That's Not Awkward
That's Not Awkward
Summary: Some conversations take place in the Crows nest.
Date: 65 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, Roosters Nest, 65 ACH

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

The observation deck is quiet, like the expanse of space that is visible beyond. The glitter of stars and the view of the fleet are complimented by the sphere of the planet below. Tucked into a corner of the Roosters Nest, Kalypso sits. There's a mug of coffee next to her, gone cold from neglect. The blonde Raptor pilot presently has a stack of letters in her lap, the ribbon that was previously keeping them tied together loose across one knee. She's staring at one of the letters, bottom lip caught between her teeth.

The sound of the door's handle can be heard, followed by it swinging open. Stepping in quietly, freshly showered after a CAP, Sloane steps over to the coffee and pours himself some. "Hey…" He says quietly, looking to Kalypso. Judging the situation first.

At first Kal doesn't seem to even notice that there's someone else there. That in itself is odd for her, usually she's pretty keyed in to her surroundings, but there's a faraway look in her eyes. Blink. Blink, blink. Slowly her eyes refocus and lift to look over at the Viper Jock. "Oh… hey." Awkward. Kalypso folds up the letter and starts gathering the stack back up. "You just get in?" Avoid awkward pauses with obvious questions.

"Sorry I didn't mean to intrude…" Sloane looks over to her. Turning his back to her, he pours some sugar into his coffee. "…if you want some peace and quiet I'll head up to the back and read." There is, after all, a novel sticking out of his back pocket. Pausing to run a hand through his lightly damp hair, he yawns and picks up his mug.

The letters are bundled, held in her hands along with the ribbon. Kalypso doesn't quite get to tying them up again, however. "Nah. S'okay. If I wanted a place for that I'd go stake out a storage closet," the woman says. Sloane is fixing himself a cup of coffee, meanwhile Kalypso is sitting off in a corner of the Observation Deck with a stack of letters in her lap. "I was just sort of… somewhere else for a while there." She reaches for her coffee to take a sip and then sputters. "Ugh. Cold coffee… hey, uh… sorry about the date. I shouldn't have tried to set you up with Chi anyway. If it's any consolation, Flask was talkin' to Lieutenant Bayless earlier for you."

Gaelan wanders into the Observation Deck with coffee mug already in hand. The aroma for any lingering closer is distinctly stronger and better than the stuff served here. Marine Brew <tm> Coffee at it's finest gets a slow sip as the Major walks down the aisle to one of the forward seats. Settling into the seat he leans back slowly, careful not to spill anything.

Sloane smiles, it's a strained smile, but one nonetheless. "Hey don't worry about it, Chi messaged me and told me that we'd do it another time. I don't know what kind of trouble Flask is trying to get me into with Scorch, but the date he set up for me fell through as well. Fell through like you could say that getting stung to death by bees is unpleasant. It's really no big deal." Sloane replies, giving a shrug as he sits down not far from her.

Karan steps onto the observation deck, dressed as he typically is in his duty uniform. The buttons at the collar are unfastened as he makes his way toward the coffee machine, and sees about pouring a cup.

"That bad, huh?" Kalypso says to Sloane. "All's I heard was that she got Brigged. And hey, if you and Chi do go out, then cool. I think she could use someone who doesn't just look at her and see… well… she's a smart girl. She just… how do I put this? She puts on a show of being cold and uncaring. Defense mechanism." A shrug. Kalypso looks back to the letters in her lap. A familiar defense mechanism, even. She glances towards the hatch as two others make their entrance into Observation, a nod for the priest and a sort of soft smile for the Marine Major. "Dunno what kinda trouble he's getting you into, but I'm done. You'll see me around Gold for the next week, makin' his bed." Another shrug.

Sloane looks to the incoming officers and offers them a nod as he talks with Kalypso. "Wait…don't make his bed, wasn't the bet for the better date? Sure I'll still take your cousin out but do me a favor first, allright? I met her in passing. If she's still up for it, then I'm fine, but if you get the sense that she's not actually interested in an actual date, call it off." Sloane sips his coffee. "Not in the mood for a repeat."

