The Jag and the Final Judge
The Jag and the Final Judge
Summary: Salin and Regas talk.
Date: 17 ACH
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Corridor 11C Genesis - Deck 11

17 ACH 6735 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Regas Salin

Exits: [F] Corridor [A] Corridor

[NO] Naval Offices [WR] Ward Room


The newly pinned Commander is moving along the deck corridor as people pass him going the other way. Just another lovely evening on a battlestar.

The entryway to Naval Offices open, allowing Salin to make his way out into the corridor, complete with his small attache folder beneath his left arm. Closing the door to the offices, he turns to begin to move up the corridor, right in the direction that Regas was coming. Coming to attention, the lawyer snaps off a salute before giving a nod of his head, "Commander. Just the person I was looking for."

Regas recognizes Salin, but he wasn't planning on stopping. His mind seems to be on something else entirely. When the salute goes up, he returns it and comes to a pause, "Captain Salin, what can I do for JAG today? Besides noting the piles of paper that keeps crossing their desks."

"Too much paperwork, if you ask me, sir. But, that's a discussion for another day. Over something a touch stronger then coffee." Salin's right hand lifts, tapping lightly at the attache case, "I've had a chance to speak to a fair number of Civilians over the past little bit. There seems to be a common concern that's come to light, and it pertains to the enforcement of laws in the Civilian Sector, as well as the Civilian Legal System."

Regas lets off a small noise, "I figured that was coming," he makes a motion, "Your office?" Pointing toward the JAG office within the Naval offices. "Not that we have alot of civilians, but I suppose their needs do come around sooner or later."

Salin offers only the slightest of smiles before he nods his head, "Was bound to happen, Commander, when it was suggested that we appoint a Liasion." Turning back from where he came, he moves towards the doorway to the Naval Offices and pops it open, allowing Regas to make his way through first.

Regas takes the point and goes through the offices, making his way further into them where JAG resides.

You head towards JAG Office.


JAG Office Genesis - Deck 11

17 ACH 6735 Souls

The office of the Judge Advocate General is a normal office room in appearance, with a pair of desks and a bookshelf in one corner containing legal texts and reference materials. Each desk has a computer terminal on it and built in set of drawers. Across from each desk is a pair of chairs for interviewees to be seated. Also along part of the back wall are a row of grey, metal filing cabinets.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Regas Wireless 1759

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Salin comes in from Navy Offices.

Letting Regas make his way into the offices first, Salin follows behind and then closes the door when he's through. Moving around the desks, he withdraws the attache case from beneath his arm and sets it lightly atop the desk. He doesn't sit immediately, but rather, motions to a couple of chairs, "Please Commander, sit." It's only then that he begins to sit and attend to opening the folder.

Regas takes a seat in one of the chairs on the otherside of the JAG desk. Might as well get comfortable, this could be a long night. His gaze goes to the attache case as the Captain begins bringing out folders to peruse through.

The folder is opened and a couple of papers are withdrawn, mainly containing a variety of ranked figures with the odd scribblings that appears to make no sense. Short hand, perhaps. A pen is lifted and then Salin is bringing his attention upwards, back to Regas, "I suppose the first thing to attend to, Commander, would be to determine the finer aspects of the civil law enforcement. Will the Military Police be taking over duties as a Civilian Police Force?"

"You can get with Captain Gaelan on that, but basically, their Security over there needs to step up so we can pull some marines back. Right now, I'm not taking any chances, because we have no idea what may come up. So, I'd prefer that the Sheriff, which I was going to have Farkas do, and the CO work on it with you, if necessary." Regas states.

Farkas' name is heard and a notation is made, perhaps for later in the discussion. Then, there's another quick note and Salin gives a nod of his head to indicate that he's understood, "Alright. Next matter of notice is the fact that the Civil Legal System really doesn't exist, at this particular point in time." There's a slight pause and the pen's tip rests against a blank spot on one of the papers, "And the amount of people qualified in any aspect of law, seems to be quite low over there."

"And still in shock, no doubt," Regas folds his hands on his lap, "You'll have to work up a legal system from the old laws we had. Just more confined. If we have no Civilian's that can be in those areas, we'll have to use military. It can't be helped."

"That won't be an issue. Laws are laws and still stand. The issue that we have right now, is the availability of filling up the ranks of the Prosecutor's Office and the Judges bench." There's a slight pause again and Salin is making another brief note. Lawyers and their notes, it would seem. "Considering that the Prosecutor's Office represents the Government, it might be best to leave that in the hands of the Military and JAG at the moment. Which means, we can also serve as Judges and Defence Counsel. I would also like to approach one or two of your senior officers and see if they would be interested in representing the law as a Judge, if called upon."

