Space Complex - Marines
Tauron Space Complex - Marines
Summary: Marines vs. Toasters!
Date: 9 BCH - 11/22/2008
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The Raptor moving toward the Space complex is getting flak and fire from the Raiders racing to stop those coming forward. The thing jerks and rocks as they take a hit in the tail, but they keep moving on, hoping to land their cargo. Too bad it is also a hot LZ waiting.

Bell clings to her seat as the Raptor jerks about. Sitting quietly, trying to look properly gruff and hard core. The little blonde isn't terribly convincing. She waits with ever-growing dread for the thing to land.

Sora is geared up, and ready for action with junior at her side. "Seems like they don't want us down there. Too bad for them I guess." As she grabs onto a harness to steady herself.

Seated, geared up, and ready for battle, Ramiro closes his eyes for a moment and takes in a deep breath. The calm before the storm is here, and he's preparing himself for it. "Sir, what tactical frequency are we to be dialed into?"

Skip is present as well, expression like some kind of a statue or something. "I can understand them, though. They know we'll send them to the junkyard." Checking his weapons a bit thoughtfully.

Staff Sergeant Gars, wearing the tags of Pandora, doesnt say much, being the new guy on the outfit. Hitting a mag against his helmet, he then inserts it into the weapon, slams it in place and cocks the weapon, Making sure, the safety is on. Leaning back against the hull, the man eyes the others with a brief glance.

Gaining good cover atleast, the Raptor moves in to set down on the platform of the complex. A decent docking procedure if the pilot does say so himself. Once they are sealed, the hatch rolls open to allow them out into the area. Oddly, there is nothing in the way for the moment, except a hatch.

D'Artanion doublechecks her medical equipment, then her belts. The medic looks around at those with her, almost as though matching reputation with faces even when she does not know names. Perhaps she is making sure she knows who she needs to stay with. Once that is finished, she lifts her pistol from it's holster and checks to be sure it is in proper shape.

Sora sees the hatch open, and gets to her feet. "Right, time to go to work. I want cover postions as so as we get through the hatch. Secure the immideate area..lets go your heads."

Gars grabs the weapon and holds it ready by his shoulder, taking up poistion to be ready to disembark and face what ever may come.

Skip nods a bit, getting in a position to be one of the first out of the Raptor. He glances around for a few moments at the others, then back to the hatch. Ready for what might come.

Bell nods to Sora, triple-checking her rifle. She remembers to take the safety off. "Ready, Sarge," she says to Sora, trying not to sound /too/ shaky. She prepares to go out on point, little scout that she is.

D'Artanion shoulders her bag of medical supplies, releases the straps holding her into the seat and lifts her rifle into position. She hangs back, however, knowing that her position is not in the front of the squad. When the leaders look back, she gives them a quick 'thumb's up' sign.

Ramiro rises, taking one final check of his gear. Thumbing the safety, he lets out a few quick breaths and moves into position, ready to depart beside Bell. "Into the breach, Bell…I'm right here withya…"

Gars tosses a glance at the team-leader; even though he is 100% focused at the job at hand, he seems a bit hesitant over this new outfit. He doesnt know them and they dont know him. Trust isnt given, its earned… And judging by Gars look as he studied Sora, trust wasnt on his mind right now.

Bell offers Ramiro a quick grin over her shoulder. "You're just trying to get one on the kill board, Corp," she says to him with a wink. "Well, you aren't going to top me." Her bravado isn't terribly convincing, but at least she /tries/ to fake it.

It seems at the moment those up top are now dealing with a basestar. Not a good thing. There may be an abort mission here.

Sora listens to the radio chatter in her ear, "Something big out there, got the pilots worried…" she raises up her head, "Hold…"

Skip lets Bell and Ramiro be the ones to head out first, shaking his head a bit as he listens to them, before he looks back to Sora, nodding a bit. "Something big…" he repeats, shaking his head a bit.

D'Artanion pauses at Sora's order. Kneeling, the medic keeps prepared, but immobile while awaiting further word. Patience seems to be the order of the day. Looking up, she scans the ceiling briefly as though she could see through to the air above. Looking down again, she half smiles at the two ready to lead the way.

"We cant stay here in the frakking middle of cac" Gars hissed. "We either abort or go… Right now we're sitting ducks. A satchel charge on that hatch and we're history; We either leave or enter. Call for a confirmation."

"Just keep your head down and we'll see how it goes." Ramiro replies to Bell, smacking the back of her helmet in a bit of marine bravado. "Huah?" He adds, grinning a little. "…we'll see my name up there."

