Dr. Tais Pomona
Anne Parillaud
Anne Parillaud as Tais Pomona
Name: Tais Pomona
Callsign: None, though she used to be referred to as Pom Pom when in the Med Unit.
AKA: Tai
Age: 32
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: Naval Science
Department: Medical
Position: Doctor
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Libran
Actor: Anne Parillaud

Dr. Tais Pomona is the first of two daughters of married Doctors from Libran's capital city of Lysandion. Her early years were nondescript, though joyful, excelling in math and biology, falling in love with the captain of the Pyramid team, one Steven Deschain, she the head cheerleader. Life was blissful in its innocence. And then she was accepted to the Sanctuary's Medical School; with its added pressures, her innocence quickly fell away. Her friendship with Steven came to a halt and then a guillotine sliced it fully away. He entered the military academy a year later and he was never heard of again. Medical school at a younger than average age, however was tinged with economic difficulties in the family which lead to her and her sister being forced to assume loans backed with Military Service, and so did both Tais and her younger sister Lachesis enter the Fleet Reserves for a four year period of service following medical school and residency.

While the family got back on its feet financially, the die was cast and Tais was in the Fleet as a 15C0 Surgery, General with a secondary assignment as 15J1 Preventative Medicine, Sub-specialty in the poetic phrasing of the Fleet. The years dragged on and the dreams of Oncology Research on Libris were replaced by Occupational Preventative Medicine drudgery and the occasional thrill of an explosively decompressed lung, frost bite or surgery for something crushed, broken, bashed or shot.

A formerly sunny and outgoing personality was smothered in the drudgery of the service, coupled with the death of her mentor Dr. Simon West, Head of Oncology at the Sanctuary and their infant daughter. At the funeral, Steven Deschain returned, marking the revelation of his friendship with Simon. When he saw who "Mona" was, his grief was as great as her own, though rather than feel sorrow or compassion for her loss, he left without a word to ease her pain.

Tais' all-consuming loss evolved into constant drinking, on and off depression and dark moods that anguished both her family and colleagues. As the elder Pomona withered, younger sister Lachesis, likewise in the service as a combat Medic and attached to the 3rd Mobile Fleet Hospital in the Battlestar Group 32 and centered on Battlestar Asterion thrived in the higher paced Fleet Hospital of the Marine centered battlestar and Asterion, who supported the 2nd Marine Task Force (Assault), which had spearheaded the attack on the Cylons at Picon. Tais' parents never told Lachesis about the devastation in her sister's life.


A year passed and after being based on Sagittaron for a while and then on Caprica, Tais snapped at the wrong Quorum member’s son with a preventable occupational injury and she was assigned to the Fleet, first aboard Battlestar Odyssey under Jesse Zaharis for two years, then to Genesis to serve out her fourth and last year in the Active Reserves. Unbeknownst to the now Major, his humor, his cajoling and good-natured ribbings saved her life. Or maybe it was the first few months of trying to drink one another under the table and him always winning, resulting in her having to pay the exorbitant bar tabs at the conclusion that made her realize being an alcoholic was not her forté, nor ever would be.

The past few months have sobered her right up. After the attacks on the Colonies, her mother and father presumed lost on Libran, as well as her younger sister Lachesis on BSG 32 it seems her emotional lethargy is at its peak and there's little which could draw her out of it.

Patron Diety

  • Asclepius, god of healing and symbolized by a medallion featuring a Caduceus.

Biography in Brief


  • The Sanctuary Medical Teaching Hospital, Lysandion. Graduating summa cum laude
  • Lysandion Health Sciences University, M.D., specializing in Juvenile Oncology
  • 15C0 Surgery, General with a secondary assignment as 15J1 Preventative Medicine, Naval Medical Hospital, Lysandium Naval Base, Libris


  • Intern, Hemato-Oncology, Pediatric, The Sanctuary Medical Teaching Hospital, Libris
  • Resident, General Surgery and Preventative Medicine, Colonial Teaching Hospital, Lysandion Colonial Base, Libris

Medical Publications

  • Key Authors: Shaw P, West S, Pomona T, Pnong R, Dynamics of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia
  • Key Authors: West S, Pomona T, Sarasen A, Pnong R, Tandem Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant for High-risk Neuroblastoma
  • Key Authors: Rubina AE, West S, Pearmen TR, Pomona T, Chirality of Amyloid Suprastructures
  • Key Authors: Forsbrou SA, Tedium R, Pomona T, Carroll J, Photobiomodulation by Light and the Biological Effects in Cellular Proliferation
  • Key Authors: Forsbrou SA, Pomona T, Delecamp V, Chitosan-based Hemostatic Dressing In Prehospital Combat Casualties


  • Ability to focus.
  • Taking on a ridiculous amount of work to keep herself from thinking.
  • Not drinking.
  • Looking right through people.
  • Incomparable surgical skills.


  • Piss poor shot.
  • Zero etiquette - well maybe one point.
  • Horrific penmenship.
  • Her awareness of anything related to a personal nature shoots proverbial blanks.
  • Couldn't take down a comatose patient.
  • History is not her strong suit.

Distinguishing Features

  • Three, two of which she strives to hide. Large, grayish-green eyes. Beautiful if one can see them from their accustomed averted focus.
  • Luxuriant hair when it is freed from the usual plait or braid.
  • A wicked sense of humor that she uses to deflect any personal response from coming to rest on her.


  • Professor Paavo Mirtenin, her new boss.
  • Lt. JG Steven "Blue" Deschain, childhood friends, they lost touch for a very long time until the funeral of Simon West. Once he realized who was his friend's lover, he left without saying a word to her. Since hearing his reasoning for why, she has since forgiven him.
  • Dr. Simon West, Head of Oncology, the Sanctuary on Libran, and father of her infant daughter, both deceased.
  • Major Jesse Zaharis, serving under him on the Battlestar Odyssey and until now on Genesis. He saved her life during their months on Odyssey. And paid down his bar tabs for a while. She's thought she'd kept under his radar, since she was rarely the recipient of his diatribes, until now.
  • PO2 Mopsus Doe del Boccyo, just because +fingering her seems like a such guilty pleasure.
  • The brief memories of her child on Libran who died.
  • A sharp scalpel.
  • Those who give her space.
  • Good seafood.
  • Surgery and autopsies, as neither recipient can talk back.
  • Folks who give stimulating conversation.
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