The Law versus The Lawyer
The Law versus The Lawyer
Summary: Farkas and Salin have a heated discussion that suddenly involves MP's, the XO and another JAG
Date: 12 ACH (11/25/2008)
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JAG Office Genesis - Deck 11
12 ACH 6735 Souls

The office of the Judge Advocate General is a normal office room in appearance, with a pair of desks and a bookshelf in one corner containing legal texts and reference materials. Each desk has a computer terminal on it and built in set of drawers. Across from the chair behind each desk is a pair of chairs for interviewees to be seated.
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Farkas comes in from Navy Offices.
Farkas has arrived.

The doorway to the JAG Office is open and at this particular moment, Salin can be seen sitting behind it, hunched over his desk and sorting through a variety of paperwork. Occasionally, a document is given a slight nod and it's set aside into another pile, or it's given a shake of his head and tossed down to a pile on the floor, behind his desk.

There is no knock, no trumpets to signal the arrival of the Master at Arms. He keeps a paper in his right hand that struggles to remain intact in his clenched fist. "With all due respect…" he tosses the shriveled note upon Salin's desk. "The JAG office will stay out of the Refugees until I summon you, we clear?"

Farkas' suddenly entry and statement causes Salin to set his piece of paper down upon his desk and then, slowly, his palms come to press onto the surface. From there, he pushes himself up from his chair, eyes coming to level upon Farkas, "Do not presume to tell me what to do, Sergeant." There's a pause and then he's straightening, "And the next time you presume to barge into my office, I will see that you are tossed into the brig. Are we clear?"

"I won't take no pissing contest with you Captain… This is frakking nonsense… The investigation of the refugees is the matter of the Military Police, my department..I wont have your people, ruining any chance we have of finding out what really happened… When I find what there is to find, I will present it to you so you can press charges..But you are not Military Police, you are lawyers." Farkas growls as he moves his hands in behind his back. "Once they are deemed healthy, they and the Raptor will be moved off ship… and I will put any JAG personnel coming to the brig or near the Raptor into the brig… Under the charges of disrupting a murder investigation… Sir."

A hand lifts and motions to one of the chairs, "Sit down, Sergeant." There's a brief pause, "That is an order." And slowly, Salin begins to sit as well, his elbows coming to rest upon the armrests of his chair, fingers steepling before him, "My authority, I'm afraid, supersedes your own in that matter, Sergeant. You see, the accused are entitled to legal services. We provide legal services." Another pause, though his eyes never leave Farkas, "A JAG lawyer will be present for every interview that you conduct with the accused, to ensure that you are not infringing on their rights. Any attempt to bypass JAG in this matter will result in my request, directly to the Colonel, to have you pulled from this case. Your flagrant disregard for Naval Personal, as well as for Officers, is rapidly coming to bare and will no longer be tolerated." There is a faint smirk now, "Remember Sergeant, that as the Senior JAG to this fleet, I am the Judge in these matters. I determine, in the end, if laws have been broken. You would do well not to make an enemy of this office."

Farkas shakes his head. "I prefer standing Sir… I hope you don't mind." he mutters as he stands there 'at ease' and listens to what is said, finally he nods his head. "Consider me pulled from the case… And the Commander wants them off the ship faster then fast… Sir." he mutters and then arches an eyebrow. "We done?"

There's an arch of a brow and Salin merely shakes his head, "No, we are not done." Another pause and the lawyer takes to watching the MaA for a moment, the smirk resting lightly upon his lips, "A word of advice, Sergeant .." Fingers unsteeple and he begins to rise from his position at the desk, a hand falling to lift a small folder which is summarily tossed to the ground by the MaA's feet, "Show a little respect, one and awhile. That folder contains a memo I was preparing to send, indicating JAG's deference to the MaA and the Military Police on this particular case. We will oversee things, only to the point of ensuring that the rights of the individuals are not violated. You see, Sergeant, I have no desire to infringe on your duties, but don't presume to tell what I an entitled to do. I know the law, far better then you."

"Then you know we are at war… Keep your frakking memo..This is your show, I'll send some MP's to keep them guard, you can interview and investigate all you want." Farkas growls as he stands there. "I show respect where respect is earned… Twisting rules and laws to get men free is not one of them, Sir… Criminals, especially possible murderers and traitors have no rights… Write that down." The old Master at Arms, keeps his back straight and keeps his gaze fixed on a part of the wall behind Salin.