Bell gulps. Big? Her blue eyes widen, rolling upward. As if she could see the basestar through the hull of the Raptor. She gives Sora a shaky nod, holding herself ready for whatever. And, if whatever means strapping herself back in for a ride home, she doesn't look like she'll complain.

Sora drops her hand, "We have a go, two by two…lets keep it tight people…go, go go!"

"Less talk, more shooting," Skip suggests to Ramiro. Sounding amused, at least. "Let's go!" Letting those two get out first.

The hatchway is clear and so is the entryway, that opens up into a larger area where the ammo storage is. Oh good. Ammo storage. There is a loud clanking sound though as the flash of metal crosses the end of the area. Then one turns and it's red eye begins moving back and forth.

Ramiro rushes out past Skip, taking point alongside Bell. Quickly finding a covering position for the exit from the transport, he slides to a knee and raises his rifle, lining up on the first Cylon. "Munitions…" He calls out to Sora, warning about grenade usage as he starts to squeeze the trigger.

Bell suppresses a groan. So much for riding home. Out she flits, alongside Ramiro, rifle held in a white-knuckle grip. Wide blue eyes now scouting about for metal things. "Toasters!" she squeaks. Not the best battle-cry, but it's something of a warning. She takes aim at the first one she sees.

Stuck in the cramped shuttle, Gars moves up to find cover next to the hatch, pressing himself against the hull. "Medic!" he roars, "Find some Gods cursed cover! Keep your head down!"

Skip stays within on the other side of the hatch, ready to head out as quickly as possible. Keeping his attention on the enemies and frinedlies out there.

D'Artanion moves forward to press against the hatch opposite Gars, "Aye, aye, sir." Still, she lifts her rifle in case it is needed. Slowly, she lowers into a crouch so she can take a peek out into the field of battle to see if anyone needs her yet. Not seeing injuries, she ducks back but remains ready.

Unloading a three round burst, just enough to echo the words 'die-motherfrakker!' in his head, Ramiro narrows his eyes as he hears the familiar pop-whizz of bullets flying past him. Adjusting his aim, he fights the familiar urge to duck and cover and presses on the attack.

Bell opens fire, concentrating her rifle on the same toaster as Ramiro. She manages to ping it in the chest. A grin is exchanged with the Marine next to her. "Let's finish it off!" she says, amping up the false bravado as she aims again.

Firing from the two Centurions and the marines fill the area. Good thing they have helmets on. The sounds are deafening. The marines get lucky, because the metal toasters can't hit the broadside of a barn, it seems.

Skip fires off the shot from inside the hatchway, instincts aiming for the head. And then he hurries out there, getting into a shooting position, wherever he can get some cover.

Gars let his weapon roar with a controlled burst, watching sparks fly off the cehst of his target further down. Breifly, he tossed a glance back at D'Artanion, "Dont you 'Sir' me! I work for a living!" And with that he took aim once more. "Make a hole! Make a hole!" he shouted as he left the hatch and entered the station, diving down behind the closest cover he could find.

Sora moves forward into the hatch as soon as it's cleared, bringing junior around with with. "Secure the room..the longer those things are shooting at us, the better chance they'll hit something in here." as she readys fires from the hatch

D'Artanion shifts a little where she waits. Once Skip and Gars head out, she slips around the hatch and out. Rather than rushing forward, the medic remains near the back of the squad, her attention divided between the toasters and her team mates. Gars' comment sparks a grim smile, "You an' me both, Sarg." She ends up behind cover.

The barrage of fire sends one Centurion down and skidding across the deck of the area. It ends up in partial pieces and smoking a little. The other one doesn't even seem to stop as it continues to head toward the marines, if it cant' use guns, it'll be using those sharp metal fingers.

Ramiro lets off another volley. "Cm'onnn…" He grunts, adjusting his aim. The bullets continue to pass by him, and a few nanoseconds later his body reminded him that he hasn't been hit yet. Kneeling firm in place, he lets out another volley of bullets.

Gars found cover behind a crate and instantly fired his weapon, managing a glancing hit on his target. The combined efforts, however, with Skip managed to bring it down in a display of sparks. Tkaing new aim, Gars was determined to bring the next target down as well.

Bell is leaning up at an inopportune time and gets pinged in the belly. Fortunately, it's a glancing shot, and her vest absorbs it well enough. She squeaks, in surprise rather than pain, and gets to more shooting.

Skip took a few moments to aim, and then hits the Centurion, nodding a bit as it goes down, before he starts aiming for the other one again, preparing to fire at that one now. "Really?" he tosses a light comment back to Sora.

