Take Your Spawn to Work Day
Take Your Spawn to Work Day
Summary: The Zimmer-Spawn dines with the senior officers. No children were harmed in the making of this log.
Date: 42 ACH
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Mess Hall Genesis - Deck 9

42 ACH 6285 Souls

The Mess Hall on the Genesis is quite large and able to hold over 300 personnel at a time. Tables are staggered in some areas and set against the wall in others. The mess hall begins near the hatch with an area for trays and silverware, then moves through the line for the cooks to dish up whatever is on the menu for the day. There are also snack machines at the end of the line, past the huge coffee urns and water dispensers.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Contents: Fotilas Rhea Zaharis Wireless 1498

Exits: [O] Corridor

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"Yeah, well, can't say I blame him. Pretty serious.. but I'm not here to bust your balls." The XO shakes his head, setting the cup down. "How is Lieutenant Sloan doing? I've been meaning to stop and check up on her. I know she's yours but mental health and welfare.." The pair of them are sitting at a table in the back, talking quietly. Fots has a cup of coffee. Zaharis has a laptop open with a cigarette smoldering in the ashtray.

Zaharis has dragged himself out of berthings, yes. Showered, looking relatively normal in his off-duties and smoke in his hand. "She was good, last I saw her. Couple days ago. You should take her for a drink or something sometime." Caaaaasually said, there.

Rhea strides into the Mess Hall. With child. Though the 12-year-old Zimmermann spawn is almost taller than his mother, so he's slouching alongside her rather than being carried. He's a lanky boy with a mop of decidedly unmilitary curly hair, visitor's pass around his neck like a pair of dog tags, wearing a green fatigues jacket that clearly once belonged to an older and even taller man. They both head for the chow line. "I think the food's better here than on the Carina," the boy observes. "At least now that they've run out of crabs."

Fotilas' brow rises, smiling a touch. "I'll stop by and check on her. I think she's got enough on her plate that she does't need the ship's XO crawling around asking her for drinks. Besides, I don't drink. Alcoholism runs in my family." He shakes his head. "Though recently I have have reconsidered this principal." He smirks and glances to Rhea as she enters. the boy with her is given a quirked brow and he motions towards her as if curious. "Who's Zimmermann got with her? That her boy?"

The comment about alcoholism makes Zaharis pause, looking at Fotilas' face. Briefly, a little more warmth seems to touch his dark eyes. "Yeah, I know the feeling." There seems to be the temptation to say something else, but he holds it back for now. He picks up his coffee and turns his attention where the XO's looking. "Oh, yeah. That's Reece. Good kid. Haven't met him?" He lifts a hand, waving their way. Not exuberantly. If she sees it she sees it.

The boy is taking a long look around the Mess Hall as he gets his chow. Not exactly gawking. The Mess isn't exactly gawk-inspiring. But with a certain quiet curiosity. "Can we got check out the Raptors later?" he asks as they move through the line. Getting served with rolls, canned greens and whatever meat-like slop is on top for today. Rhea snorts. "You get to check out the Recreation Deck, Reece. That's all. The commander made that visitor's pass special for you. It'll *zap* you if you go outside the designated areas." She's obviously teasing. Reece snorts. "I'm pretty sure that's not true," he replies laconically. He gets some water while Rhea is filling up on coffee. She's preoccupied with getting her caffeine fix, but the spawn spots Zaharis waving. He waves back. Not exuberantly either. That wouldn't be cool. But he does crook a grin at the CMo. "Hey, Doc."

"Ahhh. Someone in the family have similar issues that you've dealt with on your own?" He won't elaborate, keeping his voice low. Fotilas keeps it conversational. No reason to beat the guy up. Glancing back, though, he shakes his head. "Nope. Only heard that she had a son. Never anything detailed." He doesn't wave, either. That wouldn't be cool. Besides, he wasn't getting waved at.

Zaharis hesitates at the question, tapping his fingernail against the side of the cup. "Yeah." Brief pause. "Me." He clears his throat after the quiet admission and looks back Rhea's way, catching Reece's return wave and grin. A smile goes back to the boy. "Hey Frizzhead. Commander's letting you run loose on a Battlestar? What's the universe coming to?"

