Staring At The Wall
Staring at the Wall.
Date: 06/11/08
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Security Station Support Station PAS - Deck 3
7 BCH 2235 Souls

This is a smaller security station than what is on the Genesis. Two marine MP's are on duty, rotating out every eight hours. There is a desk, a couple chairs, a small locker, water dispenser and a coffee pot. The coffee pot is old, stained and the marine corp coffee is something to be desired for most. The walls have a nice paneling with the Corp symbol on the wall and the Colonial flag in a corner. Someone has placed a small plant on a filing cabinet, but know one knows which botany nerd gave them the gift.


The Security station is void of any on duty MP's save for the Master at Arms, that is seated behind one of the desks idly flipping over a group of folders. A cup of coffee is placed beside him on the desk as he simply waits for his guests to arrive.

MP Security escorts? It puts Manny on edge. It really does so when she arrives she's in a surly mood! The small woman hugging her hoodie closed and sucking her teeth as she arches an eyebrow as she stares at the MAA for a few seconds and then back to the MPs.

Arriving promptly and in full (and uncharacteristically crisp) duty gear, Rooster finds himself a spot in the room, cracks off a neat salute and stands to attention. When hes proper hes almost overly so, heels clicking and everything.

Mercer arrives with Rooster, more than likely. He was expecting to be brought in, so it doesn't seem to bother him much. Seeing the civvie though, he keeps his eyes on the wall like any good marine now.

"Sergeant Mercer, Gunnery Sergeant Cox…I have a report staring you two were conducting ill behaviour at the TapRoom..Acts of violence, misconduct towards officers and civilians." Farkas mutters as he looks up from his files and arches an eyebrow. "Now I'm to frak'ing old for this kind of shit…Soo, lets start off with..Sergeant Mercer, tell me what the frak went down." He eyes Manny for a moment and motions over towards the old coffee machine.

"Sir. Yes, sir," Mercer starts, standing straight before the NCO. "The boys and I were just having a little fun and this …lady…decided to bring my father into it. She then dumped hot coffee on me, which has given this soldier almost second degree burns. She then took a swing at me, I ducked and she hit the Gunny."

Manny bows her head politely towards Farkas but shakes her head when the coffee machine is gestured towards. Her jaw sets as she turns and just stares at Mercer, clenching her hands into fists and taking a deep breath as her eyes narrow. She stays quiet though, eyeing the coffee machine thoughtfully now.

Rooster keeps silent, focused on a specific and unremarkable patch of wall. You know, standard protocol.

If looks could kill, then Farkas looks surely wouldn't kill anyone. He looks dumbfounded by what he is hearing and simply arches an eyebrow. "Fair enough…Gunny, anything to add?" he mutters as he shifts his attention over towards Rooster.

Mercer stands silent now too, watching that same patch on the wall.

"Sir, Sergeant Mercer has the situation mostly correct," Rooster says, the patch of wall still apparently enthralling, "Aside from a few omissions, Sir." He readjusts his stance slightly, shifting his feet, "Sergeant Mercer and his colleagues were not innocent, harrassing the contractor with crude sexual reference. I intervened to attempt to calm the situation and prevent the Corps from being disgraced, Sir. The Sergeant and the contractor proceeded to trade insults, Mercer made a grab for her person and I got in the way of the following scuffle. Sgt. Mercer was restrained by the time the CMO got involved, Sir."

"…why do ya'll lose your balls /and/ your mouths when you're in uniform in front of authority?" Manny kinda marvels at Mercer right now, peering at him before nodding slowly as Rooster speaks, arching an eyebrow though and opening then shutting her mouth and opening it again. "His insults turned personal when the marine suggested my mother, me and the women /like/ me were natural whores." She shrugs easily enough and studies her nails.

Farkas runs a hand over his mouth, using his fingers to smooth out his moustache before he nods his head. "Alright…" he then glances over towards Manny and arches an eyebrow once again. "Reyes…Do you have anything to add?"

Mercer doesn't even blink toward Manny at this time. Her words may have some impact, but it is only in a twitching of his fingers. He remains silent.

In other situations, Manny's little outburst would merit a laugh, but not today. The Wall Must Be Stared At. So Rooster stares.

Manny considers this question, she considers it for a while. "…hmmmmm.." Then she points to Rooster. "That he didn't do nothin' wrong, he uh…spoke up for me. Like uh, like I was a lady or somethin' and it was sweet and precious and all gentlemanly." Then she points to Mercer. "But he did put his hands on me and emotional abuse aside, if you touch me without my permission and call me a bitch I naturally want everything between your legs served on a silver platter and force fed back to you while you watch a sexual harassment video. So I apologize for threatening him after he was restrained, but I get tetchy sometimes." Another pause. "Okay, I think that is it."

