Dr. Tobias Stavros
Dr. Tobias Stavros
Noah Wyle
Noah Wyle as Tobias Stavros
Name: Tobias Stavros
Callsign: None
AKA: Tob;Tobias
Age: 33
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: None
Department: Medical Department
Position: Doctor
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aquaria
Actor: Noah Wyle

Biographical Information


The week that led up to the cylon holocaust, Lieutenant Stavros (who at the time had been assigned at Picon) was on leave with his wife and five year old daughter. They were taking what was meant to be a brief vacation on the Carina to enjoy a little break from the norm. Thus, the small family were on the Carina when the cylons came. They were safe, sound, and together, something that not everyone could say and in fact most could not. Recognizing the demand for doctors was going to be high in the situation at hand, Tobias took the steps necessary to see that he was transferred to the Genesis staff.

It took time, as paperwork and beaurocracy often does, but Doctor Stavros has begun working with the Genesis medical staff… and looks forward to getting to know them and the rest of the crew that makes up this new extended family.


  • Physical Therapy.
  • Medicine.
  • Listening.
  • Watching and Playing Sports.
  • Multi-tasking.

Distinguishing Features

  • A crescent shaped scar on his right shoulder, front and back.
  • A tattoo of his daughter's foot print on his left side.

Pre IC History



Tobias Stavros was born the oldest child to an average middle-class family on Aquaria. His childhood was fairly idyllic with the usual bumps and clashing of personalities when he became a teenager. He had the book smarts that made most school subjects (especially the sciences) easy for him, but was also active in extracurricular sports. His parents had high hopes for him when he showed an interest in becoming a doctor. They did what they could to help him pay for his schooling, but he didn't want them to take that financial burden on themselves. Not to mention they had two other children to help out. And so, like many young people looking to pay their way through school, Tobias joined the military.



High test scores, tours of active duty, and a stint at the Fleet Academy on Picon soon had him getting his medical education. Courtesy of the Colonial Military. Tobias specialized in physical therapy, an interest he'd long had due to his activity in sports. He applied himself to his goals, taking an avid interest in the various classes he had to take to make it and soon enough had climbed his way up to landing a residency.


It was during his first Battlestar assignment, working under an older and more experienced doctor, that he met the woman that would become his wife. Palona was a Marine at the time, and having been wounded while on duty was put into the care of the ship's doctors. Dr. Stavros was the one to oversee her physical therapy… and in one of those cases straight out of a sappy chick-flick, the pair ended up falling in love. Not long in following this, the two were married in a small ceremony back on Palona's home world of Gemenon. Within the first year of their marriage, Palona discovered she was pregnant. Nine months later the happily married couple became a happy little family and Palona retired from the military to raise their daughter, Ismene.

Military Service

Approximate Dates

  • 193rd Enlisted Medical Battalion - Picon (15 BCH - 10 BCH)
  • Staff internist - Picon Base (10 BCH - 8 BCH)
  • Staff internist - Battlestar Pacifica (8 BCH - 6 BCH)
  • Physical Therapist - Picon Base (6 BCH - 0 BCH)
  • Physical Therapist - Battlestar Genesis (Present Day)


  • Palona Stavros - Ex-Marine, Wife
  • Ismene Stavros - Daughter (Age 5)
  • Two Un-named Siblings

On the Grid


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