Sneaky Snakes
Sneaky Snakes
Summary: Lakis turns in another report to Captain Zeus.
Date: 5 BCH (11/08/08)
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Marine Offices Genesis - Deck 14

5 BCH 2235 Souls

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.


Desusa sits quietly over his desk, examining the latest drill reports of third squad. A cup off coffee has gone cold at his side.

Lakis checks in like a good soldier and then is pointed to the area were Desusa sits with cold coffee and a pile of reports. She makes her way in that direction and does the 'stand at attention' before his desk.

Desusa looks up briefly at the sniper and nods, "At ease, private Lakis." He look over to another file in his pile and brings it in front of him, "The last scout-out was very informative, twinkle-toes." He opens the folder and gets his cold coffee… hmmm, is it even coffee??

"Yes, sir," Lakis comes to the 'at ease' position, "And thank you sir," someone should put a leash on her at times, but, sneakiness is her middle name. Glancing around a moment, she returns her gaze to Zeus and reaches inside her jacked and lays something on the desk in front of the Captain. "This was found in the forward Head. Taped behind the toilet." The item in front of Des, would be some demo. Though very small, but enough to take out that area.

Lakis adds in, "Deck 2." Which is near a munitions storage area.

Desusa looks up to the item placed in front of him and his eyes widen a bit, "Olympus in a box!" The demo piece is examined a bit and he snaps his fingers to a nearby marine, "Caprazzo, get me Hector in here." The marine jolts out wiht the order given and Desusa stands up slowly, "This came from our storage, eh," he points to a small code written on the side of the inactive charge.

Lakis nods, "In the head near it, sir. Which would most likely take out .." she leaves it at that. "It could be that it didn't go off during the other explosions." She glances to the piece and back up to her Captain. As most Pandora marines, they are still very loyal to this man.

Desusa shakes and sighs, "Hades, Lakis, how did this situation evolve right under our noses." He looks back at Lakis and taps the side of his head with his index, "Think. Think," he then snaps his fingers a few times at Lakis and asks, "Who was bunking with Doss and Mercer, quick?"

"Jonesy," Lakis reports as quickly as possible.

Desusa nods and shuffles his papers to get a list, "Alright, Jonesy and those two had bunks 20, 21 and 22, and Jane Sparrow was… here, right in front, bunk 31." He rubs his chin a bit and asks, "Okay, let's go thru the numbers here, Mercer and Sparrow checked out fine on my screening, but they started acting-up only after Doss was brough in…" He looks back to Lakis and asks, "Maybe Doss had something on Mercer and Sparrow?"

Lakis glances to the list and back up again, "That is possible, Captain. How it all went off without us finding out much until it was too late? Like anything on the ship, sir, 'the need to know'. Even I can't get into Command's graces that quickly. I'm still a Private, though the good side of that, is I am overlooked when on duty."

Desusa nods, "Yes. And I don't want you poking around the big brass, twinkle." He then glances down to the demo piece and says, "Okay, so in a nut-shell, Mercer and Sparrow collaborated to open the munitions storage, steal the demo equipment, helped setup the charges and plot to blow the Pandora to kingdom come, with Doss?" He lets that sink in.

Lakis simply looks at Desusa, remaining silent, but that is her way of agreeing with him. After a moment, she lowers her voice some, "With the help of someone over your head, I'm sure," she points out and then goes quiet again.

Desusa nods once more, "Stiger." He shakes his head and says, "As it stands, it's all speculation. Sparrow is dead and so is that frakkup logistics gal. Doss and Mercer are sitting on the brig for suspicion and we have no way to link Stiger to any of them." A hands passes over his bald head.

"Unless they talk," Lakis smiles a little at that, "Wouldn't be the first time you made a marine wet his pants over being put in a corner."

Desusa snickers, "I could. Mercer would be a cake-walk, bit Doss…" He folds his arms in front of him just as Hector pops in. "Ecks, put this demo piece is safe storage until I call for it." Hector nods and begins prepping the demo for its journey out.

"Doss can only whine about something hurting. It's all about him. Mercer.." she pauses making a frown, "He showed his ass in the taproom, his first mistake. I have a feeling he has no idea he is under suspicion for more than trying to get into the pants of a civilian." She makes a little tapping motion on her lower lip as she goes into thought mode. "They know they are being monitored though, so they won't discuss anything there."

Desusa nods, "True. We need to get one of them in open ground." He ponders a bit and says, "Doss ain't going nowhere soon, if that's his real name, and Mercer has just been branded 'off-limits' by CPT Gaelan…" he gives Lakis a small grin and asks, "You know, I might find the need to put the camera's inside Mercer or Doss's cells on maintenance for a good while. Think they can…" cough, "open up to you?" Man, this two have such deviant ways.

"I don't know, they seemed to keep their traps shut around me before," Lakis smiles, "But, I doubt they know Sparrow is dead yet. So, maybe you or Captain Gaelan can make them think she is squeeling like a pig somewhere on the ship."

Desusa nods, "Now that's smart thinking." He then looks over to Hector as he takes the demo piece out, "Alright, I need to get over to the Pandora for some check-up's there. I need you to hang back here and give Gaelan the details of what we have come up with so far. Hopefully, he'll give them a visit and try to loosen their tongues." He starts gathering his folders and storing them in his desk, "Dammit, JAGs should be doing this crap, not us."

Lakis smiles, "JAG wouldn't let me do it, I'm sure. They haven't exactly been to the part of the list where I exist yet," she lets off a salute, "Yes sir, I'll inform Captain Gaelan and let him know you are off to the PAS."

Desusa gets a few notepads and pencils out and salutes back, "Proceed, Private." He drops the salute and begins to walk out.

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