic but not in the least bit patronising. "You'll be up to speed in no time. I'd been meaning to come over there and have a chat with you. Someone's file only says so much, as I'm sure I don't have to tell a psychologist. Have a seat for a few minutes." He nods to the carafe on his desk and the clean cups. "Coffee drinker?"

Eve rolls her shoulders, a bit of tension easing from them, "I am, thank you, sir." Her smile becomes softer, moving across his office to settle in a chair opposite him at the desk. A mug is flipped over, and the carafe reached for, though she offers first to refill his cup should he wish it. "I think they teach you to stomach it black in basic."

Zaharis laughs, a single breath. He does push his cup forward so she can refresh the puddle of sludge left in the bottom. "I think they did. Been so long I can barely remember anymore." He waits until she's filled her cup and settled in before he starts in. "So, Lieutenant. Tell me a bit about your training?"

Eve leans over the steam of the mug, as if the aroma of the brew were anything to savor. "Interesting place to start." She observes quietly, before taking a sip that has the corners of her eyes crinkling. Then, "Same as yours, I imagine. Just a different subject matter. Just a bit more metaphysical than physical."

Zaharis smiles. "If you weren't prescribing medication, I might agree fully with you. But you acknowledge the same that I do, just with a few less visuals. And your terminology's a little easier to spell. Did you specialise in a particular area of psych?"

Eve settles back into her chair a little bit more, "Cognitive-behavioral science. Though of course, the nature of my schooling was to touch on all four primary theoretical orientations." Her smile turns into a bit of a smirk. "Much against my parents' wishes."

Zaharis smirks, also sitting more comfortably to rest his back for a minute or two. "Not often you see someone who manages to get an MD and still disappoint their parents. I'm impressed." He sips his coffee, a careful sip since it's still quite hot. "How long were you aboard the Pandora?"

Eve seems on the verge of laughter, but instead of the chuckle passing her lips, it merely dances in her eyes. "They would have rathered I had been a brain surgeon, instead of brain picker, as it were." Her lips press together for a brief moment, as the Pandora once more surfaces. "A year. Long enough to call it home, Sir."

Zaharis nods once. "I understand. Well, whatever you need to get best acclimated here, you only need let us know. Was the Pandora your first posting off the colonies, or are you old hat?"

Eve shifts the coffee cup to her other hand, if only to allow her weight to resettle on her right hip, and her left leg to cross the other. "My first, sir, prior to that I worked primarily on bases located in my home colony. Even after a year in the black, I still miss sunrises."

"So it goes." Zaharis smiles. "Makes you appreciate them more when you get back to them, or so they say. Whoever 'they' are." Another sip of coffee, and he nods, setting the mug down. "I think you'll find life here fairly similiar to the Pandora, Lieutenant; we follow the same protocols as any away ship. You'll receive your referrals from other doctors and likely a few from the PAS as well as their psychiatry department is much smaller than ours is. If you run into anything you need, the request process is very efficient. And if you have any problems that you need to bring to me, by all means do so."

Eve rests the bottom of her mug on the meat of her thigh, tilting her head slightly in that way that makes you look as if you have something utterly profound to say. "I prefer to think that 'they' are a bunch of stogey old fellows who sit around a bland boardroom with an oversized book where they take turns writing all this stuff down." A poor attempt at humor, perhaps, but it has one corner of her mouth lifting higher than the other. "Thank you, Captain. I trust as to the nature of my practice, that all files are able to be maintained confidential, unless the patient is apt to harm themselves or others. And that anyone who wishes may seek me for counsel?"

Zaharis smiles slightly, then nods to her question. "Both correct. We uphold doctor-patient privilege here to the highest standard, barring cases where it would be detrimental to a member of the crew. A superior officer -can- ask for records, but there is procedure involved to prove that it is absolutely relevant to a matter. That goes through JAG and is closely looked at before anything is released. Any member of crew may come to you freely for counsel, yes. They need to be brought through intake as any other patient, but that it is a psychiatric consult is generally available only to myself and my XO."

