Log Title
Summary: Social Swimming
Date: 6/11/08
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Moving about the pool with the steady and powerful movements of the very much annoyed, Rooster (be-goggled) powers his way up and down the otherwise pretty empty pool. Today hes making good time, perhaps his best for a good while even, though granted it's not his prettiest swimming. Angry Marine is Angry.

Stepping out of the changing area, D'Artanion pauses at a locker and puts her uniform, shoes, and other stuff inside it. Closing it, she spins the lock's dial and turns to look at the pool itself as she approaches. Diving board - check, deep end - check, angry marine - ch… Wait. She watches Rooster move around the pool for a while, both because it is a nice view and because the medic is concerned about the man. Finally, she moves to the diving board and lifts her goggles into place. Although she is a fair swimmer, this diving stuff is hard. When she reaches the end of the board, she leaps up and out, arms reaching for a dive… The landing is messy and splashy, but at least she is in the water.

In one of the short pauses Rooster allows himself, he looks up to see D'Artanion's dive. He shakes his head and then goes back to powering forward (conveniently in D'Art's direction). At least, given the breaks hes taking now, the anger is mostly burnt off, but still.

Once she surfaces, D'Artanion shakes irritation and water from face and begins to strike out toward the other end of the pool. She knows that the dive sucked, but… Ah well. Her strokes are long and, if not as powerful as they could be, are at least respectable. From the corner of her eye, she spots you angling toward her. When she reaches the edge, she pauses and turns to either let you catch up or pass her by.

As he draws level, Rooster takes his face back out of the water and treads water beside D'Art, "Hows it going, doc?" he asks, making the effort to hide the residual anger behind a smile, "Heard you had a bump on the head." he adds, looking over to the edge of the pool. "Should you be swimming with a head injury? Guess you're the doc."

The bruise on the side of the woman's head is nearly gone now. Ice and rest do wonders. She returns the smile, "Hey, Rooster. Yeah… took a bit of a tumble, but…" She shrugs, the water lapping up about her shoulders a little. "At this point, it won't do any harm. Swimming, I mean… Still can't do heavy lifting or any of that shit, but… Another day or less and I'll be fine." D'Artanion isn't one to complain or whine, really. "So, what's shakin', anyway? I feel a bit outta the loop."

"Eh, theres been some issues with the new lads," Rooster says, the frown bringing some colour to his face and showing off the gunny's freshly blackened left eye, "And somethings going on with the brass, but nothing much is up, really." Dismissive, Rooster shrugs, "Glad to hear you're better though. Sensible heads is whats needed."

D'Artanion blinks as she notes your eye and the medic almost takes over. She lifts a hand, but does not touch your skin, "Oh, ouch. That's a doozy. Have you iced it, yet?" A brow lifts and she tilts her head, "Hadn't heard we have new ones. I'll need to get 'em started. Doc Zaharis might need to schedule physicals." Then, she chuckles and once more shrugs, "Dunno if my head's cooler, but I'll do my best."

D'Artanion says, "So… What was the scuffle about?"

".. A girl, the usual," Rooster says after a few moments of consideration, "Marines were being marines and some jackass decided to stand up for the girl, nothing that unusual." He leaves the identities of those involved unsaid, shrugging again, "If you could do the medicals, that'd be excellent, don't go crazy with the lube." he says, managing a strained chuckle, "Its just an hour old, I'll ice it at lights out."

D'Artanion rolls her eyes, "Shoulda guessed. Though I'm a hair surprised that Marines were involved, to tell the truth." While he does not offer the names of the participants, the medic does not ask, nor apparently care. Life in the corp. She is holding onto one edge of the pool and Rooster is treading water near her. "No sweat on the exams. I'll just need names so I can set up the apointments." Then, a touch of laughter hits her eyes and she adds, "You know how it is. I only use a lot've lube on the tightasses." While Rooster has a lovely black eye, D'Artanion has a nearly healed bruise on one side of her head. She eyes the man's … er… eye… then nods, "A'right. Let me know if you need anything, though, yeah?"

