Staff Officers and NCOs
Staff Officers and NCOs
Summary: Reed checks up on his paperwork, hilarity ensues
Date: 6 BCH
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You head towards Security Hub.
Security Hub Genesis - Deck 14
6 BCH 2235 Souls

The MP Security Hub sits in a half circle with monitors on various areas of the ship. Such as Brigs, small arms lockers. Four marines are on duty here at any time day or night. There are also two desks and filing cabinets, along with a duty board and weapons locker.
----—< Condition 3 - Duty Area >-----
Contents: Reed Brig System Kill Board Security Camera Control
Whiteboard Wireless 1490

Exits: [O] Corridor

Farkas comes in from Corridor 14B.
Farkas has arrived.

Reed is seated at the moment beside the Sheriffs desk, one leg crossed over the other, toying with a penlight. He looks serene at the moment.

Farkas makes his way into the security hub, idly skimming over some folders he carries with him. "Gods damn Pest is what they are." he pauses to skim at the whiteboard, narrowing his eyes. "Gods damnit." he mutters again and then lays his eyes upon Reed sitting by the the desk. "Major Carter, what bring you to the Bird Farm?"

Reed clicks the light on and off, "Business. A few pieces of business, Sheriff." He clicks off the penlight, and rises, offering a hand, "Master Sergeant Victor Farkas, it's really a pleasure to meet you, I've read your packet. The kind of career that most people look at with a full measure of raw envy."

"Is that soo?" Farkas mutters as he places the folders on his desk and moves over towards the whiteboard. "I'm certain a young boy wtih a rank of Major, commanding a Space Station, finds envy when he looks at an old dog at the rank of Master Sergeant." he grunts as he studies the note on the whiteboard and then turns to face Reed. He keeps his hands behind his back and keeps a stern look on his face. "What can I do for you Major?"

Reed smiles, and in an amiable, "Well, Sheriff, I uh, heard that there was some trouble in my station yesterday, and decided I'd go down, see the new Sheriff, and find out what happened, and ask why I had to go down, see the new Sheriff and find out what happened."

"There is trouble on your station everyday Major..Yesterday, it simply culminated." Farkas states as he remains where he is, back straight and hands behind him. "It was a Marine matter, Sir..Nothing to bother the CO of a space station with.."

Reed nods, "Ordinarily, I'd be fully prepared to accept that." He lifts a finger, "But, things are not quite ordinary. Let me explain. Right now, Sheriff, the PAS is still in construction. We are running at a skeleton construction crew, witch is less than a Regulation mandated skeleton Operations crew. Nominal operating compliment of the PAS is five thousand. Twice that of the Genesis. This means for you, the future looks bright. A PAS MAA to handle crap and coordinate with, A full JAG office to run paperwork through, people handling things. All the normal steps in the ladder. But the present is a little rougher. I've been waiting on an XO for months. Frakker came down ill and was transferred off the project. The JAG office of the PAS is one Lieutenant, bogged down in the Pandora incident and she arrived at almost the same time you did. The ladder of command and levels of beuracracy here is missing several rungs."

"I tell you what Major, the day you can run that place as a Military outpost..I'll be content to assist you..But aslong as Civilians are allowed to run like 'working' girls in an enviroment where Marines that has suffered severe loss and trauma, moves about. Is not acceptable, that is not the way things are ran is it Major?" Farkas mutters still without moving from where he stands. "I'm to old to keep my oppinions to myself, and I never did which my rank can attest too..I'm the Master At Arms, I do Military security…That there, your station, is worse then the frak'ing lower downtown in any Saggie town…and the only thing military about it, is that it has the markings of a Military vessel."

Reed sighs, then shrugs, "Well, okay, Sheriff, if you want to play that way, I can play that way too. Attention."

Farkas doesn't flinch or move as he stands there 'at ease' "Sir, I can do alot of things..But being chewed out by you is not one of them..Now, if you wish to come at me and explain how you want things ran and dealt with..Then you better damn expect me to say how I expect things to be ran..I dont do Civilian..and you can put me down for disrespecting a Superior Officer, and I'm sorry you are understaffed..I'm sorry that lovely JAG Officer is all alone in her neat tidy office..but I'm dealing with Marines."

