Major Rendell Stiger - NPC

Yul Brynner
Yul Brynner as Rendell 'Sharps' Stiger

Name: Rendell 'Sharps' Stiger
Callsign: None
AKA: Sharps
Age: 45
Branch: Marine Detachment
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marines
Position: CO Marines 'Old Man'
Rank: Major
Ship: Battlestar Genesis
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Yul Brynner

Rendell Stiger was born on Tauron. He was born the middle child from a family of six. His family was extremely diverse, most all of his siblings went in different directions and he was the only one that turned to the military.

KIA - Major Stiger was KIA during the Pandora Incident.

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