Sunken Outpost
Sunken Outpost
Summary: A marine fireteam finds an old Colonial outpost.
Date: 22 ACH - 12/5/2008
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Swampy Path (#1721RXF) Muskeg - Swamp

22 ACH 6735 Souls

Along this area is an open stretch of land, still spongy in some areas, but mostly firm, leading in a meandering course. This path has trees growing at random places along it, and in some areas, it drops directly off into water. At some locations in the water, large green colonies of some bizarre plant life float, while in other areas, the water churns and bubbles with strange life in the liquid. Now and then a creature, resembling a lungfish, but some four feet long lumbers from the water, but is quickly spooked and retreats from strange bipeds immediately.


Just another damn day down on the crappy planet. Bugs, heat, things that go bump in the water. Once again a small detachement of marines are sent out to look things over. Never a fun time, but duty is duty.

Trying not to mind the not so nice parts of this, Skip makes his way along the path, looking around rather carefully while moving. Wouldn't want to slip and fall in a place like this.

The heat, stink and the bugs does not seem to bother Hazzard all that much, that fact that he is dressed in black is on the other hand. Serving as a backup for the Genesis Marines on yet another 'security' perimeter mission on the gods forsaken planet, Hazzard lingers in the back as he is not one of the boys just yet. His rifle held close to his chest, stock resting up near his shoulder and the barell aimed towards the ground.

The small channels of water. Even smaller areas to hop from one solid spot to the other, leaves boots covered in the muck and even some sinking up to the pantleg. But the unworn areas which may have been paths at one time, continues on to the East. Something flops in the distance and more of those GROONK! sounds are heard.

You head towards Swamp.

This area is alive with sounds. The twittering and squeeking of insects fills the air, while the land of the local area falls away into the mist-covered water. Although the water rises here to claim the terrain, the water does not move. No tides lap at the surface of the land. Thick fog obliterates any view of the sky and trees hamper the line of sight of the terrain. Around the area, huge upward thrusting columns of wood jut from the land and water making strange living stalagmites that reach up, pointing to the misty skies.

Skip comes in from Swampy Path.

Hazzard comes in from Swampy Path.

Skip pauses a bit at that flopping and the sound, before he makes his way onwards, in that direction. Rather slowly and carefully. "Eyes open, boys," he offers to the other marines.

Keeping rear guard, Hazzard simply nods his head in acknowledgement of the order passed down the line. Last in line, he lets his gaze sweep both right and left, but most often towards the rear..But he just can't walk backwards in a swamp, with such hazzardous footing.

Minutes seem like hours in this place. Hopefully someone left a trail of something behind them so they can find their way back. After atleast an hour, a wider area opens up to the North. The misty fog swirls around as the marines pass through it. The climate making it sticky and humid now, although the stench doesn't seem as bad, even if noses are filled with 110 percent humidity.

You head towards North Path.


North Path (#1619RXF) Muskeg - Surface

22 ACH 6735 Souls

The path continues far north, moving down slope which is treacherous at times. A stream moves along with rushing water, looking palatable. Moving up the path again, there is a large area around the length of an athletic field. Within the field are black, twisted and gnarled trees bent over and formed with their branches into one, deep, dark area.


Skip comes in from Swamp.

Hazzard comes in from Swamp.

<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Still looking around rather carefully, Skip makes a brief grimace at the humidity. Making his way along rather carefully, he does his best to stay on his feet instead of falling down the slope.

Being the rear guard mean you need to focus most of your attention of where you have been and not where you are going. Hazzard makes one mistake, placing his footing wrong. Putting his foot down into the misty fog, he realises to late that the ground wont hold him and with a "Frak" the ground underneath Hazzard errodes and the Marine skids down into the fog. It is not soundless as branches, mud, bebrie and Gods knows what follows him and tries to block his path. Finaly there is a splashing sound far down the hill

Skip blinks momentarily as he sees the one going down the hill that quickly, and starts moving in that direction. "You all right down there?" he calls out, sounding a little concerned. After all, it would be hard if they have to carry a wounded one all the way back.

It takes a little while, then finaly from somewhere down in the foggy foot of the hill is a flashing. Hazzard, not prone to shouting signals with his flashlight upwards the hill, after he gets up waist high in the murky water. With his rifle secured and his uniform torn in various places he makes a sweep of the nearby area with his gun in ready position. 'Just dandy, Sir' comes over the comms moments later after securing the crash site.