Rhea looks up from her coffee-getting when her boy starts waving down people. Her hands are occupied with trays and cups, but Zaharis is offered a nod and faint smile. Another nod to Fotilas. Respectful, as befits the XO. "C'mon, let's grab a seat," she says, motioning Reece toward the tables. She angles toward Zaharis and Fots. "Mind if we join you?" she asks, though Reece has already plopped his tray down across from the CMO. He looks mildly puzzled she even bothered to ask. Rhea crooks her smile at her boy. "Keep your elbows off the table and chew with your mouth closed, Sprocket. I wouldn't want my XO thinking I brought you up wrong." Reece blinks at Fotilas. XO? His eyes widen. Impressed. And suddenly even more affronted at being referred to as 'Frizzhead' and 'Sprocket.' Zaharis and Rhea are both given a level adolescent stare.

The answer only gets a curious glance from the XO. Other people approaching. Fotilas just lets it go for now and his gaze settles on the kid and his mother. He motions to Z at the request to sit. "I'm here on borrowed time until my welcome runs out. I'll leave it up to the Doctor." At the question of her mothering abilities, he chuckles. "You take pretty good care of your boat, don't you? Can't see a reason you'd have a kid that'd be any other way." He then looks to Sprocket and extends a hand. "Colonel Fotilas. Call me Jameson if you like. How long do we have you as slave labor for?"

Zaharis smirks at the look on Reece's face as the boy sits. "Oh excuse me, Young Master Zimmermann. I do forget myself. So how are you doing over there on the Carina? I heard some of their pyramid players have been busy." He smiles a little as Fotilas extends a hand and looks over at Rhea. "Of course you can sit. Colonel and I were just observing some of the local wildlife."

The boy takes Fotilas hand, giving it a shake. "Nice to meet you, Colonel Fotilas," he says, not taking him up on the first-name offer just yet. He seems trained to the rank thing. "I'm Reece Zimmermann. Some people call me Zimm." It's said firmly. He's taking control of this nick-name thing before it gets out of hand. He adds, as if it required further explanation, "The ChEng's my mom." Zaharis and Rhea are both eyed cautiously. As if they were embarrassment-causing time bombs that could go off at any second. Once the handshake is done, both the Zimmermanns sit. Reece replies to Zaharis with a shrug. "The Carina's fine, I guess. As far as I know. I'm not there now, so I can't say for sure." Said with a mixture of mild wryness, and a little puzzlement.

"Fair enough, Zimm. But your mom's the Cheng, eh?" Those same suspect eyes lift to Rhea, but there's a smirk lying just below the surface. "I see." He lifts the mug of coffee and leans back in his chair. He might be 34, but he looks to have aged about 10 years since the whole war kicked off - even picking up a few grey hairs here and there. "So Major Zimmermann, how's Engineering treating you? Specifically that new recruit civilian we just hauled in.. What's his name? Quinn? Quigley? Something with a Q, right?" Its racking his brain.

"Quill," Rhea supplies with a faint smile. "He's coming along pretty well. I had him mucking around in the most disgusting jobs possible while he was in training. Gave the techs a little respect for him before he got his pins. Let him see the underbelly of the ship. I'll make an officer out of him yet. I think he'll work out damn well once I've put him through the wringer, come to it. He was an engineering professor, in his former life. Can probably recite a text book on FTL theory. As for the rest, we're getting on. Machines to maintain, scrap to salvage, engines to spool. Ship shape and sound of wind and limb, as they say." She looks well-worn herself, though her son's presence seems to keep her on an even keel.

The XO snaps his fingers, cursing himself under his breath at not remembering the name. He tries, though. "Yeah, I spoke with him briefly right before he came on board. Delivered his uniforms and all that personally. He seems pretty smart. I'll take your word about the man's officer qualities, though. You know whats required out of a Snipe better than I do." Fotilas sips at the mug. "Glad to hear you've got everything set down there, though. After this salvage operation, think you might be able to take some time? Don't want you running yourselves into the ground."

Zaharis got up to get more coffee or something. He comes back to the table and retakes his seat across from Reece, putting the fresh cup down. Catching the last part of what Fotilas says to Rhea, he looks over at Reece. "Hey, you finish those problems I sent over on Adele's computer? Gave you some tricky ones in there, they stumped you yet?"

Rhea nods, affirming Quill's smartness. "He's a right whip, sir. But don't tell him. Wouldn't want him to get a big head about it. It's early yet, but he's eager to work and shows competence with the job. That's all a good snipe needs." She pauses a beat as Fotilas asks about taking some time. Shrugging. "Maybe. I don't like to let my hands idle too long. Makes me twitch." Reece, for his part, plows steadily through his Navy chow. Nodding to Zaharis. "I got them handled, Doc." He sounds rather pleased with himself. "Dad used to give me numbers puzzles all the time. You'll have to do better than that to stump me." Mentioning his dad makes him a little somber. He moves off the subject. Eyeing Zaharis. "Is Doctor Pike okay? She seemed a little weird before I left. Mom said she had some medical stuff to take care of."

