The Job No One Wants
The Job No One Wants
Summary: Major Gaelan gets the job no one ever wants and gives Ensign Dike grim news of her cousin
Date: 96 ACH
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Marine CO's Quarters Genesis - Deck 10

96 ACH 23797 Souls

The Marine CO's quarters are decent sized. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy. Plaques are on the wall from the CO's education and time through the military. There area also commendations and pictures of battlestars they have served on in the past.

---— < Condition Three — Duty Area > ---——


The wireless call was brief and the rasped tone is familiar to anyone who has met the Marine Major. It simply followed up a message the Ensign to meet him in his quarters. The hatch the Marine CO's quarters are open obviously expecting someone as he is milling around the quarters before stopping at his desk and digging through the paperwork.

Ensign Chione Dike when cornered or expecting trouble, falls upon an old habit once taught to her by her mother; she arrives at the Marine CO's quarter's with a knock, straight-backed but with a pleasantly 'professional' face. "Ensign Dike reporting as ordered, Sir," she intones, again in a pleasantly 'professional' tone. Oh yes, she is preparing for another grilling and questioning over the Destiny matter.

Looking up at the comments from the woman, the Major points to the door and comments, "Shut the hatch Ensign." Picking up a large stack of envelopes and a file he walks towards the small sitting area and settles into the couch area as he motions to the free space near him, "Take a seat. We need to talk."

Shifting on the ball of her foot, Chione turns to close and seal the hatch behind her, as ordered, before following the major towards the sitting area so appointed. It is all the woman can do NOT to raise that faintly curious eyebrow upwards as she spies the envelopes and file. Definitely about the Destiny. Wonderful. Repressing a sigh, the Ensign follows suit, and tugs at her uniform jacket before setting herself down in the chair and crossing a leg as she keeps her blue eyes upon Gaelan. "Yes, Sir. What would you like to talk about, Sir?" she asks, continuing in her same pleasantly professional tone.

Gaelan pulls the envelopes and file into his lap as he looks to the Ensign. Watching her a moment he comments calmly in his rasped tone, "Ensign Kalypso Leto. What is your relation to her?" Fingers drum on the envelopes, these are obviously older envelopes so not very likely they are recent complaint letters.

"We are first cousins, Sir. My mother and her father are brother and sister. That should be in our files, Sir," notes Chione, the look in the woman's eyes turning wary despite Chione's efforts at trying to keep her professional tone. "May I ask why that would be important, Sir?"

Gaelan nods slowly as he looks to her, "Then you probably know that Kaly dated my youngest brother Dion back home." Picking up the envelopes he reaches over and sets them on her lap as he adds, "These were correspondance between her and him." Looking up to Chione he lifts his hand up and places it on her shoulder, "We have reason to believe that.." There is a visible pause as the Major pauses briefly to clear his throat and regain composure, "That.. Ensign Leto is dead."

Chione gives a brief nod of her head. "Yes, she wrote a few times about Dion. And I've seen how messed up she's been about him. I was giving her her space, but I don't think that's necessarily wise anymore, consid…" The rest of what Major Gaelan says blows all of Chione's composure, however. The model turned CIC officer, the young woman who has to have every little thing in her life in it's place in control, suddenly has everything thrown spiraling into the furthest reaches of the universe. Blue eyes widen, and her skin turns an ashen gray color, and Chione's head shakes violently back and forth as she unfolds her legs and plants both feet firmly on the floor beneath her as she leans forward. "I know Kalypso would never derelict her duty, Sir. She loves flying too much, so the AWOL was a bit tough to swallow and not say anything about. I was handed my ass too recently to speak up. But this … Sir, there must be a mistake. This … no, this can't be. She's fine. She's got to be fine!"

Gaelan just leans forward pulling the envelop from her lap to the chair, before he wraps his arms around her tightly in a hug as he comments quietly in her ear, "I know.. I know.. Unfortunately we think it's her body we found. The invetsigation is still open though." His hands rub her back.

There is no resistance from Chione, there is only shock. "… No…" she offers. "I… No. No. You've made a mistake. No… this… I need to go back. I… I … I should have looked for her. I shouldn't have …. I needed to be more firm… Oh gods…" spurts out Chione, trying to choke back tears. After all, it wouldn't do to cry in front of a Superior Officer, even though she is trembling like a leaf in a bitter winter wind.

