The Gift
The Gift
Summary: Eve gives Reed a gift, and finds an end to fifteen years of burden.
Date: 39 ACH
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12
39 ACH 6285 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

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Contents: Eve Reed Navy Bunks Wireless 1426
Exits: [O] Corridor

Reed is in his bunk, looking at some official looking paperwork. He is reclining back, in off duty clothes, and looks like he's placed juust so.

Eve was already in her off duty regs, so where ever she comes in from, must have been on leisure time. She passes the rows, likely headed for her own berthing. She just happens to cast a glance aside, not really looking for anyone or anything, but she catches sight of a familar face. A pause, a few steps in backtrack. "Hello there, looks like I have a new neighbor…"

Reed looks out of the bunk, to Eve. He smirks, "Yes, they kicked me out of the metal box, and let me come play with the other boys and girls. I'm on Bedrest in Berthings. I get to hobble around with my cane to the bathroom and back, and get brought toothless food every so often till I get cleared for more." He sets the paperwork aside, "I think they got tired of me being in there, taking up the private room."

Eve approaches, leaning against the set of bunks opposite to make conversation easy but not encroach on the man's personal space as they talk. "I think they got tired of the nurses disappearing all the time to go and fawn over you." A smile remains on her lips, arms folding loosely over her chest. "So. Hobbling, drinking your meals…what more can a man ask for?"

Reed smiles, "Oh, I can ask for all kinds of things. Don't get me started on my list." He smirks. "So, it's been a while since we spoke, how have things been going with you?" He asks, tilting his head. "I'd forgotten what Berthing life was like. That's what almost a year of having your own quarters will do for you."

Eve gives a faint shrug. "Been better, been worse." Is all she says on the subject of her well being for now. She gives a glance around, "Its not so bad, really, as long as you don't mind the lack of privacy and when your bunkmate has more groupies than a Pyramid sports team…" She smirks, her mood actually seeming light today, despite the rumors floating around ship.

Reed smirks, "Oh are you finally getting those groupies you've had on backorder?" Reed? Rumors? He's been in a coma, a private room, and now trapped.. TRAPPED in the berthings. His connections to the outside have been mostly through reports and information sent to him. He's clueless. "About time. Are the 'Psyches Do It On The Couch' Shirts finally available with your picture on them?"

Eve gives a burst of laughter. "I didn't mean /me/." Even if Micah took a walk of shame recently. Ahem. There's hint of blush on her cheeks she tries to steer the conversation around. "So even a little medically induced vacation, and you can't get away from the paperwork, hmm?" She nods to what he was doing before her interruption.

Reed chuckles, "Well, between small walks, long naps and choking down Eel Smoothies, I have a current fleet status set of reports to look over, so I know what's going on in the big picture." He smirks, "Not exactly a vacation, I'm afraid, so I need to keep up on the information.

Eve toes the deck a moment with her boot, "Yes well. A Major's work is never done." A pause, and she glances up. "Speaking of, I was wondering if you'd take something off my hands. Would mean a lot to me…"

Reed blinks twice at Eve, "Take something off your hands?" He looks confused. "I don't quite understand."

Eve holds up a finger, the brilliance of her smile once more returning to her lips. "Just a second. All will be made clear. Hold on.." She tells him, pushing off her lean to disappear down the rows of bunks to her own. Whatever she's retrieving, she knows precisely where it is, as it doesn't take her long before she's returning. She's toting a small rectangular box, wrapped in old faded blue paper that's a bit torn and ragged, and the matching blue bow is a smooshed beyond its original form. "Here." She hands it towards him, "I want you to have this."

Reed isn't going anywhere easiely. That much is clear. He just lays there, watching her go. After a moment of waiting she returns and he carefully takes the wrapped, ragged.. gift.. looking at it uncertainly, but something about it tells him to gauge his steps carefully. "Thank you. I sense there's a story behind this." He says as he turns the box over in his hands, slowly, taking care with it.

Eve gives a bit of a nod, as if encouraging him to take off the paper. "There is." She says quietly, but somehow looks relieved that its now in his hands instead of tucked back in her bunk. "I had a…friend. A long time ago. I never got the chance to give him that. Its silly. A trinket, really. But." If and when he opens it, its just a multi-tool pocket knife, non-military issue.

Reed nods, turning the box over, andnods, "Alright." He opens it, cutting through the aged paper with a thumbnail, making a bit of a mess of it, and pulls out the multitool. He smiles, "Well, thank you, Eve." He says, turning it over to investigate the functions, smiling before looking to her, "I'll use this. It's the kind of thing I lost on the PAS and was hoping I'd find a replacement for."

"Yeah?" Eve actually looks hopeful that he /can/ find some use for it. "I was… Well, I'm glad. I toted that damn thing around for fifteen years. Its about time someone gets some use out of it. If its not rusted shut, I suppose."

Reed shakes his head, working the tool, "Nope, it's been sealed with metal shell." He sniffs it, "Yeah, factory nickel electroplating, and light oil to keep it fresh and prevent degrading. It's only after use that rust becomes a factor. Fifteen years? There's quite a story to this."

Eve flashes him a bit of a wink. "Then don't lose it." She says quietly, that smile remaining as she pushes away again, apparently returning to whatever it was she was doing prior to sidetreking with the Major.

Reed nods, "I won't." He assures her, watching her go before turning his attention back to the multitool, turning it over, and checking out all the features. Who knows when he'll use a metal file THIS small, but it's impossible to say, really.

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