Solaris vs. Genesis
Solaris vs. Genesis
Summary: Tempers flare aboard the Solaris as Maerker lays down the law of his Deck.
Date: Thursday 9 April 2009
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The hangar of the Solaris, is in keeping with the rest of the ship. Neat, compact, and tidy. Each of the two raptors assigned to the ship has its own 'berthing', opposite the central deck crew area and tool storage unit. The dozen or so Vipers are set neatly in their bays, when they are on board. Stairs are tucked into the hull, more a ladder than anything else, leading upward into the rest of the ship.

The Deck Crews have been working all through the night it seems, as they have already got quite a few planes ready for their flights to their new home. Vipers and Raptors alike have been pieced together from the remains of the aircraft aboard, and Captain Josh Maerker has overseen each and every planes return to life. Much like the mythical Phoenix, these birds have risen from their ashes and will return to greatness. Looking through the bay, there's still quite a bit of work though as a few last planes are being worked on, including the very Viper that the LSO had been working on since his people came over. The revival of Captain Hannsen's Viper became somewhat personal to him… He never knew the pilot; only his name, nor had he asked about him, but he did know that his plane will live on, even if Hanssen didn't.

Nedra steps off the shuttle, when it hands in the trashed landing bay. "Ensign Lyon, reporting for duty sir." She says going to snap out a salute to the Senior officers once she's over where he is. Her cold eyes roam the bay no indiction of her thought mirror on her cold face.

The cool, almost cold voice of Ensign Nedra Lyon pulls Maerker out of his work-trance inside the Viper's cockpit. Who the frak… Getting out of ship with the same finesse and skill of one who's experiened in fighters, he pulls his now well-used shop-towel out from his right hip pocket and wipes his hands off, walking up to Nedra and Gavilon. "Ensign, we're not much on formality right now due to the lousy work conditions here," Maerker says with a smile as he exstends his hand out to the young officer. "Josh Maerker, LSO… So you and Gavilon are the lead pilots I asked for, I take it."

Gavilon rises from within the raptor and nods to the driver and ECO before stepping down from it. His flight suit isn't in top condition, but Havok doesn't care. He wears the Solaris patch proudly and one his foot lands on the deck he feels at home. Regardless of anyone in the area he shouts, "I'm home!" His arrogant grin returning as his chest is held high. He really didn't remember meeting with the LSO back in the guest quarters, but when the MP's nabbed him from the weight room he just laughed and went along with it.

Gavilon looks to the LSO walking towards him then to the Ensign arriving on another shuttle. His attention is diverted from the couple to the structure of the Solaris. (Gods damn, three heavy Raiders hit here) He slowly shakes his head and continues to look at his what-was familar deck he had launched and landed almost 1ooo times.

Nedra stands down and nods her head slowly she looks at the hand but ignores it. "I believe you are correct Captain." She says coldly, her eyes looking him up and down then dismissing him as High ranking officer. She then glances at Gavilon, wondering how he'd take being back here.

Damn, she really /is/ cold, he thought… So no wonder his Deck Gang wanted to paint her Viper Ice Blue. Looking at her, eyes narrowing slightly, he drops his hand and looks to Gavilon. "Lieutenant, I told you I'd have you out in 48 hours. I'm a man of my word," he says, extending the same hand to Gavilon that he offered to Nedra and smiles at the young pilot.

He doesn't shake the man's hand, hell he's tempted to not even salute. This isn't the LSO's ship, it's his-his home and life. Those 48 hours that he talks about were nothing that Gavilon expected. It's nearly been two weeks since he had been in a viper, the chance has finally come. His right hand salutes the Captain, helmet snug under his left. "Captain."

Nedra steps back a little and glances around yet again. "Are we to fly them over then come back on a shield I'd like to bring my own Ride over, it would be quicker then kee getting the shuttle." She says going to glance at Gavilon, she wants to comfort him but decides again it. He has to work through this.

The LSO gives Gavilon a narrowed look as well… Great, he asks for pilots, and gets attitude. Keeping his own temper in check, he quietly speaks to both of them as he crosses his arms. "Okay, I can see we're going to have some fun times ahead, so here's how it is… You're both here to act as consultants to my people on what you and the other pilots might need in addition to the work we've done to get these birds home." He uncrosses his arms and points at both Nedra and Gavilon. "You two are my lead pilots, so you'll be the ones getting to answer the /fun/ questions being asked by the deckies and by me." Dropping his arms back into the crossed position along his broad chest, he awaits their replies… These ought to be good, he thought to himself.

