Steven "Blue" Deschain
Morgan Weisser
Morgan Weisser as Steven
Name: Steven
Callsign: Blue
Age: 32
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: None
Department: Air Wing (Ares Squadron)
Position: Raptor Pilot
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Libran
Actor: Morgan Weisser

Steven Michael Deschain was born in the capital city of Lysandion on the colony planet of Libran. He had the typical childhood of a boy born to a family of bankers, his father, Troy was on the Stock Exchange, his mother, Eve a bank president. Not born with a silver spoon his mouth, nonetheless, Steven was taken (en mass with his family) to pyramid games, he was on the track team and learned how to fly single engines at an early age.


It was in high school where he met one Tais Pomona. Cheerleader, outgoing and it seemed, always effervescent. He fell under her spell and they dated throughout their time in school. He enjoyed her company, but always knew in his heart he was destined to be a Colonial Pilot. His grandfather was an officer and he always felt a sense that the older Deschain was somehow disappointed that Steven's father never accepted the military life. It was his grandfather who taught him to fly when he'd spend his summers with him and he'd heard the stories which were probably not as glamorous or exciting as they were portrayed to be.

Tais was accepted to Medical school at the Sanctuary early and so, he found himself alone before entering the Coloniall Academy. They kept in touch for a while, but the pressures of training and medicine took its toll and the correspondence ceased. Steven excelled in his studies, becoming a candidate for Officer Candidate School. His training was a means to an end. How to wring the most from whatever he could fly. His first love was the Viper Mark VII. His touch was light and damned if he couldn't make it sing in flight. He thought it was the only bird he'd ever bend the throttle in. And then he climbed aboard the ugly-ass Raptor with its squat body, its built-for-function, not-aesthetics design was a challenge to his sense of composition. He grew to enjoy the abilities of the flying turd and wanted to see if he could make it sing, too. Maybe a bit off-key, but Steven soon learned to pull the most out of it and became one of the best Raptor pilots around.


Deschain had many friends, some close, some merely acquaintances. One of these was a Simon West, who he met while in Flight School. Neither, however, knew they had a common denominator between them and that was Tais. The Doc always referred to her as Mona. Steven was always called "Steve". It wasn't until Simon's funeral that the revelation came to the surface when they faced one another over the casket of their friend, her lover and the smaller one of the child that she'd carried for him.

Guilt racked them both as they looked at one another, realizing what the years had wrought. The discomfort was too great and it ate at him that he'd never tried to make their relationship more than he wanted. And so silently he returned to active duty without a word of sympathy. Since the war, he's now been assigned to the Genesis, still unaware of his former friend's presence. The gods can only know how emotionally unprepared he may be in his new assignment, but what he can do is fly.

Biography in Brief


  • Warfare Specialty Naval Aviator, Colonial Fleet Academy, Lysandium Naval Base, Libran
  • Naval War College, Colonial Fleet Academy, Libran
  • Officer Candidate School, Colonial Fleet Academy, Carentan, Libran


  • Dr. Tais Pomona - He's known her since high school and they've not seen each other for many years.
  • Dr. Simon West, Head of Oncology, the Sanctuary on Libran, and father of Dr. Pomona's child, both deceased.


  • Flying
  • High tolerance for stress
  • Ability to maintain a poker face.
  • Inspires confidence in others with his calm demeanor.


  • Apathy
  • Quiet to a fault
  • Refuses to cook

Distinguishing Features

  • Tattoo of a raptor (the bird, not the ship) on his upper left shoulder blade. There is also a small T above his heart.
  • Dark eyes
  • Flying
  • Military Life
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