Gaelan looks over to the two pilots talking and nods back to Kalypso, looking down to the letters and his head tilts slightly. The mug gets lifted in a slow sip as he seems to have a sudden interest in the conversation or the items Kalypso is going through.

Karan may or may not be eavesdropping on the conversation between the two pilots, that seems to concern dating and women. If he is, he gives no indication; his expression's a distracted one as he pours, and spills a little of the coffee. Retrieving the cup, he drifts off toward one of the viewport windows.

"It was for who could get you a date first, I thought," Kalypso says, "Which, in hind-sight, wasn't the best option for you, was it?" She stands up, sliding the letters into a pocket of her trousers. "Something about Orion just gets under my skin though. I can't help it. Gets me all competitive and, anyway, sorry you got in the cross-fire." She picks up her cup of cold coffee and crosses over to refresh it. In the process she gives another look towards Gaelan and then shuffles on to the coffee. Speaking of awkward. Perhaps she should have opted for that storage closet. "Brother Karan," she says politely as she passes him on her way to the coffee.

Sloane watches Kalypso as she nods and greets Major Gaelan and Brother Karan. Sloane watches in silence as he leans back in his comfortable chair and turns his eyes towards the viewport. He shrugs. "If you see him, let him know he's getting his keyboard."

Gaelan shifts the mug in his hand and cradles the mug in his lap. Sliding his left leg up he crosses it at the knee as he glances up to Karan and nods, "Brother."

"Major, good evening." Gaelan's addressed first by the priest, and offered a slight smile. Then Kalypso, with a somewhat more familiar turn of his lips. "Hello, Ensign." He remains at the viewport, straight-backed and chin up, reflected oddly in the glass he gazes out of. Perhaps he's just here to watch people vicariously.

Kalypso's coffee is poured and fixed in silence. And then it's back over to sit near the other pilot again… with of course another slightly embarassed look towards Gaelan. If she's heard, no doubt he has. "I'll tell him when I see him again," Kalypso says, settling into her chair. She blows across her cup of coffee and takes a tentative sip. "Have you tried, I dunno, just going out to meet a girl yourself? I'd be your wingman if you wanted. Sometimes it's easier if you actually have a girl with you. Don't ask me why."

Sloane looks to Gaelan and then Kalypso. He narrows his eyes lightly at her in a sign that he's probably heard the rumors. "Oh I can do it alone, it's no big deal. I'm not afraid of girls or anything. The whole thing started because I was just saying that I had leave coming up and was looking for a good date so that I didn't have to actually track one down on the Destiny or the Carina." He shrugs, sipping his coffee. "It was more just for ease than anything." He chuckles. "I'm not inept."

Gaelan blinks a few times as he glances over to Kalypso then looks back to Karan leaning back in his chair, "So how have things been in the Chapel brother? I am sure you have been seeing quite a few people coming in with all the events as of late." Fingers drum on the mug of the cup as he doesn't lift it for another sip just yet. He is not eavesdropping, not at all.

Karan turns slightly as Gaelan addresses him, and chuckles softly. "Yes. A few believers, a few disbelievers. All of them want answers." He sips his coffee, and glances briefly back to the starfield before resting his gaze on the Major again. "I'm afraid we've not been introduced." He steps closer, and offers his free hand. "Brother Jerome Karan."

There's a bit of a flash in Kalypso's eyes when she notices the look on Sloane's face. He might miss it though as she takes a long drink of her coffee. "I haven't seen the Carina yet," she says. Kalypso looks back to the viewport. She's half listening to Karan and Gaelan as well. "You don't strike me as inept. I guess it is easier if someone else sets you up and you don't have to do anything but show up and have a good time. Don't know why you'd even be looking for someone to strike up anything serious with though."

"That's exactly what it was." Sloane replies, speaking quietly with Kalypso. "I was simply just looking to see if there was someone I should take out that I wouldn't meet under other circumstances." He pauses, smirking at the viewport. He takes a sip of his coffee and sets it down beside him. "I'm not really looking for long term. Perhaps I should just call Flask off the hunt and let it all drop. It's getting…old. Fast."

