The Future is Sheep!
The Future is Sheep!
Summary: Meris and Castillo discuss missing friends, the Corps and… sheep.
Date: 86 ACH
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Genesis - Deck 10 - Marine Enlisted Berthings

Meris clomps into the berthings, heading immediately for her bunk, there to sit herself down and begin tugging off her boots.

Castillo stands in front of his bunk, getting changed out of his MP duds. He's just finished folding up his shirt when Meris walks in. "How's it going, Hughes?" he asks.

Meris glances across, nodding amiably. "Yeah, g'day, mate, not bad, eh? How about you?" She crosses her hands over her front, pulling her top off over her head, then shakes her head to loose her hair again. "How's the new Sheriff coping?"

"Well enough, I guess," Castillo says. He pulls off his undershirt and tosses it on his bunk, then slips a clean one on from his locker. "I'm on the Hera most of the day, so I'm usually the last to hear the gossip.

"I reckon if there's no goss, then he must be doing pretty good," Meris reasons, flopping back on her bunk and absently rubbing at the scars on her abdomen. "You reckon we'll ever find them, mate?" she asks ponderously, brows drawn.

Castillo pulls is tags over his fresh undershirt and then walks over to the chairs. "I dunno," he answers honestly and takes a seat facing the marine. "I'm no navigator or pilot or whatever, but I know enough that when someone gets lost making a jump, they usually don't come back."

Meris nods slowly at that, still frowning. "Yeah, I guess. But we still might, eh? I mean, weirder shit's happened, eh?"

"Well, if we don't find them, it won't be for lack of trying," Castillo says. He shrugs a bit and says, "I wouldn't say anything's impossible anymore."

"I reckon I'm going to miss them," Meris adds morosely. "The sheriff was always heaps cool, and Lex and everyone. It sucks balls, mate."

Castillo nods, "Yah, I hear ya." He slides forward in his chair to better lean back in it. "I don't know a lot of folks over on there. The MAA and Lieutenant McKenzie were the only names I recognized on the list."

"Lex does demo with me," Meris explains, then pauses to correct herself. "Did."

There's a silent nod from Castillo. It's one of those situations where a comment's not really appropriate. Instead, he asks, "Anyone else you know that's on the Destiny?"

"Not heaps, mate, nah," Meris demurs, stretching her arms over her head. "Just the blokes from the Corps, eh? I don't speak a whole lot to anyone else."

"Don't get out much then?" Castillo asks. He stretches out his legs in front of him and smiles contently as he enjoys being off his feet.

Meris shrugs. "I get out heaps, but I just don't talk to a whole bunch of people, eh?" she admits. "They kinda look at you like you're some kind of freak."

"You talkin' about the uniform," Castillo asks, then gives Meris a teasing grin, "or that you can rip the arms clean off a toaster?"

Meris grins faintly at that, shrugging one massive shoulder. "Yeah, yeah. When you're a big girl, mate, all the girls stay well clear, and the blokes think you're a frakking dyke."

Castillo offers a lighthearted chuckle and then shrugs a bit, "It's a no win situation. I mean, you -could- go around and frak half the fleet, but then instead of being called a dyke, they'd call you a slut." He pauses and cocks his head a bit, "How long you been on the Genesis for anyway?"

Meris considers this, rubbing at the bridge of her nose. "About a year, year and a half, maybe, mate. And slut's better than dyke, I reckon. At least you're getting some out of it."

"Huh," Castillo remarks and rubs the back of his head. "So, after being here for over a year, you're still getting the stares?"

"Not so much here, but over on the civvy ships, sure," Meris agrees offhandedly. "So not so much with the conversations and meeting folks over there. Mostly just working out or watching the vids or whatever."

"Ahhh," Castillo says with a nod of understanding. "I'm tracking you, now." He gives Meris a reassuring smile and says, "Just give it some time. They'll warm up to you soon enough." Then he winks at her and adds, "And if that doesn't work, you can always go with the frakkin' half the fleet idea, right?"

Meris laughs at that, nodding amiably. "Yeah, no worries, mate. I'll issue tickets to beat the queues, eh?"

Castillo shares in the laugh and slides back to a more upright position in his chair. "So, is everyone in your family big as you?" he asks.

"Not far off," Meris agrees with a faint smile. "My brothers are all over 6'2. I don't reckon anyone much smaller would be much use on the farm, eh?"

"So, why'd you join the CMC? Farm life wasn't for you?" Castillo asks.

Meris shakes her head. "Nah, it's not that. I'll go back to the farm when I get out. I just figured it'd be the only good chance I'd get to see some other places. I kinda got a taste for travel when I was at school, eh? We did all these athletics meets on the other colonies and all."