Gavilon nods to the LSO. "We fly vipers from the Solaris, raptor hop back until they are all transferred. I see nothing complicated about this." The whole 'lead pilots' thing has him confused about an Ensign and refugee from the Solaris being lead pilots. Maybe his speech last eve in the sickbay was right.

Nedra sighs softly. "Your Deckies are meant to know more then we do, we need fuel we need launch tubes ater that its up to you to repair and get them flight worthy…We." She points to Gavilon and herself. "Fly them off here. I don't see where we can help your knuckle draggers…I hardly see the point…" She raises an eyebrow her Icey blue eyes looking up at the captain, she has to look pretty far up, she can feel her neck muscles alrady compaining again their abuse.

"And /this/ is why I'm the LSO, kiddies. Lieutenant Gavilon, we're not going to be ship hopping back and forth, leaving our asses in the open for the possibility of a Cylon Attack. We're doing it in one hop. All the planes launch, they head to Genesis, they land, that's it. You and Ensign Lyon here will be leading those planes back to Genesis. Now you see why I told you to get your launch and landing quals complete for my deck last week. Maybe you shouldn't have been frakkin around in sickbay and working on those," Maerker says with as much fact as he does annoyance. "Ensign, my people /do/ know these planes better than any of the pilots in the fleet… Genesis /and/ Solaris pilots," he says with a cold and all-business, no BS look to Gavilon briefly. "What I need from you two is to go over each and every repair done to make sure you have enough to fly. You're going to be flying with no DRADIS, no Intertial Navs, and short-range comms only."

Nedra looks rather coldly at the LSO officer, join his little speech giving him every ounce of her cold attention when he comes to the list of what they'll be flying without she lets out an angry breath. "Frakkin hell, your got to be joking." she says turning to Gavilon, she shakes her head and turns around, rubbing at her forehead she spread her hands and just wonders off to the first one. Some deckie gets yelled at for a penlight, the poor kid runs off. "Frakking hell." She says.

His brow quirks slightly, "So you are turning the knuckledraggers into jocks and asking us to do their jobs?" Gavilon's face twists into confusion at the LSO's words.

Maerker smiles, the really evil streak coming out finally… This is what being the LSO is all about, and something that he takes pride in; making sure that pilots and planes work together as one, which means the pilots know their birds better than by just their tail-numbers. With a sickenly sarcastic voice, Captain Maerker answers Gavilon with enthusiam. "Oh, not all all Lieutenant! My people don't need to fly to get my respect… You, on the other hand, are going to be renamed Patricia until I say otherwise and will be learning your ship better than just flipping switches. You, Lieutenant Gavilon, will become a knuckledragger! I'm sure Ensign Lyon will attest to the fact that I require every single pilot from the Cag on down to know the basic mechanics and electrical systems by memory and be able to rip into them with the same ease and skill as my knuckledraggers."

Gavilon's icey jades show no amusement, "You will have to excuse me if I don't laugh Captain. You can call me what ever floats your boat, but my callsign is Havok." He looks over all the vipers laying around. "I don't know how you run your deck Captain, but unless the ship is short-handed on deckies, a pilot has things to do. We all have jobs, crossing those jobs does not bring equality." Havok looks back over his shoulder towards the raptor before continuing, "If I wanted to fix vipers I would have became a mechanic, not a pilot. I fly vipers to protect the Colonial Fleet, technicians repair and maintain the birds-keeping them in the air." His arm loosens and gribs the front of the helmet, "They do their jobs, I do mine."

Nedra just shakes her head as the two men behind her start to get into it with each other. "Look can we keep our hormons out of this, and stop playing who's got the bigger dick. We have a frakking job to do so lets do it. Lieutenant Yuuri if you would be so very kind as to help me check these birds over we can get this done tonight instead of tomorrow at Oh dark hundred hours." with that said she begins to check over the first viper.

