Space Walking
Space Walking
Summary: Genesis' intrepid repair crew pounds and welds the Nebula's battered hull. Zero-G style.
Date: 65 ACH
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Nebula - Bridge

This is the Bridge of the Nebula. Entering from the aft of the room, one finds themselves looking down over the flight control stations, and is given an excellent view of the long curving viewport looking into space, directly ahead of the craft. DRADIS and FTL stations are here as well as sublight controls and power/environmental stations.

Taylor has arrived.

Quick Glance
Chief Petty Officer Berhow Michael Taylor
37 year old fair male with brown hair and blue eyes. 6'3". 225lbs.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Darius Sagona
35 year old light male with white hair and brown eyes. 6'1". 152lbs.

Petty Officer 3 Mopsus Doe del Boccyo
23 year old white female with dark auburn hair and blue eyes. 5'5". 130lbs.

Specialist Jackson 'Jax' Miller
29 year old fair male with light brown hair and brown eyes. 5'10". 175 lbs..

Major Rhea Zimmermann
36 year old fair female with brown hair and almond-shaped hazel eyes. 5'4. 129 lbs.

Repairs on the most of the ships in the Fleet are proceeding well. The exception is the Nebula. It was plundered ruthlessly by the Pegasus and having its viewport cracked during its encounter with Genesis personnel has made the question of whether its worth salvaging in the time they have open to debate. Today is both a full-on attempt to kick-start repairs, and a last assessment of whether further efforts will be worth it. Major Rhea Zimmermann is on the bridge, coordinating the repair team. A blast shield has been sealed over the viewport area. To keep the bridge in good order for breathing.

Snatch has been playing pack mule so far— having made up a list of everything she could possibly conceive being useful for this task, she's lugging boxes and cases to the area where people will actually be stepping out to work, setting up the tools and putting them in good order for people to be able to find them on their way out, making sure, meanwhile, that they're all secured firmly and won't be prone to bugging out. She putters about the area one last time, making sure all restraining straps are pulled taut and secure before she gets her un-spaceworthy ass the hell out of there.

Jax is already half dressed in his EVA suit, taking the time to check the seals on the lower portion of his body before he shrugs the rest of the way into the heavy gear. Of course its only heavy in here, once he's out in the black, none of these pounds will matter. Despite the gravity (or lack there of) of the situation, he's still all smiles. Its not often, afterall, he gets to do a space walk. That same dimpled grin is offered to Snatch as she skitters around, but the majority of his attention is on his Deck Chief and the ChEng.

In a EVA suit or not, Darius' expression remains a near-permanant scowl, the man walking down the side of the ship with a long, long bundle of cables behind him. It's terminating into a long wreathe he keeps around his arm, slowly rolling it out as he moves. Every now and then, he stops to unscrew a panel and plug one of the wires in. If looks could kill, most people in the area would probably be dead, but that's nothing new, and the veteran snipe just keeps on doing what he's doing, providing -some- sort of infrastructure for whatever's going on here.

Taylor is standing off tothe side watching the underlings work. Most of his business involves fixing Vipers. But he knows his ply elsewhere. The burly Deck Chief is in his personal EVA suit (who else around is his size?). "So Major, what's the plan of action for this thing?" His gaze moves from the blast barrier towards Rhea.

Rhea isn't in an EVA suit, though she does adjust the wireless unit she's wearing on her head. She'll be coordinating from inside the ship while they're out on this jaunt. "Thanks for lending the hands, Taylor," she says to the Deck chief. Addressing both him and Darius she says, "The panelling around the viewport needs to be tightened. It got precariously loose when that thing almost blew. We can't do anything with this ship until that's taken care of. Just pound it into place and get your asses back in the barn. Del Boccyo and I will keep an eye on the internal systems in here. The wiring on this bucket is a dozen kinds of frakked. We'll keep anything from blowing on you while you're out of pocket. Your helmet's both head-set equipped?" She wants to make sure she'll have a steady wireless link to both the senior NCOs.

If Jax supposed Snatch was hard to distract from her fence-building, well, now she's on duty and in the middle of a job, and barely manages a nod in reply to the grin before she gets around the corner of the staging area and unlatches a hatch in the wall there, half-climbing into it to make sure the wiring that the suits are being plugged into is a) secure and b) open to easy view and access in case something decides to go buggy whilst they're out there. She does a thorough crawl-through, checking several other integral points of circuit confluence before there's a clank and a thunk and a panel on the wall of the bridge near Rhea opens up to display the snipe peeking out, "We'ns lookin' keen t' git from here, Cap'm," she reports.

