The Flipside
The Flipside
Summary: Nicholas gives Regas a civilian's view of the Destiny events, and an agreement is reached.
Date: 88 ACH
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Spotlights Carina - Pyr Hotel
88 ACH 23817 Souls

In the sea of sports, there is a small island of non sports related propaganda. That is Spotlights. Hearkening back to bygone days of flatscreen projected images as entertainment, Spotlights is a dim place, the intimate tables never holding more than four people. The low lighting is broken from time to time by its namesake, occasionally a cone of light sweeping slowly through the area, though the effect on the air, laden with a harmless mist generator is more of the beam of the light visible than shining harshly on anyone. The air is quiet, with the occasional lone piano music heard drifting through the air. The bar is polished glass and chrome, catching and reflecting the light when the two meet, otherwise the subdued offset lights give the place a sensual glow. One wall holds a low curtained stage, which at times draws back, and the spotlights fade, and a classic film plays at scheduled times. The bar serves drinks and food, though the emphasis is on the drinks, and the food is limited. All the glassware is sparkling clean and of crystal. Martini glasses, whiskey tumblers, daiquiri glasses and Brandy Snifters, Spotlights has it all.

Regas doesn't exactly get a 'Commander on Deck' in a civilian area, but he certainly isn't missed. Not with a marine guard that follows him around like a shadow. Walking into Spotlights, it is undoubtedly an official meeting of some sort as Regas mentions the mans name to the Waiter comes up to him.

The waiter politely shows Regas to a table that's in a relatively quiet spot, away from the bustle of the popular path from the door to the bar. He leaves Regas a menu and slips off, and within a minute Nicholas is winding his way through Spotlights. He sets a hand on the back of the free chair. "Commander Regas?"

Regas foregoes the menu, but he does order something cold to drink that isn't filled with alcohol. A nod goes to the man that comes up to the chair, "You must be Nicholas Luma," he doesn't offer his hand to the man.

Nicholas doesn't seem to have been expecting one. He nods and has a seat, glancing up at the lingering waiter and ordering water. "I am, yes. My thanks for your coming over, Commander. I know that in your position time isn't currency that can be easily spent."

"I was on my way back from the Hera, so it was an easy stop off." Regas replies, "What can I help you with today, Mr. Luma?"

Nicholas settles into a comfortably formal posture, crossing his legs at the knee. "I wanted to speak to you about what's happened between the civilians of the Destiny and the military. Not as a representative of Captain Salizar or the Destiny, because I'm certainly not. But in my position on the ship I have to keep public relations at the forefront of my mind, and that often means being ready to do what I can when things need to be repaired."

Regas glances momentarily as his club soda is brought over and sat down in front of him. If he seems surprised at a civilian needing to speak to him about the military, he doesn't let it show. "Public Relations is always a good thing to have in times of crisis. Feel free to speak your mind, Mr. Luma."

"And you yours of course. I'll be listening," Nicholas replies. He pauses to give the waiter a grateful smile when the bottle of water's set down, and he picks it up to unscrew the cap. "I've spoken to a lot of the Destiny staff and patrons since the incident, Commander. Fact of the matter is that whether deserved or not, there's been a severe shake of faith in the military and what we can expect of their attitude towards us, particularly from the officers."

Regas takes a light sip of the club soda, "You'll have to be more direct than that, Mr. Luma. Officers covers alot of ground. Enlisted covers less ground, but I'll assume they are also in that vein?"

"Yes, though I would say less so," Nicholas pours water into his glass and pushes the bottle aside. "I'll tell you of two specific things that I witnessed. First when the Condition One was called, before our jump. It was during a party which I believe eleven Genesis personnel were attending. The moment the alert came on, the military went into chaos. There was shouting of obscenities, running around, verbal panicking that the military ships didn't have enough crew…my staff was more terrified of the military than they were of a simple jump, which we've done many a time now."

Regas offers the various nod here and there, "I suppose you can offer the names of the Genesis crew that went into this panic? Statements would also be good, to back up your words on this problem. I suppose other civilians noticed this as well."

"They did. Unfortunately it's spread rather wide over the ship by now," Nicholas purses his lips briefly and takes a sip from his glass. "I can provide names and statement if it would assist you. Though I do want to say this before I say more about what went on…that what I'm here to do is not to land officers in trouble who I'm sure are otherwise very competent. We have enough bad blood between the civilians and military just now. What I'm interested in is the cooperation of the military in repairing that image. Both of you to us and of us to you."

"The last thing we need is more bad blood between the civilian and military contingents of this fleet. Are you setting yourself up as the Liason for the Captain of the Destiny then?" Regas asks and then further comments, "What are you intending on doing to offer in damage control?"