Maerker smiles and gives Gavilon the same look in his eyes. "Just for the record, I run my deck from the standpoint that you're dependent on the equipment that my people repair and maintain. I'm a pilot myself in case you didn't know, and unlike most pilots, I know how to fix my bird when I don't have a deck crew to maintain it. You need to operate on the notion that you won't have a deck crew to fix your bird the moment it's bent in the slightest. I don't ask the pilots aboard Genesis to do anything I won't do or haven't done, so you better be prepared to get dirty, or else you're not flying anything off my deck. Is that clear enough for you, Lieutenant?" Without waiting for a reply, he goes back to his Viper, kneeling underneath it and opening up an inspection port with a small screwdriver pulled from his pocket.

Gavilon shouts after the Captain, "That equipment is junk without the right pilots to use it." His pointing a fist and finger at Maerker, "If that is your thing fine, but it's not ours."

Nedra sighs softly and just carries on ignoring the two men, she doesn't really need this right now frakking men. "When you two have finished we have work to do, I'd like to see my son before he's placed in bed."

Maerker shoots up from his spot and is almost tempted… SO very tempted, to say exactly whats on his mind. He doesn't, but does say one simple thing; The one thing no pilot wants to hear. "Lieutenant, you're grounded, pending completion of the basic aircraft maintenance course, as /required/ by the LSO for service on the Genesis… Either that, or you can stay here on the Solaris." And there it was… No arguements, no second chances. "Ensign Lyon, I do apologize. I'll release you from this detail to tend to your son. Family comes before this." And without any further words, the LSO returns to work to his project Viper.

Gavilon turns back towards the raptor. "Keep your knuckledragging nugget pilots. You are just a washed up jock, a disgrace to even call yourself a Viper Pilot." He starts to chuckle, taking steps towards his ride out. "No one on the Genesis, including you, got the chops to keep up to any Solaris jock." He stops and points at Maerker, "And that I'd bet my flight status on." With a twinkle in his icey jades, he places the helmet onto his head and begins the climb up the raptor's wing.

Nedra shakes her head and just sighs. "I think I'm going to let you two gentlemen fight it out." She says softly going to place her tools away and pack up. "My son's bedtime is here, and I've been released…Have a good day I'll send medical down in a few moments."

"You already lost, Lieutenant." Without hesitation, he walks over to the Wireless and picks up the phone.

Adelaide walks onto the flight deck and peers around, she's not dressed in her orange eye sore but in her fatigues and pants. She looks unhappy but then that's just been her way for the past few weeks.

"This is Captain Maerker, aboard the Solaris. I need a Marine Detail to escort Gavilon back to the Genesis," Maerker says without waiting for a reply. "Lieutenant, in case you haven't noticed, your ship is about to become a scrapheap. You /were/ a pilot on this ship. Not anymore. Either learn to play by the rules or be ready to be cooling your heels for a long time."

The call was sent out to the Genesis for an MP detail including some marines to 'escort' Gavilon back to the Genesis. Ramiro relayed the call and decided to personally oversee a small group of three marines including himself to assist one of the MP's in collection duty. Arranging on the deck of the Genesis, he's the first out the door with a P-90 slung low from a lanyard. With no further information, he takes a look around to judge the situation and look for Maerker, the source of the call.

Even weighed down with her MP gear, Praetoria is unlike any MP around. Her golden brown hair is braided down her back, she's tall, lush and exotic. She carries herself with a confidence befitting a former model and there is a smile on her full lips. Yes, she can mean business, but there's no reason for not looking good and enjoying your job while you do it.

Adelaide pauses her lips and wonders if it's safe to come onto the flight deck she came to do some light night repairs but what she walked into doesn't seem to great. Wondering around Ram and the MP's she wonders over towards the back of the flight deck and goes to quietly seat herself in a fighter and begin repairs.

Maerker is all business as he approaches Ramiro and Praetoria. His arms neutral as well as his voice, he flatly informs them of the situation. "Ensign Ramiro, Corporal Faraji, Lieutenant Yuuri is to be escorted back to the Genesis. I'm placing him on report for insubordination as well as revoking his flight status for that very reason. I'm not ordering his arrest, but non-essential personnel aboard this ship are strictly forbidden. He's non-essential, and therefore is to be escorted off."

From within the Raptor:

"Why the hell haven't we taken off for Genesis?" Gavilon barks at the Driver. "I'm sorry Havok, we've been given orders to remain grounded until Genesis MP's arrive." He just stares at the two in the raptor before removing his helmet. Running a gloved hand through his hair he chuckles.

