SST Impromptu
SST Impromptu
Summary: Hazzard and Ramiro have an ethics chat.
Date: 64 ACH
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Marine Enlisted Berthings Genesis - Deck 10
65 ACH 23817 Souls

Hazzard is lying in his bunk, that non-descriptive bunk that could be near any marine's. The Sergeant hasn't done any of the homemade feelings to his bunk as of yet.

Sleepy and tired, Ramiro sneaks into the berthings with lidded eyes and heads over to his bunk. Sneaking quietly, he lowers himself down onto his bunk and starts to untie his boots in silence.

Hazzard glance over towards Ramiro, in silence. A smile lingers on the other Sergeants lips before he turns his gaze back up towards the ceiling of the berthings. "Been at the chapel Dane?" he finaly asks.

"Been all over the place lately. Red Planet, Chaplain's office, MOUT…" Ramiro replies, nodding to the notice on the door. "You see about the upcoming MOUT setup?" He asks.

"Yeah..I'm on planet duty at that time..according to schedule..You have fun though." Hazzard murmurs as he remains in his bunk, toying with something small and metalic in his hands.

"So whatcha got there?" Ramiro asks, setting his boots at the foot of his bunk and turns to recline on it. "Whatcha been up to around here off-duty wise anyway?"

"Training..Extra PT, firerange, Gym.." Hazzard mutters as he glances over towards Ramiro and shrugs. "You Dane? Heard ye went pilgimage on yer day off."

"Yeah I did. Went over to the temple on the Destiny. The Brother and Sister that were there were very hospitable." Ramiro replies quietly. Stretching his legs out, he yawns and rests back on his pillow. "You a religious man, Hazzard?"

Hazzard lets out a soft chuckle and shakes his head. "Frak Dane, how can anyone be these days…No I'm not a believer, see I don't think I'm serving the Gods when I end another mans life..I can't believe in anyone who kills millions."

"Gods don't create cylons, nukes, and genocide, Hazz, but they do give people a fighting chance." Ramiro replies. "Don't mean to get religious on you if it's not your way, but I take the opinion that we're here because of the Lords, not because they hurt us."

"I beg to differ, we are here due to Orders sent by the Colonial Armed forces..The same power behind the creation of the Cylons, nukes and genocide." Hazzard states as he closes his hand around what ever he was toying with. "Look, I can't care less if you believe in Hades, Apollo and the others…But frak, if you ever let that get in the way of a mission…Zeus and Gaelan are Gods for the Marines."

"Well no offense, Hazzard, I won't talk down to you, but there's a deeper existence in all of this, right down to the scriptures. The first Exodus. There are things that have and are happening that are tied, but too many people have written off the scriptures to see the parallels." Ramiro replies. "Zeus and Gaelan are my commanding officers, and it is unjust to not follow the laws of man as well as military. The Lords gave us reasoning so that we could make our own laws and follow them. It would be immoral to not follow them. Trust me…you'll never catch me letting it get in the way of a mission."

Hazzard nods his head. "Just making sure you have not lost it Dane..The whole speaking into thin air at the ruins last time on the recon..Come the frak on, we are Marines..We should have gone in in force, swept the ruins..But instead you hold us back, sneak in and frak spoke to someone..Nutjob that's what you made the SST look like." he lets out a sigh and nods his head once again. "Just let me know..There are religious Marines in the force, if it will be a problem..I'll transfer out and you can take a believer into your midst instead.."

Ramiro lifts an eyebrow. "Hazzard I know before I say this that you're going to disagree, but I'll say it anyway. There's information that I can't give out but there's a good reason why the ruins were investigated not by marines but by the Chaplains. Even religious sites have pitfalls that simple recon can't point out. Things are labeled, numbers." He pauses. "Now, despite your differences with the faith, do you really, honestly, think that people are calling SST a nutjob? You really think that I am one? Or is your difference in opinion causing you to create a scenario?"

"No I'm saying..that were were recently all under psych eval Dane…To have the leader of the SST stand in the middle of a ruin, with his rifle lowered talking to -noone- asking persmission to not making us look good." Hazzard sits up in his bunk, so he doesnt have to turn his head to look at Dane. "Frake Dane..We are supposed to be the best, the most deadly and loyal Marines in the fraking fleet..If that site was religous and you felt a stirring you should have stepped down right then and there, given me or another command of the operation and sent us in." he shakes his head slowly. "Your not a chaplain, your a killer in the name of the corp."

"You're right…I am." Ramiro replies. "But the psych eval was because of Gars. Now being that I didn't fire off my gun, shout it at the top of my lungs, is there any harm in a fundamentalist Gemenese requesting permission to approach a religious temple that may not have been seen by human eyes for thousands of years?" Ramiro replies quietly. "Define what you mean by stirring."