"I've always served in that capacity, albeit unofficially," Nicholas takes another sip of water and puts the glass down. "I am a very public face on the Destiny and responsible for the morale of the events staff - and to a large degree the patrons. And now I also do the same for Spotlights." He motions to the interior of the bar, then looks back at Regas. "Before I move into proposals, allow me to finish about what happened?"

Regas indicates for Luma to continue as he makes a glance over the room itself and then back to the table.

"If I may be blunt," Nicholas says, making a slight gesture with one ringless hand. "I've heard an overwhelming opinion on the Destiny that the military seems to regard us as not very bright. There for the purpose of entertaining you and nothing more. Of the officers aboard, only Ensign Dike consulted with any civilian authority on what was best for the ship's population before acting." He clears his throat quietly. "There was also an incident on the Lido Deck the last night we were trying to get back. Lieutenants Bayless and McKenzie were discussing within earshot of quite a few civilians that something had happened in the bridge. That they had tapes that needed to be reviewed but that it had to be done in private. Now I respect their wanting privacy to look over data, but the way it was phrased in front of the deck broadcasted to everyone that something might be important to the ship but that only they should know what it was." He smiles a little. "If they aren't going to trust us, that's fine. But telegraphing that they're not has caused some problems, if you can understand."

"I can see how that wouldn't go over well." Regas takes another drink from his glass and sets it back down again, "I've spoke to a few of the Officers already and passed to others who need to do the same. I can only hope that if there is another crisis, that they will be in a better state of mind to understand how better to go about this."

"Mm." Nicholas makes a neutral sound at that. "So as you see, I have a problem on two ends. Civilians who feel they were walked all over by a panicky military, and undoubtedly a military angry back at them for expressing such. Being as we're looking at a shaky ship economy that will fail without good relations between yours and ours, this is why I'm sitting here speaking to you. So I would ask you, Commander, from your point of view, what would be your idea of effective damage control as you put it. I have mine, but as I said I'm also here to listen."

Effective damage control. Regas usually has other people for this kind of thing, "One thing is that the civilians have their own government, which I believe a meeting was done the other evening. Secondly, since you seem so appraised of the situation, people like yourself and others should be running for a position to get your voices heard. Everyone is going to make mistakes, Mr. Luma. No one is outside the box on that level. The Commander of our air group has stopped the pilots from visiting your ship, which will help with that problem, I've no doubt."

Nicholas smiles. "Of course everyone is going to make mistakes, sir." The 'sir' comes out without his thinking about it, one of those branded marks of someone who's been in the service before. "I'm just here to sweep up broken glass so nobody steps on it, if you'll excuse the metaphor. I'm sorry to hear that we've lost the patronage of the pilots. Unfortunately I can't say that won't be damaging to the Destiny's economy." He rubs his eyebrow with his ring finger, thinking a moment. "Are they still allowed on the Carina? Here, for instance?"

"It seems there were no problems with the Carina. The CAG and I felt that the Destiny had enough over handling and for awhile, feel it is best that they remain off it. Considering what you have just told me, it seems that was the right decision. Those few pilots shouldn't be a harm to your struggling economy right now, we have over fifteen thousand civilians out there." Regas replies.

"No, but pilots have some particularly…expensive tastes." Nicholas smirks at Regas, arching a brow. Then it fades, and he nods. "The civilian government is going to take a month or more to get on its feet. Likely longer to really get running. I'd like to ask you if in the meantime you'd be willing to assign a military member as a liaison. Someone who knows the military mindset and could make themselves available to talk ideas. Solely public relations, nothing legally based."

"I have one, he was my Judge Advocate General and along with one of his prosecutors, they were to be the liason here. He is now my XO and the prosecutor has left the military and is now the fleet prosecutor. Colonel Salin Altair." Regas explains.

"I met Ms. Aragon last night," Nicholas nods once. "She is though, as you say, a civilian lawyer now. And as much as we may need lawyers, I think that someone a bit more down on the level would be preferable. Your XO is undoubtedly rather busy being…well, your XO."

Regas has to smile some at that, "You do have a point. I'll see about appointing someone else to become the liason for the civilian fleet. Until then, you can feel free to contact me or Colonel Reed Carter on the Hera. I'll catch him up to speed also."

Nicholas smiles back. "Lovely, Commander. I'll look forward to the appointment. I believe it'll help immensely while we wait for the more formal legal body to get its sea legs."

Regas sets his glass aside, "I appreciate you bringing your concerns to me personally," he begins to rise then and the marine with him comes to further attention. "It was nice meeting you, Mr. Luma, good job on helping get the Destiny back."

Nicholas ignores the Marine, standing as well. "Thank you, nice meeting you as well." He smirks, just a little. "You aren't quite so terrifying as the stories say."

Regas lifts a brow on that one, "I'll take that as a compliment," he offers his hand this time and then heads off out of Spotlights once the handshaking is done.

Regas leaves for Hotel Entrance [O].
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