Hazzard wasn't alone, the private right behind him went too and ended up splat as well. Jorgie gets up out of the water with a few well-placed curses. He wipes the mud off his face and looks around to see what they fell into. The stream rushes along, clearing the muddy water back to blueish atleast. The other side, isn't as steep, but it does go up, until it reaches the flatter area.

Skip nods a bit as he hears that, and looks around for a few moments. 'How does the area look down there?' he asks, using the comms. And looking to see if there's any easier way for the descent.

Hazzard wipes his face with his right hand, still keeping the rifle up to his shoulder. 'Foggy, swampy..and a fraking steep climb in raw mud, sir.' Hazzard voices over his comm continues to sweep the area. "Private, got your rifle..if soo, see if you can find a way up hill. We need to reunite with Staff." he murmurs, not over the comm.

The rest of the squad has to get downhill, but some seem to make it even if they do slip and slide around till they hit the stream. Private Jorgie Cranston, begins making his way up stream and then reports back on the comm that the hill slopes and they can reach the flat area. When he has it looked over, he reports back the 'all clear'.

Skip makes his way down with the others, nodding a bit. "Not the best vacation spot," he mutters to himself as he looks around, nodding as he hears the Private's report. "Sounds like that is the best way to go," he says to the assembled marines.

Coated in mud, Hazzard levels his rifle having secured the crash site and starts to trekk his way after Jorgie once the 'all clear' is signaled. Finally reunited with the rest of the squad he nods his head slowly, taking up the rear once again.

Skip looks around the area now, frowning a bit as he studies the surroundings thoughtfully. He then looks over at Hazzard, "Interesting place to go bathing, Corporal." He sounds a bit amused as he says it. "Nothing broken or otherwise injured, I hope?"

Hazzard glances over towards Skip and arches an eyebrow before he shakes his head slowly. "I agree, Sir, and no." he says in a soft gentle tone, before he returns to sweep the area of the rear section. "Mind if I ask, exactly what are we doing out here. sir?"

The private, having become scout at the moment is up on the flatter area. It isn't as swampy and actually has grasses growing, although not something you'd want to roll around in on a sunny day. Small frog-like critters hop off as heavy combat boots enter the clearing.

"Looking things over and all that," Skip replies as he gets back to making his way up to the flatter area now. Reaching it, he looks around a bit and shrugs.

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Last but not least is the mud coated Hazzard, who brings up the rear onto the flatter area. Keeping the gun close to his shoulder in a ready position he wipes his face from the murky water and mud that seems to seep down over his face, before he scans over the area.

<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Tracking his rifle along where he looks, Hazzard finaly lowers it and looks over towards Skipp. "Staff..twelve o'clock..metal in the tree.." he murmurs softly and points the direction using the barrel of his gun as indicator.

Skip turns to look in that direction as he hears that, frowning as he tries to focus on that metal object. "Any idea what it is?" he asks, quietly.

The private glances between the Corporal and Staff..he's not volunteering, that's for damn sure. What if it whirrs, moves and begins firing at random!?

"Just saw a glint, but according to Major Reed..There are evidences of a former colonisation site here or something akin to that." Hazzard murmurs softly, keeping half an eye on the tree in question as he continues to sweep the area for any hostiles.

Skip nods a bit as he hears that. "And this is probably one of the better looking places on this blasted rock…" A few more thoughts, before he adds, "Let's go see what it is, but make sure there's nothing else around to get us stuck in trouble, first. Someone keep an eye on the thing."

Those dark, gnarled trees have become heavily twisted from whatever is in the ground that causes this place to thrive in the first place. The darkness itself seems to beckon, even if it might give pause to anyone feeling like rushing off from scary areas. The private swallows hard as he steps along with the rest. He's a marine dammit!

Hazzard glances at Skip for a moment and then looks at Private Jorgie. "Jorgie, your lookout.." he points at a distance about ten to fifteen paces back, where he first was when he saw the item. "Cover our backs.." he murmurs and then looks back towards Skip. "I suggest, if I may sir..With one to keep our rear, you allocate two to flank while one moves forth to investigate..It may be nothing but we can't be certain no?"

Skip nods at Hazzard's words. Looking to the fourth member of this little team, and gesturing towards one of the flanks, and then turns back to Hazzard, "You want the honors of investigation, or should I?" he offers.

Backs are covered! Jorgie does his sweep and keeps an eye out. Nothing jumped out at them, so they might be safe! As they begin to creep closer into the darker areas. The metal becomes something larger, heavier and rusty as it hangs off a hinge.