The XO shrugs. "He seemed like he was nervous enough about being an officer. I'm not sure telling him he's smart would be a bad idea. I don't know if he's still the nervous type, but he seemed skittish when I saw him on the Carina a few weeks back." Fotilas sips at his mug once more, relaxing back in the chair as much as he can. "Even a day or two. Relax. Grab a couple of beers on the Carina or something. If there's any left."

"Really, you beat all those? Man, I was sure I had you down. You're getting better at math than I am these days." Zaharis smiles. "You ought to try writing some yourself. See if yours can teach me what's what." He picks up his cup, taking a small sip before he replies, easily. "She's fine…work stuff. She's been kind of stressed now that she's taking hours at that clinic. You know how people get when they start something new. Try and be extra nice to her when you get back over there, okay? Favour for me, man to man."

"We'll see how things shake out, sir," Rhea says simply. Making no promises about taking any leave. She eyes the interplay between her son and Zaharis. Letting him answer any questions about Adele. Reece still looks dubious about the info he's getting from Zaharis. The boy shrugs, "I am nice." A beat later he adds, "I'll try. There's not some kind of plague or something, is there?" It's a joke. Black humor from a twelve-year-old. "Some warning would be nice. Just so I know how much to unpack here. Not like you've been around much either, so I figured it was some med thing going on over there."

Fotilas nods to the Cheng for a moment. The mug is done. He eyes it absently for a few moments. Looks like play-time for the XO is over. He drums his fingers twice on the table before looking back to the others. "Majors. Probably about time I get on out of here. I've got Ensigns to go put the fear of the Gods into." There's a tired smile to them and a nod to the boy. "Good to meet you, Zimm."

Reed comes in from Corridor 9B.
Reed has arrived.

"Nah, no plagues." Zaharis takes Reece's brand of humour in stride. "Your mom just wanted you close for a couple days. You know how she is, doesn't want the bosses thinking she's taking time off." He gives Rhea a brief smile, then looks back at Reece. "And I get to see you too. I promise, everything's fine. Trust me." He looks up at Fotilas. "Night, Colonel. Maybe we'll talk later." He'll leave that in the air. He's sitting with Rhea and Reece, with Fotilas just getting up from the table.

"Later, Colonel," Reece says to departing Fotilas. Setting his fork down and giving the XO a parting salute. Mostly to show off his saluting abilities. The kid does it correctly, too. Rhea smiles slightly at the boy. Head inclined to Fotilas. "Gods speed, Colonel. You're always welcome for coffee. And everything on the Carina is fine, Reece. You'll be back with Adele at the end of the week." Reece still appears dubious but he just shrugs, stabbing at his Navy meat-thing.

"I'll look for you, Doctor." Not the kind of statement to instill fear, but a friendly comment. Fotilas smirks at Zimm and returns the salute. "Night, kids." He turns and heads out the hatch.

Reed comes into the mess, looking much like he belongs here, as he's a bit of a mess. In sweats, with the jacket over it still looking fresh, but he has his cane and is moving up to the line to get food. He's met by a crewman with a tray from the galley. While Regas gets something special prepared for him along the lines of upper quality food, Reed gets a lovely bowl of something that looks like they stole it from the set of the Matrix movies. Some sort of gruel or porridge. Along with it is a bottle of water and some crackers to break up the monotony. He takes the tray and turns, missing the XO completely as he makes his way toward the tables.

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Zaharis watches the XO's back as he goes, his expression fading into something more pensive. He folds an arm on the table and picks up his cigarettes, tapping them against his hand so one slides out. "Reece. Look at me for a second, Frizz." The nickname's used out of habit but there's nothing childish about it.

Rhea looks up from her own Navy-issue meal as Reed works his way through the line. She almost waves but she doesn't call attention to him just yet. She's still observing the interaction between CMO and Spawn. Reece sets down his fork. Folding his arms on the table now that the XO is gone. Looking at Zaharis. He doesn't even object to the nickname.

Reed turns to a voice as he's approached by CPO Rogers who greets him with a smile, and they exchange a few words, Reed smiling to the man as the CPO looks him over with a nod as they talk. Rogers keeps the conversation going for a few minutes, but it's mostly a prefunctory meeting between the Major and the CPO who last saw him in a Coma.