Jax wasn't really looking to flirt, hell, the ChEng is getting the same full blown grin now, and who would risk flirting with /her/ while on the job. Jax pats the top of his EVA helmet with is thick gloves at the mention of head-set. "Tried, tested and true." He assures, but doesn't slip it over his head just yet, as its terribly bulky when you're indoors.

"Yeah. Yeah. Saw that too. Looks unsound. And I obviously read you, Major. Good to be working with you, Chief." Darius sounds a touch on the grizzled side, but it's part of the man's charm. "We've got power when we need it now, too. ok." He turns towards one part of the group of engineers here, then claps his hands together and brings them up. No, the sound doesn't transfer through space, but it's enough that the 'pap pap' can be heard over the radio, "Engineers!! Eyes and ears!!" He doesn't sound like the sort of man to let down. "As you may have noticed… this ship is effectively hosed. Part of our patented Genesis Drying Process has to address the fact that the viewport panelling is a mess. Those plates." He points towards some fresh deck plates in a pile, "Conserve them if you can. We need the panels tightened, locked down. Don't worry about vacuum tight, and for the sake of The Gods… don't replace anything without asking Chief Taylor or, if he's up to his eyeballs in snot, me."

Taylor nods his head towards the helmet sitting on the plotting table. "Aye, Major. I'm all ready to go. Want me and your Chief to head on down to the airlock now and get out butts out in the vacuum? My tool ruck is already down there." The big man reaches a claw out for the helmet and cradles it in his hand. The man nods to Darius, then. "Same, Senior Chief. I'm here at your service." The man just listens to his quick brief with his massive arms crossed on his chest. He looks like he might be more at home facing down a defensive lineman.

Rhea gives Snatch a quick, approving nod. "Excellent, Del Boccyo. Get to the secondary engineering console." She jerks a thumb toward where the thing is, on the bridge. "I'll man the environmental unit. Easiest way to keep a read on what's going outside the ship. Anyhow. You boys are trained in this. You know what to do. Grab your mechanical gear and get your helmets on. Make sure you're belted onto the safety wire once you're outside the ship. Sagona'll spool you to the job site." She gives a nod to Darius, and his cable. And without further ado she says, "Get to it." She leaves them to get themselves properly spaced, heading to her console to keep an eye on things. A crooked smirk is offered to Jax, in response to his grin. She snorts, tapping at her controls.

Snatch returns the Captain's nod and drags herself out over the panelling, leaving it unhatched in case she needs to dive back in there fast, and leaving her toolcase and torchlight by the panelling, as well, to be ready there for her if she needs them. She heads to the console as indicated and with a brief scroll affirms all she saw with her own eyes while she was crawling about inside the wall— mentally mapping the stats displayed there onto the wiring.

Darius heads towards the airlock, still towing his massive bundle of cables behind him. It's like the man is a walking power outlet which, now that he's hooked up to all the important parts of the ship, he basically is. Several engineers are already going outside, as well. To Taylor, the other chief responds, "Yeah, well I've heard about your reputation non-stop. Sounds like the Genesis is lucky as frak to have you here. Let's get this thing going. I'll give you all the power you need."

On his way down to the airlock, a quiet song starts bubbling off Jax's lips. "Its time to go Spaaaaaaaace walkin', so take a little walk with me…" There's even a little bob in his step as he trails behind the deck chief. Once they are in the lock, he slams his helmet on and tightens the seal with a hiss of fresh O2 filling his nostrils. "Ready boss man?" He does the obligatory checks as part of the buddy system, then gives a thumbs up. "Green light, go, daddy-o."

Taylor is fairly quiet and really only responds with grunts to any remarks. The helmet locked-on, he knocks a bearclaw against it to ensure propper fitting. Yep, its tight. He turns and looks Jax over, giving him a thumbs up. "You're green. Taylor and Jax are ready for decompression." He hefts the tool bag to a shoulder and waits by the hatch, line secured.

Rhea waits until everyone's helmets and suits are secured and she's gotten proper green-light signs. Don't want to raise those doors until everyone's got their helmet in place. Then, she trips a bridge control, and up goes the airlock door. The blackness of space awaits our hardy repairmen.

Snatch tongues at the inside of a tooth and then gets a headset patched in and on her head, so she'll be able to hear both the Cap'm and the repair crew while keeping an eye out for shorts.

Jax gives one last tug on his safety line to make sure its secure, ticking off a salute to Darius through the viewport before he turns to the big expanse of black. His song strikes up again, just a mumble over the comms really. "I got Zero-G, waitin' for me, so baby take a little walk with me…" He edges out of the confines of the airlock, following after Berhow, the Toolman, Taylor. As soon as they are ship free, his voice is more clear over the link. "Ducks outta the water, Major."

