Situation Room Briefing
Situation Room Briefing
Summary: Officers, battle toys, promotions and testicles.
Date: 9 ACH - 11/22/08
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At approximately 18:30 hours. a Genesis Engineering team commenced final tests of the newly-installed FTL drive on the formerly-sublight refrigeration ship, Sula. Piloted by (NPC) Ellis and ECO (NPC), with Raptor escorts, the Sula was to make a short hyperlight jump to predetermined coordinates, then return to the Fleet.

Due to a navigational error, the Sula was separated from its Raptor escorts during said jump. Though the hyperlight system was successful, the FTL engine proved to be an unanticipated strain on the ship's hull, and the engines sustained minor damage due to asteroid debris. Damage control procedures were initiated and navigation worked to plot a course back to the Fleet.

During this time, flight control detected an extremely large ship of non-Colonial origins. Active sensors were terminated to avoid detection but visual analysis identified the ship as a previously-unknown type of Cylon basestar.

Navigation promptly plotted a course back to the Fleet and the Sula successfully jumped back to the PAS station, sustaining minor structural and electrical damage from the strain of jump-pressure on the ship's hull. It appears the Sula was undetected by the basestar, due to its small size and relatively brief and non-invasive presence in the vicinity of said basestar.

Repairs were initiated. Engineering opinion is that with minor hull modifications to be completed prior to scheduled Fleet-jump, the Sula will be ready to safely transverse in hyperlight with the other ships.

All information gathered on this new type of basestar should be made available to Tactical, Marines and Air Wing, as well as other interested parties, ASAP. Any further queries about this incident may be addressed to myself, LTJG Lily Stephanos, PO3 Mopsus Doe del Boccyo, or (various other Engineering NPCs and the Pilot NPCs who were done by Reighner).

Capt. Rhea Zimmermann

Chief Engineer, Battlestar Genesis

(attached are any and all navigation logs and footage the Sula could gather during its short Cylon-adjacent time. The log is here:

Situation Room Genesis - Deck 11

9 ACH 6735 Souls

This room is an area with surround stadium style seating along the walls, all looking down toward the center of the room where a raised, broad table with illuminated top is. A set of cabinets and projected screens interrupt the viewers seating. The screens can show the top down view of the table while the cabinet holds models of all Colonial, Cylon, and Civilian ships known.


Desusa comes in from Corridor 11D.

Reed comes in from Corridor 11D.

The Colonel is up and about, coffee and Pepper nearby. He stands near that illuminated table with small ships set about at different intervals. His gaze directed on certain areas as his brows draw in heavily from thoughts.

Reed moves into the situation room to find out the situation. Approaching the table, he stops, snaps to and salutes sharply. "Sir." He says.

Lily has arrived.

Desusa got the call Regas wanted to see him very early in the morning, and made his way here as soon as he could. A few taps on the button of his timepiece as he enters the room. He hangs back by the door and salutes, "Colonle, Major, sir!"

Regas simply makes a stabbing point to the nice memorandum he got after the Sula returned last night. It's laid out so both the Major and the Captain can see it on the table. He returns the salutes and then picks up his coffee, waiting.

Lily makes her way up from the Engineering cave, dressed in her blues. The situation room is a foreign place for someone in her spot on the totem pole, and she hangs back for a moment outside the door to take a deep breath before heading in, holding Engineering's report in a black folder. Stopping the proper six paces away from the group of high brass, she raises salute facing Regas foremost. "Sirs."

Reed reads the memo, frowning, and looking at the information presented, "sir, I'd like copies of this to the PAS for inclusion in the Cylon research work going on there." He says, not looking up, or away from the data. Mmm data. "Interesting redesign.."

Desusa drops the salute and moves closer to the table after giving Pepper a small nod. His eyes trail down the memo and the info is quickly digested. "A class 2, eh?" A small gesture of his head to acknowledge Lily and he refocuses back on the memo.

"You'll get your data, Major." Regas picks up a stick that moves tiny pieces around on the board. He just has the old Basestar design, so it is slid over to where the nav charts show it to be. Someone needs to make him some new pieces now! Glancing up, he notices the JG, "Lieutenant, fill in anything you can remember about this for us."