"Listen." Zaharis wraps his hands around his coffee cup, looking across the table at Reece. "You're smart. I know it feels like there's something going on that nobody's being straight with you about." His finger taps the side of the cup. "You know, usually when you feel like that there's some truth to it. I know the feeling too, I get it all the time in this job. But it's not because someone thinks you can't handle it, or that you're just some kid, or whatever. Sometimes things are just private for people. It's their business, and just like you wouldn't want someone all up in yours, sometimes you got to let it go and give us the respect of your trust. And just enjoy the time with your mom while you've got it. Okay?" The whole thing's said gently but not patronisingly. Reece is too old to be patted on the head.

Reece absorbs all that, expression inscrutable. He's practicing that face for his teen years. It gets a curly-headed nod, though. "Okay. If you say so, Doc." It's not said as a brush-off. He trusts Zaharis. The whole 'you wouldn't want someone up in your business' thing helps it sink in. True, that. Rhea doesn't inject anything of her own, though she does eye Zaharis levelly throughout all of that. But she stays quiet. So it's probable she doesn't find any great fault with it. Reece returns to his food. Less stabby at it now. He also does some people-watching of the Mess. Reed is noted. "Major Carter. Hey," he calls. Sounding pleased enough that Reed isn't dead or anything.

Reed nods to Rogers, and turns to the sound of Reeces voice, and smiles, moving toward the clump of Majors and minors (insert rimshot). He nods as he approaches, moving to take a seat to join them. "Hello, Reece." He says, sliding his cane against the table and setting the tray down, sitting carefully, focused look on his face till he's situated, then he looks to the young Zimmermann. "Heard you were on board. Been meaning to stop in and see you."

Zaharis avoids looking at Rhea, probably not wanting to see her reaction to his handling of that. He just picks up the cigarette and lights it as the revolving door of the fourth seat gets filled by Reed.

Reece eyes Reed's cane. And his gruel. The gruel makes him wrinkle his nose. That's just gross. "Just for the week," he informs Reed. "Business on the ship. You know how it is." Like he's on a secret mission or something. Makes the whole thing cooler to him, at least. "You okay? Mom said you were wounded when the PAS exploded. But Doc Zaharis fixed you." He speaks with great confidence in Zaharis' fixing abilities. Rhea says nothing, but she smiles a little.

Reed nods, "Yes, I was." He tells Reece. "I was shot. Twice, in the stomach, and Doc did fix me up. I was pretty badly off, but he put me back together." He nods to the food, "So until I heal up, I'm on this.. stuff, to eat." He says this in a direct manner, not sugar coating it. "I'm not okay, really, but I will be, thanks to the Doc." He then smiles to Reece, "And it's good to see you man." He says with clear sincerity in his expression and voice.

Zaharis isn't interrupting the possibly-future-stepfather-son bonding thing. He just smokes. His attention wanders back to his laptop and he wakes it up with a brush of his fingers across the screen, tapping down on the arrow keys to see where he stopped.

The Zimmer-Spawn winces at all that, nodding. Reed's clearly not dead, so he doesn't freak or anything. "Suck," he says sympathetically. As to the shooting and gruel. "Yeah. The Doc's good at stuff like that. When he's not being a dorkus." The boy smirks at Zaharis. Apparently they're good, as he feels comfortable busting on him again. Rhea, for her part, does interrupt. Nodding cordially to Reed. "Major Carter. Sit if you like. I'm assuming that…concoction only gets worse if you let it cool."

The Zimmer-Spawn winces at all that, nodding. Reed's clearly not dead, so he doesn't freak or anything. "Suck," he says sympathetically. As to the shooting and gruel. "Yeah. The Doc's good at stuff like that. When he's not being a dorkus." The boy smirks at Zaharis. Apparently they're good, as he feels comfortable busting on him again. Rhea, for her part, does interrupt. Nodding cordially to Reed. "Major Carter. Tuck in. I'm assuming that…concoction only gets worse if you let it cool." *re*

Reed nods to Reece. "Suck it is, Reece, completely. And yeah, he is." He smirks, not specifying which he means, being good at patching people or being a dorkus. Rheas interruption makes him look at her, and nod, "Yeah, I think you're right. So" He says, taking his spoon and starting in on the gruel with a good stir, "What's going on? I just got off PT, which was a real hoot, I can tell ya." He takes a spoonful of the stuff, eating it.