The arms stay wrapped around her as Gaelan just rubs her back and comments, "I know. She was practically part of our family as well.. That's why I had you come here. So you didn't have to have anyone around if you wanted to let it out…" Loosening his grip on her he doesn't pull away, but just allows her some mobility.

Chione reaches up, and for once it is not to pat her hair in place, instead her fingers rake through the blonde locks, latching onto them fiercely. "This … isn't happening. Why is this happening? Why Kalypso?" she chokes out, before whimpering a bit and letting go of her hair, letting a hand fall to her mouth instead. "I … I'm sorry, Major," she offers, looking away suddenly, her eyes very red, and very wet as she tries to hide the fact she is loosing the battle for tears.

Gaelan reaches out and pushes some of the hair back. Watching her a moment as he cups her face, his finger rubbing under her eye on that lone escaping tear. The comments are quiet as he leans in towards, "Chione.. listen to me… It's hard. Very hard, but we can't change it. She's gone and we need to make the best of it from this point forward. She would want that for you and you know that.."

Hesitating a moment, Chione looks up at Gaelan, before taking a deep trembling swallow, her blue eyes searching the Major's face a moment, before she nods. Shifting her shoulders, Chione tries to straighten, now her hands move to her hair to put it back in place as is her nervous habit. "Yes, Sir," she offers in a considerably weaker voice than before. "I know that, Sir."

Gaelan nods slowly to Chione as he comments quietly, "It's ok if you need to cry. It's the reaction that happens when you get news like that." Leaning in he gets close to her and whispers, "Between me, you and the bulkheads.. I have cried, so don't be ashamed of it. Ignore my rank.. this is two people with one common pain between us, ok?" Leaning back he looks to her in the eyes and adds, "You can stay here as long as you need to. It gives you the privacy you need and I can leave if you want."

Chione shakes her head quickly, her lips turning down in a bit of a purse. "I … can't cry, Sir. Not … in front of you. Or in here. I'm … I'm sorry." The young woman swallows deeply, looking at her knees. "Don't ask. I'm sure you heard all about Kaly's dad. My mother was the real bitch of the family, with a capital B. We'll leave it at that."

Gaelan nods slowly, "I understand. I want you to know it's an open door for you." Looking to the envelopes he picks them up and holds them towards Chione as he adds, "These I think.. probably would be better with you. You know more about those two than I did, so it will make you smile easier to read them."

Reaching out with trembling hand, Chione pauses, willing for the trembling to stop, and finally giving up before taking the envelopes. "I will return them, Sir," she says after a moment. "You said yourself, she was nearly family to you." And at that, Chione has to stop herself form speaking again to swallow deeply, her hand going to her lips again as she looks away briefly. "I will take care of these for you while I have them, Sir," notes the Ensign, before straightening properly, and looking back to the Major.

Gaelan nods slowly as he pats Chione's arm, giving it a gentle squeeze, "I know you will Ensign. That's why I want you to have them. She was nearly family, yes. She was your family though. But that's also why I wanted to tell you personally and not let you hear about it through rumor mills and second hand. When I have more details I will tell you them."

Chione's jaw shifts faintly, before she nods. "I appreciate that, Sir. More than you could ever know." Chione pauses just a moment, before looking at the Major. "You find the bastard that did this, Sir. You see that he gets his fair trial, then the firing squad, Sir." Like any good family member of the victim, Chione wants justice and a pound of flesh.

Gaelan nods slowly, "We will find out what happened. Don't you worry." Standing from the couch he looks down to her and holds his hand down to help her up, "You going to be ok? Or do you need to use my head to freshen up before slipping out?"

Again Chione quickly shakes her head, patting her hair in place. "No thank you, Sir. You have been kind, too kind. I have taken too much of your time. I really just want to go lay down and quietly cry," notes the Ensign with a thoughtful frown. A deep inhale and shuddering sigh, and Chione, still far too pale, looks up at Gaelan as she clutches the envelope to her chest. "Thank you, Sir. I … I must speak to one of the Chaplains about services … you will be there, yes?" she asks, before turning away absently, still obviously rattled.

Gaelan nods, "I will be there."

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