Mercer switches a look at Manny now, "Maybe you shouldn't wear your shirt up to your tits and your shorts into the crack of your ass with frak me boots and you won't be treated like a Saggie whore, lady." He spouts out and then goes still again, staring at the wall.

"Well I can't imagine why he did it." Farkas mutters as he looks back into his papers and ponders the situation for a moment. "You struck a Gunnery Sergeant of the Marine Corps, Miss Reyes..You'd be ise..Shut your trap Mercer.." Farkas looks back up towards Mercer and narrows his eyes.

"Yes, sir!" Mercer replies.

Eyes flickering over to Mercer as he speaks, anger flares on Rooster's face but is fought down quickly enough that by the time he looks back at the wall all that can be seen of it is the fact his jaw is clenched. He doesn't say a word though, angry he may be but stupid he is not.

Manny turns on Mercer opening her mouth again, eyes flashing and she looks like she's about to lunge across the room at the guy. But she doesn't, she just starts trembling before just glancing back to Farkas. "That was an accident. I was just trying to punch Sergeant Jackass over here in the face for grabbing me and /that/ is self defense." She tries to keep her voice even and calm and she takes another deep breath. "With all due uh…respect um, sir person. Just because a woman is comfortable with her sexuality doesn't make her a whore and I cannot be responsible if some of your marines have never seen a woman's legs before to the point they think it is an invitation for a free frak for all."

"I never touched her. I tried to grab her after she threw her coffee on me and missed. She must be feeling herself up, sir. She was also making sure I saw how she put that badge down her shirt. She knows the tricks of a whore." Mercer supplies again.

Desusa enters just as Manny finishes her 'free frak' statement. He doesn't say anything right now, he just leans over the nearest wall and crosses his hands in front of him, and letting Farkas work his wonder. His eyes never leave Mercer. Maybe he's trying to burn him to ashes with just his eyes.

Farkas blinks as yet another has an outburst. He sips on his coffee as he listens to what is said and then lowers the cup and furrows his eyebrows. "Are you frak'ing done, the both of you?" he growls in a sourly tone. "I wont mind having you both subdued..Soo unless you both wish to spend a night in the solitary, shut your frak'ing mouths…" He closes the folders before him and slowly rises up. "One more word, unless I ask for it, and you'll wake up in the solitary with a nasty headache, are we clear?"

Silent, though apparently furious, Rooster still manages to find the wall interesting. Best keep quiet, let this go as it goes..

Manny might have tears in her eyes again but there isn't any sobbing or anything from her, she just looks pissed the hell off, jaw trembling. She looks back to Farkas as well and then back to Mercer and she throws her hands up like she's given up. Lost and a bit hurt, but she can't let it show, so she just takes a deep breath and then another.

Mercer can probably tell Captain Zeus is in the room, but he doesn't turn. He goes silent again as Farkas speaks up. His hand itching to rub at the back of his neck as eyes bore into him.

Desusa pushes off the wall and walks over near Farkas, "Afternoon, Sheriff, what have we got here?" Looking between all three, but ending on Mercer. Burn motherfrakker!

Rooster cracks off another smart salute, swallowing his rage more or less literally. It may not be healthy, but neither is losing your temper in front of two superiors. Later, Rooster, later.

Farkas gives a final glare to the three, before he straightens up and offers a salute "Captain.." as Desusa makes his way over. "Marines and Civilians, Sir..never a good mix..Seems Sergeant Mercer got the wrong impression, and acted a little overzealous towards the Civilian..Gunny here, found it in him to protect her virtues..ended up with her punch in his face..Sir."

Mercer would know that look anywhere. When Desusa shows his face, he straightens, salutes and then goes back to his stance. His eyes returning to that patch of wall he and Rooster keep fighting to look at.

Desusa grunts in response to Farkas, "Is that the case," he says before giving Manny and Cox a better look. "You feeling alright, miss," he asks Manny but keeps his gaze on Cox. Not the burning one like he was giving Mercer, but still firm.

Manny just shakes her head slowly, moving a hand to her mouth to keep from saying something else stupid but she kinda…growls. Yes. This nnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg sound comes from the little chica before she blinks and looks at Desusa and shrugs, lowering her hand. "I think I'm going crazy." Then she covers her mouth again.

Oddly comfortable under the gaze, the Gunny has started letting his mind wander as he stares at the wall. maybe they should get a painting or something for that patch of wall? Who knows.. Rooster still pays attention to the conversation though, having been a sergeant for long enough to have become used to mentally multitasking.

Mercer lets his gaze move to another spot, as that seems to be getting overly used. Part of him notices how the civvie is acting and how brass is acting too. His fist comes up slowly at is side while his knuckles tighten and turn white.

