The Good, The Bad, and the Boobytrapped
The Good, the Bad, and the Boobytrapped
Summary: Salin and Zaharis talk ship news.
Date: 99 ACH
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Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11
99 ACH 23797 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.

Apparently, by the looks of things, Salin's claimed the ward room as his temporary office while the quarters are locked down. Paperwork is scattered around the table, though he manages to keep the space in front of him clear of most of it, with the exception of a single file. There's a pen craddled casually in his right hand and he seems to be reviewing what ever is displayed in front of him.

Zaharis heads into the ward room, taking a glance around as if looking for someone. That someone isn't here, but he raises an eyebrow at Salin's desk. "Didn't your kindergarden teacher ever tell you to keep the shared space tidy?"

There's a soft grunt at the comment and Salin is giving a slight nod of his head before finally looking up, "She did. But I never did listen." There's a quick smile and he's settling the pen down, "Had to claim somewhere to do some work. Still not allowed into the quarters at this point in time, so."

"Serious?" Zaharis scratches his head, glancing over his shoulder before looking back at Salin. "Well. I don't know jack about police work, so…I'll keep my mouth shut." He pulls out a chair without being invited, folding himself comfortably into it. "How's it all going so far?"

A hand lifts and he's rubbing lightly at his face before leaning back in the chair, "Ya, serious. Pietr's looking into it. I've been sleeping in the married quarters, which I think is making some people uncomfortable." Salin does offer a slight smile to that, "Beyond that, it's going. Alot of issues on the go. More then I had realized." A pause, "How about you? Things moving along in your neck of the woods?"

"Yeah." Zaharis rubs the end of his nose. "Know my department, we chug along." He frowns a little, pulling his ankle up over his olive-clad knee. "You heard about the engineer in the ready room?"

Salin's giving a nod, though his lips curl into a slight frown, "Heard the rumors about it. Took a little digging to see what actually happened though. Need to growl at the MP's to make sure they're filling the necessary reports." Hands clasp in his lap and he's lifting a brow, "I must say that I'm a bit disturbed by a second suicide in such short time. What's your thoughts on it?"

Zaharis folds his arms on the desk as Salin talks, helping himself to one of the CO's pens to play with. "It's funny. Funny oh-shit, not funny ha-ha." He clears his throat. "The engineer showed the exact same physical and chemical abnomalities that Regas did."

That sparks a lift of Salin's brow and he's leaning forward, settling his arms on the table as he leans forward, "So .. what exactly does that mean? Is this a stress related factor? Something they've come in contact with? Unfortunately, it's been awhile since my basic medical classes."

"I don't know." Zaharis shakes his head, frowning. "Something like this points to something toxic, but there weren't any traces in either of them. Not that that rules it out. Some chemicals don't stay in the bloodstream very long. But it's still weird…doesn't all make sense. All I know is they look too close for comfort, you know? And." He frowns, glancing down at his hands. "…and knowing what we do, what these frakking cylons are capable of."

Listening, Salin is giving a slow nod of his head, "In your medical opinion, based solely on your experience, are you saying that this might have contributed to their suicides?" That frown is remaining on his lips and he's giving a shake of his head, "I don't like the idea that something toxic may be going around. Especially something that can leave no trace."

"Based solely on experience…" Zaharis grimaces. "I mean, everyone knows there are plenty of drugs and drug combinations that can trigger depression and possibly suicide. I've never heard of a drug where you administer it and someone goes and offs themselves immediately. Especially bothering me is that the two manner of suicides were alike, gunshot in the mouth. I know you might call that coincidence, but considering the rest it's a pretty frakked up coincidence."

There's a quick nod from Salin and he's finally letting that frown slip from his lips, "Coincidence or not, I don't like it. If it was two junior officers, I might be write it off as such. But Tarik? He's been through worse and I can't imagine him just eating the barrel of his gun. Not like this. He was too calm. Too collected." The fingers of one hand tap lightly against the table, "This worries me, Jesse. Is there any sort of tests we can do on the crew? Narrow things down to a select group based on this Ensign and the Commander?"

"Without anything showing up on tox we've got nothing to test /for/," Zaharis purses his lips, thinking. "Lowes and Regas must have had some point of contact…/something/. The MPs are going to have to figure that out though, because there's no way I can."

There's a soft grunt and Salin gives his head a slight shake, "Sorry, I know you're doing what you can. I was just hoping that there might have been something similiar in the cases. A shared meal or drink or something. I don't like the idea that we can't identify something. Especially if it's causing our crew to start doing things they normally wouldn't do."

"Lowes died three days after Regas. Makes a shared meal unlikely." Zaharis rubs his chin, baring his teeth as he grimaces in thought. "What happened in there, Altair? Just tell me…everything that you remember. Anything weird, anything out of the ordinary that he did or said."

"I meant shared as in the same type of food. Not .. literally shared, my friend." Salin's offering a very slight smile, "As for what happened? Frak. I went in to talk to him about that little idea of his. He asked if I was prepared to have him considered unfit." He's leaning back then, "I said I would consider it, if it was in the best interest of the Fleet. He moved to adjust a picture and then the wireless rang. He asked me to answer it, said he had to use the head. Thirty seconds later, I'm hearing a gunshot. There was -no- indication that anything was out of the ordinary."

Zaharis exhales quietly, drumming his fingers on the desk. "Did you smell anything in the room? Any funny…tastes on your tongue that you noticed, or…anything like that?"

That bares some consideration and Salin is searching back through his memories before he gives a simple nod, "Ya, I smelled the scent of his cheroot. He was smoking one when I stopped in to see him. Beyond that? There wasn't anything out of the ordinary, smell wise."