Isabeau has arrived.

"No, you don't show respect, where respect is due, Sergeant. Your first entry into my offices, was to call us 'Desk Jocks'. Thus, you have shown no respect for our position. Yes, we defend criminals in the interest of fair trials. But, we also prosecute those, as demanded by Colonial Fleet Headquarters and by order of the President." There's a slight sneer now, "You are not to determine who has rights, Sergeant. Your job is to gather evidence and ensure the security of the fleet. My office ensures that evidence is enough to toss someone out of the airlock." He lifts a hand, motioning towards the door, "Get out of my office and go do your job, Sergeant. You are much more qualified to do it, then I am, and differences aside … I have no desire to infringe on that."

Farkas narrows his eyes. "Then stay out of my investigation…I'll give you what you need when I find it…Question my honor again, and that pin on your neck wont save you..Sir." he growls and then offers a salute and turns to head outside.

And the door opens to allow the dark-haired JAG officer to enter. She looks from Farkas to Salin, then back again, "Master Sergeant…" A lifted brow and she nods to Salin, "Captain…" Stepping to one side, she reaches to close the door, if necessary, "May I come in? Or is this private?"

There's a soft growl and when Salin speaks, it's a quick snap of words in anger, "Sergeant, attention!" He's moving around the side of his desk, though the opening of his door draws his attention. There's a quick nod of his head towards Isabeau, an indication that she may enter, but nothing is said. Letting his attention focus entirely on the MaA again, the lawyer moves until he's stopping a mere foot away from him.

Farkas does indeed come to a halt, and moves up into attention. His eyes dark as he looks down upon the man a mere foot away from him, an aura of mere menace surrounds him. Ever line on his grizzled face visible, a little tic in the left corner of his upper lip makes the mustache twitch. Master Sergeant Farkas, is quite an intimidating man… not by rank, but he has the personality, the posture of someone that has killed more then enough men with his bare hands and has the psyche to feel nothing about it.

Thankfully, Salin doesn't have to look too far up at Farkas, for the man is only just an inch or so taller and for the moment, the Captain seems intent to just look at the man. Then, his hands move to clasp behind his back and when he speaks, his voice is slightly lower, "Never, come into my office again, Sergeant, and presume to tell me what to do. Never, presume to tell me when I an interfering, when we are doing our duty to ensure that people's rights are protected." Another slight drop in his voice, "And never come in here again, Sergeant, and threaten me. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear."

"Crystal clear sir…" Farkas growls. His eyes still dark and his whole posture tense as if about to spring into action. "And I do not make threats, sir… I leave that to the lawyers..Now I have work to do… Sir."

Isabeau lets the door close before the words are exchanged. Her expression turns neutral though her gaze remains on the MaA. "What, exactly, are you implying, Sergeant?" Her tone is light and gentle, curious in a neutral sort of way. "If you are not making threats, then what are you doing? For clarity's sake?" She crosses her arms before her, gaze centered upon the tall man in front of her.

There's another moment of silence and then Salin is giving another nod of his head towards Farkas, "Excellent." When Isabeau turns to address Farkas, the Captain merely returns to his desk, apparently done with the man.

There is no question about the fact that there is bad vibes between the Master Sergeant and the Captain, and Farkas remains quiet as Salin makes his way back to the desk. It is then as he starts to move out, he looks over towards Isabeau with those dark eyes full of malice and anger but he does not answer but simple continues to walk.

Isabeau lifts a brow slightly but does not move just yet, "Master Sergeant? At the moment, I am only requesting clarification of that statement. I will require it if necessary, however. Please do not make me take it there." Her gaze does not faulter, despite the malice and anger in the man's expression. She is standing just in front of the door and it does not look as though she will be moving any time soon.

Farkas comes to a halt and looks towards Isabeau. "Clarify this, Lieutenant..Interfere with my work, and I'll brig you..Put in your request if you want anything from me, I've got a job to do, a job you make a whole lot harder…"

Isabeau half smiles at the man, "That is all well and good, Master Sergeant." The smile fades slowly to a grim neutrality, "But, that does not clarify your statement to the effect that you do not threaten. In context, I have to know what; precisely, was the intent behind your statements to Captain Altair. As far as I can see, that has nothing whatsoever to do with the ongoing investigations."