Praetoria drapes a hand on the butt of her sidearm, waiting to understand the why's of the request. She's heard of this Gavilon; cooped up for a week, almost two when he was discovered from the Solaris' remaining folk, having to be cooped up with the Sheriff for a week because of stims? (Not like none of their pilots ever had to go that route since the Holocaust) And now…why?

Ramiro stops near Maerker and nods quietly, catching Adelaide in the corner of his eyes, he's there on business and his patch is off of his face, revealing a heavy stitched up wound that will inevitably scar. Listening to the Captain's decision, he nods and looks to Praetoria. "My men are at your disposal to assist you with the detainment, Corporal." He says, nodding to the two privates that he brought along with them. "Per regs he can be detained for three hours pending his CO's review. Do you have a report prepared to take back to Genesis, sir?" Dane asks, standing beside the Captain.

"No, but I will within the hour, Ensign," Maerker says. Sighing, he continues with the basics. "Well, I don't think any of the Solaris Air Wing has been officially absorbed into the Genesis Air Wing as of this moment, but his direct-most superior would be Major Bayless. I'll see to it she recieves a copy of the report I intend to send to Colonel Carter," he says as his arms cross back over his broad chest.

Adelaide seems to be keeping out of this, her eyes go to Gavilon aha that's where she saw him the pilot that almost stole one of her bird. She remember picking up his helmet, with a little shake of her head she carries on repairing leaving the little party to their biddings.

From within the Raptor:

"Well the poor excuse for an LSO doesn't have the chops to fly against me and calls MP's." Gavilon continues to chuckle at the two within the Raptor. "I bet if he had his way, he'd have everyone onboard Genesis knuckledragging or with dirt on their knees." He continues to taunt the two inside the Raptor.

Praetoria's hand lifts, fingers move to her lips and she emits a brilliantly earsplitting whistle, "Yo! Lieutenant JG Gavilon Yuuri! I hear you're a fine specimen of the Solaris fleet, so haul that ass out here so I can take a look."

Ensign Dane Ramiro, the marine S3 Operations officer, looks to Maerker and nods simply. "Colonel Carter, sir?" Dane asks, not questioning his judgement, buthis judgement, but the location of the report to be filed. "Is he to be detained to the Hera or to the Genesis?" He clarifies, as Colonel Carter is the CO of the Hera, and Salin is the CO of the Genesis. His face remains neutral, business-like in the matter. Nodding, he rests his hand on the weapon not as if he brought it for Gavilon, but for the distance from the Genesis itself. Watching Praetoria, the two other marines fall in to flank her, to assist at her disposal. "Anything in particular I need to know about for the status of the detained for the ride over, sir?"

"He's to be held on the Genesis, but Colonel Carter has interest in this," Maerker says, thinking back to the memo he recieved from Carter about Gavilon's status. "As far as particulars… Nothing, outside of the fact that he's mouthy. Other than that, my only orders are get him off this ship and out of my sight, Ensign."

From within the Raptor:

The woman's words reach his ears. "Uh oh." His known devilish grin appears, "Looks like my escorts are here." He points a finger and snaps his thumb to each onboard before standing up and walking out to the wing.

The wing of the Raptor:

Gavilon walks out with his sidearm in hand. He grips the sidearm by the barrel with the handle extended out. His other hand rises into the air, "I give up, take me away from my home and lock me up again." Both icey jades look out at the group, "You know, for the Cylons being the enemy, you all don't act like it." He starts to chuckle, "Trying to call me Patricia and force me into being a knuckledragger. Real officer-like Captain." He stops chuckling, "Scuttlebutt says you are even banging an NCO, a member of your own deck crew. Any truth to that illegal activity while we are having a group meeting with the law?"

Well, looks like we got ourselves a live one here…Praetoria lifts her hand, the gesture meant to hide and stifle a laugh and a grin all at once. Stepping nearer, she gestures for the jock to drop off the wing and come to her, since she sure as hell isn't going to use her side arm and drop him from the wing, "Damn, boy. You do have one sweet mouth on you. Now get your ass onto the deck so I can take you away from all this."