Castillo nods his head, not wanting to state the obvious about going back. "What was your game back in school?"

"I throw," Meris explains succinctly. "Shotput and hammer both."

A wide grin forms on Castillo's lips. "So I really wasn't off about that whole ripping arms clean off a toaster, was I?" He folds his arms across his chest and slides forward again. "I was never big on sports in school. Hell, I wasn't big on school."

Meris laughs at that, shaking her head. "I'm not dumb enough to get that close to a toaster, mate. That's why they issue me with a bloody great gun. Why'd you join, eh?"

"Out of school, I joined a gang. We lifted military hardware - small time stuff, though. Got nabbed on a job. The tribunal gave me a choice… rehab in the marines or rehab in a work camp," Castillo explains. He offers another grin as he adds, "I always thought it was kinda funny that they left me be an MP."

"I guess you know what you're looking for, eh?" Meris points out. "You know how people would try to take shit."

Castillo nods his head, "Yah, I figure that was one of their reasons. The judges told me that I was a prime candidate for rehabilitation and that all I needed was some discipline." He grins slyly again. "What better place than the Colonial Marines, right?"

"How long have you been in?" Meris asks, propping herself up on one elbow to watch him.

"Six years," Castillo answers. "Then I discharged and spent the last three as a civilian."

Meris nods slowly at that. "Then you signed back up when everything happened, eh, mate? What did you do as a civvy?"

"Pretty much the same thing I did as an MP. Lots of private security gigs. Good money, too, not that it really mattes a frak now, right?" Castillo answers. "I was doing a job on the Hera. So, I figured I'd give the Marines a shot again. Beats sitting on a refinery or processor all damn day."

Meris shrugs affably. "I figure we'll all get backpay when it's all over with, mate. Going to need heaps of money to help build up the stock again, so I reckon anything I'm saving now's good."

"That'd be nice, but I'm not gonna hold my breath, either," Castillo remarks. "I'd just be happy with a home I don't have to share with anyone."

"That sounds pretty lonely to me," Meris points out. "I figure when I get out I'll get married and have a bunch of kids, and heaps of sheep and cattle."

"Wanting to and having to share are two really different things, right? Like now… I have to share living space with the other marines," Castillo clarifies. "So heaps of sheep, huh? There has -got- to be a joke in there somewhere, but… I think it's only funny if you're a dude."

Meris smirks. "I'm from Libris, mate, I've heard them all. But the future's in sheep, I'm telling you. All you need is heaps of space, patience and hard work, then you've got wool, milk and meat. Food, drink and clothes, all in one. Sure, it'll take heaps of work, but I can handle work."

"So, what you're saying is the future's fuzzy?" Castillo jokes.

Meris just looks at him blankly. "Nah, mate, it's golden. Can't fail."

"'Cuz sheeps are fuzzy… and… yah," Castillo says as his joke bombs. He rubs the back of his head again and laughs, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna quit my day job."

Meris nods slowly, squinting. "Oh… uh, yeah. Okay, mate, no worries. They're kinda woolly, though. Not fuzzy."

Castillo grins and shakes his head, "You gotta loosen up a little bit there, Hughes." He tosses a glance at Skip's bunk. "Has Skip been cleared for duty yet?"

"I dunno, mate," Meris admits. "He got frakked up heaps, and the docs are real antsy about letting a bloke get back to work again after that. I haven't spoken to him in ages."

"That sucks," Castillo laments as he tosses another long gaze at Skip's bunk. "They gotta get him back into the swing of things doing something. Anything. Being all cooped up in a joint like this just sitting around… that'll frak your head up."

"Call it a holiday, mate?" Meris suggests with a smirk.

"Frak. If those are the holidays I signed up for, they can keep 'em," Castillo retorts.

"Sun, sand, sea… cylons," Meris replies, half grinning. "Come on, it's just like the recruiters always said."

"I'm still waiting on the hordes of young, nubile, civilian girls to swarm over me when I go out in uniform," Castillo says and returns the grin.

Meris laughs. "I'd swarm, mate, but I only qualify as 'young', and barely that."

"It's the thought that counts, right?" Castillo says. Then the corporal slaps his thighs and starts to stand. "I'm gonna go grab some chow. You hungry?"

Meris considers, then shakes her head. THen nods. Then shakes her head again. My, but she's decisive. "Grab a bap on your way back for me, wouldya?"

Castillo nods his head and stands up, "Sure thing." He hooks a thumb towards the hatch, "If you want to stretch your legs, I'll keep a seat for ya."

"My legs are heaps stretched," Meris points out with a grin. "If I'm asleep, give me a poke when you get back, mate. I'll catch you later, cheers."

"Alright, Hughes," Castillo says and turns to head out the hatch. "I'll see ya in a few."

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