Antonio Sloane
John Cho
John Cho as Antonio Feras Sloane
Name: Antonio Feras Sloane
Callsign: none
AKA: slo
Age: 22
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aquaria
Actor: John Cho


Colonial Navy - Report V6-3856p


Antonio was born 22 years before the Cylon Holocaust to Antonio and Helen Sloane on Aquaria. His father worked as a technician in a hydroelectic power plant, and his mother was a kindergarten teacher. A chip off of the old block, Antonio Jr. inherited the logical and mathematical mind of his father, but at the same time he inherited the wit and sarcasm of his mother. Raised in a moderate home with two siblings, a sister named Natasha and a brother named Alex. Natasha, the comicaly bratty bully of an older sister is two years older, where Alex was six years younger than Antonio. Popular with his friends and never known to cause trouble with the exception of pranks, Antonio had a very calm childhood. Throughout his youth he played football (soccer) with his friends and was largely a class clown, but in the manner that he never took it too far. When high school came, at his father's suggestion, he entered the Junior Naval program at his school so that the military would provide him with some travel as well as cover his college. Largely interested in physics and ballistics, he tested his reflexes and cerebral skills to not only qualify him for OCS, but to become a pilot. His parents were not only shocked, but proud of him. He entered a delayed entry program so that he could get some hydroelectic experience working alongside his father at the plant. This delayed his two year entry while attending OCS on Aquaria. When the day came that he shipped off for the Navy, there were a total of 107 people at the block party including neighbors and high school friends.

When the Cylon Holocaust came, Antonio was on shore leave on the Carina. Having finished Advanced Flight Training, he was gifted with a few weeks shore leave before reporting for his first assignment on the fleet outside of Caprica. Having decided that the Carina contained the three most important things for shore leave: sports, girls, and beer. Largely caught off guard in the attacks, his luggage was destroyed in the fighting and fleeing of the Centurions. Aside from his mangled dog tags, he's had nothing else to prove that he is a member of the Colonial Navy, and has since then been trying to convince someone, anyone on the Carina to let him go over to the Genesis.

The Navy



Psych Profile

  • Video Games.
  • Triad.
  • Movies.
  • Cornbread, the food
  • Girls.
  • A well placed practical joke.
  • Sarcasm
  • Sleep


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