Smash and Grab - Hospital
Smash and Grab - Hospital
Summary: Medical team loots a Hospital. Some robots and a familiar face from Zaharis' recent past make a brief apperance.
Date: 66 ACH
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The Raptor comes in on a Helipad, settling down with a slight bump. The hatch opens and Marines disperse around the ship, covering the rooftop. The Sergeant Franks calls, "Rooftop clear. Three! open and clear, accessway." A fireteam moves to the door, a riflebutt snapping the knob off, and opening the door as MArines enter the building, Franks touches his ear, and nods, "Ready, Major."

"Go get 'em boys," Kalypso says over her shoulder from the pilot's seat. Lieuenant Jasper, the rookie pilot's observer in the shotgun seat just nods and gives her a thumbs up. That's as close to a compliment of 'good landing' as she's likely to get. Kal just turns her eyes back on the viewport to be sure things remain clear while the Marines fall out.

Zaharis unbuckles his belt as the Raptor touches down, moving his hand to indicate to the group of medical staff to do the same. They're ready for this smash-n-grab, suited up with carrying cases for everything they can get their hands on and drag back to this Raptor. "Alright, let's go. Jensen, you're taking team 1. Remember, branch off at the second landing and head east to the surgical units. Rankin, take team 2 and these nice Marines will escort you down to the ground floor clinic. Craven, Rankin, you're with me on team 3, let's get to the pharmaceuticals. Stick to plan. If you encounter hostiles and are overwhelmed, back the frak out. Supplies aren't worth your lives. Now let's go." He nods to Craven and starts out after the clearing Marines, speaking into the wireless. "We're right behind you, Franks. Let's move in."

At the indication from Zaharis, Craven's hands move to unbuckle the harass that kept him secured into his seat. That done, he begins to rise, only to grab the cases that he's brought. There's a look back to Z and he's giving a slight nod of his head, "Got it, Doc." Unlike most other times, the Doctor's actually fastened a sidearm to his side, though he makes no move to draw it.

Kalypso will be there, keeping the engine hot and ready for the return of the Marines.

Franks nods, moving in as the teams enter and begin branching off from the main team as flashlights click on in the darkened hallways, the Marines on the roof, keeping watch of the LZ. Franks moves, leading along the main hallway, till they approach the large doors, with a sign over them 'Pharmacology'.

Falling out with the rest of the Marines on this particular branch of the smash and grab mission to get supplies, PFC Sarandon is moving right along. He's got his cases of supplies and all set to wait for further instructions of what to do. Through the darkened hallways they go. "What a mind-job for anyone from Virgon, huh?" Irony in that he is from Virgon originally.

Zaharis doesn't draw his sidearm either. That flashlight in his hands might be a good weapon…if they encounter someone's evil grandma with the flu. He stays in back of the line of Marines, trailed through the darkness by Craven and their group of medical hands. It undoubtedly smells in here, that scent of old antiseptics and probably blood — this is a hospital after all, someone's likely dead in here. The CMO turns his light up to shine on the pharmacology doors as they approach. "Alright. Get us in there, Franks."

Any smell that might have been present within the confines of their area, doesn't seem to bother Craven. No doubt, the man has long since become accustomed to those odd smells that can be found around the hospital. A look towards Zaharis and he's simply giving a nod of his head before looking back to their escorts, preparing to follow them on forward.

Franks looks at Sarandon, "Eyes only, Sarandon." He nods to Zaharis, "Sir." He moves to the doors, checking them, and looks at the door lock. He frowns and reversing his rifle, strikes the butt against the knob, snapping it off and the doors opening outward as a red figure falls out onto him. A sudden movement from Franks and a reverse swing with the Rifle, and Franks executes a fighing move, bringing the riflebutt up smashing into the chest of the form with not so much as a gasp from him. He jumps back, MArines leveling their weapons on.. The bloodstained corpse of a nurse, lying there, about three weeks old, and quite dead.

Zaharis' hand goes to the butt of his sidearm as the Marines react to something, a quick step taking him back and a little to the right. "Easy, guys, easy…" His voice comes through the wireless, his light rolling over the unfortunate nurse's body. Hospital uniform, emblems sewn on, ripped. "She's not getting up." He nods to Franks to continue in.

<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Great (5).

There's a momentary blink of surprise as something falls forward from within the doors and when Franks 'attacks' back, Craven's hand slips down to the handle of his weapon, though he still doesn't draw it. There's another blink and he's wry chuckle before his head begins to shake, eyes playing over the corpse before he's murmering, "Frak."

Sarandon nods. Eyes only, right. He's back with the rest and lowering the weapon to the figure as it falls. With a heavy swallow and then holding his breath, he lowers his weapon back down.