"Well you know, something calling to you..You broke ever fraking protocol there is for a recon mission Dane..You stood in the open, gun down..a fraking duck in a pond, turkey shoot..Even a rook could have killed you with a 600 yard shot." Hazzard runs a hand through his hair. "Look..I dont give a frak if your a man of faith, I can't give a frak about Gars either..I give a frak when the CO tells me the SST and the Marines are not as good as he wants them to be…I just hope you didnt write the whole 'let me in' part in your report."

Hazzard doesnt sound angry, or annoyed, more like a brother trying to set his brother straight.

"Hazz…first of all, nothing called to me." Ramiro turns, looking to his fellow sniper. I was under cover by the rest of the recon while I investigated inside a partially protected section of ruins. I did not break every protocol of a recon mission and as far as recon missions go, it was a success. We did our recon and we didn't expose ourselves, we didn't have any casualties, and a solid report was made." Ramiro smiles. "Seriously bud, just because I believe in the scriptures doesn't make me an incompetent leader. We went through the same training Hazzard and someday this sniper team might be yours to command. All I can tell you is this, that there were things involved with the site that have so far confirmed that my decision to make the rest of th recon stay back was the correct one. Allright brother?"

"No.." Hazzard states as he looks towards Dane with slightly narrowed eyes. "But your the Squad Leader..Til the day you put the rest of the team in danger, I can't stop you, if you choose to put your in the line of fire over some…'Things involved'" he lays back down in his bunk. "But I wont let you endanger the men with that religious crap…Soo we are clear brother."

"What's that? I didn't quite hear you refer to me as the squad leader Hazzard. That would mean that I'm the guy that gets to make the calls and give you orders whether you like them or not?" Ramiro smiles a little. "Look, brother, the team wasn't put in danger. Aside from the Lakis thing, we did excellent on Leonis. I just told you for a fact that it's been confirmed from higher sources not of the ethereal that my decision was confirmed a correct one." Ramiro replies. "Relax.

"And by higher sources, I fraking will assume you mean Major Gaelan or Zeus..Anything other will make me start questioning things." Hazzard says with a soft chuckle as he looks back towards Ramiro. "Yes your the Squad Leader..I wont question your orders in the field, til they day I deem you unfit for command..Asking a ruin for right to entry.."he makes a little sound with his mouth. "Danger close..But you know I like you Dane..I'm just voicing my concerns bro."

"Have you even actually been into a chapel, Hazzard?" Ramiro asks. "No offense, but it's standard practice in the chapel when approaching any altar of the sort to ask for permission before doing so. It's not like I dressed up in a cow suit and started drinking my own urine. What I did was completely normal when it comes to religious sites. It happens easily fifty times a day in the chapel." Ramiro pauses. "Secondly, I've already spoken to Gaelan about the entirety of the recon and there's no problem. Third, you don't get to decide who is and who is not fit for duty, and so far you're assuming I'm insane for whispering a common temple approach that up until two months ago, millions of people did daily." Ramiro replies. "I understand your concerns Hazzard, but really…I think you're being way too overcritical."

"Am I?" Hazzard mutters as he looks over towards Ramiro and arches an eyebrow. "Have you ever done City combat, you'd know there are 'no' near protected parts..And I dont care what you say in a chapel or not, we were on a Mission, exposed in the open..I know what you think you did is right, and perhaps even Gaelan does..But Gaelan was not there..In my eyes, you fraked up." he slips out of his bunk and adjusts his clothes. "And millions of people who did, died..don't make it million and one..Dane, we were radio silent, we used stealth as much as possible all the way through the jungle..Once we reach the most exposed position of them all, you hold us back, rise up, lower your weapon…If you can't see what you did wrong." he shakes his head with a smile on his lips. "Look, we know where we both stand..Arguing about it, will only cause bad blood brother..soo I'm going training again, work some stress out."

"Allright man, but while you're working out, seriously. I understand you have your opinion and I respect that. The rest of the recon wasn't in danger." Ramiro replies. "In my eyes you can say I frakked up all that you want but I'll warn you that my report was very detailed, right down to how I approached the site. I lowered my weapon when I didn't detect a threat inside of the temple. We rallied back to basecamp. It's as simple as that." Ramiro replies. "You know, I've gone with you on multiple drops, Hazzard, and as far as I see we survived Leonis, the Red Planet, the near bombing of the Nebula. You've always been a bit of a curmudgeon but how about actually trusting in your squad leader for a change? Sure, I'm not Desusa but you should do well to remember who picked me for the command of the SST squad." Ramiro replies. "Oh and while you're at it, ask Desusa who cut the hydraulic lines on the Nebula that allowed a rescue team onto the bridge to save your life." Ramiro replies. "I'm not upset with you, Hazzard, I'm just saying this brother thing is a two way street."

Hazzard glances towards Ramiro and arches an eyebrow, a soft shrug escapes him before he heads out into the corridor.

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