While Praetoria provides service with a smile, doing the detainment in her own way, Dane looks sidelong to Maerker as Gavilon throws the accusation out. Purposefully avoiding his gaze going in any other direction, he turns and salutes the Captain as he prepares to make his exit. Receiving his orders and assisting the MPs in fulfilling them, his face remains passive as he provides the duty requested of the Marines that the higher ranking officer provides. Turning on his heel, he moves to stand at the base of the Raptor, preparing to follow Praetoria, his two marines, and the detainee aboard it.

Maerker shoots off an icey glare to Gavilon. "Lieutenant, this isn't about me or what I have done or not done. This frak up is entirely yours… As I said, either learn how things are done on my deck or you won't be flying off it." Turning to Ramiro and Faraji. "He's all yours… Oh, and Corporal," he says as he smiles to Tori with a wink. "Be gentle with the boy?" Giving Gavilon a little wave, he then turns to Ramiro and rolls his eyes at the crass comment from the Lieutenant.

Adelaide is happily working away not taking any notice of the coversation until Gavilon starts spouting off. She drops a tool and swears loudly, banging her head as she goes to grab it. "Frak." She mutters rubbing her head. "If that's bleeding I'm going to be pissed, this frakking ship is a death trap." She glances out at the offers, her eyes going first to Maerker then tori, not just his Deck crew.

Gavilon can't help but laugh at the reaction he got from the LSO. "You'll have to excuse me if I don't bow. Technically you are on my deck Captain, not yours." He wirls his sidearm and slides it into the holster. "And being the highest ranked officer onboard the Solaris." His icey jades light up, "Wouldn't that make me the ranking officer of it?" He takes a step down onto the deck. "Ensign, I believe I am correct, but if you know any other regs or rules I am missing, please speak them."

Dane watches the exchange between Magic and Havok with interested eyes but a face that's devoid of expression. The hardened combat veteran looks to the Lieutenant and addresses him befitting of his station. An Ensign, he's rather outranked between the two officers. "Sir. The Solaris is in preparation for decommissioning and to the best of my knowledge is in control of command and the engineers that have been assigned to it for scrapping. Per regulation a higher ranking officer has requested that you be detained, and it is our duty both as MPs and the Marine Officer of the Watch to ensure that this duty is followed through with." Dane states clearly. "Simply put, sir, he is a Captain and has the right to detain any equal or lower rank for three hours pending CO review. It is up to the CO to determine the necessity of the detainment, and very well may result in an interview with said CO to provide a report in return." He pauses. "Please surrender your sidearm and allow us to do our duty, sir." He requests with the kind of voice that speaks volumes. That is, if the volumes were books on trying to break people apart so that there can be a peaceful resolution.

Praetoria steps nearer, hand lifted in a come-hither beckoning, "Gentle? Oh, Hades no. This way I get to see which ones can take a woman in the driver's seat. Come along handsome. After the initial shock, it won't hurt nearly as bad." With a graceful curve of her arm, she slips it beneath the Lieutenants, nestling up to him, though for the moment effectively rendering him one arm less as she clings like a groupie to him.

Maerker smiles and shrugs in a child-like manner towards Gavilon. "I know… Wierd, huh?" Dropping the shrug, he watches on as Praetoria and Ramiro doe their jobs will skill and professionalism.

<Trait Roll> Gavilon rolls Strength and achieves a degree of BeyondTerrible (-1). *BOTCH*

"Decommission the ship after detaining all of us left? Locking us into rooms and sickbay keeping us from knowing anything." Gavilon tries with no avail to detach Praetoria from his arm. In the end he just shrugs, they aren't from the Solaris. Just a bunch of laid back frakking pansies in his eyes. He follows them onward.

One of the marines moves to assist Praetoria to stabilize Gavilon while the other removes his sidearm from the holster. Dane watches quietly with a small glance from Maerker to Gavilon. Not responding with one single iota of facial expression to the Captain's eye rolling, he moves into the Raptor to prepare the crew. With the MP beginning the detainment, he simply chooses to not respond, but making mental notes in his head. Taking a slow breath as he sits down, he stows his weapon pointed downwards. It's going to be a long flight back.

Adelaide finally finishes off her work, and collects her things quickly, she climbs down the ladder and makes her way towards the departing shuttle. Its time to end a few things, before she ends careers.

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