"You're the Staff, I only suggest." Hazzard murmurs as he crouches down, feeling a little to exposed where he is located. He scans the area of the 'tree' and furrows his eyebrows. "The flankers, should proceed more then thirty meters if sight allows it from the designated tree..Move from cover to cover, if anything it will serve as a good excersize." he reaches down with his free hand and draws in the mud a quick sketch of how it should be done. "If this is the tree, the flankers should remain on this side of the target area, to ensure they dont end up in each others line of sight.." finally he looks at Squad member four, and nods. "We flank.."

Skip nods a bit, "You two go ahead for the flanking, then I'll move to the object after you have moved for a good spot," he offers. Relaxing a bit more as it seems that the metal isn't a Cylon hiding in the tree.

Not noticing any immediate threat, Hazzard takes hold of the moment to use is at a training run. He nods his head towards PFC Drake and motions for him to go right as he himself proceeds on the left hand flank. Weapon at the ready he moves forth in a crouched position, utilizing what ever cover he can find in his path as he moves forth. Making sure he can see the broken hatch at all times, he finally comes to a halt when he has a good shot towards the hatch and anything that may be inside it. 'Green light, left flank..It's a hatchway..I suggest a standard breach, sir.'

Skip nods a bit as he hears that, and starts making his way over towards that broken hatch, stopping near it. 'Sounds like a good plan, Corporal.'

Jorgie just keeps his flanking position till the others close in. He is manning the rifle as he looks around and even walks backward a little. The private isn't taking any chances.

Hazzard glances over towards Jorgie, once Skip has reached the hatch and waves the Private forth. Hopefully, the Private will do as shown, and once he reaches the position of Skip, Hazzard activates his comm once again. 'Right flanker, align target..I'm moving' he murmurs and then makes his way over towards Skip.

Skip waits for the others to catch up to the hatchway, as he studies the thing a bit thoughtfully.

Jorgie nods to the Corporal and has his rifle at the ready. "Ready," he says quietly over the comm and waits as the Corporal begins moving inside before following.

Hazzard glances at Skip, awaiting his further orders on how to breach the hatch..If intended to even proceed further, to secure the new findings.

"You get the door open," Skip tells Jorgie, before he looks to Hazzard, "You're the first through there, then I'll follow… Everyone ready?"

Hazzard checks his weapon, to ensure it is cocked and ready. Satisfied he nods his head slowly and moves up to the side of the hatch pressing himself against the wall it belongs too. Ready to at a given go, quickly make his way inside.

Jorgie moves forward and grips the heavy door with one gloved hand. When he gives the nod, there is a loud, creak sound as the hatch is pulled open further and then just stops there. But it leaves enough room for them to go through.

You head towards Sunken Area.


Sunken Area (#349RUXF) Muskeg - Underground

22 ACH 6735 Souls

This was once a Colonial storage facility base, some thirty seven years ago. Having been abandoned and left to the swamp, the seals to keep out the life have eroded, letting in the water and creatures. This area is sunken into the swamp, and has been covered by water several times over in the last few decades. The whole structure rests at a Sixty degree angle and the floor is covered in a thick, sticky layer of slime. At the far end of the room is a large amount of water, pooled into one of the corners. The floor offers exactly zero traction and walking normally without ropes or similar gear is impossible. Hatches rest in the walls of the room to either side in relation to the water. One hatch has a work scrawled into the metal, 'Storage', while the other hatch has the word scrawled into it, 'CRYPT'.


Hazzard comes in from North Path.

Skip comes in from North Path.

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

First to enter, Marine style, is Hazzard who moves in slightly crouched with his gun at the ready. A quick sweep from center towards the left as he breaks from a forward momentum to move along the left hand wall. Five steps and then he kneels to commence a securing sweep.

Skip moves in right after Hazzard, moving to the right and doing the similar sweep to get the area secured.

Jorgie is the last one in, flashlight at the ready. Only his footing on the sloped flooring isn't as good as everyone else. Light goes up down, up down and then a FRAK, is heard as the private goes down. His flashlight rolls down the sloping floor to hit in a splash of water, then sinks with a glowy showing. He keeps ahold of his rifle, but his slide is finally stopped as he grasps some broken piece and just kinda hangs there.

One in, two in, three in, four..slips and Hazzard winces inwardly as the Private ruins an otherwise text book breach of an unknown room. Seeing Jorgie slide towards what can become his doom, the world seems to slow down. "Sir…" he forgoes the keeping voices to a minimum, as a Marine's life is in danger. Still pressed against the wall, he lets his rifle falls down along his side, secured in its strap.