Farkas moves his hands behind his back. "Will you step out of the way, Lieutenant, and let me out?" his voice is barely a growl as he tries to contain his anger at this point.

Isabeau says, "When you have answered my question, Master Sergeant, I will be glad to, yes. However, there are issues of legality here that must be observed. Now, you have a choice to make. I require an answer to my question. It is a simple one, really. What did you mean when you told the Captain that you were not threatening him? From my perspective, you have but two options. However, I would rather not prejudice the situation, so wish to know your thoughts on the matter." Her manner is still quiet, though determined. "If you wish, I can make it an order."

Farkas grits his teeth and then takes a step over to the wireless console and presses the button to make a quick statement and then looks back towards Isabeau. He tilts his head to the left, causing some of the joints in his neck to make snapping sounds and then clenches his fists as he starts to move towards the woman. "Consider yourself, asked by the Master At Arms, step out of the way and give me passage…Ma'am."

[Tac1] Farkas says, "This is the MaA, I need MP's at the JAG office."

[Intercom] Pass the Word! Major Fotilas to the JAG Office. Major Fotilas to the JAG Office.

A fist comes down onto the top Salin's desk and he's rising rather rapidly from his chair, eyes narrowing intently upon Farkas. He turns slightly and grabs the wireless receiver, paging Fotilas quickly before he's turning to move fluidly around and out from behind his desk once more. "You have not been dismissed, Master Sergeant, nor will you throw the weight of your MP's around to get you out of clarifing exactly what your intent is."

Isabeau tilts her head slightly to one side, one hand lifting to push a lock of hair behind one ear, "Master Sergeant. While your position as Master at Arms is appreciated, you have been asked a question by a superior officer. It is a question that you will answer. At that time, you will either be dismissed or not. If you wish to pass this door, I suggest that answer be forthcoming."

With his hands still clenched, Farkas moves them in behind his back and assumes 'at ease'. His dark gaze fixed upon the entrance he seeks to get too, as he stands there with his back straight.

When no answer is forthcoming, Salin merely draws himself up to the side of Farkas, giving nothing more ten a brief shake of his head, "Under Article 11 of the Colonial Code of Military Justice, you are hereby charged with disobeying an order of a superior officer, Master Sergeant. You will be confined to quarters with our recommendations passed along to your Superior Officer for further punishment."

Fotilas comes in from Navy Offices.
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Lakis comes in from Navy Offices.
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Standing more or less in front of the door, Isabeau has her arms crossed in front of her. She is focused on the Master at Arms, who is standing at ease near one of the desks. Salin is standing near the man. Everyone appears either angry, determined, or in Isabeau's case, relatively neutral. Her gaze flickers from Salin to the Master at Arms, "I still require an answer to that question, Sergeant."

Eli has arrived.

The old Master Sergeant, is standing near the exit. His back straight, feet are shoulder width and his hands clenched behind his back as he stares at a point beyond the exit. There is no question about the fact that the old grizzled Sergeant is pissed off, he looks like he is about to cause bodily harm. The world around him, seem to matter little to the old man as the two Officers address him.

Salin is standing just off to the side of Farkas and appears to, like the Master Sergeant, look quite pissed. Whatever he'd previously said has been ended by a slight shake of his head. A turn of his body and he's making his way towards the desk, only to scoop up a small memopad and a pen, jotting something down as he waits for the rest to arrive.

The XO can be seen marching into the Naval Offices outside and then barging through the doorway of the JAG offices - not something he is normally prone to. He doesn't look particularly happy, either. "I was just visiting wounded Marines." Steeled eyes meet every single person in the room in turn. The mood is tangible with the tension in the air. Those eyes settle on the man who called for him. "Captain Altair. Report."

Lakis is heading in with Eli at the call, but it seems like the door is blocked, so she pauses there. "MP's requested," she announces and then waits to see what is going on here. The air looks pretty heavy with a lot of brass speak.

Eli follows after Lakis, hand going to her precious nightstick Betty and she looks from person to person, squinting.

On hearing the door open behind her, Isabeau takes a few steps to one side. She salutes as the XO enters, coming to attention neatly. Her gaze lifts from Farkas to focus straight ahead. Once the formalities have been completed, she fades back enough to let the MPs in and stay out of the way until called upon.