Eve wets her lips quickly before another sip of coffee is taken, her eyelashes touch her cheeks for an overlong moment, as if she's letting his words sink. "Good." Dark eyes filter back open, finding the Captain again. "I'm sorry, sir, who is the XO? I…haven't really had a chance to meet anyone yet. Buried under an avalanche of paperwork, I didn't even make it down to the reception."

"Didn't make it? What a shame, you missed a good show." Zaharis rubs his chin with a slight smirk, then folds his hands. "Lieutenant Jia Hammond, who you'll see around. Don't get too used to her though, her tour ends in a week." Then he'll have to find another, joy. "Have you been over to the PAS yet?"

Eve gives a nervous sort of laugh, the type that's given when you were just caught with your hand in the cookie jar: guilty. "I…have not, sir. No. My few short hours aboard the Genesis have been spent sorting, filing… I dare say I'm alphabetizing in my dreams now. Deck nine, twelve, and thirteen are all I have ventured." Food, sleep, work.

Zaharis hehs quietly. "Well, there will be time for that." Just then his intercom buzzes, a voice from reception cutting in to tell him that the Chief Engineer is outside. He looks back at Eve and stands. "Have you met Captain Zimmerman? Now would be the perfect time. I have to return her child."

Eve blinks, "Her..child, sir?" The quizzical question comes as she echoes his movements, finding her feet and discreetly slipping her coffee cup to rest on the edge of her desk. "No, sir, I haven't made her acquaintance." Palms smoothe over the front pleats of her pants, a hint of nervousness as anyone might possibly be, thrust out of her element.

Zaharis grins a little at Eve's expression, motioning her out.

You head towards Sickbay.

Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
4 BCH 2235 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

"More?" Taylor grunts with Craven's notice about it hurting more. "Frak if I ever go diving on that station again," he sighs and looks back to his arms. Its gonna have to happen. "Fine. Then lets get it over with." The burley Chief is getting patched up and looks pretty badly singed by something. D'Artanion and Craven are tending to him with Craven in the lead. Taylor does /not/ look happy. Rhea is hanging by the nurse's station. The Chief turns his eyes up to D'Art and nods. "Yeah. Pills. For the pain. Pills good."

Zaharis lets Eve go ahead of him out of his office, pulling the door shut behind him. He glances at the group around Taylor but doesn't disturb them right now, he being in the medics' trusted hands for the time being. "Captain Zimmerman. Back from the jumping skyscraper in one piece, excellent. Have you met Lieutenant Eve Sloan?" He gestures towards the woman with him. "New psychiatrist, from the Pandora. Lieutenant, Captain Rhea Zimmerman, best engineer you'll ever meet."

D'Artanion nods to Craven. She opens a 'dosage pouch' and shakes two pills out into a plastic 'dose' cup. A cup of water is poured and set next to the wounded man. A bendy straw is added to the water, then cup with the pills is lifted, "Coming up, Tiger. You're going to have to let me handle getting them to your mouth, though." She holds the cup up to his mouth. When they are accepted, she lifts the class of water. Craven gets another nod, "Cot it covered, Stitch." More softly, "Thanks." If the others are noted, she does not acknowledge them just yet.

Eve only gives a quick cursory glance to the those attending to the wounded man, making it an interesting point to avert her gaze after that. Her posture retakes a bit of its rigidity as she's introduced to the engineer, "Captain." The smile she wears is a genuine one, even if its tinged with a hint of nervousness. Fish out of water, is easy to spot.

The entry of Zaharis and Eve arn't noticed into the room until the Doc speaks, though Craven doesn't turn to acknowledge them, consindering the issue at hand. Using the sterile bandging, he sets about wrapping the Chief's arms, carefully to not agrevate the burns, nor cut off the circulation in the man's arms. At the end, the bandaging is secured, not with tape, but two small pins in each, "Alright, Chief. That just about does that. Gonna ask that you not take the bandaging off for the next couple of days. Don't get them wet, either." There's a slight grin offered to the large man before he's looking back over towards D, giving her a quick nod and a smile. "Oh, and Chief? You're taking a couple days off till these are healed. Don't want to hear from D that you've been down in the hangar bay, working in secret." A hand lifts to motion where he thinks Zaharis is, "Otherwise, I'll have to sick the Doc on you."