Franks is breathing hard, as he then swings his weapon around to cover the newly opened room, shaken, but determined as he takes a knee, sweeping his barrel around. "Clear, this area." He says, taking the initiave, sending Marines in to check for more falling corpses.

Zaharis pauses as the Marines regroup, kneeling down next to the body. His light roves over the body, illuminating face, hands, the blood on her. Cyanotic lips. He exhales softly through his nose, standing back up. "Suicide, probably overdose." He mutters to Craven as they wait for the Marines to give a clear. "Got locked in."

Throughout, Craven remains near to Zaharis, letting the Marines clear the rooms. As the CMO checks the body, he's listening and then giving a slow shake of his head before his eyes lift to look back forward, "Probably not the only one, I'm afraid."

Marines sweep in and check the area reporting, "Clear." "Clear." "No Vis, Clear." Franks rises, "All clear sirs." He then moves in, opening up the Pharmacuticals area. There's a number of racks of records as well as shelves of common medicines, and a few doors, which have been left open, showing smaller storage rooms.

"Wouldn't doubt it," Zaharis mutters to Craven. His eyes are tracking the Marines ahead of them. "Copy that, Franks." He looks over his shoulder at the waiting medical teams. "Stay on priority for collections." Sickbay spent last night compiling a list of essential medicines, and now each person on that team has a section of that list, in order of importance. "Fill your bags, run 'em back to the Raptor, get back here. No stopping for coffee."

Medical teams nod and start moving, breaking up to their areas, checking labels, opening boxes, packing medicines away for transport, working quickly and efficently. Franks looks at Zaharis, glancing to his team, then back. He touches his ear, "Two, report." He pauses and nods, "Negative contact, sir."

"Jensen, how are you doing down there," Zaharis talks quietly into his wireless, listening to one of his Lt's report back on their scrounging of surgical supplies two floors down. He keeps an eye on Franks and the Marines, moving through the area himself with flashlight roaming over the shelves and racks. Pulling up one of the records charts, he shines his light down on the pages, flipping through it.

Sarandon is right there with the team he's assigned to. Medications are acquired, checked, and stowed. He's without banter and a grim set to his face. Apparently the dead nurse and the reprimand for 'eyes only' have sobered him up further. Quick and to the point about getting what they came for. "Almost done with this list, sirs."

Teams continue working quickly, as the first group heads back with full bags. Franks looks at the team, and then around as people continue working swiftly, "Seems to be going well sir." He says, thereby ensuring his death. Now if he just has a picture of his girlfriend on the Destiny, it'll be locked in.

Zaharis sets the records chart down and unzips his own massive collections bag, shining his light along a supply shelf until he spots a particular label. With his arm he combs nearly the entire shelf into the bag, then his light moves on to seek others. In his headset, Jensen reports back about how nice and quiet it is, which somehow seems to make the CMO less relaxed. On the ground floor, Rankin reports that his team is filching first aid and emergency care supplies from the clinic below. So good so far, and Zaharis turns to toss his loaded bag to someone headed out to the Raptor, grabbing up a new one.

Franks looks about as people return from the Raptor, and as others continue to take everything possible. It's really going well, until a murmer in his ear, and he touches his earpiece, "contact. We've got contact with Centurions on the lower levels of the Hospital." He clicks the Comms, "Acknowledged."

Craven's been a good Doctor for the past couple of minutes and he's been carefully filling his bag with the necessary supplies. Only when the first is full does he close it and set it aside, proceeding to grab the second one that he brought. Setting about filling that one, he casts a look over towards Zaharis, offering a faint smile, "This stuff should last us for a little bit, thankfully."

Meanwhile, waiting in the Raptor… as Marines start loading the bird up. The pilots and ECO on board are listening to the tactical chatter. "Frak… who was that? Could you tell who that was?" Kalypso taps into the Radio, "This is Wide Load, still waiting on the ground troops here to finish loading up. Not sure what we can do from here."

Plastic and the sound of little pills shuffling inside bottles as Zaharis grabs more, now on the antibacterial section of the part of the Big List that he gave himself. He's about to answer Craven when he hears Franks. "Frakking cylons know how to ruin a party," he mutters, before clicking on the comm. "Medical, pack it up and pull back till the threat's clear. Repeat, pull back." He motions to Craven. "Get them back to the Raptor. We're sure as hell not going to lose what we've got."

Franks frowns, "Centurions in the lower levels of the Hospital, sir, coming up." He looks to Zaharis, "Recommend clearing two to destroy the stairwells, block them off, buy us some breathing room as we extract."