Skip frowns as he sees Jorgie sliding, watching the private get hold of something to hag on. Nodding to Hazzard as he hears the man's word, "Let's get him back to safety." He pauses for a few moments. "We're going to get a rope down to you, Private. Hang on there until the rope's ready." Back to the others, "Get some place to secure one end of the rope."

Not trusting the structural integrity of the complex, Hazzard nods his head and carefully moves over to the entry once again. Measuring out the width of the entry he nods his head. "Use me to secure it..Around me, I brace myself against the wall and the hatch..then we pull together.."

Skip nods as he gets the rope out, and handing one end to Hazzard, "Get it fastened." He looks to the fourth Marine. "Help the corporal getting the rope secured, and I'll make sure that this end goes down to the private."

Making a running loop around his waist, Hazzard checks that the rope can run freely, in a standard 'climbing/repelling' knot and then moves over to brace himself against the hatch/entry by sitting down and putting his feet against the wall. "Secure." he mutters, knowing this may hurt but for a fellow Marine it'll be worth it.

As soon as he hears that, Skip gets in position to lower the rope nearest possible to the hanging Private. "Let me know when you can catch it, private," he calls down.

Hazzard lets the rope run through the palm of his right hand, which he'll use to break if needed. The black rope rests against the palm of his gloved hand as he simply awaits the strain that will come by being the anchor when pulling up a fully equiped Marine. "Just another day on Muskeg, Private..We'll get you home for the re-runs on the Panther Bar..Just put your faith in Staff."

Jorgie reaches for the rope as it comes down lower to his hand, "I'd appreciate that, Staff." One he has the rope, he holds on. "I think we can lower down now."

Skip nods a bit, "Ready," he calls out to the others, as they get ready to get the Private out of there.

Hazzard arches an eyebrow as he looks towards Skip. "Up or down, Staff..Exploring or reporting?" he mutters as he keeps a good hold of the line.

Jorgie glances up and then sets his feet on the slippery surface. If they are pulling him up, then up he goes. The flashlight in the water is still making a glowy area down below. Some hatches are seen as the water bobs around.

Skip considers that for a few moments. "Would we be able to get to the hatches without getting too far into the water?" he asks to the Private at the rope.

[Into the Wireless] Hazzard says, "This is Team Bandit, break. Location X135 Z3256, break. Found old Colonial Complex, prcoeeding with investigation, break. Reports back in sixty minutes..out."

Jorgie looks down at the area and then around, "Knee deep? Not sure, Staff, drop me lower." Not that he is ready to go flashlight diving either.

Order recieved, Hazzard nods his head and braces himself against the wall with his legs further as he slowly starts to lower the rope and Jorgie into the depth of the ancient complex.

Jorgie goes lower, his boots hitting the water and then when he sinks to his knees it is solid. Concrete. Just tilted out of whack. He gets a firm foothold and looks around. Looking back up again, "Crypt. Gods only knows. Nothin' on the other one."

"Footing's secure?" Skip calls down, nodding a bit.

As the weight on the rope eases, Hazzard looks towards PFC Drake. "Take my position.." he then quickly changes place with Drake, leaving the PFC as the anchor person. Free from the bounds of the rope, Hazzard makes his way over towards Skip and nods head slowly.

"Secure enough, Staff. I'd keep that rope handy though." Jorgie begins moving slowly, inching to where his flashlight is underwater. He keeps his rifle over his shoulder. When he finally gets to the light, he grasps it up and begins shining it around. The walls are aged and algae creeps along.

Skip nods a bit, "Got a place to tie the rope on the outside?" he asks to Hazzard, before he glances down again.

Hazzard nods his head slowly in the direction of Skip and moves over to help Drake secure the rope in the hatch itself. A few test pulls to make sure it is secured and then he moves over to Skip again. "Secured.."

Jorgie just waits till they get down here. He's not going anywhere alone.

Skip nods a bit, as he reaches for the rope. "Then let's see what we've got down there, shall we?" he offers a bit lightly. "We're on the way down, Private," he calls down, before starting the half-walk half-climb down there.

Hazzard along with Drake, remains up there waiting for their turns to proceed down. Having been the rear guard so far, Hazzard simply takes the last position to proceed further down. And thus giving anyone from Genesis to reply to their message, as it most likely would be to much in the way once they proceed.

The private waits and when they get down to where he is, the flashlight is moved from one hatch to the next. "Which way do we go, Staff? Or each take one?"