Rhea straightens up from the leaning pose she'd taken at the nurses' desk. "Can't say that I have." She extends a hand to Eve. A rather dirty, calloused hand. She's been playing with engines. She doesn't seem to notice the condition its in, though it's probably not unusual for the chief engineer. She gives Zaharis a little smirk. "I just bang on things around here until they start running. Pleasure. Welcome to the Genesis. Gods knows we're never short of need for a head-shrinker. Didn't interrupt anything important, did I, Jesse?" There's no rigidity about Rhea. Casual and earthy seem her preferred states.

There's no wasted time for Taylor. As soon as the pills are in, he's downed them. Finishing up the water, he nods lightly to D'Art. "Thanks, sis. Got anything more fast-acting?" His breath comes in short and tightly controlled movements - his chest rising and falling with each. He continues his little breathing routine with eyes clenched while the bandages are wrapped. Its not until Craven finishes that his eyes reopen and he looks to the man. "Aye, Corpsman. No getting them wet…" But the last? No he doesn't look happy about that. "What?! No work!? What am I supposed to do?? Sit in my bunk?! Can I at least be down on the Deck????" Panic sets in.

"Negative, just having a chat with the Lieutenant about how to best machete her way through the jungle over here," Zaharis grins at Rhea, and nods as the two shake hands and make all nice. "I guess you want your kid, don't you. Williams has been entertaining him down in the lounge…" He glances at the nurse behind the desk. "Call down to the lounge and let Williams know his tour is up. He can bring back the package." Another glance Taylor's way, but the CMO isn't interfering for the time being.

Eve takes the offered hand, not troubled with things like a bit of engine grease. Its her job, afterall, to make people feel as comfortable as they can be around her. It would be hard to do her given profession, otherwise. "A pleasure, Captain. Though I fear I'm about as welcome as say, a dentist. I'm sorry, your child. Don't let me keep you." She's ever observant, and the work based pleas of Taylor certainly don't go unheard. Maybe she'll file him away under workaholic.

D'Artanion smiles at Taylor, "No sweat, bro." Setting the cup down she shakes her head, "It's pretty fast, Tiger. Just give it 5." Opening a tube of anti-burn cream, she adds, "This'll hurt. Sorry…" Gently, she begins to work on Taylor's face. Her gaze flashes to her brother's eyes and once more sympathy rises in her gaze, "Do you really think you could sit down there an' not help out?" Shaking her head, she bends again to her task, "You can read those tech manuals you've likely got stashed waiting for when you have time."

With the bandaging complete, Craven straightens up and offers a slight chuckle before shaking his head towards Taylor, "Come on, T, you know better then that. No work. You're welcome to be down on the Deck if you feel you need to oversee things, but you're not to be doing any work." A shift to D and then back to Taylor and he's giving the Chief a quick smile, "Or, take D's advice and take this time to read through your manuals. Maybe she'll drop down and you can try to teach her some things."

"My sprocket didn't give you any trouble, did he?" Rhea asks Zaharis. "Thanks for covering with him." She keeps that short, but she's obviously sincerely grateful. As for Eve's hand, it is pumped. With perhaps surprising firmness, given the ChEng's unimposing stature. "Not keeping me. I've got other business here, actually. You should be getting a visit from a PAS medic fairly soon, Jesse. Nobody suffered any serious injuries, but he should have a list of those who could use a look-over by Sickbay. Including the major. Reed got a little singed when the weapons system blew during the jump." She's on a first-name basis with the major now, apparently. "Didn't look too bad, but I'm afraid he might try to duck a proper exam." She does sound concerned, but it's more fussing than substantial worry.

Snatch comes in from Corridor 13B.
Snatch has arrived.

It really would be easier to call Taylor a 'workaholic.' He is the Deck Chief, after all. But to know him? He likes his off-time too much. When D'Artanion moves to his face, eyes crush shut. OW! If his jaw wasn't shut as tight as his eyes, he'd probably be stringing a very colorful picture of curses and phrases. When she's done, he huffs and looks at her. "Well hell yes I can! Just because I can't use my arms doesn't mean I can't work!" His deep voice tends to carry but he does his best to subdue it. "Hell if I care about 'em tech manuals anyhow. How much have either of you learned about practical medicine from readin' a textbook?" Taylro shakes his head. "C'mon, I'll be fine! Just.. see I can still oversee things! Ya said it yourself!" He turns to D'Artanion.

