Berhow Taylor
Keith Roberts
Keith Roberts as Berhow Michael Taylor
Name: Berhow Michael Taylor
Callsign: None.
AKA: Berk, T, and Chief T
Age: 37
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Deck
Position: Former Deck Chief
Rank: Petty Officer 1
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Picon
Actor: Keith Roberts

Biographical Information


Berk is the former Deck Chief for the Genesis' airwing, demoted after mild dereliction of duty. His love for the machines is matched only for the enlisted personnel under him. Thus, he takes very good care of both and everything falls a very long second place to those two groups. A native of Picon, this 6-foot, three-inch man is nothing to scoff at. His deep voice booms across the flight deck at all hours and is as recognized as the sound of the klaxon for Condition One. He's spent his entire career on Battlestars (including the Solaria and Atlas) and knows his way around the airframes just as well. He's all too happy to talk shop with pilots and enlisted and enjoys light-hearted conversation off-duty. He see's himself as there mostly to give guidance to the Deck and make the hard calls when it needs to be done. Berk is known to have a good working relationship with the CAG.


  • Head of aircraft maintenance and is himself an excellent wrencher
  • Highly-skilled in Damage Control and firefighting

Distinguishing Features

  • Imposing Size
  • Booming Voice
  • Deep-Set Blue Eyes
  • Light scars on his cheeks with more recent ones on his arms and hands.

Pre IC History


Berhow's father is Commander Samuel Taylor, a well-respected CO of a Cruiser in the Colonial Fleet. Known for his tactical expertise and heroic actions as a 'Weps' Officer during the first war, the man has considerable sway and has done a stint teaching at the Naval War College at Picon Fleet Headquarters. The Chief's mother is a mystery. He doesn't talk about her much, but its no surprise considering he doesn't talk about his father much either. He's also the oldest of three other siblings, all sisters.


Rumored to have at one point been in the Naval Academy, Berk doesn't talk much about his schooling. And when he does? Its usually to say that he isn't a fan of formal education. He's admitted to finishing secondary school but its widely accepted that there is something else at play there. Chief Taylor takes education on his own time from the sources he values the most. Always has, always will. Be it a Doctor of electrical engineering or a runny-nose rook with a penchant for neat ideas, he'll take what he can get from the sources he trusts. Though he never seems to stop seeking things out, the man is a perpetual student - even if he is in denial about it.

Military Service


  • Battlestar Atlas - Eight Years. Crewman Taylor started as an Aircraft Engineering Technician (Mechanical). Left as Petty Officer 2nd Taylor. Acquired ratings in Avionics as well as a qualified Aircraft Handler. One Letter of Commendation. One Letter of Reprimand.
  • Battlestar Solaria - Seven Years. Petty Officer 2nd Taylor stayed in his original slot as an AET(M). Left as Chief Petty Officer Taylor. Continued gathering and maintaining ratings, also picking up qualifications as a Survival Equipment Specialist. During his time aboard, he was wounded in a flight deck fire that killed the Deck Chief. Began accelerated training in advanced Damage Control. Left Solaria with a rating in that as well after a year in-billet as the Deck Chief. Fleet Commendation Medal for actions during the Flight Deck Fire.
  • Battlestar Genesis - Two Years. Arrived as Chief Petty Officer Taylor. Assigned as Senior Enlisted Officer to the Flight Deck (DC).

Five Things

Four of these are true. One is not.

  • CPO Taylor's Fleet Commendation from the Solaria was awarded out of a fire he accidentally started.
  • His nickname comes from a meshing of his first and middle name.
  • The man wants to learn to fly despite his age.
  • He respects pilots but generally likes ECO's.
  • Berk has been shot twice in his life.

Tunes - After Cylon Holocaust

  • Sentenced - Blood and Tears - Lyrics — A Note on the video: I'm really not a fan of the anime shown and only used it because it was the best quality of the song I could find on youtube. So..don't come to me asking if I'm a fan of it.
  • Knuckle-Draggers
  • Viper Mk II's "Mark Deuces"
  • Wrenching
  • Down-to-Dirt Officers
  • Relaxing with others
  • Sparring
  • Rum. Tauren Rum, to be specific.

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