Skip considers for a few moments, "Storage seems like a good starting point," he replies, nodding a little.

Hazzard soon finds himself ankle deep in the water along with the rest of the 'Bandits' and nods his head slowly. "Crypt..what the frak." he murmurs as he looks over the scenery. "What kind of breach, Sir? Do we expect anyone to even be down here?"

Tomb! DOOOM! It is kinda creepy. Water drips from somewhere above them and a slithering sound is heard. Good thing that no big rock is rolling toward them about now!

"Looks like some part of the wall gave in…" Skip pauses at the slithering sound, before he shrugs at Hazzard, "That is what we should find out."

Hazzard nods his head, and makes his way over towards 'Storage' in the water, with his rifle at the ready.

Same as before, Jorgie moves to open the hatch there. Hopefully nothing is inside. He waits the cue and then pulls it open with a low grinding sound.


Sunken Area (#349RUXF) Muskeg - Underground

22 ACH 6735 Souls

This was once a Colonial storage facility base, some thirty seven years ago. Having been abandoned and left to the swamp, the seals to keep out the life have eroded, letting in the water and creatures. This area is sunken into the swamp, and has been covered by water several times over in the last few decades. The whole structure rests at a Sixty degree angle and the floor is covered in a thick, sticky layer of slime. At the far end of the room is a large amount of water, pooled into one of the corners. The floor offers exactly zero traction and walking normally without ropes or similar gear is impossible. Hatches rest in the walls of the room to either side in relation to the water. One hatch has a work scrawled into the metal, 'Storage', while the other hatch has the word scrawled into it, 'CRYPT'.


You head towards Storage Area.


Storage Area (#343RXF) Muskeg - Underground

22 ACH 6735 Souls

This room, sitting at a sixty degree angle, is a complete mess. Food stores were once here, and in the decades after this place was abandoned, The swamp came in here, and set up shop with a vengence. Now, there are nests of snakes inside boxes of rusted trilinium and durable plastics. the snakes number in the hundreds and seem to be passing through a hole in the wall to the outer swamp. they hiss and strike at anything coming close enough that they feel is a threat to their nests.

Contents: Steel Sealed Locker


Skip comes in from Sunken Area.

Hazzard comes in from Sunken Area.

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Good (4).

"Holy frakkin' hades…" Jorgie blurts out as the light shines what is inside the room. He shudders at the sounds of a zillion slithering snakes move about, falling into the water and skittering across the surface. He ain't frakkin' going in there!

Hazzard is not far from that sentiment. "Out, quick and close the fraking hatch." he mutters as he starts to quickly back away.

Skip winces a bit as he sees that. "Stay out. Close the hatch!" Getting back outside now, rather quickly.

You don't have to tell Jorgie twice! He's pulling back and then slamming that thing closed, just as what looks like an adder comes slithering up and gets smushed as it slams shut. "Frak me. Grenade that room."

Hazzard comes in from Storage Area.

Skip comes in from Storage Area.

[Into the Wireless] Hazzard says, "Gene…em Bandit…. snakes… in the hole….further…The Crypt…"

Hazzard brings a hand up to his ear, while keeping his rifle leveled at the water surface in the direction of the room O'Snakes. "Genesis, Team Bandit, fraking snakes..Frag em, put one in the hole." pauses as he looks towards Skip, most likely that last was not to be part of the message he sent as he back out of the room. "We will proceed further into the Crypt." he taps his ear piece, trying to get a clear signal back.

Skip hears what's being said now, pausing a bit as he considers that, "The crypt…" Glancing towards that other hatch, and then back to the storage hatch where they were. "We were told to frag both, then?"

Hazzard glances at Skip and shakes his head. "The Colonel denies us use of deadly force..Frak, I need a clearer signal..I'll climb up just a little, then we proceed?"

[Into the Wireless] Hazzard says, "Genesis..eam Bandi..Inside..omplex..eak..Firs..oom filled with snak..Pro.eeding to .he Cry.. over"

Jorgie is going to change his profession to supply. It's safe. He glances from the Storage to the Crypt and then to the two handling this little tour. He really doesn't want to open the Crypt door.

Skip frowns a bit as he waits for the answer that Hazzard will get, studying the hatch to the Crypt for a few moments.

[Into the Wireless] Hazzard says, "Ge..sis Tea. ..ndit..reque.. use o. .eadl. .orce over"

Hazzard takes a hold of the rope and heaves himself up just a little to get a clearer signal out of the complex. "Staff, you reading this..If not, Genesis is assembling a fireteam..We've got clearance to proceed, awaiting confirmation of deadly force usage."