"Doof." Zaharis shoots back at Reece, the standard reply to being called a Dorkus. It's 12-year-old bro code. He notices the time in the corner of his monitor and that cools his good mood somewhat. Closing the laptop with a soft click, he loads his empty coffee cup onto his tray and stubs out his cigarette. "Sorry to ditch the party. Got an appointment in Sickbay in a few minutes."

"I just witnessed the XO having coffee," Rhea replies to Reed, casually conversational. "I think he might - just might - have unwound a little. It restored my faith in humanity a little bit." Reece for his part, sticks his tongue out Zaharis. It's coated with half-chewed Navy grub. Which is some signal of affection in adolescent bro speak. Rhea frowns. "Reece, swallow. I'll see you later, Jesse. We should be going soon ourselves, come to it."

Reed nods to Zaharis, "Okay, I'll see you later." He says after swallowing his food, then smirks at Reece, and looks to Rhea, "Really? Coffee? I'm impressed. maybe he has unwound a bit." He smirks to her, nodding before looking to Reece, "Reece, would you mind if I came by your place and we kicked back for a while sometime? I'm off duty and there's only so many times I can reread the same things."

Zaharis has stood up by the time he catches Reece's 'reply' to him, and he smirks. "Unfazed, man. Stone-cold. You're going to need some new tricks soon." He picks up his tray and computer, nodding to Reed and Rhea. That seriousness that had descended on him clings as he turns to head for the door. Kind of dreading this.

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Reece responds to Reed's request with an affirming shrug. "That's cool. The guest quarters are kind of boring, anyway. Bring some video games, if you've got anything cool." Rhea watches Zaharis go, offering him a two-fingered salute as he ventures forth. She cleans what remains on her plate. Reece's food is already gone. He's a bottomless pit.

Reed tilts his head, and nods, "I've got some, Doc copied me his video game software, so I'm sure I can work out something." He tells Reece. "We can look at the list and see what we can work out." He nods, "Okay, I'll be by later." He takes another spoonful, and looks to Rhea, "Spoke with Sagona in the Gym. He mentioned he spoke with you. Any thoughts?" He inquires briefly.

"I'm looking forward to putting him to work," Rhea says, all business. "I could use more senior NCOs to shoulder the load down in the engine room. It's the POs, of all stripes, that really run any shop. What sort of worker is he? I've reviewed his personnel file, but you can only get so much off that." Reece kind of tunes out the engineering talk, as it does not involve video games.

Reed nods, "Experienced." He says crisply. "He connected the Enlisted and Officer snipes well on the PAS. Slightly more of a gem in the electronics area, but he's someone who can be set on anything and he's able to get it done, and keep the whole project he's on running smoothly, and on time. Where Rogers is a specialist, and excellent at what he does with his team, Sagona is a better all around organizer and general needs person. Very good with helping people to lose their green and get calouses."

Rhea gives a short nod at that. "Electronics? Good. I came up from the Clanky end of the spectrum, myself." She explains, for the benefit of the boys, "Little snipe nickname for Mechanical techs. I'm trained in wire work, but there are things you're competent in and things you *know*, right? He sounds like he'd make a good team lead for the Electricals, once he gets to know my people."

Reed nods, "I think that's kind of where he's expecting to go. And he'll be good there. He's already digging into tech specs now, looking forward to getting back into things." He takes a bite of his porridge.

"I would expect nothing less. I was always very impressed with your Engineering staff, Major Carter. I'll do my best to give them a good home here," Rhea says. She stands. "C'mon, Reece. Let's motor." The boy nods, getting up from his comfortable slouch at the table. "Later, Major Carter," he says to Reed with a small wave. "Glad you're…on the way to being okay and everything."

Reed smiles to Reece, "So am I Reece, I'll see you later." He looks to Rhea, "Major, thank you for looking after my people." He pauses, looking at her directly. The crisp attitude still there, though this is still perfectly honest through it. "I'm glad that you can give them a good home." He looks a little sad, likely that they need a new home, but his formal manner is still quite proper for this sentiment.

"I do what I can," Rhea says simply. Sympathy in her tone. Perhaps she'd like to add, or show, more. But she doesn't just now. Reece also looks decidedly downcast as the destruction of the PAS is referenced. Rhea puts a hand on his arm, which he doesn't try to shake off as they head out together.

Reed goes back to eating his porridge, and opens his water bottle, watching the Zimmermanns leave.

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