Darius stalks outside with the others once Rhea's remoted the door open, "You ask me, we should just scuttle this damned-" It's not spoken loud, of course. In fact, it's muttered and the cut-off, as if it wasn't meant to be broadcast at all. He steps outside and looks around, "What a frakking mess. Alright. Anyone with serious power needs, link up with me. I'm trolling all the juice." And he keeps snaking the power cables with him.

Taylor takes a gentle push out the airlock and follows the Senior Chief out. "I've got all my goodies. Don't know about power needs. We'll see when we get out there." Floating along, Jax singing gets a grumble. "Swear to Gods, you wanna spend the next week stripping ventral powerplants out of Mark Seven's?" he laughs. He's in a decent mood, though, thankfully.

The repair team has a fly's eye view of the Fleet once they're out in space. The shuttles and Raptors go between the various ships, delivering civilians and military crew to whatever business they're on that day. Though it all seems separated, with them floating outside it. The great starfield, and the Red Planet, act as a backdrop. Outside, all is silence. There's no sound in space, save whatever the men create over the wireless. In spite of the other ships visible there's an emptiness, a vastness, to it all from this angle. It's lonely out in the black.

"Received, Specialist," Rhea's voice crackles over the wireless in response to Jax, sounding faraway. "One of you give me a buzz when you reach the viewport work site." With the blast shield down, the ChEng can't see a thing they're doing out there.

Snatch quirks a grin at the duck comment from Jax, but soon her hackles go straight up at Darius' mutterings. She'd still be living over here if it hadn't been for the Cap'm ordering her to take her downtime. As it stands she pours herself in shifts into this place, and has taken it as a matter of almost personal importance to get it done for the Cap'm. So Darius' half-stifled comment goes over wonderously with her, of course, but she doesn't say anything, only sending her soul down into the work.

<Trait Roll> Snatch rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Taylor floats himself out into place and tests the security on his line once more. "Taylor is in place, Major." Eyes peer over the hull, looking for the problem locations. Slow movements take him out a bit further, a flashlight held in his hand to look for any cracks or pressure deformations on the exterior hull.

Jax twists around to see Taylor, which is no easy feat and requires a tug on his safety line unless they want to use the mini thrusters they are each fitted with in these suits. "I eat ventral powerplants for breakfast." And to demonstrate, he even gnashes his teeth. Yes, this is all in good sport, indicated moreso by the laugh he gives. He's inching along another part of the viewport, poking at places as he goes, which actually takes a surprising amount of effort so that he doesn't float away. "Jax's is on the far end, working in. Hey, you reckon this is what bein' in the womb is like?"

<SkillRolls> <Trait Roll> Taylor rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

"Sagona's here as well, Major." He does like Taylor, scanning the surface of the ship, "If this is what being in the womb is like, then I am either very very glad or sorry I've lost the chance to meet your mother." One foot after the other, he starts walking down the front of the hull, "Damned thing."

<SkillRolls> <Trait Roll> Darius rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<SkillRolls> <Trait Roll> Jax rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

The fritzy systems on the Nebula don't exactly provide an ideal power link for Darius. But Snatch makes sure juice keeps flowing to them without any fuss. The crack in the viewport is prominent. And bad news for the ship's integrity if it ever goes into a hyperlight jump. Cracks like that do nasty things to ships mid-FTL travel. It's repairable, though it'll definitely take more than a day's work. And it's a dodgy job this far from a real overhaul dock. The panels around the viewport are loose as well, which is the immediate concern.

"Zimmermann here. Received, gentleman. You've got a steady electrical line, so no need to worry too much about power for yourselves for the moment. How bad does it look?"

Snatch wrinkles up her nose as a sudden power drain threatens the line out, but a few entered commands later she's patched in another source, making sure the line maintains 'minimal plus.'

Taylor doesn't seem too dead-set on reporting anything just yet. He's used to the flight deck. But things are coming back. He peers over the area some more before looking back around to Darius. A nod indicates he should be the one to issue the report. Meanwhile he secures his tookbag to the line and removes the magnetic box, clamping it securely to the hull.

Jax is quiet for a minute now, which is surprising as Darius quite possibly just insulted his mother. He's looking at something, brow furrowed as he tries to to discern what's bothering him about something. Then it hits like a ton of bricks. A shadow where there shouldn't be one, cast by the light shining from Taylor's little flashlight. "Whoa! Hey! BERHOW!" Urgency makes one forget ranks and miltiary protocol. Shit's not right. "That panel's about to pop, big daddy. To your six o'clock!"