Skip nods. "If we don't get that, and come across more of those…" Gesturing back towards the other hatch for a few moments.

[Into the Wireless] Hazzard says, "Genes.. ..ndit. .hat is .nders..od., out."

Hazzard lowers himself down in the water and shakes his head ever so slightly. "Condition Yellow, Staff..Dont fire until engaged." he glances at the Storage room. "I'd say that counts as engaged, but your the Staff." he motions over towards the Crypt with his weapon attached flashlight. "Shall we?"

Are they asking him? Jorgie looks between the Staff and Corporal. He gets all the shit jobs today. Making is way to the Crypt hatch, he puts a gloved hand on it. Even for all the water they are slogging around in, his palms are sweating inside the glove. *gulp* "3…2…1.." SCHWINGGRIND - and it opens.

You head towards Crypt.


Crypt (#346RUXF) Muskeg - Underground

22 ACH 6735 Souls

This burial crypt has sank into the land and the cracks in the walls has brought water in up to the knees. Under the water on ledges and above it, there are almost twenty bodies laying in silent state. Although, their decaying has been paused. More like they are …mummified. The walls hold some kind of markings and drawings, it looks Gemenese, for those that know it.


Skip comes in from Sunken Area.

Hazzard comes in from Sunken Area.

Skip nods a little bit. "What kind of an idiot fires on a snake before it attacks?" he comments, a bit absently. He then nods a bit, "Let's all be ready," he says, before heading through there.

BOG MUMMIES! No really. They do that. The swampish area keeps them preservedly mummified. Good for researchers. EW for anyone else.

Hazzard stretches the corner of his lips but keeps his reply to himself on the question. But he nods his head and keeps his weapon at the ready, letting the flashlight mounted along its barrel sweep over the room. "Frak me." he murmurs softly.

Skip winces a bit as he sees the bodies. "What the…" he begins, before he looks to the others, "Now we know why it says 'Crypt'," he offers.

Desusa comes in from Sunken Area.

"Major Reed will be delighted." Hazzard murmurs as he continues to sweep the flashlights beam over the room.

Jorgie just stares at the room. "What the frak…" Gods is that someone's grandpa?! His flashlight goes up to the markings on the wall. "Can't read it.." looks to the rest to see if they can.

The rise of the Valkyries should be heard overhead, as a raptor full of marine meat lands near the area. The squad fans out just as Desusa steps out into the bog. "Frakking snakes!" calls out the major as one slithers by close to his boot. He can be heard moving into the crypt with a small flashlight and sidearm drawn.

Skip shakes his head a little, "Don't think I can…" he replies, before he turns and looks over at the Major, and offers a salute, "Welcome to the Crypt, sir," he offers quietly.

Well there is no 'real' threats aslong as the mummies don't desire brains, soo Hazzard lowers his own alert level and looks over towards Desusa as he makes his way inside. "Sir." unlike the half the team, Hazzard looks like he's been in hell and back along with Private Jorgie. They are both muddier, all the way up to their heads unlike the other two in the fireteam, and Hazzards uniform is ripped here and there.

Jorgie comes to attention, snapping a salute as the Major comes into the room. "Sir, we've found..mummies." That sounded bad even to him, "I mean Colonials. We think. Sir."

Desusa crouches near the rope that leads further into the watery room and directs his flashlight to the folks down in the crypt. "Great." He holsters his sidearm and climbs down, "That's great, Jorgie." Ew, this place is…ew. "Well well, what do we have here," he says as he fans his light around the room. "Haz?"

Hazzard looks back towards Desusa and stretches the corner of his mouth. "What we have here Sir, is the rest of the Hatch you found at the Spawning pool, Sir." he offers himself a little joke but then gets a little more serious. "Colonial outpost by the looks of it. Sir. Seems we've got about a dozen or more mummified /colonials/ in here, in this berthing and about a hundred snakes in the storage room."

Skip nods as he hears Hazzard's words, before he adds, "Was some kind of locker inside the snake pit too, I think, sir."

The curiousness of Jorgie finally overrides his fear. It's almost a holy place now and he makes some sign of relgious propriety. Easing close he has to see those faces for himself. His flashlight shines on a face. Definately mummified, but in peaceful rest and no screaming open mouth. Good sign.