Lily lowers her salute and steps up to the table, setting down the folder she's carrying. "Yes, sir." She launches into a succinct but thorough description of the basestar as she remembered it. Large pointy object, couple hundred bays for raiders to launch from, and the technical details that an engineer's eye remembers. "We also now have the exact navigational coordinates where the basestar was located, sirs." She pushes the folder where Regas can get at it.

Reed looks at the data more, and frowns, looking to Regas and the folder, "Seems like you peeked on them in the middle of something important here, Lieutenant." He looks anxious now, ready to hear where they are.

Desusa eyes the folder too. Savoring the data it containes. Like a dog waiting for it's master to let go of the leash.

Regas flips open the folder that Lily has produced and glances down at it. Too much clinical engineering speak for him, so he skims over it till he gets to the point he is looking for. Glancing back up, he shifts his old basestar on the map over some. "A platform.." a frown coming over his features now as he picks some little metal piece off the side and slides it over to the basestar. Those coordinates put them far to close to the Genesis' back yard for comfort. Pepper still stands off to the side of the Colonel, making notes.

Lily clears her throat, nodding to Regas. "Yes, sir. The basestar appeared to be hovering over a platform, which was attached to a…a station being built. It was not completed from what we could tell, but they were in progress. We could see Tyllium tanks."

Rhea has arrived.

Desusa drums his fingers over the tactical table. Brow furrowing as the metal piece is slid close to the Gen's position, "Olympus in a box, that's too close for comfort." He looks between Reed and Regas.

Reed shakes his head, looking at the nav data, and the placement of the miniatures, then straightens to look at the Colonel. "What are our objectives with this Data, sir?" He asks directly. Just so he knows what they're planning for here.

Ellis, the pilot for this little adventure, walks in with Rhea. The former seems rather lax about this issue. He performs a perfunctory salute to Reed and Regas, mumbling a, "Sir," before taking a seat at the table. He slouches.

Rhea shifts a decidedly wry look at the pilot as she strides in. The ChEng looks worn, but there's a keyed-up sort of energy about her as well. Sharing space with a basestar does get the blood pumping. She salutes her betters, offering a general "Sirs" around. Along with nods to Desusa and Lily. The latter is given a faint smile as she takes her seat. "Forgive my tardiness. Wanted to make sure the refit on the Sula was going according to plan."

Regas glances up to Reed and Desusa, "Tyllium tanks, well, gentleman that isn't going to last for long. As the XO mentioned to me when he and Lt. Kist were going over ideas. We get rid of any supply lines we find. Break their backs." Glancing over to the pilot, "Lt Ellis, you might want to stand for this." It seems like more of an order than a request. His gaze then goes to the ChEng. "Good job that. Alright, what I want from all of you, is if we can take this basestar out with the firepower we have. Then, if we can use those tanks."

Lily has her hands folded behind her back, as the concept of sitting down in front of two Majors hadn't really occured to her. It still doesn't, especially as Ellis is 'encouraged' back up. She salutes Rhea without a word and picks up her pen, now taking notes as higher brass talk.

Reed listens to Regas, and responds immediately, "I'd like to call CPO Rogers in, sir, head of the Structural Engineers team for the PAS and go over the Tyllium tank data we have here." He looks at the tanks once more, nodding. "Look good, but either way, he'll be the one making the instilation.

The pilot glances among the assembled. He rises, dramatically contrite, and says, "Sorry, sir." Somehow he still manages to maintain the aura of an ass.

Desusa gives Rhea a small nod as she enters. Ellis on the other hand is barely noticed by the marine captain as he studies the pictures avaliable, "Data here is sketchy, at best, sir." He looks back to Regas and says, "We need a closer look at the type two."

Rhea shakes her head to Regas. "Should have reinforced the hull properly during the initial fit, Sir. And made properly sure navigation was taking us to the right spot. In any case, she'll jump safely for you now, I think, though she'll never be exactly elegant about it." As for the basestar. "That's a question beyond my limited tactical skill, I'm afraid, sir. I take it the lieutenant's told you we what we saw? Not much more I can add to that. I know the data's rather scribbled. We hadn't planned on gathering any. And it seemed…prudent to remove ourselves from the area as quickly as possible."