Farkas eyes the closed folder on the desk once again and then sighs deeply. "Sergeant Mercer, on account of misconduct and placing Gunnery Sergeant Cox in the line of fire..I'm putting you in the brig for two days, and a deduction of your pay during the time of half your daily income..Reyes, you are a civilian..all I can do for you is to mention you can bring this to the JAG Office, but I'll advise you to remember where you are stationed…It is not a good place to have Marines as your enemies.." Farkas then turns to look at Rooster. "I dont wish to see a Code Red on my table in the coming days, are we understood?"

"Yes Sir, no Code Red on your table, Sir!" Rooster shoots back, "Thank you, Sir!" Very exact and very proper and /very/ carefully worded, the hallmarks of an experienced sergeant. He keeps to attention, waiting for the dismissal order.

Desusa nods once to Manny, "Well, I am sorry to hear that, miss De los Reyes, but these sort of situations tend to be this uncomfortable." He then pans to Farkas and lets him speak. "I talked to the bartender in the Tap, he's not gonna press the issue anymore, but he wanted to thank our Gunnery Sergeant here for doing his best on keeping the peace on his place." He looks at Cox and smirks, "He says you are welcome at his bar anytime."

Manny just eyes Farkas for a very long time. "I don't have a problem with marines. I have a problem with male chauvinist pigs." She grits out from between her teeth. "Thank you." Then she blinks several times at Desusa. "Yeah…" She's pulling herself together.

Mercer mutters something under his breath, but it isn't understood. "If you feel the," and he stresses, "Civilian Contractor," his lips tight, "Is innocent in all this, /sir/ and has no rules to abide by being under a /military/ contract…then I suppose so, sir."

"MP's, escort Sergeant Mercer to the brig…" Farkas mutters, before he looks up and over towards Manny. "You may wish to reconsider, your choice of clothes in the presence of Marines, unless you do more then fix the wires of this Station." he wrinkles his nose. "-If- I get one more charge on my table, concerning Marines getting in trouble over a gods damned Civilian Electrician or what not..I'll have you forced into a coverall that makes the Chief look tasty to a Sex starved Marine."

Another salute from Rooster and a "Thank you, Sir." at Desusa. Then he goes quiet again, waiting for the storm to pass and finding whole new and interesting levels to the play of light on the paint of that interesting piece of wall.

Desusa nods to Cox and prompts, "I am sure you had miss De los Reyes's well being in mind, but things worked out poorly for you this time, Gunny." He then shoots his eyes towards Mercer when he speaks again, "Did I just hear you second-guessing my MAA's assessment, motherfrakker!? DID I?! DID I?!?" Oh yeah, he's in his face in just a few seconds. "I AM ZEUS, LORD OF OLYMPUS, LAND AND ANYTHING IN BETWEEN, SO, IF ZEUS SAYS YOUR FRAKKED, YOU SAY 'YES, ZEUS, SIR!!!'" He's teeth grit just inches away from Mercer's face, spit an all. "ARE WE CLEAR!?!?"

"Sir, yes SIR! We are loud and clear, Captain Zeus, SIR!" Mercer goes straight as a board in the face of the Marine Captain. Spittle and all, he doesn't even twitch an eyelash now.

Manny just looks a bit gobsmacked, hands going to her hips as she stares at Farkas and just nods slowly, biting her tongue. And then she rolls her eyes as if asking for divine intervention and then…Desusa is yelling and the ex-military chica's eyes widen, lips part and she blinks. Several times, clamping her thighs together and then moving a hand to fan herself. "Sweet /mother/ of the gods…" She murmurs softly to herself. BlinkBLINK. She forgot what she was about to smartass about.

Farkas glances towards Desusa and narrows his eyes, before he looks back towards the two MP's stationed in here. "Make sure the Sergeant Mercer, is put in solitary." he grunts and then settles back down in his chair. "I'm putting in a report to Captain Gaelan, that you'll recieve 'The Watch' for the remainder of the week Gunny.." he mutters under his breath.

Desusa narrows his eyes at Mercer, "Now! Get the frak outta my face!" He'll wait for the MP detail in here to whisk him away. GRRR.

Manny swallows and glances towards the door. "We're…done here, right?"

Farkas looks up towards Manny and nods his head. "We are done, assuming you understand I never wish to see you in my office like this again…Dismissed.." he mutters before he picks up his coffee and takes a sip.

Desusa folds his arms in front of him and shakes his head, "I am very sorry for the unpleasantries, miss De los Reyes, least I can do is escort you out." He says as he moves towards Manny.

Filing out in the short order, Rooster heads back to barracks.

Manny blinks at Farkas again and quirks an eyebrow. She snaps off a sloppy salute before turning to Desusa and swallowing again. "Oh, well. Okay. I was…going to go um, well okay. Thank you."

Desusa smiles simply and gives Farkas a two-fingered salute, "Thanks, sheriff." He then waits on Manny at the door, "Lead the way, Miss De los Reyes." Gods! Thats a mouthful!

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