Chief Tauro
John Cena
John Cena as Obelix Adelphos Tauro, Jr.
Name: Obelix Adelphos Tauro, Jr.
Callsign: Do I look like a frakkin' flyboy?
AKA: Lix or Bull
Age: 29
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: Colonial Fleet
Department: Deck
Position: Chief of the Deck
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: John Cena


"Bull" Tauro is currently the Chief of the Deck on the Genesis. He's generally considered as very reliable and a good man. He's protective of his deck hands.


Obelix Adelphos Tauro, Jr. was born on July 13, some 29 years before the Cylon-led genocide on Aerelon. His father was a car and agricultural machinery mechanic and his mother largely stayed at home. Lix, as they called him to differentiate him from his father, was rather small at birth and throughout his early childhood. After endless taunting, Lix decided since he couldn't remedy his height due to genetics, he could fix how strong he was. He often could be caught either helping his father in his shop or lifting heavy things just to get bigger.

Military History

Tauro enlisted at the age of eighteen, at first in an effort to learn mechanics formally. Though after joining, he began to fully appreciate the life in service, and the feeling of purpose, direction, and camaraderie it provided. After two years he decided to be a lifer in the fleet.

11 Years of Service:

  • 4 Years Picon Fleet HQ (Ground Crew)
  • 3 Years BS Valkyrie
  • 3 Years BS Triton
  • Joined Genesis Crew-Present


Tauro joined the Genesis crew as a Petty Officer 1, and after the demotion of the previous chief saw a promotion up to Chief of the Deck.


Tauro has many names he's been called. Of course, after being promoted to Chief of the Deck, "Chief" more often than not replaces his actual name or rank (chief petty officer). Other than that, some (when off duty or behind his back) have referred to him as Lix, a shortening of his first name, or Bull, a reference to his appearance and demeanor.


Tauro is frequently casual with his deck hands, although he is usually gruff, yelling in his raspy Aerelon voice across the deck. Despite his short stature, his size still gives him an imposing presence, along with his usual blank stare from his dark eyes. During off-hours, he's still gruff, but in a sarcastic friendly way and isn't a fan of pretense. Underneath it all, he's still got a lot of insecurities, as sometimes he still feels as though he's that little kid getting picked on. He usually compensates this with brawn, bravado, and being trustworthy.


Tauro is largely irreligious/agnostic. While he isn't atheist, and will occasionally attend religious services, he largely doesn't think about the supernatural.


  • Fixing Things. Obviously.
  • Lifting and the occasional boxing match
  • Yelling at Deckhands
  • Knuckledraggers, deck apes
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee or anything caffeinated
  • Sparring

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