Regas only offers the pilot a thin smile, "Standing up for this voluntary mission, shows good faith, Lt Ellis. You and Major Carter here can work out the details for taking his structural engineer out there again." A nod goes to Desusa. "Get me some data we can make plans around." He straightens slightly and looks over the illumated table. "The fleet is going here," he makes another motion with his stick to Deca quadrant. He glances over to Rhea, "Not to worry, you did far more than you can imagine. Even if the ship was lost for awhile, we have information that is valuable."

Lily is still writing. She glances up as Regas indicates where they're going and then back down, scribbling quickly. She doesn't miss a detail.

Reed pulls out his handheld, setting it on the situation room table and starts entering data, doing calculations, writing the numbers down and continuing, fingers moving over the input data, using the handhelds calculator functions as he makes notes. "Captain Zimmerman, please see me later, I hve.. a couple people who know a few things about handling unusual FTL situations, they might be able to smooth out Sulas jumping." He continues making calculations and notes. "Well, we're still inside the red line. Deca has been charted, I can cross referance the location with the terraforming survey database, for a detailed list of possible assets."

Ellis stares at Regas as he makes other plans. The pilot slowly raises a finger in the air. "Uhh, point, sir?"

Desusa nods and looks back down to the table as the pieces begin to move again. Arms fold infront of his chest and he studies the situation.

Rhea nods to Reed. "Your snipes can come play in my shop anytime, Sir. I'd be grateful. Riding in that can is a bit like going downhill, in a wagon, on a very bumpy road." Ellis and his finger are eyed.

Lily says, predictably, nothing. She just continues taking notes.

"Pepper," Regas makes a motion to the Ensign, who steps forward and places a small black box in front of Rhea. She then steps back to her original position, taking notes like Lily does. "You've earned those." He says absently to the ChEng, not exactly a man with strong words on moving his Officers up. "We're leaving this area in four hours." He then turns to Ellis, "Yes, Lt. Ellis?"

Desusa eyes the box moving about but says nothing. No time for congrats right now. He moves to the wireless just as Ellis pops his finger up. "Caparzzo, get me tactical breaches for tyllium platforms type A to H."

Reed looks up to Pepper, Regas, then Rhea, smiling widely, and looking back to his calculations, entering a few more before looking to Ellis, pausing once again.

Lily starts to smile too, but quickly stops. Are you allowed to smile in front of Majors? She's not sure, so she keeps taking notes.

Rhea eyes shift down a the box. She wasn't expecting that. But she takes it in stride. "I have a good crew, sir. They do the real work. We won't disappoint you." She leaves it at that, not smiling. If anything, her expression grows more sober. She keeps her focus on Ellis and his finger.

"Not to, uhh, sound reluctant," Ellis says, reluctantly. "But my balls went straight up into my guts when I saw this thing." He makes a twirling motion with his finger for illustrative purposes. "I would estimate the chance of that happening again to be one hundred percent." He taps his fingers on the edge of the table. "What I'm trying to say, sir, is that getting any closer or actively pinging that thing will probably cause undue death to me and all other hands and would be a tactical blunder that they'd write textbooks about."

"Then I won't have to worry about you frakking any Ensigns before you go then, will I?" Regas responds. "You've got your orders, Lt. Ellis." He turns back to the table, "If you have that testicle problem when you return, see the CMO. Dismissed."

Ellis sucks on a tooth, perhaps wondering about the possibility of success if he took a lunge at the colonel. He salutes after two seconds of consideration. "Yes, sir." Then he leaves.

It takes a while for D's 'combat manual' to arrive. Raul moves to the hatchway to retrieve it and brings it back to the table. Looking for the right one to use in here.

Lily finishes up her notes, at least during talk of Ellis' balls. She looks up from the papers and waits to see what else is going to happen.