As the MP's arrive, Farkas shifts his posture and looks towards the Military Police force that has arrived.. "Sergeant Brown, Lance Corporal Lakis..Arrest me, and throw me in the brig. Charges, disobeying a -Navy- officer."

Fotilas' entry draws Salin's attention and the Captain snaps off a quick salute to the man, "Major." There's a pause, a moment take for a breath, a flicker of eyes to Farkas and then back to Fotilas, "Master Sergeant Farkas felt the need to barge into our office and inform us that JAG was to have no part of an investigation and that if he found us in vicinity of the brig, that he would see fit to throw us in. Finally, I informed the Master Sergeant that we are there to see that the rights of those held, are not violated and that he was free to do his work. He made an inappropriate threat and when questioned upon it, stated it wasn't a threat." A hand lifts towards Isabeau, "He has since refused to address an order …" He trails off as Farkas speaks and gives a firm nod of his head, indicating that was the last portion of his statement.

The XO's face turns and he bores holes in the MaA. "You we're /not/ addressed, Farkas. Stand at attention!" He then looks towards the MP's. "You will both stand fast, Marines." His mood just went from sour to bad. As Salin begins, Fotilas looks to him and as the man continues, his jaw sets like concrete. "Thank you, Captain," he finally says and looks to the MaA again. "Tell me Farkas, when did you get promoted to Major, join Command, and begin issuing illegal orders?" No, he doesn't expect a reply. He follows it on quickly. "Do you have anything to say at all?"

Eli opens her mouth and closes her mouth and then opens her mouth again before unhooking the cuffs from her side, starting to move forward with a small shake of her head. "Yes sirs." Stopping only when the XO begins.

Lakis doesn't seem to be going 'hup-to' when she is requested to arrest the MaA. Her glance goes from one officer to the other, moving up in rank here. Then her gaze returns to the MaA, and she stands fast as ordered by the XO.

Isabeau remains at attention, though she lowers the salute. Her attention slips to Salin as he speaks, then to Fotilas and Farkas. Other than that, the Lieutenant shows no sign that she even hears the discussion.

Farkas moves up into attention and looks straight into the wall, but he remains silent where he stands.

Fotilas stares at the MaA for a solid thirty seconds, waiting for an answer. The fire in his eyes burns as intense as a sun and it only gets worse as the Master Sergeant continues to say nothing. Finally, he looks back to Salin and Isabeau. "Captain. Lieutenant. If you wish to press charges against the Master at Arms, now is the time to be vocal about it to me." His eyes turn towards the MP's now. "Marines, disarm Master Sergeant Farkas. Place him under arrest." Note, they are not told to escort him to the brig just yet.

Lakis grants a look at the Sheriff and then to the XO, "Yes, sir," let's not start questioning things when they are on the warpath. She steps up to Farkas, "Master Sergeant, we will need your sidearm," asking him politely enough and glancing to Eli.

Eli now finishes moving forward. "Yes sir." Then nods to what Lakis says. "Please put your hands on your head." She requests firmly, pointing to the MaA's nightstick and flashlight as well, okay? Blunt instruments can be used as weapons.

Salin's attention shifts back to Fotilas and the Captain gives only the briefest nods of his head, "Yes sir, we do. Disobeying and Threatening a Colonial Fleet Officer." There's only the briefest of frown's as this is said.

Farkas glares down at Eli and Lakis, there is promise in his eyes that if they lay hands upon him there will be pain involved. He then unbuckles his gunbelt, and hands it over towards Lakis and Eli.

Isabeau nods once to Fotilas, though defers to the Captain as he speaks. Her attention turns to the MaA, one brow lifting slightly at the look he gives the MPs who are only doing their duty. She does not add anything, however.

The XO's eyes meet Salin's, the Major nodding with the charges. He looks back towards Farkas in time to catch the look he gives them with the gunbelt. "Farkas, do you want to add 'Resisting Arrest' to the charges? These MP's are placing you under arrest. I sort of doubt you'd allow anything else under different circumstances." His voice is biting, the anger dripping from it. "MP's, escort the Master Sergeant to the brig by any and all means necessary. He is not to be released with explicit Command authorization. That means myself or Colonel Regas. Is that clear?"