Desusa nods to Skip and Haz and continues to spin his flashlight around. "I hate snakes," he states and then looks at Skip, "Sergeant Scipio, see if you can get a better signal up to the Genny from up there, we need medical to come check the bodies out and determine COD." He glances over to the inscriptions and narrows his eye, "Corporal, what the hades is this?"

Hazzard aims his weapon in the direction the Major indicates with his own flashlight to power to the light over the scribblings. "Sir..Writing, but I can't read it, Sir." he says in that soft gentle tone of his. "I'm sure, that Major Reed and his people can, sir."

Jorgie turns around and looks to the Major. "Damn shame, sir. I hope they died of natural causes." He isn't sure he likes this kind of resting spot for people though.

Skip nods a little, "Corporal Hazzard has the wireless, sir," he offers quietly, waiting to get it so he can get up there and get a better signal.

Hazzard removes the wireless, and holds it out towards Skip. "Here you go, Staff."

Skip nods as he takes the offered wireless. "We're asking for a medical team down here, sir?" he asks, before he adds, "I'll get up to the Raptor and transmit from there."

Desusa nods, "Well, I am no linguist either, but I assume you are correct." He looks over to Skip as Haz hands the wirless. Glad that is sorted out. He now walks over to where the bodies are and says, "I sure hope it was natural, but we need to know for sure it was. I mean, why preserve them?" He's no Sherlock Holmes, either.

Skip nods a bit as he hears that, and heads out to get the call made.

It's really the Tomb o' DOOM. They could be infectious! They could have got some kind of viral disease and now everyone has an hour to live! Jorgie tries not to panic as he thinks about it. He swallows hard. "Sir..uh..what if it is contaminated?" Might as well freak everyone out now.

"Sir, I think you are correct. It was the swamp that did it…preserve them." Hazzard murmurs softly, not enjoying the fact that he has to correct his Major. Thank fully Jorgie Red Shirt saves him, and earns Hazzards attention. "If it is contaminated, then we are fraked Private..We'll find out sooner or later, we need to go through decontamination before he enters the Genesis."

Desusa eyes Jorgie for a bit, but doesn't sa anything to him. Another look towards the bodies in here and he rubs his nose a tad, "Well, It might be so, Corporal. But the question still stands, why would they make a crypt? Why not just burn their bodies or something?"

Atleast he isn't screaming and running for his life. Only inside. "We're all going to die!!!" So, it doesn't stay inside. The private goes into a panic. "It's the cylons! They've planted this and now we're all dead!" He's going for the hatch in his panic now. Ghosts chasing him. Mummies sitting up with crinkley claw-like hands. BRAIINNS! People have nightmares of this kind of thing.

Desusa quickly looks towards the frenzied marine, "What the…" Careful, crazy marine headed for the door!

Two quick splashes as Hazzard takes as many steps to intercept Jorgis before he rushes off into a panic. The flashlight rifle held in his left hand and *SMACK*

The right hand is sent palm over straight across Jorgis face. "Private..Stay frosty..Zeus demands it..Zeus always gets us home..soo chill"

Skip steps in again from the outside, pausing a bit as he sees the happening inside.

Jorgie gets stopped and slapped back into the land of real. Nothing is chasing him. His chest heaves up and down under the gear he is wearing. "S-Sorry.." trying to get his bearings again.

Desusa shakes his head and turns to look back to the writting. Squinting to try and memorize some of the words

Hazzard places the 'bitch slappin' hand upon Jorgis shoulder and nods. "Don't be, it is a fraked up situation..But aslong as your squad is alive and unharmed, your safe..Your a Marine..Best of the Best, remember that." he murmurs and offers a little smile before he gives the Private some personal space once again. "Sir, I don't think they were contageous, and they did not wish to bury their friends in the swamp. Someone left them here, so someone got away."

Skip nods a bit as he hears what's being said. "Medical team incoming in 15 mikes, sir," he reports to Desusa, before he shrugs a bit, "They probably didn't mean for the facility to fall down into the swamp either," he offers.

Jorgie takes out his canteen and drinks from it, calming himself down further. When he can make sense of the situation again, he looks to those here, "Medical. Should clear the ..snakes. In case they come in another way."

Desusa doesn't turn and nods to the assumptions being tossed around. "Well, I think it best we let the science folks deal with the decrypting of this place." He passes a hand over the writing and sucks on his front teeth, "Darn, wish I had a camera or some paper."