D'Artanion lifts a roll of gauze and begins to cover Taylor's burns. "Shhh." She winks at him, and mock-threatens to cover the man's mouth with the gauze. Softly, she sobers, then shrugs, "Up to Craven. He's the medic in charge." Gently, she moves the gauze so it does not actually block the man's mouth. "Think you can avoid helpin', Tiger? Even when someone comes to you with something you know's just a small adjustment?" Her eyebrows lift and she smiles at the man.

"Let Carter try. I don't put up with macho." Zaharis sounds unconcerned over 'convincing' Reed to get treated. He still uses the Major's surname, but then again he calls exceedingly few people by first name. "We'll be waiting for the list, then."

Another chuckle and Craven is shaking his head, ever so slightly, "Point taken, T. Don't read the manuals then. You can go down to the Deck and look around, but I'm serious when I say you're not to be doing any work for a couple of days. You can answer questions if need be, but if I catch you lugging things around, I'll send D down to teach you a lesson." Threat? Tease? It's hard to say and he offers another grin before watching as his cohort in crime settles the gauze upon the burns on his face, "And that should just about do it. We'll get you to sit here for a little longer though, let you get a little more fluids, and then you can be on your merry way."

Eve covers the smirk that's cresting onto her lips with a press of them to a curve of her knuckles. She does a little throat clearing, just for good measure, that might hide a touch of a laugh beneath it. Perhaps she's not so used to this open comradery. "I'm sorry, I'm still a little bit confused. Is Sprocket a child, or some sort of pet?" She asks, slightly leaning towards Zaharis for the answer in a habit of referring to one's superior officer for answers. She, the CMO and Rhea are near Zaharis' office, while Taylor is being treated by Craven and D'Art for what appears to be some nasty burns in Sickbay.

Snatch meanders into sickbay, not an unfamiliar sight in these parts, but not here today to re-calibrate any more equipment. She's back in her normal coveralls, with the top part unzipped and the arms of the thing tied around her waist. She spots the chief after a brief saunter and smiles at him as she heads slowly over. "Hay Chief," she drawls out a greeting. "Farin' hale right yet?"

"It's one of your better traits, Doctor," Rhea says to Zaharis with a grin. "I'm sure the roster'll be along for you soon." She's hanging by the nurses' station, talking with Eve and the CMO. D'Artanion and Craven are back by one of the beds, getting Taylor treated. Eve's question gets a barked laugh. She shakes her head. "Sorry. /Reece/ is my son. Sprocket, Spawn, Heir to all things Zimmermann…I try to give him a lot of options to answer to. If one doesn't get his attention, maybe another will."

With the nice cool cream, the wrapping doesn't hurt so much anymore. Taylor's burned face no longer carries the consistent red color across the whole and the burns are more visible. His eyes move back between the two medics and gives a bit of a resigned sigh. "I guess. But damnit, I still have a Deck to run." D'Artanion knows how many hours he works a week. "My being gone doesn't help anything. Especially when we've still got the Pandora to finish off and our own airframes here. Its just a whole charlie foxtrot if the Chief's away for more than a day or two." He looks back to Craven and appears to be thinking about it behind those bandages. "Look, I'll do what needs to be done, but you've got my word that I won't be doing what I don't have to for a few days. Fair enough? And really? Do I have to hang around here? I've got things need to be done." When Snatch ambles over, he blinks at looks to her. "Oh, hey. Yeah. Tryin' to get the frak out of here."

"Chief." Zaharis finally has to turn around, hearing Taylor abusing his staff. "As much as you'd like to get 'the frak' out of here, why don't you try doing it in a way that gives some value to the time and effort these medics just spent making those burns feel better, eh? They don't do it because they hate you."

They don't do it because they love him either, though one certainly does. "Easy, Tiger." D'Artanion speaks softly to the wounded man. She almost adds to that hen the woman called Snatch meanders over. She nods to the woman, then turns back to the Chief, "I'll talk to Zachy." Threat or promise, it is offered with a quick wink and a smile, "Otherwise? I'll let Stitch say yay or nae." Turning, she closes the antiburn ointment and puts the gauze away, "I'd like to see you back in the morning to change the bandages on your face and clean the burns, yeah?"