Zaharis pauses his fingers. "Yeah I noticed the cheroot too." He draws a breath as though about to speak, then pauses again and frowns. "Had…you ever seen him smoke before?"

Another moment is taken and Salin is giving another quick nod, "Once before. When I spoke with him on a personal matter. Beyond that, I hadn't seen him smoke at all. But, that doesn't mean much. I didn't spend much time in his quarters. But .. he was two for three on smoking while I was there."

Zaharis' eyes flicker away, skimming over the rows of flags. "Autopsy on Lowes said he smelled like smoke."

There's an arch of Salin's brow at that and he's canting his head to the side, "Alright. So … a similtarity. Stupid question, but I have to ask. Any chance there were smokes found amongst the Ensign's and Commander's personal effects? And if so, were they tested?"

"We tested one of the Commander's cheroots," Zaharis says. "Off-chance and everything. Nothing on it. Still doesn't quite rule out anything, though…something on it could have evaporated or…who knows. Don't know if they found anything in Lowes' stuff, haven't heard from Shem today."

That response queues a scrunch of Salin's nose and he's giving a nod of his head, "Alright. It was worth asking about, regardless. So, we're left with two apparent suicides. Same method and both smelling of smoke? This doesn't look overly promising, Jesse. And it's certainly not much to go on. Hopefully, the MP's can turn something up."

"Yeah. They better." Zaharis lets a quick exhale buzz his lips. "You know, this is going to sound frakked up, but…if it was some kind of psychoactive drug someone was slipping him? Some of those take time to build up. You…understand my implication, here."

That frown returns to Salin's lips and he's giving a slow nod of his head, "I think I do. What you're implying is that someone may have been intentionally … poisoning the Commander, for lack of a better term. Correct?"

"Well…" Zaharis clears his throat. "Moreso that he may not have been in his right mind for a time before he shot himself. A time when he was making decisions for this fleet."

There's a quick cringe and Salin is shaking his head, ever so slightly, "Gods. That's a scary thought. If someone was capable of getting to the Commander, there's nothing stopping them from getting to any of the Senior Staff. We need to figure out what's going on. Or what went on. Before things start to get out of hand."

"Yeah." Zaharis wrinkles his nose. "I'll let you know if I hear from Shem. So…you want to hear some good news?"

"Please, do. And likewise, if I hear something, I'll let you know." Then, Salin is blinking slightly and he's giving a quick nod of his head, "Good news? Frak. I could use some, right about now."

"You'll have to talk to Rhea for details," Zaharis says, folding his arms on the table. "But check this out. You know the probe that's over on the Pandora? Think she sent a memo about it, you should've gotten it."

Salin's searching his memory, again, before giving a quick nod of his head, "Probe. Right, I got that memo. Something was running in the probe, but she wanted to do some further work with it. I don't recall all the details of it, unfortunately."

"Well. We talked about the thing, and it seems it might be possible to re-activate it," Zaharis says. "Use the signal as a luring device and jump on them. Carter suggested putting a small nuke in there for shits and giggles."

The drumming of fingertips against the table stops and Salin's offering a soft 'Hrmm'. Then, he's nodding his head, a slight smile crossing his lips, "Use their own technology against them. I certainly like the sound of that and it would be nice to get the jump on them, for the change."

"Wouldn't it? Imagine the boost to morale if we could manage something like that." Zaharis grins a little. "Boobytrap the frakkers."

There's a very soft chuckle and Salin is giving another nod of his head, "Morale could certainly use a boost. Especially one caused by dealing a blow to the toasters." A hand lifts and he's scratching lightly at the back of his neck, "Gonna need to get with Rhea and Carter. See what it'll take for them to set this in motion."

Zaharis nods thoughtfully. "That's about as far as I can take you. Weapons of mass destruction and I generally don't get cozy. But they'll know more."

There's a quirk of Salin's lips into a smirk at that, "No, I don't imagine you do. I'll get with the pair of them tonight or tomorrow, see what they have to say and how feesible they think this might be." Leaning back in his chair again, he's moving to clasp his hands in his lap, "Oh, I meant to ask. Will you be able to release Regas' personal effects that he had on him? Or did those get turned over to the MP's for the investigation."

"Only things I have of Regas' is what he had on him at the time," Zaharis says, scratching his upper arm. "His uniform, which I want to hang onto for a little more testing. The things in his quarters you'll have to ask Shem about."

"Alright. I wasn't sure what he happened to have on his person, beside the uniform, of course." Salin's giving a quick nod to accompany that, "Being that he and Peters were like family, I want to try and make sure that she gets anything of value before it's all cleaned up and moved."

"I'll check and see if there was anything in his pockets that we can release," Zaharis nods. "If there was I'll let you know." He sits back and exhales, stretching his arms. "Alright. I should get myself out of your hair sooner or later. Just let me rock my aging ass out of this chair."

"I appreciate that, Jesse." Sal's offering a quick smile, though it's followed by a soft laugh, "Ya, I know the feeling. I'm thinking of asking Rhea to have one of her snipes install a little ejection module. Just enough so that when I press a button, it sends me to my feet. I'm not used to sitting this much."

Zaharis smirks, rolling forward and standing up wih exaggerated slowness. "Be careful, she's prone to mischief. Anyway. I'll catch you in a couple hours, I got to finish up some shit in Sickbay. Talk at you later, take care of yourself."

Offering another chuckle, Salin gives a quick nod of his head, "So I've heard. Take it easy, Jesse. Don't work yourself too hard and I'll catch up with you in a bit." Leaning forward again, he's reclaiming his pen before snagging one of the files, pulling it towards him.

Zaharis heads on out, back to the land of the ill and injured.

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