Sora sees the one toaster go down, but the second one keeps coming. She responds to skip, "Really, you don't want them blowing up the wine stash they got in here." As she keeps laying it on the enemy.

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftArm) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!DOUBLE KO!!

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent1 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest) !!DOUBLE KO!!

Lifting from her cover a bit, D'Artanion notes something that she does not like as a bullet slams into Bell. When the other woman does not go down, she nods and turns her attention to the toaster still heading for them. She shakes her head and takes aim with the rifle.

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftLeg) !!DOUBLE KO!!

<COMBAT> Gars attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest) !!DOUBLE KO!!

Gars reloaded his weapon as soon as the toaster went down and then took aim down the room, scanning for additional targets or signs of movement. "Gars, Clear!" he called out.

Oh there are additional targets alright. From the left side of the room, Centurians come moving up at a steady pace. The harsh clanking of the metal is a sound no one can forget once they hear it.

Skip reloads after his last shot is fired, keeping his attention on where the toasters were. Keeping silent for now. Until he notices the new arrivals. "Incoming…"

Ramiro grins as his shots rip into one of the Cylon's arms. Creeping forward, he calls out to Bell to a better position to cover the exiting crew of Marines. "More contacts!" He calls up, keeping down on one knee, turning to open fire with Bell in his peripheral vision.

"I'm good, Doc!" Bell pipes to D'Artanion. A bit shakily, but that seems more nerves than loss of vital body parts. "Nice one, Ramiro," she says as she watches the Centurion go down in a hail of bullets. Her own pinging of its metal corpse. She nods to him. "I see them."

Sora watches the second cylon almost disintergrate, she moves out of the hatch to grab some cover as she lets her gun cool down. Hearing the clanking sounds of the reinforcements, she draws a bead on them. "Send em to the scrap yard…."

Shoals and Zeke get into their spots and raise weapons to fire at the incoming toasters.

D'Artanion half smiles at the woman and nods, "Got it." Turning as the sound of boots clanking is heard. Her expression shifts as grim determination settles. Raising her rifle, she darts to better coverage and takes aim on one of the incoming toasters.


<COMBAT> Gars attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent5 with MG and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Shoals attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Zeke attacks Cent4 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Head)

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Shoals with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Zeke with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Gars with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Bell with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Sora with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks D'Artanion with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

Sora lets loose with a couple bursts from her MG, before ducking back down behind one of the crates. "Dang, these things are ugly." As she pops up, and fires off another burst.

Gars fired a long burst but his aim did little to penetrate armor. He let out a growl as he went down, a Cylon bullet ripping through the flesh of his left leg. Gars, teeth grinding, crawled into cover. "Medic!!" he called out, trying to ignore the pain shooting up through his thigh.

Skip fires off a new shot, once more hitting the enemy. Not waisting any time on anything else, he prepares for his next shot, glancing at the other Centurions for a split second, then back to his intended target.

Bell shoots and ducks! Another of her bullets pings lightly off the toaster. On the plus side, she's safely missed when the things shoot back. She brings her rifle up for another go, grimacing at Gars' shouting. Ouch.

The sound of grunting is something that Dane Ramiro manages to catch between the few seconds of silence around the gunfight. Ramiro frowns and takes in a quick breath, narrowing his eyes. Gritting his teeth he holds his breath and keeps firing, holding his position.

Although she aimed at the toaster, D'Artanion did not take the shot as an incoming bullet slams into her armor. "Ugh." Luckily, the armor holds up. She glances at her squad mates and hears Gars voice. The rifle is slung to her shoulder and she moves in quick bursts of movement to his side, "Lie still, Sarg." Unshouldering her supplies, she sets to work quickly.

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Great (5).


<COMBAT> Gars attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent5 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Head) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Shoals attacks Cent4 with Rifle and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Zeke attacks Cent4 with MG and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ramiro with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Sora with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Zeke with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Bell with Centur and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Shoals with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks D'artanion with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest) CRIT

"I'll be still when this is done and over with!" Gars growled at D'Artanion, leaning out from behind his cover to fire off another burst from his rifle until the mag was empty, hitting his target dead center but barely denting the thick armor-plate, leaving D'Artanion to tend the leg as best she could. Reaching for a new mag, a hail of gunfire swept in over his head… striking someone next to him… …

Shoals ducks the hit and keeps in there, wiping the sweat off his chin under the helmet. "Frakkin' toasters". Zeke hangs in beside his buddy and sets up his aim again.