Sarandon snaps his case closed after shoving the last of the items on his list in. Cases are hefted. Nope, he's not going to lose what they've managed to get. They need these supplies! "They sure do," he remarks, "Frakkin' party crashers."

Continuing to fill the bags, Craven almosts freezes at the mention of Centurions. There's a soft groan and the man hurridly grabs a few more supplies before he's closing the bag and moving to grab the other. Looking over towards Zaharis, there's a quick nod of his head and then he's beginning to backtrail the way he came.

Zaharis nods to Franks. "Do it. There's an auxiliary escape to the east with fire doors installed. See if you can get those slammed down too." He grabs up the bag he was loading, turning to follow Craven. "Come on, let's go. Zip it and move out." He hisses at two medics who are shaking in their boots, and they immediately turn to tag after Craven at full speed.

Franks nods, "Two, Secure, and demo stairs, lock down and East fire doors." He starts walking then stops, "Copy." There's a low detonation in the building, then, "Copy. Stairwells destroyed Looks good, sir." He then puts a hand to his ear, "Say again Two all after female."

There's so much as a second glance at the remaining supplies as Craven continues his tactical retreat. There's a flicker of his eyes towards his colleages and he's giving a slight nod of his head before continuing forward, "Doc, how many bags were you able to get loaded?"

Whoever's not on board as of this instant is going to have to wait for Kalypso's return. She's just been scrambled for an SAR. If the Marines on the ground are patched in to her channel or she can get theirs, she'll relay this to them too, of course. But she's got another pilot to go rescue. And they're Marines… they should be able to handle waiting. "Won't be long boys." Switches are flipped.

"Three," Zaharis replies to Craven as they head along the dark hall. He flips on his wireless. "Rankin, Jensen, what's your status." He is, unfortunately, unaware that their Raptor is abandoning them in a cylon-infested building.

Rankin and Jensen are okay, extracting, they report that the Marines did a fine job sealing off the stairs, and it seems to have stopped the centurions for the moment, however there's something else, a woman, dark skin, almond eyes, black hair in the rear of the Centurions. Franks seems to get this same information. "Sir, Two reports a woman with the Centurions, seeming to be directing them."

There's a flicker of his eyes back towards Zaharis and Craven is giving a nod of his head, "I've got two." Like the CMO, he's utterly unaware to that their Raptor has just taken off to attend to a space rescue, leaving them somewhat .. stranded.

Zaharis can feel the blood drain from his face. Thankfully it's dark and Franks probably can't see the sudden pallor. As the medics run past him towards the roof, he pauses and looks over at Franks. "How many Centurions are they looking at down there?"

Franks pauses, "Say again, Four and tell me that's a bad joke." Franks looks at Zaharis, "Bullethead count is around two dozen, sir, coming from the underground maglev system." He swallows, "Also, rooftop teams report that Raptor 214 has dusted off the roof, to engage in SAR operations. Pilot told the men she'll be back soonest." Stairwells blocked, all exits cut off and no Raptor. "Centurion progress halted for the moment, sir. Recommend.. extrction to rooftop while continuing to-" He stops, hand to his ear.

What!? Their Raptor left to attend to a SAR? Craven just blinks slightly, his head beginning to shake, "Well .. frak me. Best be getting back her soon." He's looking over to Franks, listening to the man and when he stops mid-sentence to lift his hand to his ear, he's lifting a brow slightly, "What's going on?"

The Raptor did WHAT?! Zaharis' eyes flash, his hand tightening on the strap of the bag. "Continue progress to the roof. Take cover up top. If those things make it up there, blow the shit out of them." A slight pause. "If we do engage, that woman is to be taken into custody." He looks at Craven and points to the upcoming fire door. "Keep moving, Craven." He flicks his wireless on. "Genesis Actual, Medical away. Zaharis. We are at the hospital, reporting two dozen centurions on their way to our position. Our Raptor's taken the frak off and we need an extraction."

[Tac1] Zaharis says, "Genesis Actual, Medical away. Zaharis. We are at the hospital, reporting two dozen centurions on their way to our position. Our Raptor's taken the frak off and we need an extraction."

Gunfire rings through the halls as Franks starts for the exit, "Get to the Roof, NOW!" He snaps, readying his weapon, "Two, blow the elevator shafts! fall back to the roof, two by two cover formation, keep those Medtechs moving!" He says as a rending, screeching metal sound comes from farther down the hall.. on This floor. "Bulletheads in the elevator shafts." He levels his weapon, "Take cover." He says, Marines forming ranks to prepare to repel invaders.