Craven doesn't seem all that offended by T, but when Zaharis joins into the fray, the medic does cast a look over his shoulder, offering a smile to Zaharis, "Thanks Doc. But that's just the Chief's way of saying he loves us." He looks back over towards the Chief and considers something for a moment. His hands move to pull out the small needle in his wrist and he gives another nod, "You're free to go for now, T. You will take it easy, though. And as D said, come back in the morning and so she can get things tended to. See how things look then." He looks over towards Snatch, giving a brief nod then, before looking back to Taylor.

Snatch smiles at the deck chief in a brief glance of solidarity before her attention's caught up by Zaharis. She seems amused by the joke winding up his rebuke, and takes the whole thing fair light-hearted. "Oh, hay, Chief, I broughtcher summin," she tells him, then, with a deferent sort of look to Craven, "Sat awright?" she asks, not wanting to tread on any medical toes.

Between getting shut down by Zaharis and D'Artanion using her powers of persuasion, the big Chief just deflates and looks to the ground. "Sorry, sirs." Yes, that's even meant for the medics too. To the rest of their words, he just gives a quiet nod. "Thanks, guys." He slowly moves off the guerney, all the steam and fight zapped suddenly. Arms move awkwardly as if he might try and hug D'Artanion but its an ultimately useless gesture in terms of success. "Yeah.. I'll be back here before I get on morning shift. 0500. I'll catch you all later.." A nod to Craven with an outstretched hand to be shaken. "Thanks, bud." To Snatch, his brow rises. "You got me something?" Gotta double-check about what she's saying.

Maybe that's a touch of a blush that just hit Evelyn's cheeks, but she's easily one to cover up her own feelings. Its a graceful dance, Eve weaves, if only to keep the ball out of her court and bouncing in someone else's. "A son. You must feel truly blessed." She has to bite back her usual penchant for turning everything into a question, if only because answers give a more true picture of a person's inner workings. Her gaze flickers back to the man that is now being released from medical care.

Zaharis flahes Taylor a thumbs-up and a smile that might have a small bit of sympathy, then removes himself from the issue by looking back at Eve and Rhea in time to catch Eve's comment. A grin's given to Rhea.

Speaking the spawn, Reece Zimmermann makes his way into Sickbay alongside medic Williams. The lanky, curl-haired 12-year-old has untucked his dress shirt and his Pyramid-themed tie is, for some reason, looped and knotted around his head. Like a primal headband. Winning the fight to make his dress clothes look as slouchy as possible. Rhea smirks when she sees him. "Blessed indeed." Said a little wryly, but she obviously means it. "Hey, Mom," the boy says as he ambles over to meet her.

D'Artanion reaches up to touch Taylor's shoulder. Stretching a little, she kisses just behind his ear if he allows it. Then, backing a little, she winks at the man, "Don't be so down, bro. You'll feel like crap if you go down there and the meds wear off, no lie. And you've gotta drink a lot'f water." Concern returns to her tone, "Speaking of which. You'll need a scrip, Tiger. For later. Cause those are going to hurt like frak in a few hours." When Snatch speaks, D'Artanion smiles at the other woman, "Yeah? That's real nice."

Shifting his gaze over towards Snatch, Craven gives a soft laugh and a nod of his head, "Ya, it's fine. He's free to go, so you can give him whatever." Looking back to Taylor, and then the out stretched hand, Craven shakes his head slightly, "Trust me, T, you don't wanna do that. Gonna hurt." There's a grin then and he's looking back up at the man, "Just catch me later and buy me a drink. We can catch up and what not."

"Nice," Zaharis comments to Reece when he notes the tie around the boy's head. "Your mom'll be coming to you for fashion advice in no time, let me tell you." Williams looks a bit tired, regarding the CMO with OMG CAN I GO NOW?! eyes. To which Zaharis just nods to the medic, wordlessly granting permission for the man to enjoy the rest of his downtime.