Since the two marines are occupied talking, Master Sergeant Farkas does not bother to inform them that he has indeed arrived. "I've seen alot of stupid shit in my days." There is pure malice in the tone of the Master Sergeant, as he makes his presence known. With a neat, tidy uniform, with every fold perfect and the decorations earned through his time in the Corp visible. He keeps his hands behind his back as he studies D'Artanion and Rooster. Something seems to have upset the Master At Arms this lovely day aboard the Genesis.

"The new arrivals are not as disciplined as I'd like," Rooster says, putting it mildly, "Theres going to be some amount of drilling done next few months." The gunny prepares to kick off again, "Right you are, doc, still got a few more lengths to do, catch you later." and away he go- or not, as Farkas makes his appearance known, the Gunny looks up at him, "Sir?"

D'Artanion nods, "You'll get 'em into shape, though, Gunny." The woman seems to have faith in the Sergeant. She nods, "Go, swim." One hand lifts to wave in a 'shooing' sort of motion, "It's good cardio." When the Master at Arms speaks, D'Artanion turns and looks up at him. The 'shooing' turns into a salute that manages to look fairly sharp even while dripping, "Sir?" Ah, the echo in the pool room. Overlapping, the surruration of the overlaid 'sir' sounds faintly sibilant and strange.

From his hands behind his back, Farkas brings forth a folder which he opens up and studies briefly something written inside. "Dont you gods damn Sir me, Gunny.." he mutters under his breath in a sourly tone. "Staff Sergeant..Keep treading, and answer me this..You are facing a superior force, or lesser people..You are outnumbered, you dont know the terrain, you see a civilian that may at best suffer a bruise at the hands of the superior force..What is your actions?"

This is Rooster caught off guard. Without being spoken to directly, he knows better than to open his mouth, instead just treading water.

D'Artanion nods, and continues treading. She considers for a moment, then answers but leaves off the 'sir' this time. "In time of war, when facing a superior force, it is important not to give away any advantage. The civilian is not in danger of grave bodily harm and warning him or her may bring disaster on the troops. Were I in charge, the civilian would need to take second precidence to the action, though I would do what I could to ensure his or her safety."

Farkas wrinkles his nose. "Due to the account you like Pyramid, I'll forgive the fact you did not answer proper..I'm not making a social call Staff Sergeant, you adress me as should be." he closes the folder and looks up towards the two Marines in the water. "Now, answer me this..If you were a ranking Marine, dead set on upholding the Code of the Corp..Would you allow defeat Staff Sergeant, would you allow the lower ranking Marines to get away with it?"

Rooster stays silent aside from what noise treading water makes.

D'Artanion blushes, "Beg pardon, sir." She does not sidle Rooster a glance, as she is being addressed. The second question is, at least, easier for the medic, "Sir, no sir." Curiouser and curiouser, but the woman asks no questions.

Farkas narrows his mouth as he nods his head in the direction of D'Artanion. He moves his hands and the folder behind his back once again and looks back towards Rooster. "Not even the Gods damn Medical Corp agrees with your actions Gunny, now how the Frak am I supposed to agree with what you did…What have you got to say for yourself?"

"Sir? Nothing Sir," Rooster says, struck by the absurdity of the situation, being chewed out whilst swimming, "My actions, those being in defence of a Colonial contractor, Sir, should stand on their own." which is a very well worded version of the phrase /I was just doing my job./ really. Tread-tread-tread.

D'Artanion blinks in shock, but does not look at the hapless Gunny behind her. She does her best to keep silent and not do anything to draw attention to herself or show that she can hear what is happening behind her.

Farkas glares at the two Marines dead in the water, litteraly, and then nods his head and turns on his heel. "Find me Sergeant Mercer, Gunny..and report to my office..I'll send the MP's for that civilian." he mutters over his shoulder. "At the latest Oh-Eight-Hundred.."

"Sir, yes Sir!" Rooster replies, climbing out of the pool and going to do just that, "Duty calls, Doc."

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