Gaelan looks up towards the Brother and leans forward slightly in his chair to take the hand and gives it a firm shake, "Major Pietr Gaelan, Marine Commander. So are you permanently stationed here now or just on a rotation?" Leaning back in the chair he lifts the mug up and takes a slow sip of the contents watching Karan over the lip of the mug.

Karan rests his hip against a chair opposite, regarding the Major evenly after the handshake. His grip's a little cool, almost clammy, and it could be firmer. He's no marine. "Permanently, unless Sister Karthasi or the Commander find a better use for me." Another soft chuckle. "I imagine they're keeping you quite busy, sir? You've got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders."

"You probably should call him off," Kalypso says after another sip of NOT Marine Brew <tm>… alas, she just drinks the stuff they've got available for whoever. "He strikes me as someone who's like a dog that won't give up a bone, plus, I think he's getting some pleasure out of hitting on women for you. Some people like to live vicariously."

"Yeah, he's probably not painting the right picture. I'm not desperate." Sloane says with a grunt, shaking his head. He downs the last of his coffee and looks to Kalypso. "So, Wide, about this cousin of yours? Regardless of what Flask says I am still willing to go. Just please, find out if this is some sort of charity thing because if it is I'm not interested. This isn't the navy timeshare program."

Gaelan eyes the Brother carefully before finally responding in his rasped tone, "Well I am sure the Sister and Command will find a good home for you, here or on one of the other ships in the fleet." The Major shrugs subtley as he adds, "My Marines do keep me quite busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way honestly. An idle Marine is never a good thing. Usually it means we are planning something and all we know how to do efficiently is kill." The smile is slow as it pulls across his lips, the mug is lifted towards Karan to mull on that thought for a moment.

Karan glances down at his own coffee cup, at Gaelan's first words. He doesn't speak on them, though, as to whether he'd prefer to be on the Genesis or elsewhere. "The gods call us each to different things," he remarks upon the latter. There's one more sip to drain the cup in his hands, then he's pushing away from the chair. "I respect you and yours greatly, sir. You'll excuse me, though, I have some laundry to do before I return to duty."

Kalypso looks at her coffee and then at Sloane. To be honest here, or soften the blow? That's the question. She takes another sip while she's debating this internally. "You two might hit it off, but to tell you the truth, I don't think she's really wanting to get serious with someone. I don't think she's ever even had a serious relationship, or one that…" Kalypso looks over at her fellow pilot, finishes her coffee and her sentence, "She's more innocent than she lets on. There's more to her than a pretty face and snarky comments. I'll talk to her, though the last time I saw her, she kind of pissed me off."

"Well I don't exactly have long term or serious to offer. I'm seriously just looking to take a pretty girl out on a nice time and…" He shrugs. "…whatever, you know? It's not exactly dimensional theory physics." Sloane chuckles. "What I'm not interested in is being setup with a girl who doesn't really have any interest but is doing it for my benefit." He scowls, shaking his head and resting back for a moment.

The Major is currently sitting in the front area of the Observation Deck area, talking with Karan. Near the dating conversation of the two pilots Gaelan seems focused on his conversation with Karan, a cup of coffee cradling in his lap the Major comments, "We all have our purpose in life Brother. Just have to make sure that's what we are meant to do is all. Have a good afternoon and stay safe."

"So say we all, Major." There's a faint smile from the chaplain, a moment's hesitation, and then he's ducking out the hatch with his empty coffee cup.

Melia comes bounding into the Obs Deck, utterly high energy with a broad smile on her face. Over to the area of the coffee pot she darts, practically leaving Road Runner trails in her wake. Right, because everyone knows that Mellie needs caffeine like she needs a hole in her head. Those gathered get a warm smile, but the coffee is her chosen target - locked and loaded.

"None of us do," Kalypso says, looking back out to the viewport. She shakes her head and pushes up. No, she doesn't need any more caffiene. "You're a good guy Cornbread. If I was looking, I wouldn't mind going off to the Carina to have a good time with you." The blonde looks over the seats towards where Gaelan is seated and she clears her throat. A look down to Sloane, "Excuse me." And then she moves around to go over to stand near the Major's seat. No, no, there's nothing awkward happening here at all. Kalypso then reaches into the pocket of her trousers to pull out the stack of letters and wordlessly she holds them out to him.