Skip keeps on firing, frowning as his shot doesn't do as much damage as he'd liked. He then glances towards the others again, and aims for another tin can as he gets a good position to fire from.

"Reload!" Dane calls as his last bullet is fired. The clip falls from the rifle to bounce on the floor at his feet. Slapping in a new clip quickly, he racks the rifle and raises it to bear again. "When I am still and I listen…I hear your song and it brings me peace…" He mutters to himself a calming prayer, pulling the trigger as he holds the line.

Bell pings the toaster harder this time. Though there still seems to be an endless string of them. "Oh my Gods…" she murmurs. More mild panic than prayer. But it seems to work, as the Centurion that was aiming at her shoots harmlessly over her head.

Sora continues her assualt of the toaster, droping down behind the crate again…just a little too slow this time, as a her armor gets singed a bit. "Not gonna let some machine get the better of me." As she pops up again, letting loose with a full burst.

It is probably a good thing that D'Artanion knows her job. Even though Gars won't sit still, she does a fine job patching him up. Unfortunately, as he leans out, she has to shift her own position to apply the final bit of bandaging. "Good enough for now, S…" And that is when the Cent finds her. A bullet grazes her chest and the armor does not do as good a job as before. Hissing, she lifts a hand to check damage, "Frak!" Shifting her armor, she applies a bandage then settles in to aim at one of the toasters.


<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent5 with Rifle and misses completely!

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent5 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest) CRIT

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent5 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Chest) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Gars attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> D'Artanion attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Head)

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Shoals with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Sora with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Gars with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Zeke with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Zeke with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent4 has been removed from combat.

<COMBAT> Cent5 has been removed from combat.

Skip has found the rhythm now. Aim, shoot, aim shoot. And this time, the added part about reloading after shooting.

Centurion bodies are going down left and right, but they still keep coming. Funny how that works.

Zeke yells for a medic as he gets hit and Shoals turns to help his buddy if he can.

Bell ducks hastily at the same time she's trying to shoot. Which is not a particularly good strategy for hitting anything. Her bullet flies off harmlessly through the air. Maybe the popping sound scared them, at least. She winces at all the cries for medical aid, trying not to listen, her hands going even tighter on her poor, strangled rifle.

Ramiro lets out a breath as his next burst is expelled. The air around him is starting to heat up with the smell of gunpowder and the warmth of miniscule explosions by the tens. "And I know that you with bow outstretched are watching over me…" Ramiro repeats his prayers to Apollo, feverishly shifting his aim to the next Centurion in line. "…and my crew."

Gars slapped another mag into the rifle and opened fire, watching as his target lost a leg and came crashing down. But his body jerked as another bullet struck his left leg, and Gars grinned with pain as he rolled into cover again. "Me…!!" He was stopped in midsentance, as he noticed D'Artanion. "Cac!" he growled, and instead leaned out to take another shot, pain straining his aim.

Sora puts another load into the tin man chest…as she watches the thing finnally go down. She swing the mg around, picking out a new target and opening firing again, "Now thats what I like to see…scrap metal!"

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Good (4).


<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent6 with Rifle and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Gars attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent6 with MG and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Zeke attacks Cent6 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightLeg) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> D'Artanion attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Shoals with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Ramiro with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Zeke with Centur and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent6 has been removed from combat.

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).

After taking a shot at the toaster, D'Artanion starts hearing calls for medical aid. Moving first to Gars' side, she nods to the man, "Right, right. So needy." The man gets a wink and she applies a bandage on his newest wound, "Gonna call you 'pincushion' if you're not careful." Once he is set, she darts across to Zeke. Unfortunately, when she gets to his side, she fumbles the medical kit and drops the bandage, "Frak." Turning, she pulls a new one from her pack.

The two Centurions are definately advancing on the pointmen. Guns turn into whirling gadgets that are sharp saws as they keep coming. That looks..painful.

Bell's rifle, again, fails to hit anything remotely metallic. It gets closer this time, though. Not that almost really counts. She squeaks as the things keep coming. Rifle back up, more desperate shooting.

"Get Sum!" Gars snarled as his rifle roared. While his leg was getting soaked in blood, and sweat covered his face, Gars kept his aim steady as he unleashed yet another salvo on target.

At these times, it's almost a bigger thing not hitting the Toasters in the chest. Which is where Skip hits. Shaking his head, he prepares to fire again.

Sora puts another burst right into the center of the toasters chest. Too bad these things don't have a heart. At least she puts a really big hole there. She turns to eye the advancing party, "Times up, but thanks for playing our game…heres your parting gifts" as she refocuses and opens fire.