Snatch nods, sprightly, to the assent, mouth open in a bit of a grin as she fishes in a coverall pocket, leaning to one side before coming up with a… small… knotted… bit… of wire? A circuit, in fact, ruptured in two and, after being replaced, knotted together in a small section of braid. "Here. That thar sumbitch cain't spit atcha no more. You know as light-bolts n'er hit the same place o'er agin? You keep sumbitch on yers an' y'ns not landin' up Sickbay agin, either."

Eve's gaze shifts to Reece, refraining from the urge to reach out and ruffle the boy's hair. It doesn't take a medical degree in psychiatry to know that they hate that sort of thing. "Hello." Alright, sort of a lame greeting, but then again, there's likely a good reason the good doctor didn't center her practice on family relations.

"Later," Reece offers to Williams. The boy doesn't look tired at all. To Zaharis he shrugs, with pardonable pride at his ingenuity. "So, everything fixed now?" he asks his mother. Not sounding terribly concerned. Rhea nods. "For the most part. The quarters you bunk in are fine. I checked. We can head back if you're ready." Reece nods, though he does exchange pleasantries with Eve. "Hey, sir," he says. Proper military brat. He knows what to call the officers.

Zaharis looks at Rhea and Eve, after a glance at his watch. "I should have a look over at the PAS, and Carter while I'm at it. Lieutenant, you know what to do if you need anything."

Taylor nods to D'Art, taking the kiss with a smile. "Thanks, blondie." But he blanches a touch. Hmm. Note to self: Smile = Bad for right now. "I'll follow the orders there." The Chief follows her with his eyes as she mentions the scrip. But he glances to C as the hand goes unshaken. "Oh- heh. Yeah probably a good idea. I'll owe ya a few drinks, one just for savin' me that hurt. Uhg." When Snath produces the small charm he looks at it and smirks. "Hey, check that out. Thanks!" He lifts an arm like he might try and take it but yeah, probably not a good idea. He winces a bit. "Can ya leave it on the pillow?" he asks carefully.

D'Artanion smiles up at the Chief, "No sweat, Tiger." Taking a pad from a drawer, she nods toward Craven, "Can you write scrips, Stitch? Or, do I need to snag one'f the docs?" She glances at Zaharis, but does not move over to bother him as he is occupied with Rhea, Reece and the new chick. Er. Doc. The group gets a smile and she turns back to Taylor and Snatch, "Oh, hey. That's really nice." Her gaze lifts to Taylor once more, "Hang a sec while we get this handled, yeah?" Meaning the scrip, probably.

There's a laught that's offered to Taylor and then Craven is giving a quick nod, resealing his little medic pouch, "We'll get those drinks taken care of soon enough, T. Enjoy and we'll see you back here in the morning." He's looking over towards D then and giving her another smile, "Gonna need to grab one of the Doc's, D." And it just so happens that some unsuspecting Lieutenant walks in and Craven is flagging him down before explaining the situation and what's needed, so the perscription can be filled out.

Eve gives a dip of her head in Zaharis' direction, "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." Sometimes its like trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole, introducing a new crew member to an already established hierarchy. "You'll all excuse me then? I'll slip back to my office. Close up shop for the evening." Seems they're all going their seperate ways anyways.

"Ou-ais, Chief," Snatch replies with a gentle nod and an encouraging smile. "Right s'a litte," she adds. "Y'ns need a help down that way?"

"Give Reed my best," Rhea says to Zaharis. "I doubt I'll pay him another visit when I head back over tonight. Tell him I haven't forgotten I owe him a drink, though. You hungry?" The last question is directed at Reece. "The cafeteria should be open again. We can swing by and grab something." Despite the full access to the buffet the boy had during the reception, he's eager enough about more food. "I could eat," he says. "So, is the station going to jump again? That was pretty cool." Rhea snorts softly. 'Pretty cool' is a vast understatement, as far as she's concerned. "C'mon" she says simply, taking hold of the tie tail her son's tied around his head. Lest he think it escaped her notice. She leads the younger Zimmermann out of Sickbay by it.

Zaharis nods to Eve, and then he's grabbing one of the loaded black medical bags kept lined up and ready for use, and heading out.

You head towards Corridor 13B.

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