Sloane looks to Kalypso and lifts an eyebrow at her. Blinking, he stands and chuckles inwardly as he moves to the assembled area for used coffee mug. Setting his down, he turns to head towards the door.

Gaelan blinks a few times as Kaly is standing next to her. Looking up at her then down to the letters he places his hand on the letters but doesn't pull them from her grip as he comments, "What are these?" The look is pure curiously as he tilts his head curiously to her. A definite interest is there on the answer and her response.

Melia takes her time in fixing the perfect cup of coffee. She does look after Karan for a moment, and by default, Sloane, but she doesn't call out to either of them. Her attention then bounces among those who are left, curiously, not resting any one place too long at all. Then she's off again, darting off to a single seat to curl up with her hunt and kill.

"Letters Dion sent me while I was at the Academy," Kalypso says, "Some of 'em mention you. Figured you might want to read 'em. Get to know your brother a little better since you didn't really get the chance." She releases them into his grip if he should want to take them. Kalypso looks after Sloane's retreating back side, then back to the Major. "I've…" she shifts to her other foot, "I've got a few more that I haven't ever opened. He sent them to me while I was on the Hera. Not sure I'm ready to read those yet. But, I was wondering if… if maybe when I decide I am, you'd maybe be there?"

Not looking back, Sloane stretches his arms out in front of him with a grunt and pushes the door open softly. Looking over his shoulder, he glances at everyone one more time before he turns and leaves.

The Major looks to the letters as he slides them from her grip. Eyes linger on the letters for awhile as he looks to the handwriting on them, a slow sigh as he looks up to her, "Are you sure you want me to read these private letters between you two? And as for the opening of the other letters. YOu tell me when you are ready and we can do it in my quarters so you have some privacy…" Looking back down to the letters again he seems a little transfixed on them as a whole.

Melia snuggles into her seat, attention turned toward the view, coffee cradled in both hands as if she could get warmth from the cup. She seems utterly relaxed, utterly content, like a cat who just got an unlimited season pass to interactive Bird TV.

Kalypso nods, "There's nothing too private in them. Mostly him talking about his music and art… things going on back home." She gives Gaelan a warm smile and then nods. "I appreciate that. I'll let you know." She glances over towards the contented-looking Melia. Twice now that she's slipped out of a room when she's recently entered. Huh… coincidence. She clears her throat, "Thanks again… and um…" Okay, que awkward and a flush to her cheeks that could be from embarassment or annoyance, "Sorry about some of the, you know, stuff people are saying. You'd think people didn't have anything better to do with their time." Pause. "Anyway, um, have a good daynight" Whatever one would call the present in the weird time-clock that starships run on.

Gaelan looks up to Kaly from the letters and nods, "Ensign, I don't worry about scuttlebutt. So neither should you. Let them have their run with it for all I care, it doesn't affect our jobs in any way." Setting the letters on the arm of the chair he takes a slow sip of his quickly cooling coffee and nods to her, "Be safe out there and if you ever need to talk, you just find me." Tapping the letters his rasped voice finally comments, "As for these, I will return them when I am done." There is a brief glance back to Melia and out to where she is looking at followed by a subtle grin in amusement.

Melia takes a sip of her coffee, smiling softly as she stares out into the cosmos, lost in her own thoughts. If one looks hard enough, one might almost see the faint trail of breadcrumbs left for Mellie to find her way back. Gaelan and Kaly are left to themselves, given whatever passes for privacy on board the ship.

"Aye, sir," Kalypso says. She'll try not to let it bother her. She does let another small smile lift her lips. "I suppose they'll find someone new to gossip about soon enough." The woman inclines her head and glances to the letters. "Of course." That meant both for his returning them and for finding him if she needs to talk. With a last look for the viewport, she slips off to make a quiet exit. At least this time she's not leaving close to tears. Improvement! And anyway, she has a bed to make in the Gold Wing Berthings.

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