"Thank you, Master Sergeant," Lakis takes the belt and if she notices the glare, she keeps from doing a flinch. That would be bad in this situation. A glance goes to Eli as she steps up to do the cuffing. Her shoulders are slightly rigid and she looks ready to move, just in case something goes wrong here. Upon hearing the XO, she nods her head, "Yes, sir."

Farkas glances at Fotilas, with nothing but disgust in his eyes and then nods his head towards Eli and Lakis. "Cuff me and you die, Sergeant.." he mutters in a far more friendly tone then he used towards the Officers. "You are my people…Now, let's go to the brig so I can get out of this piss-nest of frak-ups."

And so, as the scene begins to unfold even further before Salin, the Captain simply remains quite quiet, his eyes flickering amongst those involved and shy of that movement, the only other is a slight shake of his head.

Eli just rests one hand on her nightstick and nods firmly. "Yes sir." That glare that came from Farkas however, doesn't get a flinch. On the outside that is. This is just…weird. She does look to the superior officers when Farkas threatens life if the MPs get kinky and then looks to Lakis and nods towards the door, but she still has her handcuffs she's removing from her belt.

Isabeau blinks slightly as Farkas threatens the MPs. Her complexion pales as she considers the ramifications of that single statement made in front of witnesses. No amount of legal work will save him now. She flashes a look at Salin, then back to Fotilas. This… is so not good.

Lakis visibly straightens and her jaw sets. "Master Sergeant." But it seems to end there, she's just a Lance here. Placing the belt of his over her shoulder, she gets ready to move out, "I must warn you, if you try to escape us, we will shoot."

"Captain Altair, I'd like to add the charge of 'Sedition' to those listed against Master Sergeant Farkas." Fotilas nods to the Captain and turns his whole body to face the MaA, taking a single step back. He could very well be airlocked for that one. The XO's gaze is fixated on the MP's. "Carry-on with your arrest procedures. If he resists, I expect you to act accordingly." The man's hand comes up to rest on his sidearm, the holster catch unbuttoned with an audible 'click.'

Farkas glances at Fotilas. "Oh, shoot me if you must.." he mutters and then starts to move towards the exit. "Lakis, if I intended to escape, why the frak did I call you here..I knew what I was getting into."

Salin offers nothing more then a quick nod of his head towards Fotilas, the sole indication he's heard the request for additional charges. There's a flicker of his eyes towards Lakis and Eli, then to Isabeau and finally, the Captain brings them to bare upon Farkas. Hands finally leave his sides and he withdraws a small memopad from his pocket, making a couple more notes upon it.

"Master Sergeant, according to appropriate arrest procedures, I am required to escort you /handcuffed/ to the brig for security purposes. Resisting such measures would be the equivalent of resisting arrest, despite your willingness to get locked up, and I would be forced to let Betty reeducate you on the correct protocol in this situation." Eli just stops now, reaching out to put a hand on Farkas's shoulder. "I'm going to strongly suggest you cooperate, for both our sakes boss, or things are gonna end up real frakked up real fast." - Very professional, no facial expression just that stony blank…look and a flicker of something in those intense blue eyes, free hand resting on 'Betty'.

Lakis watches Eli, when that hand goes to the Master Sergeant's shoulder. She tenses up instinctively now, her own hand going to rest near the weapon she does carry. Blood all over the JAG offices would be bad at this point. It was much easier being a sniper.

Isabeau slips back toward the other desk and kneels to open a drawer. Forms are flipped through and several selected Forms, the bane of existence, never the less kept the military on its collective toes. She places a fair stack on Salin's desk, then steps back. No delay, no hesitation. Just calm efficiency.

Farkas glances at Eli. "Then I suggest you reeducate me, cause I'm going to the brig..Or you plead to the XO over there to shoot me in the back.." he mutters and continues to make his way towards the exit.

The XO just stands by, waiting, hand still on his sidearm. His eyes stay on Farkas, only to flicker to the MP's at his settlement on resisting arrest.

And so, Salin simply takes to waiting as well, his gaze solely focused on that of the MP's and the Master Sergeant, for things have no proceeded to the point of no return. A shake of his head, followed with a soft sigh .