"Where?" Darius stops dead in his tracks and doesn't move a muscle, except to find Jax and, by extension, follow his arm. "Zeus' Glory. Good eye. How does it look? Fixable, or do we need a replacement? Move up. SLowly. Keep your Gods-damned eyes peeled for trouble, or else you're going on vacation, and Major Zimmerman didn't approve any shore leave, as far as I heard."

Taylor freezes in place when he hears his name. Its a reaction he normally has which is followed by a shit-ton of angry low-frequency yelling. But what follows next are slow movements. He doesn't take a step, but instead turns and looks at the panel behind him. "Poundable. I've got the tools if you guys want to get on it with me, rather than watch." He opens a drawer and pulls out a couple of items secured by tether to the box. "Here." They're extended.

Rhea looks up from her console to nod approving at Snatch as the PO patches the electrical connection. "Nicely done, Del Boccyo." She nods shortly to the younger woman. As if she's made a little note about Snatch in her head. But all she says is, "One of these days, I'm going to get you into one of those space suits. You've never seen a ship properly until you've crawled around on her hull." Her ears are tuned to the wireless chatter. She frowns. "Everyone ship-shape out there?" They're wrenching only meters from where she's standing but, with the blast shield up, she can't see them.

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Mechanics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Jax rolls Mechanics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Taylor rolls Mechanics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Jax pushes off his spot carefully, giving a tug on his secured line to send him slowly gliding back towards Taylor. "Ain't nice to say things about my momma. She'd fricasse all our hides for Sunday supper, then make us do the dishes." Now maybe that's a delayed response to Darius, or he caught some of those muttered curse words from Taylor. "Jax is top notch, Major." He reports in, but will let the senior officers give the low-down. He takes a torque wrench and picks a corner, "I think we're going to need to spark it." AKA, space welding, baby. Which should be up Darius' alley as the power man.

"Thanks t' yin, Cap'm," Snatch replies quietly, still watching the readouts carefully. "Ah'm still not all-so sure whah's we din' jus' laind thins canott here an' work 'er on the groun'," she adds, shuddering a little at the thought of having to go out into the dark.

Darius pads towards Taylor and snags one of the deck chief's offered tools, "Don't mind if I do." then starts pounding away on the panel, along with the others. Once that's done, he peers up at Jax, "That's fine." He crawls towards the man, cable in tow.

"You are literally flying but the seat of your pants out in those EVAs," Rhea replies to Snatch. Though she keeps that comment off the wireless. No sense reminding the boys of how little is between them and oblivion. On mic she replies, "Excellent. Sounds like your specialist can carry more than a tune, Taylor. Alright. Step lightly. I'll buy the lot of you a drink once we'll all off duty."

As for the panel, it's pounded by the crack mechanics without any problems. Now it's just a matter of checking all the other panels surrounding the viewport, and making sure none of them are in a similar state. And tightening the whole mess so the hull isn't in danger of flying apart piece by piece. It's not all that difficult for experienced techs, but operating in space makes everything more delicate.

Jax is sweating now in the confines of his EVA suit, as they labor and toil and secure the rest of the precarious hull plating that was damaged. All in all its a good days work, and something they can all be proud of. No one died, afterall. Out here, that's a huge plus. When he's done with the last of it, he gives a push on the tool he's using so it quietly sails back to Taylor of its own momentum. Then he just takes a moment to chill in the zero gravity.

Snatch can't help but look uneasy, tipping her head to one side without taking her eyes off of her readings while she patches in another source, re-establishing minimum flow level in order to make sure the welders will have enough power to do their welding. "'Fin Ah wanned flaaah'n paint Ah'd stichin' em out on cacaoui." Yes, if she wanted flying pants she'd make them out of ducks. "Ah reckon' we'ns ain't always gone haiv uns an plannert'seddumdown on, than… ou-ais," she muses to herself, her accent veering toward completely unintelligible as she's not actually trying to communicate anything to anyone. She shuts herself up as another power drain has her going to the far reaches of systems for supplements.

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Taylor rolls Mechanics and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

<Trait Roll> Jax rolls Mechanics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

The EVA crew gets the hull welded, tightened and generally ship-shape well in time to get back inside before their oxygen tanks are empty. They're Genesis technicians. Nothing less was expected. All around, it's a good spot of work that'll keep the hull together. Whether they get the ship back in regular use, or just need to make one more jump to junk it somewhere out of the way. Which is likely Rhea's back-up plan for the vessel, if the rest of the repairs drag out too long. As for the ChEng she watches her console, nodding in satisfaction as the hull integrity ratings creep back up toward acceptable levels. "Nice work, boys," her voice crackles over the radio. "Time to come in from the cold. That's good for today."

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