"Sir, if I may be as bold..Staff here, showed some skills of leading his fireteam to find and secure this site. His wits also saved the life of Private Jorgie. Sir." Hazzard murmurs as he stands there, and then glances at Jorgie and nods his head. "A frag would clean up that room..if you ask me Staff."

Skip reaches for something in his pocket, nodding a little bit as he hears Desusa. "A small notebook good enough, sir?" he asks, after a few moments. Pausing as he hears Hazzard, "Unless it blows out the wall towards the swamp itself, but getting it cleaned up sounds like a good idea."

Desusa turns around and looks at the notebook, "Well, I'll see if I can get a camera out of someone in the ship. Paper can get wet, but you are welcome to try and scribble some of it if you want, Sarge." He pats Scipio on the back and smiles before heading for the ropes to climb out.

Desusa leaves for Sunken Area [O].

Slime and what-not, Jorgie finds himself looking at the walls also. His flashlight going from one thing to the next that can be seen.

Hazzard licks his lips, regretting the action as soon as its done as he feels the taste of Muskeg Swamp upon his lips. "Well, Staff..You'll think of something, I need to get ouf of the water, I think I cut myself when I fell and I don't want an infection." he arches an eyebrow. "Flash Bang would suffice to rid the snakes..a loud bang, shock wave in the water and the light would scare them off…But with your leave, I'd return to the Raptor?"

Skip nods a bit at Hazzard's words, "Wouldn't be useful if you'd have to permanently move into sickbay," he replies, before he nods a bit at the Major's words, and brings out a pencil to try sketching some of that stuff.

Hazzard nods his head towards Skip. "Thanks, Staff." he mutters and then makes his way out to head to the surface of Muskeg once again.

After Major Desusa and Corporal Hazzard go back up to the Raptor, Jorgie and Skip are left here to wait for Medical. So, here they are. With Mummies and cryptic drawings.

Skip tries re-creating some of those cryptic drawings, but soon shakes his head. "Not easy, this…"

Rappeling down a rope is not something Zaharis does every day. Probably not since the days of wearing enlisted pins. His boots hit water and he straightens up, adjusting the heavy medical case on its black strap across his chest. "Staff Sergeant," he greets Skip, then looks up to see how Thad's doing getting down that rope.

Private Jorgie comes to attention as more brass comes in to inspect the area. He's soaked and it looks like he had a nice swim in this place as well as getting here.

Thad follows, not liking this whole slogging through water and snake bit as he follows, but it's all part of the duty. His own trip down the rope is a touch awkward, but he's at least had to do it too, even if out of practice. Once he's made his own splashdown, he takes a moment to look around and shake his head. "I hate this swamp." he mutters under his breath.

Skip looks away from those drawings on the wall, and offers a salute to Zaharis, "Sir. Welcome to the swamp. Gesturing in the direction of the mummies, "There you have the patients, sir."

Zaharis returns Skip's salute, glancing back once at Thad to make sure his Lt hasn't broken his neck. "Keep the snakes out, will you Sarge?" He pauses just to look around the place from where he stands. "Impressive. Lieutenant…" He motions Thad forward. "Keep separate records for each body. Let's see what we can find out first without disturbing them too much. Start with DNA, hair, fingernails, and scan them. Photograph as much as you can."

Almost all the bodies are preserved in decent shape. Having no oxygen in the room and the acids from the place, have kept them lying in state and waiting for someone to discover their resting place. There is even patches of hair. Blonde, dark, red. Fingernails look like they are only dirty. Each face lies in peaceful rest, so atleast they weren't tortured to death.

Thad nods crisply and moves toward the first body. "Yes sir." he replies crisply, and starting with the camera first, flashing images quickly before even taking a single hair off a body. He works from least invasive to most, so he can find the things that will disturb them as little as possible. He may not be a religious man himself, but it looks like he may have respect for those that do. The XO did call it burial and not just 'they found bodies' after all.

Skip nods as he hears the doctor's orders, "Will do, sir. The snakes should be contained in the other room, though." He then looks a bit thoughtful for a few moments. "Would you be able to take some pictures of those drawings on the wall as well, sir? Major Desusa went looking for a camera, but if there's already one with you…" He trails off, and moves to the door to see if any of the snakes might have gotten into this part.

Zaharis starts near Thad, working his way outward through the other half of the bodies. His slogging through the water is careful so he doesn't accidentally treat a body to his boot toe as he takes pictures, stopping between each one to punch in some identifying info into the digital camera. He glances over at Skip and nods. "Sure, Sarge. We'll get some soon as we're done with our friends, here."

(To be continued…)

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