The Gods just hate them today, it seems. Lakis releases the weapon at her side, and levels it as she takes a few steps toward the old grumpy MSGT. "Master Sergeant, you will halt and allow the Sergeant to cuff you, or I will be forced to fire." She doesn't need the XO to pull his weapon, it's her job.

Frakkin' men and their frakkin' penis pride and their frakkin' resisting arrest. Eli's expression darkens as she looks over to Lakis and then looks back to Farkas and follows after him towards the exit hatch, only…ya know, when he's near said hatch she's reaching out grab the poor old man by his arms or the back of his tunic? And then helping him make up his mind by slamming him towards the wall besides the hatch. "You heard the lance…either you're getting capped in the ass or somethin's gonna end up shoved up there Master Sergeant, either way we're all going to the brig so I guess the question comes down to how many frakkin' medics we're gonna need."

Pressed against the wall, Farkas whom has not physically resisted so far keeps it that way. "For your sake, I'd ask her to shoot..I never issue a threat, Sergeant." he says in a quiet growl, audible only to those really close by such as Eli who is up there at the wall with him. He is not physically resisting and will allow himself to be cuffed.

The XO doesn't even flinch as Farkas is shoved against the bulkhead. The man only stands in silence, watching the MaA dig himself further into a hole. Walking away.. Running.. its still resisting arrest. Fotilas' hand still rests on his sidearm, waiting. His eyes float between the MP's and the Master Sergeant.

Watching as Eli is forced to push Farkas into the wall, Salin begins another shake of his head, It's then that he moves, crossing the distance back to his desk to toss his notepad down. A couple of the documents that Isabeau found, are retrieved, and the man simply sets about the task of beginning to fill them out. The situation has advanced, well beyond his span of control.

Lakis continues to hold the gun on the Master Sergeant, not really hearing him tell Eli anything. He's not going ballistic on her, so that's good enough.

Eli keeps one hand in the middle of Farkas's back, holding him there securely as she works on cuffing his hands behind his back, perhaps a bit tighter than necessary and then she backs off some, tugging him back with her. "Nnng, please shut up boss." She hisses through her teeth before looking to Lakis and then nodding towards the hatch. "I think we're ready now Lance."

Isabeau looks between the Master Sergeant and Eli. Slowly, she moves to the other desk and claims a seat. Her hands fold on the desk's top and her expression remains as still as the MP's. Unfolding her hands she reaches into the desk drawer and draws out a PDA. This is set on the desk so she can flip through a few of the other forms that were beneath it.

Lakis returns the safety on her weapon to the right place and reholsters it. "Right behind you, Sergeant," she tells the other MP and then pauses at the hatch, "Sirs," with a look back before heading out with the others.

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Fotilas remains as quiet as before, waiting for the Marines to escort Farkas to the Brig. Once they leave he turns back to the pair sitting at the desks. The hand on his sidearm reclips the flap over it and he settles on them. "Wasn't that pleasant?" he asks rhetorically. "Did this have anything to do with the investigation into his behavior recently? Or was it outside that interest?"

Once the JAG Office has been vacated by the MaA and MP's, Salin gives another shake of his head before moving back to reclaim his chair. Fotilas' question brings the Captain's attention upwards and he's giving a quick shake of his head, "Nothing do with the investigation into his behavior, actually. He stormed in here, flailing about the Raptor and Refugee's that were brought on board and how JAG is not to go anywhere near them and the like."

Isabeau leans back in her chair, then gestures to a vacant one, "Please have a seat, sir. If you wish." She turns to Salin as he speaks, then clarifies her position, "I arrived somewhat after the altercation had begun, sir." Her brows lift and she turns to Salin, "Is someone denying those people the right to due process?" Not that it is unheard of, but… She looks up to the XO for clarification on that point.

"Isn't that cute?" Fotilas deadpans. "He thinks that he can intervene in a JAG investigation that Command ordered. Did you inform him that you have orders to look into it? Orders that supersede his opinions?" He looks to Isabeau and shakes his head. "No, thank you Lieutenant. I'm too riled to sit at the moment." Nobody wants to have to think about shooting another officer. Leaves a bad taste. "And nobody is denying anyone due-process. Yet. Though I'm open to arguments about just airlocking that prisoner they brought aboard with them. As far as I am concerned, this is still the Godsdamned Colonial Fleet. Not a pack of angry dogs."