Regas nods, "Feel free. They would normally sit in on a court martial, for now they'll have to play devil's advocate on other things as well. We aren't safe enough to stop some where and let this tiny mass of ships begin to make Governments for themselves."

"Preciously. All of them should have the necessary knowledge to act as a Judge and if not, myself or Lieutenant Vergas will ensure that those that volunteer, understand the necessary aspects of it." Meaning, boring lessons on law, no doubt. Another note and he's listing off department head names, while still looking at Regas, "That will solve several of the major concerns that were brought to our attention and we'll be able to notify people of who's going to be handling what, when civilian cases come to light. I'll have to speak with Major Gaelan, but I think we should look at re-establishing the fleet police. Don't know how many more civilian ships we may come across and we obviously don't want to thin the marines or MP's with dealing with minor cases."

Regas nods, "Agreed. At this point, we need to bring in whoever we can. If we have to half-deputize them under military statutes. They had security patrol before, they should be able to handle most of it. However, the more that came into the Carina, will be more to handle. As those people begin to get over shock and realize this fleet isn't going home to stay, they will start getting up in arms about things."

"Exactly. Though, there is a difference between a security force and a police force. They operate under similiar, but very different guidelines. But, we'll work with what we have. I can have some of the legal aides work with the senior reps of the Carina's security force to try and bring them up to speed on civilian laws, in the hopes of getting some semblence of a fleet police. That should then let Major Gaelan reassign his MP's and ease concerns when the shock wears off." A couple more notes and Salin's finally setting down the pen, "Last thing I'd like to speak with you about, Commander, is Master Sergeant Farkas."

"Excellent idea, see you didn't really need me at all," Regas smiles and then it slips away at the mention of the name, "What have you decided on this, Captain? I'd like to get all these brig problems cleared up as soon as we can."

There's only a slight smile in return and Salin is nodding, "True. But, best to get your sign-off before I start allocating JAG Personal to act as Civilian attorney's, even though they are representing the government." There's a slight bleep of the terminal as a memo arrives, but it's ignore for the moment. Rather, Salin opens a drawer and withdraws several sheets of paper, which he sets atop his folder, "The Master Sergeant has a serious problem with anyone who hasn't served in the trenches, isn't a Marine or isn't enlisted in rank. Those things aside, he makes a damn fine Master at Arms." A hand lifts to motion to the paperwork, "That's the paperwork necessary to charge the Master Sergeant, including the charges from Major Fotilas. Now, I'd prefer to simply 'lose' the documents for the time being, providing we can get this sorted out with him."

Regas holds his hand out for the paperwork and then he brings it back and looks it over. "Farkas has a problem with alot of things. He's been around longer than this battlestar. I don't like tossing old soldiers aside, because we can still learn a few things. When they aren't making an ass out of themselves. But, I won't put up with this either. We have enough problems and if people don't start toeing the line, I'm going to start dropping the hammer and hard. I don't like going over my Staff heads either." He goes silent for sometime and just shakes his head at the charges. "My reccomendation on this is house arrest. He doesn't gain back his Sheriff status and he works with the sergeant put in charge for the time being. He's restricted to his bunk and Marine Country." He hands the papers back. "Anything else comes up, he's on his ass on the Carina and retired. But you can discuss that with Gaelan as well."

Passing the documents over and then reclaiming them when Regas has finished, Salin sets them down and lifts his pen, marking something onto each page as he gives a nod of his head, "That works fine for me. I'll get in touch with Major Gaelan and let him know what's going on and then I'll see to it that the Master Sergeant is released from the brig. I'd rather not see him tossed aside, regardless of the differences that may be had." With the documents signed, he lifts them and sets them in a small tray marked 'Out', no doubt to be attend to by one of the legal aides, "Well, I think that's just about everything, Commander. Sorry to have to bother you with such things as this."

Regas rises up, "Sometimes, I have to step in. It's like the school principle. Tommorrow, I'm going to drill some things into people's heads. I find one more enlisted coming down on an Officer and they are mine. I don't care who owns them. You can pass that along as well."

Rising from his desk as well, Salin lifts his arm for another salute and when it's lowered, he gives Regas a quick smile, "I'll save that little tidbit of information for your meeting tomorrow, Commander. No point in spoiling that aspect of it. But, thanks all the same. Hopefully, after your talk tomorrow, I'll see that aspect of my paperwork start to peter off."

Regas starts to make his way out and then he pauses, "Fill out the paperwork on Doss and Mercer. Firing squad or Airlock. If it is firing squad, get with Major Gaelan," he doesn't even let the JAG make a comment on that one. He's out the door and off down the corridor.

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