Reeds brows lift and he nods, "Then we will see about leaving you to deal with your Marines. I'll place you on report to your CO, deal with him about the MPs will be doing on the PAS and how to handle Civilian Contractors and the upcoming Reception where the whole of the Civilian Contractor corps will be on the Genesis, and you can deal with PAS matters through your superiors."

"If that is how you wish to run things..I do not make the calls, Major." Farkas mutters as he stands there for a moment longer and then moves over towards his desk. "This is not a Navy versus Marine matter in my book, Major.." he leans against his desk and crosses his arms. "You have Marines, that survived the Pandora incident on your station..You serve alcohol..That is a brew for dissaster..Add to that, that there is no dress code for the civilians..I'm a man myself, even of old, and I can understand why some of the Marines gets..over the edge." he furrows his eyebrows. "I can ease down, let the MP's onboard the PAS simply observe and report misconduct or I can run things as I do here..that is your call…And again, I'm sorry you are understaffed, but chewing at me for bullshit reasons Sir, that wont win me over..I'm told old to need new friends or allies…I'm a loyal dog, to my masters."

Reed looks at Farkas, "You, Master Sergeant, are an old Marine who, in my opinion are not willing to shut the frak up from your opinions and listen as the CO of your assigned juristicial protectorate when he tries to explain to you how things are working in the short term, going so far as to not even come to attention to receive the information you're sorely lacking in your handling of your assigned post." He shakes his head, "I don't have the time to fight the NCOs."

"Gods damn right you dont, that is my job." Farkas mutters as he remains where he is, leaning against his desk. "I guess that envy went out the window huh..Thats good..Things working in short term as by your words, is that that your understaffed, you have one JAG officer and you sorely wishes to know why you had to come all this way to find out what transpired aboard your station." he arches an eyebrow. "Now I'm willing to play ball, Sir..But again, dont chew on me for my job."

Reed shrugs, "I laid down the situation to you, but instead of taking that in, you decided to show how set you are in your ways and insult my command. That's ball being played by rules I've never heard of." He turns, "See you on the field, Master Sergeant." He heads out.

Farkas takes a step to the side to block the way out, and narrows his eyes. "Let me make two things overly clear to you, Major." he takes a moments pause to let the words sink in. "MP's clear out." he grunts and the soldiers in here hastly makes their way out of the Security hub behind the Master Sergeant. "One, I dont know you..I can't say much about who you are as a person..But I do not, and I shit you not, hesitate to put you down if you endanger the Marines aboard your vessel..Two, if you want security on that vessel, you need to do choose."

Reed stops, and lets the Sheriff speak, then turns, "That's a very respectable attitude for you to have, Sheriff. Exactly what I'd expect from a man in your position. But you don't know me. You don't know what this Project is. You don't know the Contractors. You don't know Manuella De Los Reyes. And you haven't shown me you're willing to so much as hear how to work with what you have. This isn't the Galactica. This is your new posting. And I'll work with your superiors, Master Sergeant. Maybe we'll try this again, after we deal with our working problems."

Farkas crosses his arms as he studies Reed for a moment as he speaks and then nods his head and salutes. "You are right Major, this is a bad time..I've got traitors in my brig, and the fact I need to tend to bar brawls over barely clad civilians, no matter how they are or how good they are..It just puts in me in a bad mood..I guess I owe you an apology."

Reed half turns, and stops, listening. He closes his eyes, lowers his head, lets out a sigh, and then turns back to Farkas, saluting up, and snapping it down. "Alright. Let's try this again. Sheriff, I've got frak all staff of people to handle things on the station, so I've been doing most things my staff would be doing myself. Until the current working staff can settle in and get their shit squared away. I need copies of reports of altercations between any Civilian Contractors on the PAS. I've already met with De Los Reyes once about her dress and attitude, and it looks like I need to do so again, so I need to know what happened. She's former Navy and was on the Viper pilot track before she got out on a Family Hardship Honorable. She's got all the fun of a Stick Jockey hotshot, and the Civilian twists of being outside Military Law, but I am the legal holder of her Contract, so I'm the one who can snap her back. Now can we work on this problem?"