Ramiro snarls at the approaching Cylon bearing down on him, thumbing his rifle to full auto. "COME GET ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!" He crouch-walks a step back, planting one foot to give him some room, unloading his clip on the thing.


<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Gars attacks Cent7 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent7 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent7 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to LeftArm)
<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent7 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Zeke with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Ramiro with Centur and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Shoals attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Head) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> Zeke attacks Cent8 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!DOUBLE KO!!

Ducking, D'Artanion concentrates on ignoring the zip of bullets around her. As Zeke continues to shoot, she works on bandaging him. When she finishes, she skuttles back on her hands and knees, then swings her rifle back into alignment. "Anyone else need a medic? Sing out." Her gaze has grown hard and focused as she scans for new targets or for more wounded.

Gars emptied his weapon into the advancing Cylon, watching as it took massive amount of fire point blank. The thing collapsed and crashed onto the floor into a smoking ruin. Gars quickly reached for a new mag and realoaded, keeping his aim down the room incase more hostiles would appear. At the moment, adrenaline kept his pain in check, but the bloody mess that was his left leg was telling enough of the treatment the Cylons had offered him.

Firing off another shot at the Centurion target, Skip nods a bit as he sees the enemy go down. Lowering his weapon enough to reload it, he glances around for a couple of moments, shaking his head at D'Artanion's question. No need for a medic here.

Bell shuts aims, shuts her eyes, and starts squeezing the trigger. "Oh frak, frak, frak, frak, frak…!" Maybe when she opens them again, the toasters will all be magically gone. Warily, she peeks. Hey, it worked!

Toaster bits everywhere, even though the saw on one spindly hand of the metal centurion is still going as the smoke starts clearing from the air. Boxes of Ammunition ready for onloading are now waiting. The Pandora will be docking for that little bit of fun while the Marines keep watch.

Breathing a sigh of relief as the Cylon before him topples over and dies, Ramiro raises his gun back up to scan for more targets. "Beer's on me…" He breathes with a nervous chuckle, creeping forward to scan for more targets. "Clear…" He calls out, keeping his gun trained as he walks over to Bell and gives the back of her neck a shake. Butting his helmet against hers, he moves towards the crates. "Orders, chief? Heavy liftin?"

Gars rolls over on his back and crawls over to a wall, leaning up against it. He takes a look down at his leg. "Frakk me" he says.

Sora puts another big hole into the chest of a cylon. "Aww the tin man has no heart.." as she watches it crumple to the ground. She lets her weapon slack down to her side to cool, as she clears the chamber. She scans the area, "If your hit call out, if your not then secure…." As she takes a moment to radio in, "Allright we hold this position, they movers will be here in a few moment to take our groceries out to our car…"

Outside of the station, two new Raptors manage to make it to the docking platform, though one looks to be in a pretty significant world of hurt as smoke flags from its hind end in black plumes. Hatches unseal and open and a flight-suited Navy officer emerges from the smoking bird at nearly a stumble in order to survey the damage. "Frak me," Jocasta utters, eith only her pilot and the other two flyers actually within earshot for the exclamation. Turning her eyes away from her wounded ride, she gestures to the hatch and then makes her way over at a jog. Space jog.

Bell lets out a long, relieved breath. Toasters are toasted. Pffew. She looks up at Ramiro, managing a smile at him. "You got on the kill board, Dane," she says shakily. She stops all attempts at bravado after that, pushing herself upright. Armor dented but otherwise she's unbloodied.

Zeke and Shoals are hit, so they'll be going out with the SAR Raptors.

As the toasters have stopped attempting to finish them off, D'Artanion shifts her rifle back into place. Turning, she jog-trots over to Gars' side. Kneeling, she scans her prior handiwork. "You'll make it to sickbay, Sarge." Looking up at the man, she sobers, "But, it's going to hurt like Hades as soon as the adrenaline wears off." Reaching into her bag, she draws out a bottle of small pills and a bottle of water. "Take these." Opening thet bottle, she pours two pills into the cap and holds it out.

Skip nods a bit, "Holding position…" he remarks, gaze going back to where the toasters were before. Otherwise keeping silent.

"This ain't my first time getting shot, doc" Gars mutters as he takes the cap and pills.

Ramiro holds up three fingers to Bell, winking at her as he keeps quiet. Ramiro pauses to look over the boxes of ammunition as he keeps his rifle ready. Checking his clip, he looks around, back in business mode. Resuming point duty with Bell, he watches in the direction that would be further into the station.

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