Rhea watches Ellis go. Not without sympathy. She picks up her box. Just fingering it rather than doing anything with its contents. Quiet in her thoughts. No questions.

Reed looks at his handheld as he lifts it, looking at the numbers and nodding. He then looks to Desusa and his books, "Captain." He says, without bothering to lower his voice. This being the first official release of information on this subject, "Initial findings from the Centurion are Metallurgical, and boil down to this. Centurion armor is much thinner than it looks, but it has a unique resillency. Because of this I can offer the possability of a different type of Centurion than those who borded the Carina, who are immune to small arms fire. Any Marine elements preparing to engage need to be ready to go heavy ordinance in an instant."

Regas watches as Des retrieves his manual and then glances to the others. "If there is nothing else, you are all free to go." Letting Reed and Des discuss the probabilities of armor on the toasters.

Lily isn't moving without Rhea. She folds her hands behind her, staying still and quiet. But listening, oh yes. Yum, metal.

Desusa looks over to the Major and nods, "Captain Gaelan and I have switched ammo loadouts for all marine elements." He turns the page in his manual to show Reed a detailed chart of ammo avaliable to the marines. "10mm rounds for small arms. 30mm rounds for subs and we got a heafty 50mm carry-on rifles."

"We're doing a more in-depth analysis of the Centurions now. I'm hoping it might show possible weak points, or at least give us some idea of how best to confront them," Rhea says to Desusa, lingering as well. Toasters and all. "We'll keep you posted. And if you want an up-close look at a Cylon corpse, you and Captain Gaelan are welcome to come take one." She sounds almost eager. Metal!

Desusa looks over to Rhea and nods, "Capt…Major Zimmerman, I ahve a scenario in mind right now, but we will need to refit the Phantasm's forward points and hull with the strongest thing you got." There's an evil grin displayed for Rhea. Metal! Yeah, he can read her number on that. He looks back to Reed.

Fotilas comes in from Corridor 11D.

Regas is now mullling over his coffee as the others speak. When Pepper says something to him, he nods and she scurries off for the time being. The colonel is all about placement here and his tail not hanging out in the wind. It seems he has laid out some things for those here to do and he is idly listening now.

Reed leans to Desusa, and looks at the charts, frowning, "Have elements ready with Special Ammo explosive rounds." He looks at Desusa, he be talking severe armor possabilities here. "Just in case." He looks to Rhea and nods, "I'll handle the integration of the new data here into the research labs." He looks to Regas, "Where, I'm going now, sir." He lifts a salute to Regas, and drops it, already having leave to go. He looks between the others, questioningly as if if they want to stop him from springing to his labs, now's the time.

Lily is quiet, though listening. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other, trying not to look as exciteable as she feels. It only partly succeeds.

Fotilas strolls into the room looking as if he's ready for something but totally in the dark as to what is going on. He's been busy the last few days and thus, not around.

Desusa nods to Reed, "Aye, sir."

Rhea nods to Desusa. "Get me the specs and we'll see what we can do for her." She looks to Reed. "I may ask to borrow a structural or two from you for the work, Si…Major." She shifts. Being 'major'd is very weird to her. "As for now, I'd best get back to the Sula. Triple-check her hull integrity. Wouldn't do to space our food supply." She stands, taking her little jewelry box with her. The standing coincides with Fotilas' entrance, so she can easily go to attention and salute her XO proper.

Regas also nods to Reed, "It sounds like you have everything in order for what you need. Keep me in the loop," he tells the PAS CO and then looks over as his XO arrives. "Good timing."

Lily also raises salute to Fotilas, sharply. As Rhea stands she starts that way, ready to return to the cave of metallic doom downstairs.

Fotilas salutes Rhea and looks around. So many people. So little info. He settles on Regas and blinks. "If you say so, sir. What did I miss? Looks like a party." He slowly makes his way over to the Colonel.

Desusa nods to the other officers leaving and picks up his stuff too. "Sirs," he says to the CO and XO, and begins moving out. Big plans!