There's a faint smirk and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "Didn't need to tell him, Major. He had a copy of the orders you issued and decided to toss them on my desk, upon his entry. He was aware of where they came from. And I assured him, that we wouldn't interfere in his investigation into that matter, either." There's a quick shrug of the Captain's shoulders and he's leaning back slightly, "I've got a stack of paperwork on him already, for this very same type of issue. As it stands now, this is just going to add to it and no doubt seal the necessity for a court martial of some sort. I'm going to have notify Captain Gaelan, so that he's aware of what's going on."

Isabeau nods to the Major, "Understood, sir." She seems relieved at his assertion that the Colonial fleet was not going to slide into lawless barbarism. Lifting a hand, she tucks a lock of hair behind one ear, then glances to Salin as he clarifies as requested. Shaking her head, she looks back to the Major, "In some ways, a court marshal would be a shame. The man has considerable experience despite his mannerisms and misconceptions. But, we will see what the investigation imparts."

"Oh really? So he thinks that orders coming down from his Commanding Officers don't apply?" Big on the questions today. Fotilas crosses his arms on his chest and looks back out the door towards where they escorted him off to. "As far as I am concerned Captain Altair, your nose belongs all over this investigation. The Master at Arms assists in the investigation and secures evidence. He doesn't get to play the frontier sheriff." His gaze falls back on the pair. "See that these charges are brought about. You have the good sense to know what takes priority, though. As for Gaelan, speak to him personally. Follow it up with a memorandum. I can be there if you like, as well." Certain things can have time made for them. He settles finally on Isabeau. "He does, yes. But he's also the Master at Arms. The MP's follow his lead. If we allow him to behave like a junkyard dog, then we will have bigger problems like a possible riot by anyone loyal to him against the Command Authority on this ship."

Leaning back in his chair a touch more, Salin's gaze remains focused on Fotilas, with only a brief flicker towards Isabeau as she speaks. There's a nod of his head to echo her statement and then he's giving another nod, this one towards Fotilas, "Will do, Major. I'll catch Captain Gaelan as soon as he's available. In the meantime, I'll draw up the necessary documents to have the formal charges filed against the Master Sergeant. As for you being there?" A hand lifts, waving slightly, "I won't intrude on your time, unless you want to be there. Captain Gaelan and myself have no qualms with each other, as we know where each other stands."

Isabeau nods slowly, both brows lifting, "That is an excellent point, sir." She glances toward the door, as though looking after the departing personnel. Shaking her head, she looks back, listening. "Captain Gaelan has been cooperative, from my perspective, sir. It should not be an issue." Turning to Salin, she adds, "We will be over there later today, I believe." Although there is the faintest of uplifts on the end of that, it is not entirely a query.

Fots nods his head a few times to Salin. "Sounds like a good plan, Captain. But if you don't require me, all the same. But if you would please pass along that my opinion of the Marines on this boat are not dictated by the misbehaviors of the Master at Arms? I would appreciate that." To Isabeau, the Major nods. "Captain Gaelan is a credit to the Marines. I would be proud to serve under him, myself." Then then falls quiet and looks between them. "If there is nothing else? I need to attend to munitions inspections."

There's a shift of his attention towards Isabeau and Salin is giving another quick nod of his head and then it's back over towards Fotilas, a slight smile crossing his lips, "I'll be sure to pass along that message, Major. And yes, you are right, the Captain is a credit to the Marines." It's then that the Captain rises from his desk, and while he should probably offer a salute, he extends a hand across the desk, "We won't keep you any longer, sir. 'ppreciate your quick response up here."

For her part, Isabeau nods, "Of course, sir. Judging the entirety of the Corps by one man would be shortsighted." Her gaze flashes briefly toward warmth for the XO has impressed the woman. She rises and, traditionalist that she is, offers a salute. Should one be offered, she would certainly shift the salute to a handshake.

As the Captain rises, Fotilas leans across the mans desk and shakes his hand. "I wish I could say it was my pleasure, Altair. Good work and thanks for calling me, though." He steps over to Isabeau and nods, moving to shake her hand. "Lieutenant. Looked like you weren't going to take any shit. Glad to see confidence in our officers. Take care." With that, the man turns and heads for the door.

Fotilas leaves for Navy Offices [o].
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