"You want the offical statement or the unoffical statement, Major?" Farkas asks after a moments pause.

Reed nods, "Yes. First the one, then the other."

"Offically, Civilian Reyes did notthing wrong. Sergeatn Mercer, having had one drink to many, decided to make a pass at the Civilian. It ended with her throwing coffee towards him. A minor struggle took place, where Gunnery Sergeant Cox played the hero and moved in to stop it. This ended with Reyes punching him in the face, after she swung at Mercer who dodged it. She has been given an offical apology from Captain Desusa, and Sergeant Mercer is staying in the brig with a hefty fine on his monthly check." Farkas says as he once again, finds himself 'at ease'

Reed closes his eyes as he hears about Manny punching Rooster. "What is Gunnery Sergeant Cox's status?"

"A Black eye and one step closer to entering her pants." Farkas mutters where he stands.

Reed rolls his eyes, "Doubtless the motivating force behind his actions. Bully for him." He says nonplussed. "Continue off the official ink, Sheriff."

"That Reyes is a catalyst for trouble, she is on a Military Vessel, she is dressing in a scandalous fashion and should be able to take a few words from a very male dominated work force such as the Marines. She escalated the matter by throwing coffee, and is lucky I was not there in person cause then all three would be in in the informary.." Farkas grunts and narrows his eyes. "You can expect more trouble on your station, Major.."

Reed nods, "I'll have to step on Manny again. If it gets further out of hand, I'll toss her into quarantine, and ship her off the station and back to the Tauron slums. She's a catalyst, but not the only one. Do we need to keep the Pandora men off the PAS, away from the sauce, or are they not going to look for the next thing with a skirt?"

Farkas tales a dee breath and shrugs his shoulders. "Denying the personel from the Pandora access will create a split between Pandora and Genesis personel, which will lead to more trouble..That is all I can say on this matter, Major."

Reed nods, "We'll try to keep it from going that far. If this doesn't happen again, that shouldn't be a problem." He scratches the side of his neck. "Alright, Sheriff. In a couple days there's a Reception onboard the Genesis. All the Civilian Contractors are going to be on the Genesis for the function. Military personnel will be off the station as well, save for myself, CIC crew and a handful of Engineers in the Classified sections of the station. During that time I need the MPs to run an Evacuation drill with the exceptions of the Classified areas and CIC. Top down search of every area and making sure there are no personnel aboard. Once that is complete, the MPs themselves will withdraw from the station until the all clear is given."

Farkas nods his head slowly. "I take it this is a need to know matter." he mutters as he runs a hand over his mouth and nods once again. "Consider it done…I'll assign any MP I can spare that is not needed to ensure peace during the Reception itself."

Reed nods, "Yeah, it is a need to know matter. And I don't need in depth tearing apart of every bulkhead, just a sweep. The MPS will then evacuate off station and to the most convenient point. All clear will sound within the hour most likely, then they can return to take up their stations."

Farkas nods his head once again. "Well then, it shall be done.." he gruffs and then nods his head slowly. "Once the sweep is done, I'll have them return to the Genesis and they'll return once the reception is over..It should give you Navy boys enough time to do what you need to do on that secret project of yours."

Reed shrugs, "It's not going to take that long, Sheriff. Just till the all clear is given will be fine." He rubs his head, thinking, then shrugs once more. "I think that's all I had on my docket at the moment, Sheriff."

Farkas nods his head once again. "Very well..And to answer your second question..The reason you had to come here, is the simple fact that I work here." he says with a smile on his lips. "Had a good day Sir." he mutters and offers another salute.

Reed returns the salute, "Just remember your filing system has a carbon copy function, Sheriff. Till someone gets here who can get a copy of Station related reports, that person's me."

Farkas nods his head. "I'll keep that in mind.."

Reed nods, "Thank you, Sheriff." He then turns to head out.

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