Reed moves around the table taking his things and as he passes Rhea, "I'll have Rogers break off a few Engineers for the Sula, and they'll report to you, as well as a few of the FTL people who were working out the PAS FTL kinks. Feel free to authorize.." He looks to Lily, then back to Rhea, "Anyone you feel prudent for the Cylon research." Might as well make Lily bounce a bit more. He then nods to Rhea, with a hint of that same almost 'Told you so' smile, "Major." He says in parting and starts off.

"Nothing more than going over this information the Sula brought back. I wanted to hear it straight from the 'cylons mouth' so to speak. With the pilot and those who were there. They are going to get us more data on taking that out, while we jump out to a safer area." Regas tells his XO.

"Information the Sula brought back? Are you talking about the trouble with the refridgeration ship, Colonel?" Fotilas blinks a few times and looks towards those speaking and leaving. Huh? "More data on taking it out? Where are we jumping to?"

Rhea gives Reed a level look as he heads off. As if she's tempted to stick her tongue out at him. But she resists. She looks to Fotilas. "With the structurals able assistance we should be able to get the Sula jumping a little more smoothly before we have to set off. Either way, she's ready for hyperlight travel. And it's not precisely in-depth data. There was a nav error. We took a bit of a wrong turn and got out as quickly as possible. But we collected a little on the spot."

Reed leaves for Corridor 11D [O].

Regas makes a grin to his XO, "Just a little memo reading and I wanted to call some people in before they got lost in the rush. I'm going to have Lt. Ellis take another little trip back out there with a structural engineer for those tanks and Captain Des is working on getting us more data. It was your idea to break the backs of their supply lines."

Lily moves closer to Rhea, speaking quietly once she's finished. "Permission to be dismissed, sir? I'd like to get back to the Sula. We're so close to done."

Rhea nods to Lily. "Permission granted. See if you lot can't iron out the kinks in that scow." Though she speaks of the Sula with a hint of fondness now. It feels like /her/ scow.

Lily raises salute to Rhea, then again to the command staff, and scuttles on out. "Yes, sir."

Zaharis comes in from Corridor 11D.

"Oh, ah yes sir. Sorry. Busy few days." The XO glances around and settles back on Rhea. He nods to her about collections and looks back to Regas. "Sir I'm afraid you've lost me with 'tanks' and other stuff. I guess you're talking about this basestar?" Yep, lost.

Regas slides the folder over to the XO, "They seem to be building a small station with a platform and there are tyllium tanks there. The basestar is guarding the area."

Zaharis knows the right places to catch brass. Follow the good cookies and better coffee. He heads into the situation room, carrying his electronic tablet rather than the several pounds of papers all the Medical department's updates would require, and pauses to take stock of who's present with the requisite salutes.

Rhea nods to Fotilas at the busy days bit. She understands that. She looks like she wants to be getting back to playing with metal as well, though she lingers. She offers Zaharis a nod as he comes in. She's still wearing her captains bars, her little box of clusters still clasped in her fingers. She'll no doubt take her sweet time pinning them.

Regas glances over as the CMO wanders in and a brow is raised, "Don't tell me Lt. Ellis came to you about his testicle problem already," there is some slight smirk in that.

"Testicle, sir?" Zaharis replies, deadpan. "Thought pilot balls were supposed to be made of steel." He nods back to Rhea, giving her a half-smile in greeting. Since she's hiding the little box, the CMO's got no idea he's outranked.

Regas shakes his head slightly, "Nothing important, what can I do for you, Jesse?" The colonel lifts his cup again to drink from as those around him fade out to other areas.

Rhea doesn't tell the CMO she out-brasses him, either. It's likely it hasn't even occurred to her yet. "If there's nothing more, I'll be getting back to the docking bay. Doctor. Sir." Another nod to Zaharis and a parting salute to Regas. Then she makes to trail the XO out.

Zaharis raises an eyebrow at Regas, no doubt making mental notes to harass pilots about their balls. He nods to the departing Rhea and heads for the table. "If you have a few, sir. I needed to update you on some matters."

Regas nods and gives the go-ahead for the CMO to bring up whatever he needs too. Might as well get it all done in one fell swoop. "What can I help you with today?"

