Smoking Hot
Smoking Hot
Summary: Master Sargent Farkas investigates a smoke alarm in the Ares Berthings.
Date: 4 ACH
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Fire aboard a spaceship is never a good thing, and moments after the alarm two firefighters enters the Ares Squadron berthings wearing masks to shield their faces and the proper equipment to fight fires of a normal scale. Anything bigger and they'll need to call for extra backup.

Smoke? Yeah. There's some smoke… the last dying plumes of it emanating from the very first bunk, top side. (Probably a little more than Jocasta might have reckoned her little firestarter moment would produce.) All the same, there's not really any fire to speak of… unless you count the glowing cherry on the end of her cigarette, which is currently dangling from her lips. The Ensign looks a wee bit startled at the response team's arrival but she guns for an understatement in the hopes that she might be able to explain things without being tackled to the ground: "Sorry about that. Had a little hiccup with a lighter… my bad." Yeah. 'My bad' should make everything better, right?

One of the firefighters moves directly over towards the bunk in question and lets rip with his extinguisher, coating the bed in a thick white foam.
Number two, follows suit but is more concerned about containing the spill and the flakes of glowing ash that is sent up as the jet of the foam hits the bed.
Number three, still with his back on looks straight at Jocasta and shakes his head 'Frakking pilots'

There is how ever a fourth person in the entry to the berthing, idly sipping on a cup of coffee..A white cup, with the logo of one of 'The Panthers' a pyramid team upon its sides..It is an elderly man, with a grey mustache and a stern face as if carved from stone, it is Master Sergeant Farkas.

Along behind the MaA, are two marines in combat blacks. Since the ship is at Condition Two, no one takes things lightly right now. They remain outside the hatch, no one entering or leaving.

Jocasta just stands there and attempts to look suitably abashed at her blunder… while smoking. She quietly watches the fire control crew make themselves useful and doesn't make another peep unless directly addressed.

The three firefighters, quickly handle the fire itself but it is a mess. The bed clothing is ruined, and the foam they used is soaking in making everything within that bunk and nearby area soaking wet. They work in more or less silence, using their own intercom to discuss what little matters of procedure there is. Finally, one of the three, the one who cursed the pilot caste moments earlier, looks towards Jocasta and tilts his head. "What the frak happened?"

Master Sergeant Farkas, sips on his coffee watching the scene unfold with a near unreadable face. Then again anyone who knows him, can easily figure out which kind of mood he is in.

Jocasta exhales through her nose, emitting a small cloud of sweetly-flavored smoke as she replies with deadpanned enthusiasm, "Lighter had a leak." If that's the case, she's lucky she didn't catch herself on fire in the process! Poor Rabbit's pin-up girl doesn't look so pretty now. Jocasta slides a glance over to the Master Sergeant, appraising him from the side for a moment before letting her gaze return to the ruins of the bunk.

The firefighter who addressed Jocasta is about to speak further, when Farkas coughs. "If you Gents are finished..There are people expecting a report on this no?" he says in a sourly gruff voice. The three firefighters nods their heads, seeing that there is no danger to the ship (At least not from a burning bunk) they pick up their gear, leaving the mess they made and starts to make their way towards the exit.
Farkas nods his head slowly and returns to sip on his coffee as he eyes Jocasta with his '1000 yard' stare.

Jocasta has played this game before. Maybe not in this precise situation but… all the same, she's been dogged by a damning gaze delivered from a stern Marine. She can take it. This is something that will likely become much more apparent when Farkas heads back to fill out his report and has a peek at Jocasta's service record. For now, however, she's content to smoke in silence and share a stare with the old man.

Farkas sips on his coffee a while longer, content to simply stare at the Pilot. Finally he pushes off the wall. "The Gunny is gone now, so I put my sights on you now…" he mutters before he turns to head back outside.

Poor Jocasta. She's got no idea what that's supposed to mean. Odds are, however, she'll be finding out all too soon.

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