There's a grunt and Craven shakes his head ever so slightly. One hand tightens the straps of the bags over his shoulder and he's simply giving a quick nod of his head towards Zaharis, increasing his pace to bolt to the exit. It's now that his other hand drops down to his side and yes, the medic actually drops his weapons. "Remind me, the next time a pilot is on our frakking sickbay, to poke and prod a little harder at them."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Wide Load, Jailhouse, your tail's clear for now. Good job, Cornbread. On me, let's show these frakkers a good time."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Cornbread, Splash one"

Their call to the Genesis is so far unanswered. Zaharis pulls his sidearm from place as that screeching starts, calling up the hall to the team. "Move your asses! Go!" He turns back and moves backwards along the hall behind the Marines, because hell. He's not turning his back on a shitload of Centurions bearing down with weapons.

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso says, "Medical away, this is Wide Load. Was tapped for an emergency extraction of downed pilot. Operation underway. What's your ETA on those Centurions?"

Down the hall, an Elevator door rips off and a Centurion head pokes out, it's kind of funny, till the gun arm swings up.

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Tempo, splash one! Still got a friend, Cav, but I'm about to sort'm out."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Medical away, are you in a position where we can give air support?"

[Tac1] Zaharis says, "Wide Load, Medical away. ETA is right the frak now, we are taking fire."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Flask, Hound. Good work there. I'm going to remove this clown that's tailing me."

[Tac1] Zaharis says, "Wrongway, medical. Team is headed towards the roof. Centurion breach on the upper level, more headed up the stairs."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Hound, copy that. Loose Deuce it?"

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Wide Load, Genesis. Report progress on SAR? Scramble Medical away extraction, ASAP."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Nice guns."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Jailhouse, Cornbread. You've got a tail."

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso says, "Thanks for the cover boys, Wide Load, away. Medical, I'll be there shortly."

Zaharis talks quickly into his comm unit as the hunk of metal comes crashing through the doors. He drops down, trying to get some cover as that gun arm comes up.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Then consider it your gods-given duty to show 'im a good time, Cornbread. You know the drill."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Wide Load, I'm coming with. Fender, you have the lead. Medical Away, we are on our way. Keep your heads down. I may have to get creative."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Wrongway you have a friend. Hold -reeeeeeal- still."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Let's just get rid of the things, Flask. No matter what way."

[Tac1] Zaharis says, "Copy that, Wrongway."

The sound of Centurions breaking through has Craven pausing, his lips curling into a slight frown. Like Zaharis, he turns his back to the door, weapon lifting as he begins to backup. This isn't what he's trained for and he's hoping the Marines are capable enough.

The Raptor has one extra passenger now as it returns to the Hospital's roof… and it has the courtesy of a Viper escourt. There are Raiders in the sky, and, well, some being cut down by the Viper Jocks that are flying around. The Raptor circles the roof now. "Better make room back there, these boys have lots of gear and they're going to be coming in under fire." If the roof is clear for a landing, she's taking it!

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cornbread, time to jink your arse off. Ah'm on your six still."

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso says, "Medical, Wide Load. Waiting for you at the extraction point."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Splash one off your tail, Flask!"

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Thanks for wiping off that dribble, Archer."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Cornbread, Splash two. Going Evasive!"

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "My pleasure, sir."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Splash one."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Wrongway, Fender. Good hunting, copy."

Franks and another Marine fire, ripping into the centurion as an explosion on the lower levels rips through the structure, dust kicking up behind the Centurion, crashing sounds from the elevator shaft, as the Gun arm of the Centurion coughs out bullets pinging off the walls as the Centurion goes down.

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Tempo, splash one! Looks like Flask and War could use some cover!"

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Cav, Flask. I owe you a drink."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Tempo, hug me, we're on Hound's bandit!"

On the Roof, most of the team is assembled, and start loading in, getting the vital medical supplies as an explosion rumbles through the building. Still structurally sound.

Zaharis can't hit shit on the training range, but when it counts the CMO is able to put a bullet where it needs to go. As the hunk of metal falls, he calls out. "Continue to the roof! Move!"

Like Zaharis, Craven doesn't seem to have much luck on the range, but when he fires this time, his bullet seems to strike the target and he offers a quick blink before he's turning and bolting up and onto the roof.

Franks rises and starts moving, "Extract, Go Go Go!" He calls as the team starts moving for the roof, the other Marine grabbing a dropped medical bag and covering the retreat. Up and up, till the Medics reach the roof, the Marines trailing them closely, at the sound of metal stomping down the roof stairs, Franks shouts, "Load, Load!"

"Sorry you boys had to wait," Kalypso says, "But better late than never, eh?" Keep the nerves at bay with witty banter. She's definitely got adrenaline pumping now. At the shake of the building her eyes widen. Alright, hopefully this thing keeps holding until everyone's safely on board. "We've still gotta get back through the raiders, but the Vipers are clearing the way for us."