Zaharis switches on the tablet, though he really doesn't need his notes. He takes a seat, scratching a hand through his hair. "Overall we're looking good for the time being. The Pandora's outfitting has been finished. They have the capacity to handle a full range of emergency procedures, and we have gone ahead and equipped two of their Raptors with emergency life-support equipment to support air transfers to the Genesis. The Carina's urgent care facility is complete. Their capacity is below comfortable for me, but what they have will have to do for now. Serious cases will have to be handled aboard the PAS. The PAS is facing some need due to the increased demand, but we're working on it. Carter's given us some of his engineers to expand parts of the facility, and my staff is currently training some of his in medical engineering." He pauses in all that to breathe. Overseeing four ships is not easy. Pulling a paper from the thin folder he brought with him, he slides it towards Regas. "Something I wanted to bring to command for consideration. We are, of course, fully stocked where food is concerned, but given the circumstances we're going through it at a rate I find too quick for comfort. This is a proposal we've drafted to reorganise the food use to maximise its longevity."

Regas takes the paper and looks it over, "Yes, we've been working on how to stretch it out for now. Most likely you will see beginnings of rationing soon. Nothing too terrible, just not the amount of food served lately." He nods a little more, "Good work on the medical facilities. You've done alot and your staff is commended for it, I know they are working overtime."

Zaharis nods to the food notion first, raising both brows towards the paper. "That's an analysis of our food stores according to safe rationing by caloric needs of the crew, and a rundown of one option that will heavily conserve our non-perishable stores. Probably be useful to you." He nods again at the mention of medical crew, looking briefly proud. "They're doing a bang-up job, if I may be so informal. I have one of them to talk about with you, actually. Petty Officer Joran Craven."

"I'll pass this on to Lt. Kist, unless she already has the information?" Regas raises a brow on that and then lays the paper aside, "PO Craven?" He works his mental files for that one, "Ah, yes, the man at the blood drive." He waits for the rest now.

"She doesn't have it. It's hot off the press, so to speak," Zaharis explains, as to the proposal, then he nods. "He is a fully accredited M.D., sir. He made the choice to stay enlisted after he completed medical school, serving as a medic. Recently he came to me for his re-certification and passed with flying colours." A brief pause, then he continues without ceremony, "I wanted to ask your permission to offer him a commission."

Zaharis is using 'offer' lightly, of course. More like 'hand him a commission'.

"It sounds like you can use the Officers, so I'll take your word for it. You know what you need, go ahead and push the paperwork through, we'll see that it gets done." Regas tells him and lifts a partial smile his way, "I just pinned Rhea with some clusters," he begins patting his jacket, "Oh yes. Seems like there was a small box here too." He plucks it out of an inside pocket and drops it on the table. "I'm sure you can handle the weight."

Zaharis looks not at all surprised when Regas mentions Rhea's promotion. He starts to smile at the news, then the second box coming out catches him decidedly off-guard. "Thank you, sir. I'll try not to get too much blood on them." A nod to his CO, respectfully. "I'll see to Craven, then. I've been needing someone good to take over coordination of the medics from an officer position, especially now with a full volunteer corps organised for the Pandora. So, we're about to pull out. What are we looking at setting ourselves to?" Medical translations: How many beds do we need to get ready?

"We're moving to this Quadrant in a few hours," Regas makes a motion to Deca and the small planet within the spiral system. "I have hopes that it will be enough static to hide the civilians and us from any cylon noses poking around. We can set up here for awhile and work on other plans."

Zaharis narrows his eyes at the map, and nods. "Set up and plan, understood." He switches off the electronic tablet with a click, replacing the stylus. "And that is what I had, sir. Any questions or concerns for us?"

Regas shakes his head, "Not at the moment, but we will be moving on that platform and basestar when we get more data, so..always be prepared as I know you usually are."

"As we /always/ are." Zaharis smirks and stands, taking his stuff with him. "We'll be ready." He gives Regas a two-fingered salute, letting the man give the official 'piss-off'.

Regas returns the salute with the official 'piss off' "Carry on, Major,' and then turns back to his little grouping of ships. A boy and his toys.

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