"Wide Load, less talking," Poet speaks up, "Ready for action."

"Yes, sir," Kalypso coughs, eyes back on the viewport and hands on the controls.

Zaharis still has that huge duffel with him, stuffed to the brim with drug bottles. He sprints out the fire door just after Craven, making a break for the Raptor. Something about this has him looking back towards the doors, teeth grit as the sounds of metal keep following them. Looking for something…the unusual enemy that Franks mentioned, perhaps.

Unlike Zaharis, Craven doesn't both looking back. When he's breached through the fire door, he's bolting directly for the Raptor, fully intending to climb up and in and quite content to let the marines duke it out with anyone who wants to try and follow

Franks yanks a Frag grenade off his vest, pops the pin and throws it down the last stairs, closing the door and turning to run to the Raptor, the last one out. As the grenade goes off in the stairs, Franks jumps into the Raptor behind everyone else. "Lift!" He shouts as the door splinters with bullets from the inside of the door, someTHING shooting the door to bits.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Bandit's bought the farm, Cornbread, you're in the clear."

[Tac1] Pandora Actual comes across the tac now. "Trucks are loading up. We're out of here in ten."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Jailhouse, Cornbread. Nice shooting, thanks."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Flask, nice flying there for a rook."

Zaharis throws the duffel on the pile of other medical crap in the Raptor, ducking down as bullets spray after them. "Frak…" he mutters under his breath, then shouts to Kalypso. "That's everyone, let's go!"

"Don't have to tell me twice," Kalypso says. The sour look from Poet at her side has her shrugging her shoulders apologetically. Being silent isn't in the cards when she's nervous. Good thing she's not a Marine. The Raptor's door closes and it's lifting back up into the air. Of course, she's wondering what the frak that is trying to get through the door after them.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Archer, nice shootin' for a vet. *light chuckle*"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Nice flyin', Cornbread. Wrongway, Jailhouse, you need any assistance down there?"

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Tempo splash one, I read zero bandits! Confirm, over?"

As the Raptor lifts, and takes off, the door crashes open and Centurions come out, aiming at the Raptor, and firing. Bullets pinging off the hull of the ship. No damage, however. As the Raptor swings around, three Centurions are on the roof, in a triangular formation, with a smaller figure in the middle of them. A small woman, dark hair pulled into a tail, wearing a creme colored outfit. Almond shaped eyes turned up to watch the Raptor as it flies away, she lifts a hand and the Centurions stop firing as she takes a few steps towards the Raptor, watching it intently.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Tempo, just the clouds up 'ere."

Inside the Raptor, Craven simply tosses his bags to the floor and lowers himself into a seat, grabbing the harness and securing himself to it. There's a flick of his eyes to Zaharis and he's givinga slight shake of his head, "We'll .. that was interesting."

Zaharis is looking out the window at their makeshift launchpad as the centurions pour out, plus that woman. His eyes stay on her as she seems to signal to the Centurions, but there's no getting to her. Their objective was these supplies. "We're alright. We got what we came for."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Nice flying, great shooting. Let's pull back and cover our marines for extraction. Keep the enemy off their six, mow through any resistance we encounter before they make it off the planet. Let's take it out of atmo people, and keep the field clear."

[Tac3] Something crackles over the TAC about —- Actual this is Alpha Team Ramiro, assuming command. We have some serious intel down here in cargo containers. Live cargo. Sleeping Live cargo. Export or dispose, over?"

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Fender. Tempo, stay on me on the way up."

"Was that a person with those Centurions?" Kalypso asks, looking back down through the viewport. But they're quickly out of sight. She's not sure what she saw. "Frak. Yeah, time to go home."

[Tac3] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Take what you can and get your butts off the ground."

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso says, "Genesis Actual, Wide Load. Extraction of medical complete, mission accomplished. Making our way home."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Tempo, aye! I'm on your five, baby, lead us to the roof."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Copy that, Wide Load."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Fender. Let's move out, Cornbread."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "On your five and loose, Jailhouse."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Wide Load, Archer, hope you don't mind a bit of company."

Zaharis breathes tensely as the rooftop fades from sight. "Consider what you saw to be classified information, Ensign," he says, finally.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Hound, it's Flask. I'm on your five, hurting a bit. No idea what's hit yet, but burners are a little off. Request you keep an eye."

Kalypso was on the Hera, she has heard some of the rumors… but that right there gives the rumors some credence. Of course, she clears her throat as she heads towards the black. "Yes, sir. Considered classified."

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